Leaky Con at Rose City Comic Con 2019! – It’s a Harry Potter thing.

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all the books…ok ok to be accurate a listened to all the audio books. Both the US and UK ones (I much prefer the Stephen Fry UK editions, but the US Jim Dale ones are also really good.) I’ve heard of Leaky Con before but it’s on the east coast and I’ve never been able to make it. So imagine my excitement when I heard there will be a section of RCCC set up for Leaky Con!

I was curious how Leaky Con would be incorporated into RCCC, since it’s already a full convention and already has RCCC Jr. Would they set it up in a different room? Would it be it’s own entire little sub convention? How would they handle this?

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what I got was a section in the back by the kids stage with about 5-10 Harry Potter themed booths. It was like a dedicated area of the con for all things Harry Potter.

Within this they had an area to play Quidditch where kids would throw a ball into one of three rings, Just like in Quidditch but with out the fear of falling to you death and no one throwing a bludger at you. There was also an area to make mandrakes, which was essentially a pipe cleaner and some green ribbon. Much less exciting than a screaming tree that could kill you.

Jack playing Quiditch

All in all it was pretty neat. Wasn’t quite a full con experience but really more just a flavoring of what you might get if you went to a full on Leaky Con, which I would love to attend but it’s on the east coast. Someday I might travel out there to go to a few east coast specific cons, but not yet. That costs money and I got bills to pay and mouths to feed.

I think the idea of having a preview of a con at another con, more con’s should do this.

Photos from the Leaky Con area

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