Justin Roth- War Curse

Today’s guest is none other than Justin Roth, outspoken guitarist of Cincinnati thrash Band War Curse. Fresh off his tour manager duties with OG thrashers Exodus on their 70,000 tons of metal gig, we had a truly epic (and very long) conversation about his band, his various roles with other heavy hitting bands, his thoughts on what it takes to survive in the industry, and his view on the various double standards that musicians (and people in general) are often held to. We went down quite a few rabbit holes in this one, and Justin’s brutal honesty is both surprising and refreshing. Want to know about life on the road and in the studio? Want the origin of War Curse and his relationships with bands like Exodus, Heathen, and Exhorder? Want to know what kinds of people piss him off? Maybe you want to hear about his deep love for Sacred Reich. Still not enough? How an exclusive announcement about what War Curse is up to right now and a friendly game of “Who Sucks More?” ┬áThen armor up and check out this 90 minute pile of awesomeness! #triggerwarning

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