Julie Murphy talks Dumplin’ and Faith Greater Heights!

Today Melissa is joined by author Julie MToday on the show, Melissa chats with author extraordinaire, Julie Murphy. They got to talking about her breakthrough novel, Dumplin’, now a hit movie on Netflix, and her new book with Valiant Comics, Faith Greater Heights!

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Julie Murphy

[00:00:00] This

Melissa: is spoiler country and I’m Melissa searcher. My guest on the show today is an author known for writing the bestselling book dumpling, Julie Murphy. Welcome to the show.

Julie Murphy: Hi, I’m so excited to be here.

Melissa: Thank you for being here. How are you?

Julie Murphy: I’m doing good. I mean, as good as anyone is doing, you know what I mean?

2021 is the year that we all just kind of limped along.

Melissa: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. It’s the strange year. I mean, not that last year. I feel like this year, I don’t know about you, but it’s like this kind of detox or everyone’s kind of lethargic and I don’t know, like we’re recovering innocent.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I’ll be interested to see what things are like a year from now, but I’m, I’m very good. I have lots to be thankful for and I’m happy to be here.

Melissa: You’re super prolific. I, when I was looking at your website, it looks like you have nine novels about.

Julie Murphy: I just tried to counsel their day and I lost count, but I [00:01:00] think it is nine.

It’s so hard to hold it all in your head. Cause like I might have nine books out or however many books out, but then I’m working on like three more at the same time, you know? And it’s just, it’s a lot, but I think nine is the number

Melissa: for that’s awesome. So, you know, what was, what was your path to publishing?

I always love asking this I’m an author too, so I’m always curious. What was your your path that you took to, to get you where you’re at?

Julie Murphy: So I I think that a lot of authors have the same story of like, oh, it looks storytelling from a very young age. And that really wasn’t. How things panned out for me.

I, I was not a huge reader growing up. I, I think I read casually, like, you know, like Baby-Sitters club sweet valley high, like went from like RL Stine until like Stephen King and then all of a sudden, like high school hit and I was done reading. So I really found that I didn’t hit my stride as a reader and a writer.

Until college. I [00:02:00] had always wanted to be involved in the arts, but never found myself writing or trying to write. It felt too much like homework. So I, I, you know, my senior year of college, I was going to school for political science and I fell in love with this little book you might’ve heard of called Twilight.

And, you know, I think that everybody has a lot to say about Twilight and some of it’s bad. But it’s what Elliot is always going to be really special for me because it was the first book I read that I felt like this is something I can do. Like this is the first time storytelling felt relatable for me.

Because. Like, you know, lover, haters, Stephenie Meyer was like a real person. She had like a real normal life and the texts and the pros was like, you know, very like very readable, very approachable. And so that was really the first step towards, you know, the life that I currently live. [00:03:00] I ended up abandoning all of my political science plans, which involves lots of more schooling and started working in libraries and really fell in love with that and started working specifically with teens.

And I really just fell hard for young adult books. I just loved how fast paced they were. Citing they were I think we all feel really nostalgic for that time in our lives. So, that was really where I found myself and it, it Took me a while to get to the point where I had a book that an agent was even interested in.

I wrote a really bad book before I wrote an okay book. Very typical. Yeah. Super relatable, but, you know, I wrote that bad book and I thought it was like the work of a generation. I didn’t know how to edit. I didn’t like have any kind of community or anything like that. So it took me a little while [00:04:00] to figure out all those like quirks of how publishing works to, to find an agent and then to find a publisher.

Melissa: Yeah, that’s cool. And so did you, we requiring a lot then I’m guessing.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. So that first book I, I sent to 100 agents, cause I thought I was a genius and had no concept of how publishing or. Querying works. And so I’ve sent all these queries out and some, I got form rejections. Some like, I think that that maybe be like one or two, like a human being had written the rejection email.

Yeah. I I’ve had two agents over the course of my career and I was actually rejected by both of them. Interesting. I know. So they, they both rejected that first book. Well, you know, oddly enough, they both offered online. Next book, which ended up being my debut side effects may vary. [00:05:00] And now those two agents are actually married.

So, wow. It’s quite the story. I always tell everyone that I am like their original meat juice story for

Melissa: exact, did you buy and they got you and then they married each other.

Julie Murphy: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. One of them was agenting. So the other one took over and it’s all in the family now.

Melissa: Wow. That’s awesome. Now.

I’m sorry. Some success early on, but I feel like dumpling is kind of what probably put you on the map a little so to speak. Is that D w is that a fair assessment? I mean,

Julie Murphy: yeah, dumpling was definitely my breakout title. I think that, like my first book did fine for a debut, like for a relatively quiet you know, contemporary, young adult debut, but dumpling was definitely the one that made me you know, more of like a name, I guess.

And why.

Melissa: Yeah, that’s cool. What inspired that, that story for you? Yeah,

Julie Murphy: so, for those that don’t know, dumpling is essentially the story of a fat girl out in west Texas, whose [00:06:00] mother runs the town beauty pageant. And the main character is obsessed with Dolly Parton and she is also has a bone to pick with her mother.

And so as this active rebellion, she enters her mother. Beauty pageant, which she believes is the most beloved thing in her mother’s life. And so she does this and she also kind of inspires others to do this, whether she likes it or not. And you know, dumplings started. And a lot of different moments.

There were a lot of different moments in my life where I can pin that back to like, this is the inspiration to it. This is the moment. But what it essentially comes down to is I’ve always been plus-sized that. Chubby, whatever word people are most comfortable with. I personally use the word fat because I think that it’s a word that was weaponized against me for so long.

And it’s just a word and it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. And the moment I took it, I started using that word and it stopped hurting me [00:07:00] once I started using it in a positive way. So anyhow, I’ve always been fat and I. Never saw stories where the fat girl was the main character or where she wasn’t like the funny fat best friend or the villain, or she didn’t have to like lose weight in order to be in any way redeemable or have like any kind of story arc.

And so I think that Dublin was really born out of like the anger and rage. I felt about never being able to be the main character. So that was a big moment. And then it was also really inspired by a collection of photographs that I’m really obsessed with called into the American west by Richard Avedon.

And there was, he, it was, he was this wonderful, super talented photographer.

Yeah, he was commissioned to do this whole project. And so he was photographing people who were working like dirty grimy jobs on like the Southwest, you know? And so I saw this [00:08:00] picture of this woman who was at like a county fair with her niece. And I was like, I could write a story about those women. So

Melissa: that’s so cool.

Did he do like the dust bowl, era pictures?

Julie Murphy: I think so I would need like the help of Google to answer that, but right now, right. That sounds really familiar. I know that Owen and oh my God. What are the Wilson brothers names? Owen. Wilson. Yeah. Luke Wilson, Luke Wilson. Their mother was actually his assistant through eighties actually.

Yeah, some Texas history. I live in Texas too. So

Melissa: yeah, no, I was supposed to my heart. And you said that the photographer’s name? I was like, wait, I know this photos I’ve seen them. They’re really cool. And I can see how they would inspire. You know, multiple stories. I mean, there’s so many different things.

You could go down the rabbit hole with on those. And then the cool thing is, I mean, dumpling, God turned into a film on Netflix, which is huge. I mean, every author dreams about [00:09:00] that, of course, you know, how did that feel? What was that process?

Julie Murphy: It’s still something that I can’t wrap my head around of a thing that it’s like, I can’t believe this thing actually happened to me.

It’s just, there were so many moments where the movie could have failed and should have failed and sometimes did fail, like in the, the steps to production, it was originally bought by a different studio. The movie was then made independently and then Netflix picked it up. So like, there were all these moments where.

Like it, it should not have continued on and it somehow did. And that’s really thanks to the producers. And, you know, Jen Anniston is like part of the driving force behind that project too, which is like the wildest sentence I’ve ever seen in my life. Right.

Melissa: She read your book first and then decided to take on.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. So, my screenwriter is actually best friends with Jennifer Aniston. They’ve been best friends for years and years, and they work together a lot. And so as soon [00:10:00] as the screenwriter was hired on for this job by the previous studio, which was actually Disney They, she shared the book with her and she shared the screenplay with Jennifer and then Disney, let us know they weren’t going to be making the project.

And Jennifer was slowly really interested. And so she was really the way that we were able to get the movie financed through like, you know, essentially using her name. So it was really cool. And then, I mean, obviously none of it would’ve happened without Dolly

Melissa: Parton, so, wow. Oh my God. So do you get to meet

Julie Murphy: her?

Yeah. Yeah. I’ve met Dolly a few times now and it’s, I’ll never be used to that. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be a normal person in front of Dolly park.

Melissa: Again, imagine she’s just got such a light about her and she’s just so legendary. I mean, yeah, you got to get Steven a real

Julie Murphy: it’s like, it’s like, meaning a deity, honestly, like just so weird.

I you know, through various happenstance, I’ve become [00:11:00] friends with like one of her nieces and I have to like put it out of my head that she’s related to Dolly Parton and like, just be friends with her or else. Be the absolute worst friend ever to her fan girl will be like, what’s going on? What are you doing for Christmas then I come.

Melissa: Yeah. That’s awesome. Well, no, that’s super cool. It’s a great experience for you. And then, you know, you’ve written sequels to the books. Are there any talks to make those into movies as well?

Julie Murphy: It’s something that is been the conversation on that has been circulating for a few years now. So there’s definitely a hope we’ve definitely gotten close to that point recently.

So I don’t know. I think that. If we do get to continue making dump on movies, it might be in a sort of unexpected way. I know this, this is so vague. But that’s basically all I can say right now. So I, I hope it does. If anyone out there Does a prayer relate to candle or [00:12:00] do it for dumpling?

Melissa: Definitely. I know it was a huge hit when it came out, it was on the Netflix, I think top 10. And so, and now, you know, there’s still a lot of people that are going through Netflix. There’s I feel like there’s not a whole lot of new content coming out. So I feel like sometimes movies like that will get like a resurgence of people that hadn’t maybe yet.

No, discover it again. I’ve seen that happen with a few things on their fingers crossed

Julie Murphy: for sure.

Melissa: Well, let’s, let’s talk about your new book, which is really exciting. It’s called a faith greater height, and what’s interesting is that this. Book two in is it going to be a trilogy or just to do ology?

It’ll be a

Julie Murphy: duology

Melissa: to allergy. Okay. And this is you partnered with Valiant to adapt the comic book essentially, right?

Julie Murphy: Yeah. So this is a project that I partnered with a Valiant comics on and they essentially have like, you know, every, every comic would come from. Usually like their group of heroes. [00:13:00] And so Valiant comics has their group of heroes called the renegades.

And faith. Herbert is one member of this group of heroes. And what’s remarkable about faith is that she’s plus size. And she’s not like, the butt of the joke. You know what I mean? Like she’s not bureaucratically portrayed in any of the. Recent you know, versions of her. And she’s just this wonderful, happy, bubbly character that has sort of turned into like this cult favorite among comic book fans.

And so I you know, had the really exciting opportunity to talk to Valiant about. Creating a pre-qual a novelization of faith story. So this is faith in high school just before she meets up with her, you know, gang of superheroes. And just when she is discovering her powers. So this is pretty early on in her story and it’s just, it’s been a really exciting.

Opportunity to be a part of that. Cause kinda like going back to, you know, what I was [00:14:00] talking about with dumpling and not seeing stories like this, like if you think it’s really rare to see a story where, you know, the main character is plus size and she’s falling in love, it’s like 10 times more rare to see.

A story where like the main character plus plus-sized she saving the day? She’s like a hero in a bad-ass.

Melissa: Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s why I like that most McCarthy movie so much that came out. It was just with what was that? Who else was in that movie? There’s a lot of people.

Julie Murphy: But is it Octavia, Spencer, Octavia,

Melissa: Spencer,

Julie Murphy: or maybe a Butler?

I’m totally blanking on her last name

Melissa: right now. I always got Butler and Spencer confused for some reason, but yeah, that was, that was such a great

Julie Murphy: answer. Okay. I had to know Butler is a science fiction author. That’s right. That’s right. Okay.

Melissa: I get them confused all the time. But yeah, that was a great movie.

And it was hilarious as well because Melissa McCarthy is just so funny. But but yeah, that kind of, I think what [00:15:00] you’re saying is it’s very rare to see like a superhero movie with, with plus size women or, or men for that for

Julie Murphy: that matter, honestly like with women in general, like if we’re being honest.

Melissa: Yeah. For sure. Yeah. Yeah. No, it’s, there’s a double standard with that as well. I think.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. Very much.

Melissa: Yeah. Were you were you familiar, so did you go to valley at first or did they come to you first? As far as like, had you read the comic beforehand before getting like the project?

Julie Murphy: So I had read I think.

The most recent, like first couple of faith comics in her, like recent storyline. And I was only like, just like, you know, a casual fan, because I had just read about her online and had like, you know, I think that if there was a point in time where Valiant had just signed like a multi picture deal with Sony, and so the faith was getting a lot of attention because, you know, everyone’s really excited to see this plus size hero.

[00:16:00] And so that’s when I started to become aware of faith and then. Soon after that, like a year after that, actually they approached me in conjunction with like the literary agency that they work with and they asked if I would have any interest in this. And, you know, we kind of circled the idea for a while before we both came up with something that we were all excited about home.


Melissa: yeah, that’s super cool. And like, while you were writing the story. You know, cause you said it’s a pre-call. Did she, does she aware of her powers in the very beginning or are they like discovered, you know how some, some stories do that where it’s like, I’m a normal person and then I have powers one day, right?

Julie Murphy: So in the Valiant universe, the characters those who have superhero super powers have super powers because they are activated in a lab setting and only the. Everyone in the Valiant universe who has super powers are called CYA. And there’s like a one or two very powerful sites. You have the ability to activate other [00:17:00] PSYOPs.

And so basically if you have like, this like latent ability, it will make itself evident. And if you don’t, you’ll probably die in the process of attempting to become a . So, they really only. Either activate people recklessly or activate people that they really feel might have an ability of some sort.

Interesting. So, yeah, it’s, it’s an interesting way how it happens in this universe, for sure. So the book start out with faith being sort of manipulated in Lord into like this like setting where they’re like, basically. In mass testing and like trying to activate lots of people her

Melissa: age. Oh, wow.

Kind of like a hazing in a sense. Yeah. Scary. You imagine being that age right now? Yeah. What would you choose as your superpower if you could?

Julie Murphy: Oh, I mean, I do love the idea of flying because I hate getting on [00:18:00] airplanes. So that would be a nice little shortcut. But I think that I would probably like, I would maybe consider like invisibility or.

Maybe even speed the power of like, you know, being able to go like really fast places that might also cut in on having to fly so much travel time. Yeah. I’m just trying to think of like, you know, I hate traffic. I hate flying. I hate,

Melissa: yeah. That’s the difference when you’re older, like I’m 42. When you ask us what our superpowers are.

Efficiency. Yeah. Laundry could magically get done by itself.

Julie Murphy: Right. Right. Like, you know, self-driving vehicle, like what would your superpower be? Oh my gosh.

Melissa: Probably. Definitely like, I think the invisibility, cause I’ve always wanted to, you know, there’s times you want to be like a fly on the wall and kind of, I guess be nosy and eavesdrop and or just to be able to get somewhere without having to like, I don’t know anyone bother you [00:19:00] or they will walk around like, you know, anonymously.

Julie Murphy: I am such a creeper, like I could totally go from

Melissa: work and listen to conversations that you can get writing inspiration, I guess flying would be cool too, except I’m afraid of Heights. So I don’t think that would

Julie Murphy: work. Yeah. That’s a damper on the situation for

Melissa: sure. Definitely. Definitely. So, you know, so what would you like. You know, just sort of like take away from the, this theology, like as far as like the message behind it, if there, if there is any areas that just sort of open for interpretation.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. I really, I mean, I hope that readers get excited about it being just like a fun. A story. That’s what I want first and foremost for the Facebooks to be fun. And for them to do what a comic book can’t do, which is to add a little more dimension and a little bit of layer kind of get inside the Faith’s head a little bit more.

And then secondary to that, I hope [00:20:00] that you know, people see. Like action, adventure, exciting stories. Like this can come in all shapes and sizes. And that there’s not just a specific type of person who can, you know, be the, the main character who saves the day or anything like that. And then one thing that I always hope with all of my work is that it just.

Widens the path, you know, it just creates room for more stories like this. So for more stories, you know, for me with plus size characters or you know, faith is bisexual and the novelization versions. So like just more books like this, like. You know, some, some more flavors and the

Melissa: yeah, absolutely.

Well, yeah, for, for future aspiring writers, I’m sure that they can look at your work and say, oh, I can, you know, I can do this too. There’s a place for my story. And then for readers, just to be able to pick up something that, you know, everyone can relate to.

Julie Murphy: That’s really hard to do things that you can’t see being done, you know?[00:21:00]

Melissa: Yeah. Those opportunities Are hard, you know, especially for women in general. And then you throw in all these other kinds of things that, you know, we deal with on a daily basis. And then it makes our, our little world smaller and smaller. So it’s important to, to be to have a voice for. Everyone. Yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. So real quick, are you a plotter or a pantser and just curious.

Julie Murphy: Ooh, I am. I am a pantser and by heart. But I unfortunately like have to be a plotter because I’m an adult now. And I have to turn in like outlines and proposals and things like that in advance. And as much as I hate.

I say this out loud, it really does. Transform the amount of time you have to spend on editing a book, if you plan it in advance, which is so silly. And I hate it so much. But it’s really true. And so I, I do love something about. Pantsing [00:22:00] though. It’s just like, there’s like just a little bit of magic.

Like things could go a little bit like awry. Like it’s just, there’s something really fun about being able to do that. So when I do, like, I definitely do take creative Liberty steering away from outlines and proposals

Melissa: when I can. You know, associate with an outline, you know, it’s nice. I was calling it like a roadmap, you know, in case you kind of get writer’s block or you get off track or whatever, but they’re not set in stone.

So I think that it’s cool to like, be flexible in pants and plot at the same time, like you were saying just where you can kind of, I’m going to go off on this tangent for a little while and then come back to my outline after

Julie Murphy: it keeps it exciting. Yeah.

Melissa: And you get some times some really good, like organic, I don’t know, just in that, like you’re saying magical moments where you’re like, did I just write that?

You know?

Julie Murphy: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That’s

Melissa: awesome. Well, do you have any plans to collaborate with Valiant again?

Julie Murphy: I think that we’re set up to [00:23:00] do this technology together. And I think that that will probably be, be it for at least a little while. I’m, you know, I’m always, I’m always hesitant to say like, no, never cause I’ve loved doing this, but I do have a really full, full sorry, a very full calendar coming up of things that I’m already committed to.

So for right now, this is the, this is where I hand the torch back off to Valiant with.

Melissa: Right. Okay. Very cool. Any, are there any projects that you’ve been talking about that you have coming up that we can expect?

Julie Murphy: Yeah, so I I’ve got faith, greater Heights coming out of. Remember second, I just recently released, sorry.

Excuse me. The third book in the dumpling series that was pumpkin. And I also released my first adult romance with Disney. And that is a Cinderella retelling, like a modern day Cinderella retelling. So that was a lot of fun to write, but next year it was so much fun. Next year I have my very first.

I think [00:24:00] girl. Rated R romance coming. Yeah. I got to write it with my best friends here, Simone. And she is very well known for her pretty, pretty dirty Spacey books. So this is this we’re calling this the raunch calm. It’s, it’s been a lot of fun to work on. It’s like a, a dirty Christmas book if you will.

Oh my God. So we’re really excited about that. So that’s that’s what I’m working on right now and it should be out next year.

Melissa: That’s so cool. Are you going to be using a pen name or just your regular

Julie Murphy: name? The current plan is to just use Julie Murphy. We might. Change it slightly for like SEO reasons.

But I think that I’ll probably just stick with Julie Murphy. Mainly because so many of my. Readers are already adults, right? Yeah. I do have some middle grade and some, you know, younger books, but that’s the plan for now? So things might change, but

Melissa: awesome. But yeah, you might just get like addicted [00:25:00] to writing it.

I felt like I felt like my romance. Like more dark as I, every book I write, I’m like, I’m just kind of pushing those boundaries and now contemplating doing a pen name. But I think you might, you know, feel like, oh, I could keep writing this for awhile.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s so much fun. I’ve been like such like a sidelines fan of romance for very long time.

So many of my friends are romance writers and it’s really, it’s been so fun and like, I can’t recommend enough. Collaborating with a friend, especially if you have been friends for a long time and you feel confident in your ability to like work together. Because it’s just, it’s been so fun to hype each other up.

And like, in my head, she’s my best friend. She’s the prettiest smartest person. I know. And so everything she writes is genius. And so if we’re writing together, it has to be genius. Right. So we just we’ve had so much fun just trying to make each other laugh and. I think that as writers, we can get into a [00:26:00] habit of not prioritizing ourselves or self-care or rest or anything like that.

And I have found that this has been such a smoother process because I would never submit my best friend to the torture that I put myself through sometimes when I’m writing. So I’ll because I’m willing to be so much more kind to her than I am to myself. So it’s been a real lesson in. Hopefully in the future setting better boundaries for myself and treating myself as well as I’ve treated us collectively in this process.

So all that to say, it’s been a, it’s been a lot of fun to work on and you know, we’re excited to

Melissa: release this next year. Yes, it is. Yeah. Yeah. Fun. Awesome. Well, that’s really cool. I look forward to to reading that and yeah. And then, you know, before I let you go, I just, I saw on your website that you are obsessed with Halloween.

I am, I am too. So I’m really happy that I have a [00:27:00] like-minded author here. What are you doing for Halloween or do you have any big.

Julie Murphy: So we are like the house on our street that goes all out and it’s very like intense. We’re like, you know, 12 foot skeleton home Depot fans. If you are, anyone’s out there as aware of like 12 foot skeleton home Depot.

You know, it’s like a whole, like the whole thing, like a whole underground of people. So we’re, we’re real big Halloween fans. And every year we’re such purists, we, we never really do like an adult party or anything like that, but we do go all out for trick or treaters. And we do like the whole giant candy bars.

We have like an inflatable movie screen we put out and we started showing scary movies on the whole street kind of shuts down. So we get really into it and I have two girlfriends who I always dress up with. And so the first year we were the Sanderson sisters last year, we were, what were we? We were three different versions of Moira rose from Schitt’s Creek.[00:28:00]

So this year we’re trying to get our stuff together. We’ll see if it happens.

Melissa: Picks on your social media. Yeah. Halloween is yeah, it’s the best. I mean, I like it more than Christmas. I’m not going to lie.

Julie Murphy: I knew I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween when I was a kid. And so I just have been like, obsessed, really making up for lost time ever since

Melissa: then.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m just watching movies every day. Have you seen that yet? Good, scary ones. Like.

Julie Murphy: Oh, I just finished there someone in your house. And I really, really enjoyed it. I I’m totally biased cause I’m, I’m friends with the author who wrote the book and I really enjoyed the book, but I really, I thought they did a fantastic job with the movie.

So, it was fun. It was exciting. I liked the I like the horror movies. Netflix is like the teen horror movies they’ve been releasing, like the fear street movies and stuff like that. They’re, they’re scary, but not like to the level of like terrifying, scary. So there’s like, you know, kind of [00:29:00] casually watch my spouse hates scary movies and he’s been able to watch them with me.

So, yeah. So, but he enjoyed some there’s someone in your house

Melissa: too. So I just added it to my list and I was at. Okay. That’s good to know. Yeah, I feel like they’re making a lot more movies now, better kind of comparable to like the scream era and the, I know what you did last summer, which is I like this better than like the purge and like those really, really creepy ones.

Julie Murphy: So. Yeah,

Melissa: exactly. Well, thanks so much for coming on today. This isn’t a lot of fun, so much

Julie Murphy: fun.

Melissa: Thanks for having me. Absolutely. So, faith greater Heights is an upper pre-order right now. And then it releases on November 2nd, right?

Julie Murphy: Yes. That’s the truth. And also if you pre-order. You can check out my website, we’re doing a great little sticker sheet with, you know, like faith graphics designed by the cover artists.

So you can check that out and it’s open internationally.

Melissa: Awesome. Yeah, I’m looking at it right now. It’s I’m Julie [00:30:00] murphy.com and then you’re on Twitter and Instagram and all this

Julie Murphy: I am in all the places you can find me on Twitter and Instagram as Andy I’m Julie. And then I think on Facebook. Forward slash Julie Murphy rights or something like

Melissa: that.

Then what about Tik TOK? Anyone there yet?

Julie Murphy: I want to take talk. I’m not great at it, but I love tic-tac. I’m Andy I’m Julie zero because someone had the nerve to take and I’m Julius. Oh my gosh, what

Melissa: the heck? Well, I’m good. I’m going to follow you on all those platforms and, yeah, thanks again for coming on.

I can’t wait to to read your, your dark romance. That’s coming out next year and also your, your new book, faith.

Julie Murphy: Yeah. Thank you so much. There’s so much.

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