Today I was honored to have Hollywood filmmaker and special effects guru Joe Castro join me for an epic conversation about his amazing life in the film industry. We went down many rabbit holes in this long conversation, covering many facets of his career: His origin story and how he got going in the business, his personal struggles that drove him to succeed against all odds, his diverse and exciting roles as a producer, director, writer, and special effects artist, and some of the finer details about some of his projects he’s created. And for my musically inclined followers, we also dove into the fact that Joe is a huge music fan, and he shared some really awesome stories about his love for bands like Iron Maiden, Dio, King Diamond, and Slayer and how those bands and more inspired him to create some of his early masterpieces. And of course the many other artists like Moby that inspire him today. This is one of my longest interviews to date, and it is packed with so much good stuff I promise you don’t want to miss any of it. Especially the part about stretchy scrotums. This might go on to be one of the most quoted episodes yet. So prepare yourself for piles of post-Halloween Awesomeness!

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