Joaquin Phoenix – The Sad Man’s Joker

The Joker is the talk of the town right now and we here in the Spoiler-verse would not be able to live with ourselves if we didn’t get in the mix. Over the next week we will be discussing a number of the different iterations leading up to our article where we Rank them all from Worst to Best.

With the help of our friends within and outside the Spoiler-verse we will figure out who the quintessential Joker is.

In this first article we look at the most recent and possibly the most disturbing iteration of them all. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker from 2019’s JOKER.

Jay Roach

He isn’t the Joker.  He played a mentally ill man, who worked as a clown, who slid into insanity, that they jammed into the DC Universe to make a buck, because nobody would have watched this depressing piece of shit otherwise (read Jay’s Joker review here)

John Horsley

This was as disturbing as it could possibly be. If I could offer one bit of “how to make this better” would be to make him more sporadic and insane. His portrayal was about a man falling apart that was already damaged. Lean into it more. (read John’s Joker thoughts here)

Kenric Regan

Crazy good, the laugh, the body language, and the line delivery Phoenix hits it on all levels IMO. On par with Ledger but a different movie feel all together. (listen to Kenric and John talk about the Joker movie here)

Kaylie Horsley

He did absolutely amazing. He is just a little too old for what he was playing. I wish he really was about 10-15 years younger. (Check out Kaylie on Spoiler Country)

JT aka PNWJrock

Now I have not seen the movie yet but, I’ve heard good things for his role. It’s also really neat that he was Heath Ledger’s friend so its like hes taking over the role for him but in a different movie than the other ones Heath was in. (watch JT steam here)

Jon Anderson

I only put him below Leto, because I haven’t seen Joker. I have heard good things, but I don’t have a personal experience. (see Jon’s artwork here)

Robert Slavinksy

Tough to even call him Joker. Not only is his makeup the furthest from what we have ever seen of the character, but his mental instability sorta takes away from him being able to outsmart someone like Batman. I know Batman isn’t part of this iteration… Even still, Joaquin played a mentally ill character really well but #NotMyJoker (read Robert’s Joker review here)

Sara Kay

Oh, Joaquin, my precious star! So much potential, but I just can’t give you the full nod. You just weren’t in full Joker deck long enough, sadly. (read Sara’s Joker review here)

Casey T. Allen

This Joker is almost, but not quite relatable, and that’s the most dangerous Joker you can have (see all Casey’s posts here)

Joshua Queen

Havent seen it, but dude can act so I trust it’s decent. (see his car videos here)

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