Jared Leto – The Gigalo Joker

The final day of our Joker discussion is upon us…DAY 8! So far we have looked at Joaquin Phoenix, Zach Galifianakis, Cesar Romero, Cameron Monaghan, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson. In early 2015 we got our first glimpse at the more “modern” look of the Joker when Jared Leto stepped into the role of the Clown Prince.

As we push forward, with the help of our friends within and outside the Spoiler-verse, we will figure out who the quintessential Joker is. Leading up to our Rankings of all the Clown Princes of Gotham releasing TOMORROW!.

Jay Roach

Slight stature, horrible design by the Suicide Squad creator, and the second best Joker laugh behind Romero.  Points for re-imaginating, deductions for results. read more from Jay here)

John Horsley

If you close your eyes and just listen to his performance it’s great. But you open and see his stupid tattoos and gangster outift, grill and everything and it ruins it. (Read more from John  here)

Kenric Regan

I like Leto’s take. Feels like a modern interpretation if Joker was created today. I think his performance wasn’t fleshed out enough for the audience and I blame that on lack of screen time. (Read more from Kenric here)

Kaylie Horsley

The character is terrible. Jared did what he was told so you can’t fault him too much. But Joker is not a hipster gangster. (Check out Kaylie on Spoiler Country)

Colton Bird

Between the terrible character design….. And I mean terrible, and the lack of screen time his iteration of the joker didn’t land with me. Maybe if this Joker received more screen time, he would have landed higher on this list. (read more from Colton here)

Robert Slavinsky

Leto was given the short end of the stick. He was cast in a film that was not only written in 6 weeks but was manhandled by the studio. His limited time onscreen though was more than enough to see Leto’s performance was top notch.. and quite possibly the best iteration in live action that we have seen… now if only they got rid of those damn tattoos… (read more from Robert here)

JT aka PNWJrock

Alright so don’t hate me on this but Jared Leto is my least favorite joker. Don’t get me wrong I loved suicide squad but the actor of the joker wasn’t all their for me. The only thing I did like about him was the car he drove witch was an Infinite G35 custom. The one thing I like about the joker is the laugh and i didn’t think he had the laugh. (watch JT steam here)

Jon Anderson

Liked his glitzy. “Not your grandfather’s Joker” style (see Jon’s artwork here)

Sara Kay

Ok, who’s idea was it to make Joker look like the colored pencil version of Ryuk from Death Note? Hard pass. (read Sara’s other reviews here)

Casey T. Allen

This is not the Joker. This is a sociopath smothered in Hot Topic. Leto built a really interesting character, I guess. It was certainly different.  Too bad this was anything but the Joker. (read more from Casey here)

Joshua Queen

But even under a “who?” Maybe just too soon and too edgy. (see his car videos here)

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