Jack Nicholson – The Classic Joker

We are now up to Day 7 of our Joker discussion and so far we have looked at Joaquin Phoenix, Zach Galifianakis, Cesar Romero, Cameron Monaghan, Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill. In 1989 the most unlikely of all actors donned the white face paint and green hair. Jack Nicholson.

As we push forward, with the help of our friends within and outside the Spoiler-verse, we will figure out who the quintessential Joker is. Leading up to our Rankings of all the Clown Princes of Gotham.

Jay Roach

My generation LOVES Jack Nicholson, I feel he was doing a poor imitation of Jack Nicholson coked up.  He was too short, too fat, and his laugh/voice was something to be desired.  Points for the one quote everyone remembers. (read more from Jay here)

John Horsley

As a kid this WAS what I saw in my head as Joker, the performance was amazing. I would have loved to see him do it more than once. (Read more from John  here)

Kenric Regan

I was 15 when Burton’s Batman debuted, I loved it, I think I saw it 5 or 6 times in the theater, at the time and for years later I didn’t believe someone could do a better job than Nicholson’s Joker (Read more from Kenric here)

Kaylie Horsley

Loved! One of my favorites. He did an amazing job. But Jack is very similar to Joker, crazy. (Check out Kaylie on Spoiler Country)

JT aka PNWJrock

The actor did a really good job for the Joker role i mean he was in his 50’s so give him some credit. If I do recall Jack actually likes to be the most dangerous person in the movies he is in, so him playing the Joker must have been a thrill to him. (watch JT steam here)

Jon Anderson

He had some of the most amazing lines. “This town needs and enema!(see Jon’s artwork here)

Robert Slavinsky

Nicholson did a lot right with the character, but something was just off about him. His Crazy antics seemed less humorous and more….annoying. Not something I like to think about when I think the Joker. Still though, first movie I ever saw in the theaters was 1989 Batman and Jack’s portrayal quickly became a staple of my childhood. “Bob, Gun.” *BANG* (read more from Robert here)

Sara Kay

Funny and still hack Mobster, but with just enough of that Nicholson darkness to make his Joker enjoyable. (read Sara’s other reviews here)

Casey T. Allen

This. Joker. Fucks. (Joking. Don’t put that). Nicholson brought a creepy madness that hadn’t been seen before (outside of the comics) in the ‘89 Batman. He allowed not only the films, but the franchise itself to veer off into a new trajectory. (read more from Casey here)

Joshua Queen

Meh, old, boring, don’t remind me how bad it was back then : P (see his car videos here)

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