I’m Taking Over This Article for Official Clown Business – Remembering Sid Haig

For reference, I am writing this two days after the passing of Sidney Eddie Mosesian, or as he was affectionately know – Sid Haig.  Of Armenian descent, Sid got the acting bug in high school, was encouraged to go further so he enrolled at the Pasadena Playhouse, and the rest, they say, is history.

  Most of you know him for his iconic horror role Captain Spaulding role in various Rob Zombie movies, but that was Sid’s second career.  In 1992 he retired, and proclaimed that he’d rather not work then to play the role of a “heavy”. 

  In 1997 Quentin Tarantino talked him out of retirement by writing a role of a judge in Jackie Brown, and then in 2000, he hooked up with Rob Zombie, and he had an incredible resurgence.

Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding in The Devils Rejects (2005)

  Starting out though, Sid was a well used character actor, appearing in around 350 TV shows.  He also spent a LOT of time in B movies, and some roles in blockbusters.  Some of his more well known roles are in “Spiderbaby(weird and creepy, but got to act with Lon Chaney Jr.), Foxy Brown (he was a token heavy), George Lucas’ student film later released THX1138 (futuristic heavy), and Diamonds Are Forever (throwing a topless woman out a window heavy).

Jay and Sid.

  You know, all this crap you can read on IMDB, but I had the chance to meet Mr. Haig a few times in my convention life.  (In the picture, he’s the one on the left)  I first met him at a Horror Hound in Louisville a few years ago.  I was pretty new to conventions, had no focus on what I wanted to collect, but I was a huge fan of the Rob Zombie movies, and a few of the actors were there, so I was pretty stoked to meet them.

  Generally, I get an 8×10 signed, and a picture.  Luckily for me, I started out with Ginger Lynn Allen (amazingly friendly), and she didn’t have any, but she did have Devil’s Rejects posters, so I had her sign one.  To be honest, I had forgotten she was in it, but what the heck. 

  Next up, was PJ Soles.  She played the mom who’s car Sid stole for “official clown business”.  (also amazingly nice).  I knew Sid and Bill Mosely (Otis) were going to be there, but they were running late. 

  So I spent some time, wandered around, met Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick), and basically spent my money irresponsibly.  I did get to meet Danielle Harris (girl crush #1), who was very kind, and very tiny (4’11”).  And gorgeous.

Sid Haig in The Host (1960)

  Finally Bill and Sid walk by, and I wander over to where they are at.  I first go to Bill Mosely, because Mr Haig seemed to be getting settled in.  By settled in, it looked to me that he was napping, or dead.  His handler had gotten up to get something, so he was alone.

  Mr Mosely could not have been more enthusiastic.  He was friendly, signed my poster, and flagged down a passing person to take our picture, thanked them profusely, and then said I should go wake up Sid, and get his signature. 

  He then walked down, woke up Sid, and helped me get Mr Haig’s signature, they chatted back and fourth, and when I asked how much for a picture with him, he said “ain’t no effort in getting your picture taken, they’re free.  Besides, people only want your picture for so long”.  So he posed with me, Bill Mosely took our picture, and off I went. 

  That was a few years ago, and he looked like he just woke up to take pictures and sign.  I know he did a photo op in full costume, which I passed on, and I thought he was near death then.

  Fun fact, our one friend JC just found him old and creepy, and would always call him a corpse.  Personally, I think he’s a pussy, and Mr Haig unnerved him, but that is my opinion.  So when he’s taking the elevator, who should get on with him, but Mr Haig and his handler.  He was sputtering like a cartoon duck about having to share an elevator with a corpse.

  I have seen him throughout the years, he always had a steady line, was always super friendly and would wave when he’d walk by if he noticed you recognized him, and really just a top notch guy.  When they say “don’t meet your heroes”, they weren’t talking about Sid Haig.


Author: Jay Roach

Jay was born and raised within a 30 mile radius of Ottawa IL, home of Scotty Bowers and a guy who was in soap operas.  His family was Catholic, somewhat filled with ’50 Ideals and conservatism, which they attempted to pass down, and lifetime Democrats.

Jay am none of that nonsense, though he is probably more liberal in social views than most of them.  He's tattooed, has two wonderful boys who are both talented, one a musician, the other designing games.  He have two ex wives that he still get along with.  Jay have two cats (Chloe and Panda Lucifer) who are ambivalent towards Jay's existence unless wet food is involved.

Previously, Jay was the cohost of My Worst Holiday, and left on good terms but will still fill in on occasion.  He now write nonsense articles about whatever grabs his fancy, from old Universal Monster movies, to lunch health, to lists that get stuck in deep in his head and has to purge them.

Jay is an amateur artist, who hopes to branch out into painting this year.  You can see his stuff on social media, or read his stuff in The Roach's Den.

Jay is pretty sure he is allowed to hang around because he have watched a LOT of Burt Reynolds movies. (This is true)

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