IllFonic Releases New Trailers for Predator: Hunting Grounds

Developer IllFonic released new trailers for Predator: Hunting Grounds this week! The trailers were released to hype players for the upcoming c\games release. This demo will be the first hands-on experience fans have with the game since it was announced last year. To help ease players into the demo, the developers shared some guides for playing as either the Predator or the soldiers being hunted. The guides show off the different aspects of the two playable sides.

Players are hunted by the Predator if they’re playing as the human Fireteam group, but there are other threats as well. You can play as the Assault, Scout and Support classes during the demo with different weapon loadouts.

The main objective of the Fireteam is to escape the jungle. The team will have to finish random missions that set them against threats of the forest while also avoiding the Predator. You can choose to take on the Predator, but the Predator also has a few tricks up his sleeve.

As the Predator, players will have three classes to pick from, but only the Hunter class is available for now. It’s a well-balanced character to pit against the Fireteam.

The Predator wins by destroying the Fireteam while the Fireteam can win either by escape or by killing the Predator.

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