Horizon Zero Dawn #1 Gets Multiple Covers Ahead of its Release

Titan Comics has taken on the mantle and is expanding the story set in the universe of Guerrilla Games hit game. The new series is written by Anne Toole, one of the game’s writers, with interior art by Ann Maulina.

According to Titan Comics, the new comic picks up after the original game as “Talanah, a strong and determined hunter, struggles to find purpose after her trusted friend Aloy disappears. When a mysterious threat emerges in the wilds, she sets out to hunt and to defeat it, only to learn that a whole new breed of killer machines stalk the land!”

Horizon Zero Dawn #1
Writer: Anne Toole
Artist: Ann Maulina
On Sale: August 5, 2020

“A brand-new comic series based on the award-winning game by Guerrilla. Aloy and Talanah return in a new story set after the events of the game! Nature has reclaimed the planet. Awe-inspiring machines dominate the land, as humanity fights for survival on this new earth. Co-created by one of the writers of Horizon Zero Dawn game Anne Toole.”

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