Hope Lauren – The Republic of Sarah on the CW!

On today’s episode we got to chat with actress, singer, writer Hope Lauren. Hope is known for her roles in The Forever Purge, Bar Fight, Super Girl, Awkward and the CW’s Republic of Sarah. We talked about the ups and downs of the acting biz and what super villain she would want to play in the future – check it out!

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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Hope Lauren

Renee: [00:00:00] Welcome back to spoiler country. On today’s show, we are joined by actress. Hope Lauren hope is a musician in quotes, but is primarily known for her acting, including being in many shows. Most notably for Supergirl awkward, the Republic of Sarah and also the movie, the forever purge.

Sarah, thank you. Or hope I said, look, I’m Sarah. It’s in my head. Oh, thank you so much for being on spoiler country. How’s your day going today? Hi,

Hope Lauren: thank you so much for having me. My day is going really well. It’s hot here in sunny, California, but, but you know, it’s going, it’s going really loving.

Renee: Yeah.

Any, do you have anything planned for today?

Hope Lauren: Well, I’m me and my friend have decided to put up a play. And so we had rehearsal all morning, which was very, very fun to have [00:01:00] rehearsal rehearsal all day. And then, and then this, and then after. No,

Renee: I love, I love having rehearsal. I miss that.

Hope Lauren: I love it so much. We were talking about putting it up for a long time and we kept saying like, oh, I can’t wait to be like, oh, I can’t hang out.

I have rehearsal. Or like, Ooh, sorry. I got to go head to rehearsal. And yeah, it’s very, very fun to say that. I


Renee: like my partner was a little bit like, oh, okay. Again. Yeah, sorry, I can’t do anything about it. We got rehearsals.

Hope Lauren: We’re like, oh, I can’t wait for like tech week, you know, like, oh, so stressed out about tech

Renee: week.

Like we’re very good about it. It’s all a novelty. Now. I know. Is this the play that you wrote or is this a different play?

Hope Lauren: Ooh, no, this is a different play. I was thinking. I’m writing another one. And then my friend Henry STV, who he’s on Grown-ish he’s so ridiculously talented. We’ve been very good friends for a long time.

And we have both been in love with this play and it’s just a two person [00:02:00] play and we both have some downtime and we were like, Ooh, you know what? We both love that play. It’s very like of the time. Do you want to maybe do it? And so we both got really excited about it and decided that now is the time.

Renee: Right. I feel like COVID has made us all say now is the time or now? I think so.

Hope Lauren: Cause I was, we had talked, we just talked and talked about putting this place called smoke by Ken Davies. And we had talked and talked and talked about putting it up for, you know, ever since we’ve known each other for years.

And then it was just one of those things of like, oh, how about enough talk? How about we just go and do it? And I think you’re right. I think. Absolutely did that for all of

Renee: us. That’s awesome. Well, speaking of clays I know I heard an interview where you mentioned that. Like beauty and the beast, you know, you saw production when you were a kid and it just wowed you, which no surprise and great show.

It, it inspired you to get into the acting biz. I’m, I’ve two questions. Did you, have you ever [00:03:00] done a production of beauty and the beast? And then secondly, is there, was there ever a production. That you were part of that gave you that same feeling as when you first saw beauty and the beast?

Hope Lauren: Ooh, what a good question.

Okay. I’ve never done beauty and the beast Belle is like definitely absolutely a dream role. I would love it more than anything, but I did my senior year. Yeah, my senior year of high school, we did a dirty rotten scoundrels and I got to play Christine Colgate. Who’s like one of the leads, you know, it’s like two boys and then this girl, and, and it was, it was like a proper musical and we built the sets and I got to be like carried around while singing a song.

And I think like that gave me the feeling of like, oh, this is, this is it. I’m doing the thing I’m like, and you know, it was a, it was a little. Public school theater show in round rock, Texas. But I was still like, yeah, this


Renee: it. You [00:04:00] know, you’re like, this is all, all my dreams come true right now. I’m like, I’ve made it.

I’m a star. Yeah. I feel like being carried around while you’re singing is a certain level of like, you’ve made it.

Hope Lauren: It was exactly that moment too. We were like, we were choreographing this one song and they’re like, and hope you put out your arms. And when you hit this note, these two boys are going to lift you up and carry you down stage.

And I was like, well, that they’re, that. There it is.

Renee: There’s my moment. Yeah. And now you’re in LA and never looking back. Right? Absolutely. So you have done quite a bit of work, you know, you’ve been in movies, you’ve been you know, on TV show, you know, big, big name, TV shows. I, you know, I know that Hollywood has its ups and downs and you know, unfortunately the Republic of Sarah didn’t get renewed for a second season.

But I know that happens all the time in Hollywood, right. Pilots don’t get, you know, get made and then never bought movie scripts, get shelved, [00:05:00] right? Like how do you cope with the ups and downs of Hollywood and sort of not having. You know, sort of certainty certainty in your work. Oh man,

Hope Lauren: that’s a good question.

I’m still figuring it out. You know, I’m still figuring it out. The old tricks that used to work don’t work anymore, and then you have to figure out a new way to deal with it. I think you know, the, you know, the writer, Neil Gaiman, he did that great speech for what is it called when you speak at graduation?

Renee: Oh, the commencement speaker,

Hope Lauren: you did a great commencement speech. And he always said like, whatever happens, just make art about it. You know, like whenever you’re sad, make art and whenever you’re angry, make art. And I think naturally I think kids do that pretty naturally. And I think that that was one of my favorite things.

When I first started acting like that was one of my favorite things about acting was that all of these icky, mushy feelings that I didn’t necessarily enjoy feeling or that I thought I had judgments about or. They were all of a sudden, incredibly [00:06:00] useful. And, and so I think that that has always been like the saving grace is like, this business is such a beast, but at the same time, it teaches you how to.

How to use those feelings and how to, you know, when I wrote that first play called the meantime I, it was because I was so frustrated at getting really close to auditions that are getting really close to a dream roles and then not getting them. And I didn’t know what to do with all of this, like, like rage or like bitterness.

And so I channeled it into characters and I just like wrote it down. And I think that that. You know, finding different ways to tell stories or to sort of like exercise those feelings from you as a way to sort of cope with them or look at them or move through them has always been like really cathartic.

Renee: Yeah. And I mean, So speaking of writing, right? You’re not just an actor, you’re a writer, musician photographer. And I, I imagine, you know, involved in [00:07:00] many other creative pursuits is, is there one that sort of influences all the others or do they influence each other pretty equally?

Hope Lauren: Acting has always been the main thing. Like nothing, nothing has like set me on fire the way that acting has, or like, you know, lit the flame as much as acting has. That’s what, that was the first thing that I ever felt passionate about. And all the other stuff kind of just came out of like coping. Like whenever I started writing songs Was writing songs just because I, I had a lot of feelings and I wanted to put it into songs and I really love music.

And, and you know, like that first time that I when I started writing shorts and writing plays, it was because I wanted to act and it, and it felt like I wasn’t getting the opportunities where I was like, oh, I guess I’ll just make the opportunity by writing a play. I can be in or writing a short, I can try to shoot.

And it’s also so funny hearing you say, when you’re like, oh, you’re also a musician and a writer. I’m like, oh, I never [00:08:00] claimed those things. It’s so lovely to hear that out loud because I never think of myself that way. But but yeah, it’s definitely acting has always been the main one. And then all these other things have sort of grown around my pursuit of that.

So. So my pursuit of acting has always been my main focus or focus. And then, and then the song writing has come when I have all these extra feelings about the acting and the writing has come when I have all these extra feelings and nowhere to put it because acting can be such a frustrating business when it feels like you have to wait for someone to give you permission to do it.


Renee: And yeah, I can just imagine. Needing multiple outlets because that’s exactly what it is. That’s exactly what it is. Well, so you’ve been in some, I mean, again, you’re known for being an actress and you’ve been in the forever purge, which is a horror movie. And then you’ve also done some like haunted houses and, you know, you played like [00:09:00] evil super girl.

You’ve talked about not really liking scary stuff and, and haunted houses or things like that. I also don’t. So how do you get ready for roles that are in these like kind of creepy, you know, settings when you, when it’s like, kind of giving you the creeps? I guess that’s a great

Hope Lauren: question. I, whenever I was doing the haunted, the immersive theater haunted house type thing I was doing it’s it’s this production company.

Creep LA and they’re really amazing. And they do these like incredible immersive theater shows that are also haunted houses, like around the time of Halloween. And then they have other stuff, but, but I did a couple with them for Halloween and I would get terrified walking through the haunted house to get to my location for my scene.

Like, just purely by just like trying to get into the thing, like any of that, it just like, kind of helps, you know what I mean? Like if you’re, if you’re meant to be. Sort [00:10:00] of contributing to a creepy atmosphere than the fact that like you’re a little creeped out, it helps. And that’s just a little energy that you can kind of like channel into something else.

Or then you can kind of feel empowered by it because you’re the one doing the creeping and it feels sort of powerful to be the one doing the creeping. Definitely with the, with the forever purge. That was such a fun one because my character was just like blissed out and like, and it was terrifying the, at the main characters with her sort of like.

With her, like, you know, kind of like chaotic energy. So just, that was just fun to get to like lean into sort of being in my own world and being this sort of chaotic character that was then gifting the other characters, pure terror, because awful things were going on. And my character was just like giggling away,

which is such a terrifying thing. I think like it’s so scary whenever you. Whenever, you know, something scary and people around you aren’t reacting as though it’s scary. And so [00:11:00] that’s another thing too, is just understanding that like, like you have the clown that’s chasing you is never scared. You’re scared, you know?

So it’s like playing the clown that’s choosing, you were playing or whatever is like, kind of like a fun and empowering thing to do.

Renee: Yeah. Do you have something that scares you, like something specific that scares you really, really, really, really scares you. You mentioned clowns and for me, it’s scorpions.

I have this weird thing around scorpions.

Hope Lauren: That makes sense, though. I used to have. Like debilitating arachnophobia, fully debilitating, where like I used to not be able to like walk through doors if there was a spider in the, you know, like in the corner of the doorframe or something, you know what I mean?

Like I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to move around them. And I’m, I’m from Louisiana and Texas and there’s tons of spiders all over there and I don’t know how I survived it, but like I was terrified of spiders. I’ve gotten over it a little bit. I don’t know how. [00:12:00] But it’s funny because sometimes I was in, I was working on a play once I was in the scene and the director kept being like, I need you to be terrified of this man.

You aren’t acting terrified of him enough. And I was like, ah, I don’t know how to whatever. And I couldn’t figure it out. And I was like, oh, I’ll just imagine he’s a giant spider. And so then I just did, and the director was like, oh yeah, there’s the terror. What changed? And he was like, waiting for me to like, share some like deep, dark secret of like pure care.

And I was like, no, I just had a news, a big hairy spider. And it works.

Renee: I feel like that’s, that’s giving me very like Ron Weasley vibes. I felt

Hope Lauren: very connected to Ron Weasley as a kid.

Renee: Yeah. And you’re like, oh, I have scary spiders. You’re a Harry Potter fan. Aren’t you? Definitely. Yeah. Is there, is there a character in Harry Potter that you relate to?

I’m I’m obviously projecting some Ron with the

Hope Lauren: spider, but I’ve always felt like a Weasley. Truly. [00:13:00] I got a million siblings and, you know, we grew up like. Proper middle-class maybe even lower middle-class and like, very, just all of us, like wearing hand me downs and you know, like being like the scrappy big group of siblings.

And, you know, if you knew one of us, you knew all of us. And so whenever like watching Harry Potter and reading the books, I was always like, oh, I’m such a Weasley. We’re such Weasley. Definitely a Griffon door. What do you think you are? Or what do you

Renee: Griffin puff? I don’t know. Very torn between both houses and feels great vibes in that way.

I like to eat pastries.

Hope Lauren: Yes. It’s very helpful puppy. Like we love along the bottom.

Renee: Well, so in your acting, right? You have, I loved awkward. I have to say, I just want to put that out there and you have [00:14:00] such a good show. If anyone hasn’t seen awkward yet. I mean, just go check it out, but your role, you play this sort of like really upbeat character, a little too upbeat maybe, but the feeling is just very.

So positive and you know, the Republic of Sarah, it felt more of a dramatic role. But still it’s kind of like best friend character. And do you, when you’re doing these type of roles, do you like to play things more upbeat or do you prefer more serious character?

Hope Lauren: I think it all. I love it all. I think it’s, it’s obviously, it’s so fun to like, be like to play comedy, but I think that like, it all how do I say this? I was like, I was going to be like, it’s all everything. And that’s just a little bit too. I love it all, but like, I, I think that. [00:15:00] The way that I looked at Ophelia she’s so like, you know, excited and, and, you know, people would probably look at her as like obnoxious.

Like, I can’t think of her as obnoxious, but like when you watch her, she’s probably meant to be taken in that way. And, and I think that. When I was playing her, I was like, oh, but she just really wants to be liked, you know, like there’s, there’s always a little bit of tragedy in characters like that. And I felt the same way about, you know, Corrine.

Like everyone was like, oh, Corena is this she’s, you know, bubbly. And she’s a Ray of sunshine. And then when I read the pilot and I started working on her, like backstory with the show runner, I was like, yeah, that’s, that seems like a bit of a cover. That seems like a bit of a. Facade that someone puts on when they’ve been so publicly abandoned and broken and, and, you know, to try to prove to this tiny town where everyone knows everyone that she’s okay.

She has to be like a little extra. Okay. You know, like she has to kind of hide behind this facade of being the bubbly friends. So I think everything [00:16:00] informs everything, you know, usually when someone seems to be either they just are, and that’s just fun. And what a fun world to live in for a little while, or it’s just, I find it really interesting when like that facade is there because of some other like hidden tragedy, not to be too emo, but you know, like, cause of like, well, why is, is she really.

Just a bubbly part. Like if someone’s described as bubbly, it’s like this, you really bubbly or is that a sort of tool that she’s using to cope with, you know, a life that has been incurrence instance has been really difficult.

Renee: Yeah. Well, and I think too, it gives depth to a character, right? When we see characters that are not just.

Upbeat right. Have, have something else going on. And, and in Republic of Sarah, you know, there’s this whole backdrop of standing up for what’s right, right. And, and, and sticking it to the man as it were. But [00:17:00] I’m curious when you were filming that, that’s also sort of when things were going on in our country, that a lot of people in our country, you know, sort of on.

A lot of different thoughts lines, right. We’re standing up for what they thought was right. And standing up for their beliefs and how I’m just curious, like how was it filming a show that was sort of maybe mirroring what was happening in the real world?

Hope Lauren: Man, it was wild. How many times things on our show would like line up with what was going on in the world.

And, and we, the day that we shot, we were shooting the pilot. And we were shooting the scene where the election or no, no, maybe it wasn’t the pilot. I don’t know. We were shooting the election scene where we vote for who becomes, who gets elected to the council. And we were shooting the scene. We were all waiting to hear the same day.

In [00:18:00] November that we were all shooting or that we were all waiting to see who our president was going to be. So it was this crazy. And it was like, it was a full day of everybody just like, and we were up in Canada too. So that was also strange to not be in America while that was happening. So we were all just like checking our phones constantly and, and shooting the scene where we were like waiting to find out who got elected to the fit.

And we were like, oh, this is hilarious. And I think Meagan, Meagan. Follows was our director at the time. And she was, and she was like, you know, you guys like just lean into that energy of like uncertainty and, and, and, you know, and that was like such a weird kismet thing that, that all happened on the same day, but it was, so it was very strange.

It really informed a lot of the show just because we as actors. You know, the show isn’t really set in, in 20, 20 proper just because there’s no, COVID, there’s no, you know what I mean? But [00:19:00] it’s, you know, we had all just gone through a pandemic together. We were still going through the pandemic together. We had all gone through.

The George Floyd protest together. You know, we were doing that in our own cities before we went to go shoot. And so shooting, like even the protest scenes with the borders being closed, like it was all just very, like, we were just having these discussions as a cast and with the show runner and with the writer.

So like, you know, there was no way to not talk about what was going on in the world. And, and then to try to like, allow that to bleed over into the spirit of the show.

Renee: But I feel like, you know, it’s very, it’s not method acting at that point. You know, it’s sort of just being a conduit almost, but,

Hope Lauren: well, yeah, I’m just letting you know, I think what was really interesting about our show and about, you know, the last few years is that.

The involvement in the Republic of Sarah, the involvement of like the younger generation [00:20:00] in the government and in making decisions, you know, Maya is a 16 year old who runs for office and, and they decide. They were going to decide that like the voting age is going to be lowered and just things like that, where, you know, I’ve got a little sister and, and talking to them about being activists.

And, and when I was her age, I don’t know that I was necessarily thinking about that so much, but you know, they’re about to inherit a world that has all sorts of problems and climate change and things that they now have to like, worry about that, you know, wasn’t necessarily being talked about whenever I was her age.

And so. That I thought was so important of like showing these teenagers, getting involved in their local government, especially just because, you know, big government can feel so it can feel so unattainable to make like huge changes. And our show is very much like, well, how can you make changes within your own town, within your own local government or within your high-schooler within these things that like can make you feel empowered to [00:21:00] actually have your voice heard.

And so we talked about that a lot, like. You know, the younger generation. And I feel like that was because that was happening all around the world. At the time, these like younger people standing up and having their voices being heard.

Renee: Which I’m so impressed with the, you know, younger folks today. I’m always like, yes, I, I wouldn’t have been doing that in high school either.

I think I was more concerned about like, where are my friends hanging

Hope Lauren: out? But yeah, I just wanted to lead in the play. I have rehearsal rehearsal. You got

Renee: someone who. You know, is in the public eye as an actress. Do you find that your that you feel pressure to not talk about public issues or to talk about them more?

Hope Lauren: Oh, man. I feel like I probably could be better. You know what? No, I was talking to some of my active friends earlier about this and they were like, you [00:22:00] know, it’s good to keep your political ideas to yourself because you never know who’s making the decisions up at the top and what their beliefs are.

And if you’ve said something public than then, you know, you don’t want that out there, like all of these things. And I’m like, oh, that’s just not the. That’s just not the life I’d like to lead. And if some of my beliefs cost me roles, then maybe they weren’t roles that I was meant to play. You know, those may be more roles I’m meant to have because I’ve, I’m not interested in a career where I don’t feel like I can.

I think my favorite thing about acting is that we’re all talking about things and, and that a lot of impassioned people are collaborating to tell stories that need to be told. That, that is sort of, you know, it’s an art form where we get to experience, you know, other people’s lives that we would never get to experience.

And so of course, like storytelling is going to be inherently political and, and I want passionate people to be telling stories. And I am, I have a [00:23:00] lot of opinions and I’m not, I don’t think, I think people have advised me in the past to maybe not talk about certain things, but I’m like, eh, that’s just. I’m just not interested in that.


Renee: And to be fair, I will say I’m going to give a little shout out. Not that it’s going to do me any good to the CW, because I feel like the CDW is trying to, you know, put out shows that, do talk about what’s going on in the real world. And don’t shy away from those narratives of, you know, like. Telling stories that are authentic to the identities that we are and you know, who, who we are in the world.

And I think of like bat woman as a great example of that. But you are also in a C another CW show sister, girl playing the, the evil clone of super girl. Who’s like the beacon of justice, right? [00:24:00] Yeah. Was it, was it kind of trippy to play the, like the bad guy?

Hope Lauren: Again? I never, I never even thought of her as a bad guy.

I thought of her as this. As this misguided puppet, basically who, whose creator was evil, but who wasn’t inherently evil herself and, you know, who was brought into the world and told to like, you know, kill super girl, but like that. And so she was like, I guess that’s the only right thing, but I felt so. I, I loved her so much.

I felt so bad for her. There’s the scene that like, when she gets sort of put to sleep where she’s talking to Supergirl and she basically says, I’m sorry, and I’m scared. And I read that after I got the role in my heart, just like grope,

parent parentless. You know, like that.

Renee: I think I lost, oh [00:25:00] no. Oh no, there

Hope Lauren: you are. And my back. Okay. Sorry. No, that’s okay. But like this character was brought into the world. She’s like Frankenstein’s monster, like nothing breaks my heart more than Frankenstein’s monster. So I definitely, I just like, sort of saw her as that character or saw her as like that sort of.

Yeah, she’s just like a misguided monster. She’s not really a monster and tragedy. I love the tragedy.

Renee: So if you were in a film where someone was going to play your evil clone, who would be your evil clone version? Oh, my

Hope Lauren: gosh, like what actor would play my evil clone or like, oh,

Renee: wow. That’s a really good question.

Hope Lauren: Who would play my evil? Cool. But see, now, if I say anyone, it’s going to sound like I’m calling them evil, but I’m

Renee: not, but they’re not evil because as we’ve established tragically misguided,

Hope Lauren: well, I have my, I have a dream of. Sweet sweet J [00:26:00] law. And I feel like in some people have given me the beautiful compliment of saying that I look kind of like I could be related to her or something.

And I think that she’s beautiful. So that’s the loveliest, but. I feel like that would just be so fun. She could clear like the cool bad-ass like, you know, you know, like get into my yang.

Renee: I though it’d be fun to see her in a, in a more darker oh yeah. Character to absolutely. Well, Do you have any roles or genres that you would like to tackle in the future?

Like anything that you haven’t done because, you know, there’s always that concern and acting of being typecast or, you know, sort of working with the same people and getting the same roles and, you know, is there something that you see yourself doing or that like, if I could wish it into existence for you?

Hope Lauren: I love that.[00:27:00]

I’m like, if I leave this earth without playing his roles all freak out and one of them is, is Sally bowls and cabaret. So we can all just wish that into the universe. Again, like tragedy. She’s just my favorite. She’s such a tragic character because from the beginning of the musical to the end, she doesn’t go anywhere.

Change. She ends up right where she began and it’s heartbreaking and you get to watch her like hope for something else. And then you get to watch that, you know, not come to fruition. And I mean, I’m sorry if I just spoiled cabaret forever

Renee: out long enough,

Hope Lauren: but I, I love. Like the 98 revival of cabaret is like, it’s, it’s dark and it’s gritty.

And it’s so in like, well, that’s, my dream is to play like Sally Bowles character or just Sally Bowles herself. And then the other thing that I’ve been obsessed with in a, in a weirdly aggressive way, since I was a [00:28:00] kid was Harley. I’ve been in love with Harley Quinn. I think Margot Robbie does an amazing job.

I just I’m like if they want to redo that at some point, or like do a grittier version or like, or not, not grittier. Cause that’s all very gritty, but like I, or I don’t know. I just, I used to collect Harley Quinn comics when I was a kid and I loved her and I loved that. She was. Wild and, and also like a romantic, like tragically in love with, you know, this man who’s absolutely not in love with her, kind of is, or just the tragedy of it all.

But also she’s such a bad-ass I dunno, I’ve been in love with Harley Quinn. So some kind of, again, maybe just like a, like a, a villain. Situation would be so

Renee: fun. Yeah. Which is not out of the realm of possibilities given what’s going on with CDW. And there are TV adaptations of

Hope Lauren: the Batman’s world.

Renee: Wait a minute.[00:29:00]


Hope Lauren: have to call, get them

Renee: right now. No one take this idea from us. I won’t publish this until after. Thank you.

Hope Lauren: Yeah. Yeah, maybe that’s what I’ll start writing now. I’ll just start writing that Harley Quinn

Renee: Yeah, TV adaptation through CW. Oh, that’d be so good. And then you can have crossover episodes now with Batwoman.

I’m seeing it it’s happening.

Hope Lauren: We’re manifesting

Renee: it. It’s going to have everyone think good thoughts. We’re going to manifest this into

Hope Lauren: the universe, watch out. It’s going to be amazing.

Renee: Well, so until that role comes up, we’re going to manifest. Absolutely. I know you’re working on the play. You mentioned working on the play.

Are there any other upcoming projects we should be looking out for, from you?

Hope Lauren: Well, we, I got to shoot this really, really [00:30:00] fun movie over all of July and it’s called bar fight. And it’s a, it’s a sort of like Christmas in LA movie. And it’s supposed to come out in December. I’m not sure where yet, but it’s coming out in December and it’s a whole cast of like amazing comedians.

It’s Melissa Famero from Brooklyn nine, nine, Rachel bloom from crazy ex-girlfriend it’s, it’s just a bunch of, I love her. She’s hilarious and so talented. And so it’s just, it’s a really, really good movie and I, I am in it. Sorry. Fun. So keep a lookout for that. And yeah, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, come and see smoke by Kim Davies, we’ll be putting it up and it’ll be, I think October, November.


Renee: But yeah, that’s it so far in case people maybe listen to this a little later or are not good at remembering where can they find you on the internet?

Hope Lauren: Oh, [00:31:00] they can find me on What is it called Instagram

Renee: at? What is the social media runs my

Hope Lauren: life. Under my name is hope Alina which is H O P E L I N a.

And then on Twitter. It’s hello? Hope Lauren or at hello, Lauren.

Renee: And we’ll make sure to include those in the show notes as well. Amazing. So people can find you well, this has been amazing hope. Thanks so much for joining us on spoiler country.

Hope Lauren: It’s so lovely to talk to you. Thanks for having, before

Renee: we go.

Is there any last words I always like to give a little space, a little last thoughts for our listeners? Ooh.

Hope Lauren: Last thoughts for our listeners. You know, the Republic of Sarah is going to be on HBO max, November 4th. That’s when it drops on HBO max, and you’ll be able to stream the whole series and, and

Renee: just [00:32:00]

Hope Lauren: it’s, there’s no chance of a season two now I don’t think, but like it’s such a good watch and the whole cast I’ve I felt so lucky to get to work.

Everyone was just so good. Everyone was so good. And so kind, and. And it doesn’t happen that often that you get to work with a cast that is that good and that kind and that lovely where everyone, it felt like it felt like we were the underdogs and everyone was just like, you know, scrappy and making it happen and, you know, showed up with so much beautiful work to offer that like, you know, in November, just sit down and give it a watch and know that a bunch of people really put their like hearts and souls into.

And I know that’s just, that’s just a shameless plug is our last spot, but I just, I just,

Renee: oh yeah. I love shameless plugs and I sort of love that because I feel like that’s also the story of the Republic of Sarah [00:33:00] in a way we know it really brings it almost as full circle of it does

Hope Lauren: so much of people who just really believe in themselves or believe in like their community and fight for it.

And. And it is, and that is, this thing is like, you know, the show runner, it was his idea and he’s brilliant. And it was a group of people who all just believed in the story and tried to make it happen. And, and yeah, it was really, it was really, really something special. And I think, you know, I hope for the rest of my hopefully long career it’ll, I think it’ll always stand out as a really incredible special experience.

And I hope it feels like that.

Renee: I love that. Wonderful. Well, thanks again for joining us. Hope. Lauren is known for acting, writing, singing, and being in many shows like Supergirl, awkward, the Republic of Sarah coming to HBO, max, the forever purge [00:34:00] and the upcoming movie bar fight out, hopefully in December.

And for those of you out there still listening. I’m Renee. And this is spoiler country.

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