With so much excitement surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home, rumors have been swirling the internet like crazy. From Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, to Daredevil and Multiverse travel. There appears to be no limit on the speculation of what this film will bring. Luckily for you the Spoilerverse is here to help. Earlier this year, in our Rumorverse section, we reported on Willem Dafoe’s reprisal of Green Goblin in the next Spidey Adventure. Well, It appears now that this may be more than just a rumor.

Dafoe is BACK!

Not only have multiple outlets started reporting on Dafoe’s return but, it appears he will also be the main baddy of the the adventure. While most outlets agree that Goblin will be leading this version of the Sinister Six. Most sites have conflicting reports on the story aspect and how Goblin fits in. Fear not though, I have been given some information that will clear this up a bit.

Due to the content I must warn that these points could be BIG spoilers so continue with caution.


Below I will list four bullet points from Spider-Man: No Way Home. I have titled them as rumor because nothing is official until it is official. But I am confident that this is pretty darn accurate.


1. “After the events of Spider-Man Far From Home, Peter requests the help from Doctor Strange in erasing the memories of everyone who heard he is Spider-Man. However, during the spell Peter interrupts Strange causing him to incorrectly cast the spell and tearing the Multiverse open.”

2. “This tear in the Multiverse becomes a pathway in which multiple villains fin their way to the MCU. Electro, Lizard, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Rhino, and Sandman.” These versions, while similar to their original counterparts from past films will be different iterations of the characters.”

3. “Doctor Strange is able to round up all but Green Goblin and imprison them until he figures out how to return them all home. 2.
*cough* No Way Home *cough*
The Green Goblin manipulates Peter into helping the other villains escape so he can obtain more advanced technology from the MCU.”

“Goblin leads the Sinister Six into a battle against Spider-Man to distract him”

4. “An Impactful death will occur near the end of the film as they round up and defeat the villains of the multiverse.”

Take that as you will, There are plenty of other far more spoilery Spider-Men aspects that I will not get into. But this movie sounds like it will be a romping good time.

Let us know in the comments what you think.

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