Funny Book Forensics (4N6) 252 Endless Chase

Episode 252: Endless Chase


Greg and Dan read and discuss ALL OF New Teen Titans Vol 2 Annual 3, the first appearance of Danny Chase. After exploring one off characters that were successful we explore one that was well, a character. We aren’t here just to review the good stories from the long box.

However, Danny Chase is getting a reboot on Teen Titans Season 3. Additionally, Spoiler Country asked Marv Wolfman what he thought of Danny Chase and that audio is in the episode. The time is now to introduce yourself to the infamous character.

New Teen Titans Volume 2 Annual 3 was created by: Writer – Marv Wolfman and Artists – Michael Collins Penciller,Romeo Tanghal Inker,  Alber De Guzman – Letterer and Adrienne Roy – Colors

So join us! and Read along with the links below:
Or you could just buy it out of a dollar bin at your favorite comic shop!

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