Final Fantasy VII – Mobile

You know what one of the first things I did when I got an android phone? I downloaded a PSX emulator and got Final Fantasy VII so I could play through it again while I was bored on my phone. Sadly the emulation on a phone experience wasn’t the greatest and I never did finish it. The emulator kept crashing and it just wasn’t fun. I spent way more time trying to keep it running than I did playing it.

Then in 2015 Square/Enix decided it was a good idea to release an iOS port of the game and nerd fans like me rejoiced! Did I buy it on launch day and dive into the game again for my can’t-even-count-how-many time? Of course I didn’t. I didn’t even see that it was going to come out or was a thing, and when I DID notice it I was in this headspace of “I’m not paying $10+ dollars (not sure what the launch price was) for a game on my phone even if it IS a port of one of my all time favorite games (arguably the top one)!

I found it again one day browsing the app store on one of my many switches form Android to Apple. I decided to give it a shot so I paid the $10 (I think) and downloaded a game that on my Playstation was three discs long, but now I had it on my phone.

That’s nice John, but how was it?

Meh, it was aight. I didn’t finish it. I only played it for a little bit. The touchscreen controls were not for me and I honestly wasn’t too interested this time around for the game. I mean my love of the game hasn’t gone down, it was just at this time on THIS version I didn’t care.

Should I give it another shot?

No. There are so many platforms you can play it on now that the mobile version is just…well…lackluster. Right now I’m playing it on the Switch and I love it. The controls there are perfect and it’s a lot of fun. The Switch version will hold me over until the PS4 Remake comes out.

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