Evangeline Lilly’s Library of the Soul: The Final Quest

Andrew Sumner welcomes actor & author Evangeline Lilly (LostThe HobbitAnt-Man and The Wasp) back to Hard Agree for the second episode of her seven-part podcast mini-series: Evangeline Lilly’s Library of the Soul. 

In this installment, The Final Quest, Evangeline & Andrew discuss Evangeline’s first book selection – The Final Quest by Rick Joyner – and the circumstances Evangeline found herself in when she first encountered Joyner’s work.

As usual, their conversation takes place across a significant divide: Evangeline is a passionate spiritualist and believer – and Andrew is a passionate agnostic and skeptic. Evangeline’s sanctuaries are churches, temples & the forest, while Andrew’s are comic books, movies & jazz. Where, exactly, this conversation will lead is what these seven episodes are all about.

Welcome to the Library of the Soul, Evangeline would love to hear your thoughts and reactions via social media.

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One thought on “Evangeline Lilly’s Library of the Soul: The Final Quest

  • December 23, 2021 at 5:23 am

    Thank you for making this insightful and amazing podcast, below are the thoughts your amazing conversations stimulated in my mind:

    Closure to strangers than the people closest to us
    What does it mean for us when we feel closer to strangers than our loves ones? Are we running from something we cannot face? Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all? What does it mean to people who run from strangers and consider them as threat? Which is a better world to live in?

    Altruism in the DNA
    Are their people who are just born with the desire to help others? What happens if they deviated from that path? Instead entering a world, where they become the adored and are waited on, such as a film star or rock star?

    Touched by a higher Power / the power of vision
    Does every person have a moment in their life where they are touched by a something above themselves? Do you need to be open to it for it to happen? What happens to those who deny themselves to it? Is a gift given to us all, but some of us just fail to open it?

    Fasting and our relationship with ourselves
    Fasting bringing us close to our spirituality is within many religions, can abstinence help us be open our thoughts, to something we lose? The Western world has created a destructive relationship with food, we have multinational corporations selling us fast chemically laid cheap food, to, we have devastating eating disorders that destroy lives. Where does fasting belong?

    Cancel culture
    Can a message transcendent the person who wrote it? What do we lose with cancel culture when we silence the voice of those that offend us? Is there truth within every lie and we deny ourselves hearing that truth?

    Making space for things unseen
    In a world where we can see it, buy it or touch have we lost touch with the most important things in our lives?


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