February 15, 2021


WandaVision Episode 6 - That asks more questions than it answers!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
WandaVision Episode 6 - That asks more questions than it answers!
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WandaVision Episode 6 - That asks more questions than it answers!

Feb 15 2021 | 00:57:20


Show Notes

We are back with another dive into the world of WandaVision! Joining us again is Sumner, our favorite Brit from across the water!

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WandaVision Epi 6

Kenric: [00:00:00] All right, guys. You guys ready? I’m ready. All right, let’s do this. You ready? Johnny? I’m ready. Let’s do it. All right. All right, Casey. You good?

[00:00:09] Casey: [00:00:09] Yeah. Yeah. Let’s let’s do this. Yo

[00:00:13] Kenric: [00:00:13] then Jean Gray purveyors will come back to pour the country. I’m kinda Gregan uh, somewhere around here is Mr. Horsley. We got lucky enough to get Alan on the phone because apparently his wife’s got to go get a shot because she’s got to deal with him.

[00:00:27] And of course, do you meet Mr.

[00:00:29] sumner: [00:00:29] Sumner? Greetings people of earth, greetings American friends

[00:00:35] Kenric: [00:00:35] last year. Episode five of six episode, six of one division did occur. Some, some things happen, some, some cool things, some weird things. And, um, yeah, man,

[00:00:53] John: [00:00:53] it’s funny because

[00:00:54] Casey: [00:00:54] as I watched it,

[00:00:56] John: [00:00:56] it kind of threw out some work last week.

[00:00:59] It totally threw out some of our thoughts. And last week, I completely, I got thoughts on the quick Soder our crossover are gone. Our thoughts on who’s controlling, it’s gone.

[00:01:07] sumner: [00:01:07] It was brilliant. Actually, I was watching the whole thinking man, half of the things we speculated last week, I’ve just been fucking invalidated in one fell swoop.

[00:01:16] It just, and that’s the nature of these things, right? It’s fascinating to see what you get totally wrong and where, you know, I. And it opened up and opened up for me, other potential, you know, lines of, uh, you know, conspiracy and what might be going on here, you know, I’ve, I’ve just begun to, you know, feel that the, uh, that the head of the, um, the head of the agency, that of sword.

[00:01:39] Right. I suspect he’s probably got now, I didn’t think this before, and that he’s probably got something to do. With, uh, you know, that he’s tied in with these events much more than we know at the moment. And you know, is, is, is taking on that kind of like, you know, Alexander Pierce villain character. Do you know what I mean?

[00:01:58] John: [00:01:58] Yeah, who is Hayward? What is, Hey, we’re doing what’s this

[00:02:00] sumner: [00:02:00] exactly. Cause he’s too. What he revealed in this last episode is that he’s actually a bit of a fucking deck and that those elements was character had actually not been in the ascendance beforehand. You didn’t met maybe like him, but he actually legit acted like an asshole for a lot of this episode.

[00:02:18] And then that’s like, okay, where are they going with this? You know, this guy is clearly a fucking prick. What are they going to do with that?

[00:02:26] Kenric: [00:02:26] Yeah. What’d you guys think of Randall park and . When he started like fighting like all night.

[00:02:37] sumner: [00:02:37] That was very satisfying to me. It

[00:02:39] was

[00:02:39] Kenric: [00:02:39] so exciting. I said out loud, like I want to be around a park just for a day.

[00:02:47] sumner: [00:02:47] I mean, I thought it was great because they play his character for a lot of comedy. But one of the things I think they’ve got absolutely right about his character is, yeah, he’s funny and he’s quirky, but he’s like a supremely capable agent. And also the fact that he was a badass in the fight. It’s like, you know, there’s no question that he can take these, these, these soldiers out, you know, him and Rambo just thought the Tempe over matching the people that are fighting.

[00:03:11] I thought that was a brilliant thing to do, not have him be a bumbling idiot, but he just fucking takes him out. You know what I mean? That was

[00:03:18] great.

[00:03:19] John: [00:03:19] I, it makes me, it makes me want that our show with him even more,

[00:03:23] sumner: [00:03:23] right? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Right, too.

[00:03:27] Kenric: [00:03:27] Like that is not it, they can set things up in it, but it could just be an ongoing show for four or five years or whatever long it needs to be.

[00:03:35] Yeah.

[00:03:38] sumner: [00:03:38] So carry on. You carry on

[00:03:40] John: [00:03:40] mate. So, uh, uh, Darcy’s had mentioned a couple of times for aerospace engineer friend. That’s going to come in and. And be helpful. Who do

[00:03:48] Kenric: [00:03:48] you guys think that is? I think it stars guard.

[00:03:52] John: [00:03:52] Yeah,

[00:03:56] sumner: [00:03:56] but that’s not, that’s not his specialty though. Is that he’s like a, he’s not an aerospace guy. Is he, he’s like more of a kind of great myths and legends ambulance kind of figure. He’s like, he’s like about mystical energies and shit, isn’t he? So, you know, um, it couldn’t be him because he might be a mega genius with a bunch of, you know, you know, parallel degrees who knows?

[00:04:17] Kenric: [00:04:17] I thought he was more like a theoretical

[00:04:18] sumner: [00:04:18] physicist. Oh shit. Maybe it is. Who’s got an interest in  mythology. Yeah.

[00:04:27] Kenric: [00:04:27] I could be completely wrong. I’m sure. Johnny will start Googling it here in a bit. Well now

[00:04:33] John: [00:04:33] just, yeah.

[00:04:36] Casey: [00:04:36] Well, I think it’s going to be somebody we haven’t seen yet. Um, they’re going to introduce somebody and is going to, everybody’s going to shit, their pants,

[00:04:47] Kenric: [00:04:47] another mutant perhaps.

[00:04:50] John: [00:04:50] No, I think, I think so. Uh, uh, um, So she, uh, wanna she’s teasing an interview about there being a big reveal, right? I don’t think I said before. I don’t think Evan Peters was that was that big reveal because he was known kind of right. Who I am. I think when I introduced the aerospace engineer, it’s going to be Reed Richards.

[00:05:14] sumner: [00:05:14] Oh, fuck. I mean, that would be incredible if they really did that, that they’ve got to have him locked down in cap, which they could of course have. That would be a mate. I mean, he really read Richard showed up. They’ll blow Barry’s fucking money.

[00:05:25] John: [00:05:25] Yeah. That, that could be the huge, like drop as they could bring in him.

[00:05:29] Don’t I don’t think, I don’t think they should have bring in the whole team though. FF, they should just bring in, read for this and you know, that’d be a great way to introduce the, you know, the model for his family into this MCU and one division.

[00:05:41] Kenric: [00:05:41] Yeah. That’s

[00:05:42] Casey: [00:05:42] interesting. Yeah. And they wouldn’t even have to, um, pull the actors from the previous movies or anything like that.

[00:05:50] They could just, I mean, they have the rights now. They could just go introduce them as they are, or even pre them getting their powers. Yeah.

[00:06:05] sumner: [00:06:05] Yeah, shit. You could have the whole them getting their powers happen, you know, somewhere down the line. Yeah. He could just be read Richard. Yeah. That’s a great idea.

[00:06:16] Kenric: [00:06:16] You need another origin

[00:06:17] sumner: [00:06:17] story though? Yeah, well, you know what, mate, once again, you’re taking the words right out a math, you know, I was, I was trying to Ram it because they’ve told that story, that origin story twice on films recently, and what, one of the things they did with the Tom Holland iteration at Spiderman is they just didn’t bother telling the origin again, you know, which I thought was a very smooth move.

[00:06:37] Kenric: [00:06:37] Yeah. So I don’t, I don’t know. Do they need to do that? Maybe they, maybe they will. Maybe they don’t need to you. Don’t a fantastic four. It’s interesting because there. Insanely popular in the sixties and, and even in the seventies with cartoon and then, uh, my age group, we just didn’t read them. You know, it just wasn’t something that was on the radar.

[00:06:57] Right? I mean, the magazines were out, obviously the comic books were out and they were important in crossovers and things like that, but they just, weren’t what they were in the sixties and seventies. Now, I think them taking that book away has brought some excitement back. This is a smart way of doing things.

[00:07:13] Sometimes it’s taking something. What. DC could probably learn to do this with Batman, take it away for awhile, stop doing stuff. And then, and then bringing it back. Cause now people are excited to see the fantastic foreign film again, when three years ago would have been like, I really don’t care that they’re making another film.

[00:07:29] Yeah, I won’t.

[00:07:31] Casey: [00:07:31] I want them to make me care about the fantastic four. I always thought they were corny as fuck. And like, um, that it never connected to me and I’m sure they could make it cool because they made, um, they made a hit man fun. I’ve never cared about it, man. I’ve enjoyed those AMN movies. Uh, I never really cared much about my wife has to be commentary as I talk about, um, the, uh, guardians of the galaxy and yet.

[00:08:05] Yeah. I’ve enjoyed those films.

[00:08:08] Kenric: [00:08:08] Yeah.

[00:08:09] John: [00:08:09] Yeah. I’m sure the MC uh, Kevin Saigan him can make the fantasy for, uh, interesting, you know, movie proved in the past. I can take characters. I mean, like, I’ll be honest before, before the MCU, I really didn’t care about Thor or captain America, but once they came out and they, they were shown to me in a way that’s interesting.

[00:08:25] I like him. I liked his characters.

[00:08:27] Kenric: [00:08:27] I think the fantastic four is there’s an enough, enough there’s enough backstory. And the character development has been going on long enough that it should be pretty simple for them to make you care about those, those characters. I think the problem was is the ones that, that Fox did.

[00:08:45] They just, weren’t very interesting, you know, they, they, I don’t think the director and the writer, I mean, that could be completely wrong. It just felt like they didn’t really understand the source material very much. And they didn’t really, um, Maybe they’re a huge comic book frame as a nerd. I don’t know, but it, from the watching those movies, cause I went back and watched them just last year.

[00:09:06] It just wasn’t there, you know, that the excitement for, and the, and the understanding of what they were using and what they were doing just wasn’t there and like boons that last one was just a mess. Oh,

[00:09:17] sumner: [00:09:17] yeah. That’s, that’s fucking whole shit up film. It’s terrible. I mean, it’s like, uh, I think it’s almost, um, Batman and Robin levels of just getting it all wrong in a different way to Batman and Robin.

[00:09:28] It’s not like, you know, the gay ice Capades, which by the way is a wonderful thing that guys spades, but that’s what Batman and Robin is, you know, it’s like this huge like DayGlo man, but it’s like, it’s not Batman, right? And it’s not even 66 Batman and the recent fantastic four movies, just a load of bullshit weirdly with a bunch of actors in it that I really, really like, like, but I just think the whole thing was all founded.

[00:09:52] I personally think one of the challenges to adapting the fantastic four. It’s partially encoded in the fact that the original family unit is very much of its time. And it makes a lot of sense, you know, w w for their origin back in 61 or 62 or whatever. And of course a whole original origin is tied into the massively into the cold war and into events at the time.

[00:10:16] But also I think you’ve got a real challenge. Um, and I, I don’t, it’s a challenge I often see with this particular client. Type of superpower on the demic. Anybody has been able to do it properly yet on that says, and I might’ve even sent this to you guys before on a previous bullet country episode, but.

[00:10:34] Adapting characters with stretching powers into live screen, into live action on screen, without it looking fucking ridiculous and laughable, I think is something nobody’s figured out yet in the last fantastic woman. They really tried to do to figure out for it, not to look ridiculous, but for a character who’s essentially nearly all the time.

[00:10:57] Very serious. Reed Richards. His power is actually fucking decade-plus. And if your plastic man, that power works because plastic man is humorous. Okay. It’s fine. The elongated man, it kind of works because he’s got this whole sort of dark energy. If you’re the most credible fucking scientific brain in the entire universe, and it’s your job to deliver a lot of like narrative that explains the plot and you saved the day with the power of your fucking brain.

[00:11:25] And you’re not a laugh a minute currently, which read isn’t, he’s actually pretty straight and serious to be given a power that makes you look like fucking, the elastic band is a tough, it’s a tough deal, you know? And I think, I think whoever adapts, Mr. Fantastic on screen as a live action character as fucking massively got their work cut out for.

[00:11:44] Oh yeah.

[00:11:45] Kenric: [00:11:45] Oh yeah, for sure. Because that Fox had the right actor in those first couple films. Yeah, who played read Richard Hastick? Uh, I think Jessica Alba as the invisible girl, she was great. I think, um, captain America, I can’t remember his actual name.

[00:12:01] sumner: [00:12:01] Yeah. Yeah. Chris Evans. Yeah.

[00:12:05] Kenric: [00:12:05] Perfectly cast it for that.

[00:12:07] And then of course, Michael, the great Michael

[00:12:09] sumner: [00:12:09] Chiklis. Well, he’s great casting for the thing. He’s brilliant. Yeah.

[00:12:14] Kenric: [00:12:14] Seriously. He’s one of the greatest

[00:12:18] John: [00:12:18] and they just messed it up. It’s too bad.

[00:12:21] Casey: [00:12:21] Yeah. And that’s how, y’all what upset me the most about tranq. Fantastic. For

[00:12:28] sumner: [00:12:28] sure. Um,

[00:12:31] Casey: [00:12:31] yeah, the thing they didn’t give him a Speedo. And that kind of infers that when he got his powers, he lost his Dick. Yeah.

[00:12:45] sumner: [00:12:45] Yeah, no, I’m with you. I we’re clearly on the same page here, brother, because I too wanted to see a massive orange rock penis.

[00:12:56] I was very disappointed. That at no point was I able to actually get to that? I wanted to see how his orange Rockford skin actually works and how the dynamics set up. And he’s big fucking orange, bolder bollocks. I wanted to see all of that. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, right. I mean, it can’t be the easiest thing in the world.

[00:13:17] That’s for sure. And, and, you know, I imagine I would say the penile hygiene of your thing is pretty difficult. Right. You know, what was great about soar? Ragnar rock is even though you don’t see it, they do actually have a whole sequence is dedicated to. The Hulk’s massive green fucking Dick and balls. You know what I mean?

[00:13:36] So I thought it was, I thought it was really funny at the time, you know, and, and yeah, you need, you need the thing to have a penis. It’s ridiculous that he doesn’t fucking have full

[00:13:46] Casey: [00:13:46] Ragnar rock called gets it in too.

[00:13:49] sumner: [00:13:49] Yeah. Right. He does. He does. Yeah. Yeah, he does. Yeah. You know,

[00:13:54] Kenric: [00:13:54] we’re not going back and forth.

[00:13:55] We, we still want him to get up out of that pool. Or out of that hot tub,

[00:14:06] John: [00:14:06] I would have been great.

[00:14:08] sumner: [00:14:08] No, it’s fucking brilliant. I’m glad, I’m glad we’re 10 minutes into this. And, uh, we’re having a, you know, kind of, uh, vast, vastly large characters of the Marvel universe under genitalium conversation. Definitely.

[00:14:24] Casey: [00:14:24] I mean, we, we didn’t even really get into Mr. Fantastic. I’m like he could do.

[00:14:29] John: [00:14:29] Like he can do whatever he wants. I mean, Oh,

[00:14:31] sumner: [00:14:31] well, yeah. I mean, that’s the upside of that power. Surely that is the upside for sure.

[00:14:36] Kenric: [00:14:36] Yeah. Right.

[00:14:40] sumner: [00:14:40] I mean maybe, maybe see Richard’s invisibility as a result of trauma, you know, sustained.

[00:14:46] Maybe the trigger is, you know, whenever they have a romantic couples interlude, like she just can’t take it anymore. So you just make yourself invisible. I would

[00:14:54] John: [00:14:54] imagine if they don’t want to have. Children.

[00:14:57] Kenric: [00:14:57] He comes out with a box, he opens it up and all it is is different size condoms. And what would you like?

[00:15:03] sumner: [00:15:03] Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

[00:15:11] Kenric: [00:15:11] yeah.

[00:15:14] sumner: [00:15:14] Yeah. So I actually, I’ve got, I wanted to mention something which is, so are you boys, like, uh, are you aware of the, uh, the lineage of Jimmy? Woo. You know, the interesting thing about Jimmy worries, he’s actually, he’s actually like, the vision is actually right. So. The original version of the vision was created by Simon and Kirby in 1940.

[00:15:33] Right. And, um, was in timely comics. There’s quite a different version of that character. And, um, and it w and he was created recreated as we know him now by Roy Thomas who specializes in going back in time and digging out obscure old characters and the jumpy summer on the art. Right. And that’s the vision we know and love, but Jimmy woo is pretty much the same character.

[00:15:55] As he was when he first appeared and he first appeared in the pre Marvel era, he was the star of a Marvel book. Do you guys know this? Which is why it’s. So, so Jimmy was created in 1956 and he’s the star of a, a, a, a, a, an Atlas title, the pre Marvel name of, of, or the premortal name of Marvel Atlas. And that he was the star of an Atlas title, which.

[00:16:20] Um, from the second issue, Kirby became the writer and artist on he wasn’t the writer and artist. And the first issue first issue was written by Al Feldstein and, uh, Joe Meneely, who was one of, um, Stan’s favorite artists, but he died young. But this book, the reason I haven’t got to the name yet is this book will never be published today because it’s so wildly un-PC and it’s the yellow claw.

[00:16:43] And so the yellow claw who has reappeared here repaired in the Steranko era of shield. So did Jimmy woo. It was Steranko reintroduced them both, you know, as part of his crazy, like a kaleidoscopic run on, on, um, On shield on Nick fury. Um, yeah, the, so the, the, the basic, the yellow claw was like, uh, only rant about four issues, I think is a series where the yellow color is essentially a Fu Manchu analog, a classic yellow peril or villain that you just wouldn’t get today because it’s too wildly on PC.

[00:17:16] But, but, uh, Jimmy woo was the, it was the honest. Protagonist of that book. So he was the guy trying to fucking stop the yellow claw. The book was actually about the LA claw and, you know, Jimmy, Jimmy was like the token hero, trying to stop him each, each issue. And, um, yeah, he’s been around in the mobile universe for a long time.

[00:17:39] Yeah,

[00:17:42] Kenric: [00:17:42] MCU. And that was it that they

[00:17:43] sumner: [00:17:43] introduced him, you know? No. Yeah. He’s a really, both vision. And Jimmy were really long-term old school, uh, old school, um, Marvel characters in the same way that. Human is the same way that submariner is. Yeah. They harken back to Jimmy was definitely a product of the fifties.

[00:18:00] And if you think about it, the yellow club, what can I do? I urge you to look it up because you’ll see it. When you look at it, why there’s no chance of ever being collected now, right. The, you know, because it’s full of all these horrific, horrific stereotypes, right? Yeah. And, uh, it’s kinda like, you know, it’s kinda like watching, like chop chop in the, in the Blackhawk series, you know, you just would just shit that wouldn’t get done now.

[00:18:23] Um, um, loads of the case is that Ebony wise in the spirit, for example, but, uh, the interesting thing is. That Jimmy is the hero of that book. Yeah. And, um, that’s, what’s, that’s, what’s really quite interesting, but he is the protagonist, but the yellow Cora is exactly like a Marvel version of Phil munchy.

[00:18:40] He’s 150 years old. He’s a genius biochemist and inventor, all that kind of stuff, but he he’s intent on world domination. And, uh, unlike Jimmy is the kind of like hero who’s, you know, kind of set himself up to like stop him. So he’s been around for a fucking long time.

[00:18:58] John: [00:18:58] Yeah.

[00:19:00] Casey: [00:19:00] Do you think that they’re setting Jimmy Wu up to be in the legends of the 10 rings that, uh, I can’t think of the, the character that,

[00:19:08] sumner: [00:19:08] but Shanghai.

[00:19:11] The shank. Yes. Yeah. I, that’s an interesting question. There could, well do that. Although, you know, I’m wondering is, you know, the thing is. That is clearly going to be quite an Asian world within the Marvel universe. And it might just feel like just tokenism to have your rather established Asian character.

[00:19:31] Oh shit. We’ll put them in chat, Shang cheer as well. You know? I mean, I think so. So that’s the only reason I think they might not do it. Um, and you know, Jimmy Wu is kind of like, what’s great about that. Characters portrayed is. I think, you know, he’s not particularly tied into his kind of lineage being part of his character.

[00:19:50] It doesn’t really matter, you know, kind of what race he is or, you know, there are things that are important about him or, you know, the, the, the, his personality, you know, which is, which makes him a standout character and the way Randall park plays him. I think he’s, I’m so pleased he’s in this. He’s one of the things I enjoyed the most about one division is watching him.

[00:20:10] He’s

[00:20:10] John: [00:20:10] amazing role.

[00:20:13] Casey: [00:20:13] We just passed Helen Keller Boulevard in Tuscaloosa. And if she could only see that she has a Boulevard named after her, she’d be so

[00:20:23] John: [00:20:23] Casey

[00:20:26] Kenric: [00:20:26] joke or are you serious?

[00:20:29] John: [00:20:29] I can bad jokes again.

[00:20:32] Casey: [00:20:32] My dad joke.

[00:20:37] John: [00:20:37] What are you up here? What do you, what do you guys think is next in the show? What’s what’s coming next. Well, I don’t,

[00:20:41] Kenric: [00:20:41] well, before we get to what’s next, we didn’t even address the biggest thing on the show too. Right? Three massive things happened. Okay. One vision escapes and he starts falling apart.

[00:20:57] Quicksilver’s dead.

[00:20:59] sumner: [00:20:59] Yeah. Yeah. Right. He’s original Quicksilver is, is legit that yeah. And

[00:21:05] Kenric: [00:21:05] the whole town just got expanded. And yeah. What was your first reaction when you saw her looking at, do you remember like halfway through the show? Maybe more than a little bit, half he, he kind of walks up to her and he’s like right in her face and she starts screaming now made a lot more sense because when she, when he did it again, you saw the Zumba vacation of Quicksilver, Johnny, what was your first thought when you

[00:21:30] John: [00:21:30] that.

[00:21:31] Well, my first thought was that I was completely wrong. I’m thinking he was pulled from the exit university. He’s actually just the same Quicksilver from the MCU, but reanimated. And then I started thinking, okay, what if he’s reanimated? Why does he look different? Why does he look like, why is he Evan Peters, not Aaron Johnson.

[00:21:44] And so I trying to figure out how, like, why was he recast with different locations bringing back her, literally her dead brother. Cause he had all the same bullet holes in his chest and stuff. Um, And then, then I thought, you know, did you do this on purpose? And it kind of allude to that, that she doesn’t know how this happened or what, how it started, but

[00:22:02] Kenric: [00:22:02] there, yeah.

[00:22:04] John: [00:22:04] Right.

[00:22:06] Kenric: [00:22:06] Go ahead. Sorry.

[00:22:07] John: [00:22:07] I use it there and he knows, and he knows he’s doing this and he’s, you know, he’s not controlled by her position specifically. It’s like the vision.

[00:22:14] Kenric: [00:22:14] Do you think that, that, that this may be Agnes that’s pulled him up and she doesn’t know. She doesn’t really know his brother. So she pulled a, uh, a mutant up Quicksilver app and he just happened to come from a different dimension.

[00:22:29] Yeah,

[00:22:29] John: [00:22:29] I don’t know. Cause they also kind of tease that Agnes is, is under his control. Her control too.

[00:22:33] sumner: [00:22:33] Yeah. I mean, I just wonder if part of what we’ve been doing with Agnes is going down a blind alley because Catherine Hahn does have that kind of, that undercurrent to manage that we talked about and she could just be a huge MacGuffin and she’s just a, like our neighbor and, you know, Has is the most outgoing of those neighbors.

[00:22:52] So has become the most outgoing and sports and cast. She might just turn out not to be material too. I mean, I think the thing that’s interesting that you have more of a sense of this week is that. Yeah, it’s all wonder and she’s controlling it all, but it’s not as simple as it’s nowhere near as simple as one day.

[00:23:07] Stop. Fuck me. I’m depressed. I’m going to go and get the, Spirit’s got the, uh, the visions scopes and do all of this stuff. Shit. There’s clearly something, you know, that’s, that’s exerting its power over her and me and I can’t, she can’t fucking remember anything either. She doesn’t seem to remember her life, you know, prior to being, you know, prior to being in that world, either.

[00:23:27] They don’t seem to have any memory of the Avengers and stuff like that. So they’re all being manipulative on some level.

[00:23:34] Kenric: [00:23:34] Yeah.

[00:23:35] John: [00:23:35] Yeah. It’s just sort of such a good job. It was leading you down weird rabbit holes as you watch it.

[00:23:41] Kenric: [00:23:41] Yeah. What’d you guys actually win when vision breaks through the wall and starts falling apart.

[00:23:49] Casey: [00:23:49] It answered so many questions that we had had as to whether. He was actually dead or what was keeping him alive. So it’s apparent now that he leaves that town he’s he’s toast

[00:24:04] Kenric: [00:24:04] or is it just within a first certain

[00:24:12] John: [00:24:12] toast or a teacher back in, because he was like tracker being dinner with you. Could he, cause he didn’t like just fall apart and like direct to be in the dead with the hole in his head. It was like pulling him back into the

[00:24:23] sumner: [00:24:23] getting ripped apart. Wasn’t it? Yeah.

[00:24:27] John: [00:24:27] Dead outside of the role or is it just because Wanda wouldn’t let him leave or the, the hex wouldn’t let him leave, you know, for whatever reason,

[00:24:34] Kenric: [00:24:34] I don’t know.

[00:24:35] Well, and, and now that you see Wanda as being able to say, whereas yet instead of her just popping, she was like F it, I’m just gonna make everything in Excel. I’m going to

[00:24:44] sumner: [00:24:44] an extended old.

[00:24:45] Kenric: [00:24:45] So how powerful she really is. And if it was Wanda up today, Against Santos and infinity war. Who’s winning that fight now.

[00:24:56] Uh,

[00:24:56] sumner: [00:24:56] Wanda, I mean, because as we’ve, as we’ve talked about thoughts, you almost won the first time around it’s only because he went for that doomsday approach that distracted her and stopped her happening. Get issued. Almost had the better of him anyway.

[00:25:11] Kenric: [00:25:11] Yeah. So now you don’t even with the infinity got with

[00:25:14] John: [00:25:14] though.

[00:25:17] I mean, does she, she’s got reality binning powers probably. I mean, she’s able to do this reality of bending shit then. Yeah. Because depending on they’re going to go on, it’s not going to protect his mind from her, from her because I just power level.

[00:25:29] sumner: [00:25:29] Yeah. I think with the infinity, the thing about the infancy, it’s really about when you get to him, you know, it’s like, uh, it’s a, it’s like that scene when they’re all trying to get ahold of kind of get hold of it.

[00:25:39] I mean, the gut, what you got to remember is before quell went sort of ape shit, the guardians and, and Dr. Strange and stark, and Spider-Man almost get it off of him. You know what I mean? Although he doesn’t have the compliments, it brings it up point,

[00:25:53] Kenric: [00:25:53] right. You know what, like, it’ll be like to see Wanda raise up and kill him every day as a part of briefing cross.

[00:26:02] That

[00:26:06] would be in the situation if he didn’t kill the vision like it did.

[00:26:09] John: [00:26:09] Yeah. So what’d you think of, uh, the kids being, uh, speed and Wiccan?

[00:26:16] Kenric: [00:26:16] I

[00:26:16] sumner: [00:26:16] thought that was great. I really liked that. I thought

[00:26:18] John: [00:26:18] I really enjoyed it. Oh,

[00:26:22] sumner: [00:26:22] I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you now that opens the door on something that we were talking about last time around and what I love about what they did is they chose to sit calm.

[00:26:31] The non-diverse guest a week ago, Malcolm in the middle, they went down the Malcolm in the middle of it. None of us speculated. It was going to be, that was such a smart thing to do, I thought, but the fact they Malcolm in the middle there I’m really, I thought that’s where Evan pizza’s performance with. Uh, the two kids really came into its own him inhabiting that, that, you know, the goofball, you know, kind of like.

[00:26:53] You know, uncle was such a fucking stroke of genius, and I loved his interaction with those two kids and I loved he and he was acting so much, you know, if you go back in and watch episodes of Malcolm mural, that’s what the vibe is like, you know what I mean? And they really harnessed that really well.

[00:27:11] John: [00:27:11] Great. Did you guys, um, so this, that they actually kind of give you a timeframe. This episode takes place in, um, Cause there’s a scene where they come out of a movie theater and on the leaderboard, in the background, it’s just the Incredibles and parent trap theater. So it puts it like this, that puts this episode at like 2003, 2004 timeframe.

[00:27:29] Cause he’s kind of skipped

[00:27:30] sumner: [00:27:30] the dance very interested.

[00:27:34] Kenric: [00:27:34] Yeah. Well they kind of, then they end on the nineties because that whole thing, the sit-com they chose to do is kind of like, that was it. Kind of full house kind of, it was like eighties, nineties kind of blend

[00:27:46] John: [00:27:46] there. Yeah. It was a mixture. Yeah. Which means next, next episode is going to, is it going to be a more modern sit-com like, uh, 2010 or what are they doing next?

[00:27:56] You know? Cause we have, we have three episodes left modern family.

[00:28:00] Kenric: [00:28:00] Yeah, maybe.

[00:28:01] sumner: [00:28:01] I mean, you’ve got a thing that I’m wondering if maybe the zoning, another episode of like Setcom in it. Cause it’s nine episodes. There are three left and maybe they’ll do another sitcom based episode. And then probably I would have thought the last two, half hours are probably all about the ongoing meta-narrative by that point, we’ll be deep in the nuts of what is actually going on by that point I would have thought.

[00:28:24] Kenric: [00:28:24] Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s going to be very interesting. Cause we’re going to have. You can just see the experiment, you’ll see the full expansion of the town what’s going to happen to Kat Dennings character who has been, was handcuffed is now in the town. Yeah, yeah, right? Yeah. Everybody just left her.

[00:28:42] sumner: [00:28:42] So she she’s going to be her, her in the town variation of herself.

[00:28:46] And what happened to wound Rambo? Where are they again?

[00:28:50] John: [00:28:50] They’re right there. We’re going to get there, uh, meet their friend, right. And her friend.

[00:28:55] sumner: [00:28:55] Yeah. Did they get envelop or not? Did they get away? They got away. No, they didn’t. They got, they got to when the director got away. Yeah. They didn’t, they didn’t

[00:29:03] John: [00:29:03] explicitly show them getting away, but it also didn’t show them going in, but they show them, they showed them driving away and seeing the hacks expand behind them.

[00:29:08] But then they cut to the director, they show the director getting away and then they showed, um, Darcy getting involved.

[00:29:13] sumner: [00:29:13] Yeah. Yeah. And all the soldiers have been engulfed as the members of the circus. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:29:18] Kenric: [00:29:18] Yeah.

[00:29:20] John: [00:29:20] I watched it. I watched it with my son. Who’s seven. He’s been watching this with us too.

[00:29:23] And he’s all drunk. So she just made a big circus out of everybody. And I’m like, yeah.

[00:29:31] sumner: [00:29:31] I mean,

[00:29:33] Kenric: [00:29:33] carry on, go Doris. That’s what Kat Dennings character, right? Darcy. Darcy. Yeah. Yeah. I can see her coming into the town now. She can own almost because of through humor and the way she reacts when things become that moral, ethical compass. That one is lacking right now. Yeah.

[00:29:54] sumner: [00:29:54] Yeah. Maybe she can get to in a way that, who the characters won’t be able to.

[00:29:57] That’s such a good point. Mate’s such a good point. Cause she’s extremely smart, but she’s very empathic as well. Yeah. Oh

[00:30:05] John: [00:30:05] yeah. So someone’s going to have to show up to be able to express the question. Do you guys think this show’s going to end with a battle, some kind of a fight or is it going to end with a coming to terms and like her understanding what’s happening before, before that, without there being some kind of actual magic or physical battle.

[00:30:24] Kenric: [00:30:24] But I think we come to terms.

[00:30:26] sumner: [00:30:26] I think there’s going to be some kind of confrontation where, you know, and even if that’s like involving, like for example, Dr. Strange shone got some heavy power player turning up to like, Oh, absolutely. I think whatever happens, you would have thought that transition. Into like solving this.

[00:30:45] Can’t just come from the characters we’ve seen on a cinema screen. You almost need some sort of a, you need to find out what’s really going on with who’s really controlling the events. And then you probably need some degree of dissect, makin a turning up to change the game, you know, like, so I would have guessed, but so far, what I love about this show is virtually every guest I’ve made has been dead, fucking wrong by the time we get the next episode.

[00:31:07] And that’s the best thing, right? That’s what you want. You know, I, from where it is now, anything okay. We’ll get to the bottom of what the fuck is actually happening. Get to the bottom. Whether the director is really a bad guy or not. And then once, you know, who’s the real agent of like chaos behind all of this, then somebody appears is able to help one, the break, her that, that grip between Darcy and whoever this other person is break the grip on the situation and, and for one, the, to try and.

[00:31:36] John: [00:31:36] Yeah, I think, I think whoever that bad guy is that ultimate bad guy we have there that controlling it, whether it’s manifesto or somebody else, that’s going to determine who we get to come in at the end to help.

[00:31:47] sumner: [00:31:47] That’s exactly right. If it’s my

[00:31:49] John: [00:31:49] best though, it’s got to be Dr. Strange, right?

[00:31:51] sumner: [00:31:51] Yeah. It’s gotta be, cause there’s nobody with the power set said like to feed somebody like him apart from apart from strains.

[00:31:57] Kenric: [00:31:57] Yeah. I think Kevin Marvel was going to show up at some point though. Yeah. They’ve hinted to her. Hopefully.

[00:32:04] sumner: [00:32:04] Well, yeah, cause this problem it’s clearly got to be, you’ve got to get to the bottom of whatever. Um, you know, Rambo’s issue is with her and then see that play out, you know, and see that resolve so much, but it might not happen in this series.

[00:32:17] Of course it might be something else that’s coming down the line because they’re doing that whole, like, you know, uh, um, Scroll thing, you know, the, during that whole show, some of that might some of what’s happening here, my end up, it goes into a kind of more galactic realm. Some of that might end up getting ported over.

[00:32:37] Yeah. And so that, um, dealt with then, do you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. What I love is they’ve got so many directions. They could go even now, you know, kind of six weeks into a nine week arc where you’ve got no way know which way they’re going to take it from this point onwards. That’s what I love about it.

[00:32:54] You’re

[00:32:54] John: [00:32:54] anywhere. Yeah,

[00:32:56] Kenric: [00:32:56] yeah, yeah, totally go

[00:32:59] John: [00:32:59] get her powers in this show.

[00:33:02] sumner: [00:33:02] I think the launching very closely to that because they keep on doubling down on the fact that she’s been through all of that, a chromosomal change DNA change. The two times she’s been in, like her cells are getting supercharged is what it looks like.

[00:33:16] And then if she ends up going inside one more time, it might have a change that, you know, so I think that definitely inching towards that outcome. But

[00:33:26] Kenric: [00:33:26] they might be setting up for captain Marvel too.

[00:33:29] sumner: [00:33:29] Oh, yeah, for sure.

[00:33:31] Kenric: [00:33:31] For sure. What we’re talking about right now is I think more things would happen.

[00:33:36] Captain Marvel could show up in this, in this series and the last three episodes. We don’t know. Probably won’t because I said it out loud, but, um, I think they’re definitely setting up for Rambo in captain Marvel too. Cause, um, Yeah, it’s going to be really interesting. And the girl playing captain Rambo or a play Monica is awesome.

[00:33:56] So I may want to see what they

[00:33:57] sumner: [00:33:57] do with her. She’s really good. She is really very good. Yeah. She’s awesome. No, I totally agree.

[00:34:04] Kenric: [00:34:04] They’re casting. Is always spot on who have they captured. That just wasn’t a good

[00:34:09] sumner: [00:34:09] fit. Like I said before, I think please obviously want a great team. He worked with him, but I think fakie superpower is that he’s he always cast the parts.

[00:34:19] Right. And he is never got it wrong. Like we were talking about last week. They’ve got it wrong a little bit. In that, in that Jeff Lowe creative world of TV shows only a little bit, mostly they’ve got it. Right. But I can’t, I don’t think is ever cast anybody wrong. Sometimes he’s cast some enough thought shit.

[00:34:35] I don’t know that’s going to work. And then you watch it and go, Oh, right. That was perfect. Yeah. Yeah. And also he’s not afraid to like recast if they don’t get it quite right. So, you know, th the flip from, you know, roadie was definitely improved by casting Don Cheadle into that role, rather than Terrence Howard.

[00:34:57] It just suddenly made rodeo much more amusing character. Because Cheadle himself has got that wit Archie’s intelligence, generic.

[00:35:10] Casey: [00:35:10] Oh, sorry. Sorry. There’s a really weird car up ahead. It looks, let me, let me see if I can flip the camera around because it’s so odd. Can you all see is like way in the distance. It looks kind of like an El Camino is a gray. You gotta zoom in. Uh, I don’t know if I can,

[00:35:34] sumner: [00:35:34] are you in some kind of queue now? Are you

[00:35:36] Casey: [00:35:36] in some time?

[00:35:38] Yeah. Yeah. Um, I’m in line to, uh, for my wife to get the vaccine. I had to drop off of me to go because. Um, the directions that we almost died,

[00:35:52] sumner: [00:35:52] turns out that podcasting and driving a car. It’s not always brilliant combination, right? There is like the last year or more to last words. What kind of car is that? You know, boom, the audio chat goes silent. I

[00:36:05] Kenric: [00:36:05] mean,

[00:36:06] John: [00:36:06] I don’t want it to happen because you wouldn’t be great for our rating just saying. Just kidding.

[00:36:12] So what I know he does every week, every week you’ve been wrong, but what do you guys think is happening next week? What are we going to learn next week?

[00:36:22] Casey: [00:36:22] Okay. So, uh, next week I think that we are going to learn just the extent of, um, of Wanda’s power. Because right now, you know, she extended the bubble. Um, she’s barely holding on as it is. It seems like. And so that it’s got to dilute her power, right.

[00:36:56] sumner: [00:36:56] Yeah, so that’s a really good point, Casey. So maybe it will also dilute our hold over the, over the citizens of the town, you know, which is the resort already gaps in that at the moment.

[00:37:06] And also, you know, that the vision can overcome that the vision has been able to overcome that stuff too. So maybe with her increased distraction or widened field of influence, and also the fact that also the fact that the vision is kind of really beginning to have issues with what’s going on. Yeah, maybe that’d be a major step forward in that.

[00:37:27] Casey: [00:37:27] Can I let you guys. Real quick. Tell him what you just said. I

[00:37:32] sumner: [00:37:32] just said, one is a mom. She’s got two kids. She’s tired already. It’s got to start showing somewhere.

[00:37:37] Casey: [00:37:37] She did the PG version of that, by the way she said that bitch is tired already.

[00:37:46] John: [00:37:46] Yes. And two kids and super powers to Jesus

[00:37:50] Casey: [00:37:50] imagine.

[00:37:52] John: [00:37:52] And I think you’re, I think you’re right. I think we’re going to see her powers strained a little bit, or that I also think that. I think if we don’t see or learn who, um, Monica and, and we were talking about, cause they’ve, they’ve teased it for several episodes.

[00:38:05] Now they’re on their way to go and meet this person. So either if, if we don’t meet this person in the next episode, then I don’t think we can really have Willard money, intellect or something. Something stops them from getting there. Cause they they’re teasing. They’re going to meet this person. We didn’t get in there and to get, to get, get into the hex.

[00:38:20] Um, I also think, I think we’re going to get more about speed and waking the kids, Billy and Tommy. Uh, cause they’ve now got, they’ve now shown they have their powers, you know, they, we can has this wicked powers and speed as a speedster. Um, I I’m curious. I’m personally curious what they’re going to do with Quicksilver.

[00:38:36] Like what, what more are we going to find out about his character? Because I want to find out, I want to know why is it, why is, why does he look different? Why is he recast? You know, why is it the same? Why is it the same quicks over, but recast? How did that happen? Cause one doesn’t know how she did it

[00:38:50] sumner: [00:38:50] because it’s clearly not wonders decision.

[00:38:52] Yeah. I think that’s absolutely right mate. And that’s up six points. What’s your

[00:38:55] Kenric: [00:38:55] exit? Where’s your exit, right?

[00:38:58] John: [00:38:58] I still think Agnes is a part of it because I think Agnes, I think Agnes brought Quiksilver back. I think she’s more a part of that than she really, and then

[00:39:04] Kenric: [00:39:04] nobody on him. Yeah. That’s what I was saying.

[00:39:06] Yeah. I think the same thing I was like, it just seems weird. Cause I think she raised Quicksilver, but she raised one from a different, from a different multiverse.

[00:39:14] John: [00:39:14] Yeah. Or she brought him or she brought him here and he took over the body of this Quicksilver or something like that. I don’t know. But not the body with it.

[00:39:23] You know what I’m trying to say? Well, yeah. It’s cause, cause I think that she, I think she planned to see or how to, how, because you know, in the last episode, the dog, she killed the dog essentially. Right.

[00:39:32] Kenric: [00:39:32] She had. Okay.

[00:39:33] John: [00:39:33] Yeah. So it’s going to be interesting. I don’t, I just, I got to say I’m on I’m on the same page as someone, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

[00:39:42] Like all my, all my guesses are probably gonna be completely wrong because this show is just a great job of leading you one way and then taking them in the direction. The next episode now I love it. I agree.

[00:39:52] sumner: [00:39:52] So I’ve, I’ve got a question, which is, um, what do you think, do you think when we get to episode nine, does the Vinny, does the vision finished the series dead or alive?

[00:40:04] Kenric: [00:40:04] Yeah,

[00:40:07] sumner: [00:40:07] I’d say that’s it. You’re absolutely right. You’ve got, I oscillate wildly between the two and I was wondering which way you boys were going to jump and it’s the perfect 50, 50,

[00:40:18] Kenric: [00:40:18] I think Paul Beck is such a great actor. I think. I think faggy wants him back as the vision. The vision is

[00:40:25] sumner: [00:40:25] mini man. He’s an asset to the,

[00:40:28] Kenric: [00:40:28] he’s a captain.

[00:40:29] So many storylines that it’s almost not smart, not to bring him back, but at the same time, we’ve been wrong every single time. Maybe he’ll be back. Maybe he’ll stay dead, but he’ll be back when

[00:40:42] sumner: [00:40:42] it’ll be back in different ways

[00:40:44] Kenric: [00:40:44] in close to Wanda. You know, I kind of feel like she extended mobile app because that extends her influence out and he can be within a certain amount of distance from Wanda and still be alive.

[00:40:56] Go ahead, Casey.

[00:40:57] Casey: [00:40:57] Well, one thing that I’ve really appreciated about this show is you, you don’t really see a whole lot of, um, of character interaction and like character development in. The usual span of a Marvel film. And you, you see like the, the pathos there and like them clearly having issues with each other.

[00:41:25] Um, and, uh, it’s, it’s kind of refreshing to see that, well, you know, while they’re also trying to have some normalcy in this, this weird marriage that they have going on. There’s also a lot of betrayal and secrecy and, um, it’s, uh, I think that’s going to play later on in the movies. If, if he is able to come back, I think there’s going to be a lot of, uh, a lot of issues they have from now on

[00:42:04] Kenric: [00:42:04] he’s going through the Frankenstein monster complex right now.

[00:42:07] Am I, am I him? Who am I, am I a construct of heard or these feelings that I’m having my own? You know, you’re starting to see that starting to wear on him. So that’s going to be interesting to see how this goes.

[00:42:21] John: [00:42:21] That’s a good point, because he mentioned he has no memory before Westview, right? He had nothing, there was nothing, whatever, whatever, or however Quicksilver is reanimated, but he has memories of growing up and memories of before.

[00:42:31] So why does books over remember stuff and vision doesn’t if they’re both reanimated,

[00:42:36] Kenric: [00:42:36] you know? Cause I think. I think vision is not the true vision that we know of from the, from the movies. I think he’s a construct of what Wanda has created because she wants vision back and she only remembers that she’s happy with him.

[00:42:52] And I think, I think we’re right. I think Agnes or somebody has resurrected Peter Pietro and his memory, his, his, his, uh, uh, it might be a true resurrection.

[00:43:06] Casey: [00:43:06] Yeah. The, the thing about that is, is, is vision clearly has, um, free choice and like a consciousness there. So it’s, uh, I don’t know how much of Wanda inter interacts with, you know, him having his free choice.

[00:43:27] So that is that’s interesting to me.

[00:43:32] Kenric: [00:43:32] Yeah. Well, they made that when he said, I didn’t know you had plans. And she was like, no, you’re supposed to do. He’s like what? And he’s like, Oh, I, I didn’t know. You made plans.

[00:43:46] sumner: [00:43:46] By the way small detail is when you saw him with his, um, his vision Halloween costume on, right. It’s like, uh, which was brilliant. Both of the costumes should just great. Say both cheap as hell too. Yeah. Right, exactly. Yeah. She looked amazing and hers, by the way, she looked incredible. Right. But, um, they, and they both looked suitably shit.

[00:44:07] What is great is that. His vision face is his human vision face with red makeup on, yeah. It’s not the vision face and it’s his human teeth. Yeah. Not his vision teeth, which are these super artificially bright white teeth. Right. It was just him, Paul Bettany with his fake, with face makeup on, you know, and that he had, she had his human teeth that he has when he’s been human visited.

[00:44:31] I thought just the attention to detail was so clever.

[00:44:35] Casey: [00:44:35] Oh yeah. It’s a lot of

[00:44:37] Kenric: [00:44:37] fun. It’s a lot of fun. Well, the costumes is that you’ve made it to the end of another Wanda vision episode. You’re on swirling country. It’s been a lot of fun. I can’t wait for next week to see what we get to talk about all over again, because we had a, well, we won’t mention any names, but we do have somebody within the spoiler verse that doesn’t think there’s enough to talk about unwanted efficient.

[00:45:01] We’re just like,

[00:45:07] sumner: [00:45:07] Uh, as we’ve discovered many times over the years, there’s always enough to talk about it doesn’t necessarily have to be about one division. One division is just the thing that opens the door. Right. And then, you know, these, the digressions are what is part of the spoiler country experience? Surely.

[00:45:22] Kenric: [00:45:22] Sure. I think between the, and say let’s discuss this Q-tip and it’ll be.

[00:45:30] An hour long of something.

[00:45:32] sumner: [00:45:32] Oh, I couldn’t agree more. And actually, while we’re talking about this seminar I wanted to address is in the service of talking about one division last week, we briefly touched upon the Gina Carano, Mandalorian, snow. And I remember specifically saying at the time, well, you know, it’s like, it takes a lot to have people at these shows because.

[00:45:50] Because even though Gina Carano, I can’t remember my exact words, but my point was, even though she sent these batshit crazy stuff, you know, she’s still on board with the Mandalorian fucking less than a week later, that’s all massively changed. She’s gone on, she went to a place that was so, so extreme that no choice into who frat and now she’s gone, you know, unbelievable.

[00:46:13] Kenric: [00:46:13] Right.

[00:46:15] sumner: [00:46:15] Great. Yeah. Karen does crazy shit, but you wonder, this is what I don’t get about. Like today’s like brand of, um, like movie and TV stars. Back in the day, of course, and the year of James Joe and Carrie grant, everybody’s very, very carefully managed in terms of the personal life. And of course you get a lot more transparency with people’s personas on social media, but you’d think if you had Ferlie in, I mean, all she had to do.

[00:46:43] To keep her foot in the door of that massive franchise was just keep a golf shirt about some of those extremist views. You wouldn’t know that she had them and she didn’t put them on fucking social media, just, you know, it just seems so strange to me.

[00:46:57] Kenric: [00:46:57] One of my favorite comedian and social commentator is Ricky  genius.

[00:47:03] I want to hear his w which I thought he was spot on. Listen to the last time he hosted the golden gloves. And he was like, I’m done. This is the last time I ever done it. Five times in a row I’m done. And he just annihilates Hollywood and their bullshit PC stuff that they do. And the fact that, you know, if Al-Qaeda was, had a studio and they were hiring, you guys would be the first one to run there.

[00:47:26] sumner: [00:47:26] Wouldn’t you? It’s fucking true. That’s true.

[00:47:30] Kenric: [00:47:30] But it’s so true that he brings it to his. Is ridiculous. It’s hilarious. You see Tom Hanks in the, in the audience and he’s just like, I can’t believe this. Guy’s saying this stuff he’s, you know, but it’s like, it’s so it’s, so there’s so much truth to what he’s saying and I love it.

[00:47:45] So I, it it’s, it goes to right to your point, Sumner of keep your mouth shut. You still have this massive job, right? Why put yourself out there like that?

[00:47:55] sumner: [00:47:55] Yeah. Yeah. And plus, you know, you know, these people are actors. They’re not actually fucking role models, you know, to me, that’s it. That’s the other thing.

[00:48:05] I mean, you can get actors who are role models. That’s of course, and you can get access as you stand for something. But the reality is most of the people in Hollywood don’t stand for anything, you know, except for lining their pockets, you know? And, uh, and, uh, and the reality is that, you know, when you get actors and performers on their own dime, like talking about things often it’s an NX pull Xpress barrel of horseshit, because one of the reasons actors often look so impressive is they have very clever.

[00:48:34] Writers writing every fucking thing they say, do you know what I mean? People who’ve you put these writers on camera. They, they, they, they, you know, they’re not exactly the most photo friendly bunch of people, but they’re good at crafting work act as a great delivering words that have been beautifully crafted.

[00:48:49] But with the odd exception, of course, they rarely ever craft these words themselves, you know?

[00:48:54] Kenric: [00:48:54] Right. Yep. Alright. I see. That’s a great note to end on.

[00:49:02] John: [00:49:02] One more thing. Yeah. One more thing. Casey’s got a Kickstarter and we should pick it out with a child. It’s all over the world, all over the web. It’s all here.

[00:49:11] Let’s go check out his Kickstarter at Buddha child. You got a ticket. It’s him and PL woods a great book. I’ve read the scripts. It’s it looks fantastic. I just wanna make sure we mentioned it for him, for him and everybody go check out the new child on Kickstarter.

[00:49:23] Casey: [00:49:23] Yes. Yes. It’s. Um, we’ve already hit our first stretch goal and, uh, which is, uh, badges.

[00:49:32] And the second stretch goal is we’re only 150 pounds away from that. Um, so, uh, uh, and I don’t know what that means in American, but, um, uh, we’re.

[00:49:51] sumner: [00:49:51] Pay about $220. Mike.

[00:49:53] Casey: [00:49:53] Cool, cool. Yeah. Yeah. We’re like 220 bucks away from the next stretch goal, which is fridge magnets with a voodoo child logo on it. And, uh, is there bad-ass and my wife saw it and was like, Oh, that was fucking magnets

[00:50:12] John: [00:50:12] when I search for it. It’s your C H I L L E is how you spell

[00:50:16] Kenric: [00:50:16] it.

[00:50:17] sumner: [00:50:17] Yeah, amazing. That’s incredible mate.

[00:50:21] Casey: [00:50:21] Do that. I, I can’t wait for, for it to be out and I’ll, I’ll get you a, um, I’ll send you a PDF or something because I it’s, uh, it’s a war comic, but it’s also a horror comic and, uh, lots of, um, lots of gory fun.

[00:50:40] Um, It, it, it should, it should be interesting. You’ll like at least

[00:50:44] sumner: [00:50:44] one aspect of it. Um, all of that, I’m all over that mate. I’m looking forward to it. Awesome.

[00:50:49] Casey: [00:50:49] Awesome. If nothing else, our will look great.

[00:50:53] sumner: [00:50:53] Yeah. Um, I’m sure the whole thing is going to be good. I can’t wait mate.

[00:50:57] Casey: [00:50:57] Um, I’m, I’m stoked to

[00:50:59] Kenric: [00:50:59] see the exchange cause I, I backed Casey’s project for some reason.

[00:51:03] And so I put out there, I just backed and I S and I tagged. Tag the wrong Pete woods. I tagged the Pete woods. That’s doing, um, what is he doing? Casey? The, uh,

[00:51:17] Casey: [00:51:17] he’s doing Ironman. He’s in the Ironman. He’s in the Disney, um, episode where the Marvel six one six, where Dan, Dan Slott. Is it an issue of Ironman? In the Marvel, how style

[00:51:34] sumner: [00:51:34] and Oh, brilliant.

[00:51:35] Oh, that’s what a great idea

[00:51:39] Casey: [00:51:39] has. He has the patience of a Saint that man

[00:51:45] Kenric: [00:51:45] I did to be tagging him saying, I think you got the wrong Pete woods. You want this guy mate? His name and Pete is P L is like plywood. Right? Yeah. And then he was like, Oh, I was like, Oh my God. Well, I just wanted me to work on decks and it just went back and forth.

[00:52:04] It was really funny.

[00:52:06] sumner: [00:52:06] Brilliant, brilliant.

[00:52:09] Casey: [00:52:09] Yeah. He seems like a super nice guy. So

[00:52:12] Kenric: [00:52:12] yeah, it was really nice. Really, really cool about it. Cause I just wanna make sure the right guy gets the credit. I’m like what? He’s getting my money. So he’s getting the credit. Yeah,

[00:52:23] no, Casey and Pete has done a wonderful job. I highly suggest everybody go check it out, go to kickstarter.com, give a  search. And you’ll, you’ll be extremely happy. They have many reward tiers, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to back it.

[00:52:37] Casey: [00:52:37] Yeah. Yeah. And, uh, we wanted it to be affordable. Yeah, well, we wanted it to be affordable.

[00:52:44] If you, if you just want him to read a PDF or whatever, uh, we didn’t want to charge you an arm and leg for that. Um, if you want to floppy of it, uh, you get a floppy and that’s also affordable. Um, we’re making this because we love comics and, uh, Pete is just such a great guy to collaborate with. Um, I’ve really had a blast doing it.

[00:53:11] sumner: [00:53:11] Amazing.

[00:53:12] Kenric: [00:53:12] Amazing. Yeah. That’s a great spot. All right, guys. Well, thanks for joining us and we’ll see everybody soon.


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