March 11, 2020


Steven T Seagle - Get Naked! Ben 10! Big Hero 6!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Steven T Seagle - Get Naked! Ben 10! Big Hero 6!
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Steven T Seagle - Get Naked! Ben 10! Big Hero 6!

Mar 11 2020 | 00:54:52


Show Notes

Today we had the absolute pleasure to talk with an incredibly talented creator from Man of Action, Steven T. Seagle. Author of Get Naked and It's a Bird. Creator of Ben 10, Big Hero 6, Generator Rex, and more!

Come join us on this incredible journey with Steven T. Seagle!

About Steven T. Seagle

In comics, Seagle is best known for his semi-autobiographical graphic novel it's a bird..., House of Secrets, and Sandman Mystery Theater, all Eisner-nominated and all from DC Comics/Vertigo; Genius from First:Second, which USA Today named one of the best graphic novels of 2013; and The Red Diary/The RE[a]D Diary flip book, the Eisner-nominated noir thriller KAFKA (now in development for television), Imperial, Solstice, and the kid-friendly books Batula and Frankie Stein, all from the Man of Action imprint at Image Comics. Get Naked, Seagle's deeply personal graphic essay collection, debuted in 2018 and was nominated for multiple Eisner Awards and the Ringo Award for outstanding humor publication. He debuted Camp Midnight as both a Free Comic Book Day Gold Level book and an original graphic novel in 2016 and Camp Midnight, Vol 2: Camp Midnight vs. Camp Daybright, was  released in October 2019.

About Man of Action Entertainment  

Man of Action Entertainment are Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle, the writers' collective behind comic's largest franchise characters as well as their original concepts published under their Man of Action banner at Image Comics. Their creations include Ben 10, the $6 billion boys' action franchise for which they executive produce the new iteration, now in season four, for Cartoon Network. Dentsu handpicked them to develop, write and executive produce the Mega Man: Fully Charged series that debuted in 2018 on Cartoon Network. They developed and Executive Produce Power Players,that debuted on Cartoon Network in 2019. Man of Action also created the Zak Storm: Super Pirate series for ZAG airing on Netflix. Man of Action Entertainment previously created Generator Rex and launched Disney XD's Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Avengers Assemble series as EXP/writers. Man of Action Entertainment created the characters and team featured in Big Hero 6, Disney/Marvel's AcademyAward®-winning feature. In addition to creating successful video games, toy lines and comic books, Man of Action Entertainment are the creator/producer/writers of current and upcoming feature films and live-action TV series based on their original comic books and graphic novels including the critically-acclaimed I Kill Giants feature film released in 2018, the Officer Downe feature in 2016.

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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