July 27, 2018


New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Cancelled?

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Cancelled?
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New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Cancelled?

Jul 27 2018 | 01:02:03


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New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Cancelled? Growing up in the 80's I was a huge New Mutants fan. My Buddy Mark and myself would walk down to the Paperback Exchange in East Bremerton in Ridell Square and pick up all the issues we could and head back to his house for a day of Coca Cola, Reeses Peanut Buttercups and New Mutant Comic books. We loved it, we probably got fat because of it. We would sit around for hours talking, debating and wondering what will happen next month. I missed those days, so when the New Mutants movie was announced I was excited, I mean REALLY excited. When they delayed I was bummed but then I thought thats ok they're trying to make it better for me. NOW it looks like the movie may never see the light of day and its not the only one affected. Deej of Nerdtalkalypse joins us for this round of debauchery. Come Take a listen


https://nerdtalkalypsepodcast.com https://www.facebook.com/fandomvibe/ Cosmic Book News article referenced: https://www.cosmicbooknews.com/x-men-dark-phoenix-new-mutants-canceled

Update to the article above from Screenrant


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