November 03, 2020


Gabbie Scanlon talks Stonewood Mountains on Kickstarter now!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Gabbie Scanlon talks Stonewood Mountains on Kickstarter now!
Spoiler Country
Gabbie Scanlon talks Stonewood Mountains on Kickstarter now!

Nov 03 2020 | 00:22:11


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This is pretty cool guys, Gabbie Scanlon joined Casey to chat about her new book Stonewood Mountains which is on Kickstarter NOW! so go check it out!

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Gaby Scanlon with Stonewood Mountains - Interview


[00:00:00] Casey: everybody welcome again. To another episode of spoil their country today on the show we have our cam B cam. Gabby has a volume, one lost in the woods. And, she has a few other things going on right now. So Gabby, how

Gaby Scanlon: are you doing? I'm good. Thank you. And yes, I have a few things going on, but let's focus on the big one and then we'll see if I have time to mention the other.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah. You've got, quite a few irons in the fire and, I've had a chance to look at the stone Stonewall mountains and it looks so good. It looks like a photo book. So, so how did this project come about?

Gaby Scanlon: probably all do to you really? so I actually know I'm a member of

Casey: you'll give me too much credit and I'm just the dude that.

Gaby Scanlon: Well, but it might as well. especially when you're like me and you're really just starting out. You need to make connections. You [00:01:00] need to find people to work with and having a collaborative comic group like that is what makes these kinds of things work. so I find kind of live on there. He was putting out a call for artists, interested in his pandemics and panels on politics.

So I did that. That was in, Oh gosh, maybe may or something this year. and then after doing that, the next time I said, I'm available for longer projects, he put forward that he was working on stone with my own sense and that he was looking for an artist to work with.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah. It's it looks like a fun book and.

Can you give us a little bit of a synopsis? Don't give it, don't give everything away. Just kind of tell us what's going

Gaby Scanlon: on. There are so many secrets in this book. Kylie would kill me if I gave things away. And so we're focusing on two characters called Ariel and Jason, and they are friends who have grown a bit apart as of late.

But what used to bring them together was a love of nature and camping. So they're [00:02:00] going on this big camping trip to solve rekindle their friendship. So the forest that they decided to camp in has all the ideas. so after a few normal days, things start to change around them, like the surroundings of the forest that in become exotic, that become different.

And the way that they came into the forest no longer. Right. So they can't get out. So they moved further into the forest st. Count cause talking animals went into some magical creatures I've never met before. And you see the will of the West in the first six pages of the preview and the server, they go in the dark of things get, and they encounter a malevolent force called the rock, which is slowly eating the forest.

Casey: That sounds really fun. so tell me a little bit about that your collaborative, work with the writer. So, so how much, where you involved collaboratively in getting the story out?

Gaby Scanlon: actually. [00:03:00] When I was first approached about it, Kyla had already written up to be outlined for the first volume.

but he was perfectly okay with me giving feedback, which I did because stories that speak to me the most, the driven, and he was getting people in the intricacies of a plot. And I was a bit like, Whoa, slow down a minute. I want to get to know Ariel and Jason a bit more. So that's when we decided to make their friendship and the change you said going through a bigger part of the plot.

So, yeah, I'm really grateful that I got to have some input on the story because it makes a lot of difference for me. You know, it makes me feel better connected to the characters and he was cool with it, which is good.

Casey: That's awesome that you guys had that rapport where you can kind of go back and forth and discuss the story in terms that you can both connect to.

Gaby Scanlon: I just, can't not have an opinion and like, I'm sorry, I'm attached now. I can't, we'll hop into these characters. Let me control it

Casey: three though. That's great. and it's, [00:04:00] it's. Kind of telling of the type of creator you are and the type of work that you want to do, which is you want not only yourself to connect to the character you want other people to.

And so that's just going to make a, a better read all around. So,

Gaby Scanlon: is communicate in this sort of fashion, which is why we podcast. You try saying this in a Twitter, please. If you ain't got the room.

Casey: Yeah. So, so. You guys, have been doing the, the Kickstarter for a few days. Now you have 30 days left to go.


Gaby Scanlon: And we just hit 1000 English pounds today, which I thought was amazing. And I'm still a little bit far from that.

Casey: Oh, yeah, that's huge. So,

Gaby Scanlon: very substantial sum of money.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah. But it's, you're putting out a 76 page graphic novel, and that is, daunting, [00:05:00] the

Gaby Scanlon: foolish, maybe not recommended thoughts, you know, if you going to go for it, sometimes you really have to go for it.

And we were really aware that. There is a current Kickstarter comments. Boom. There's 290 currently running comics. Six hours. Yeah. So if there's a chance to just go time to just go for it's now, even if it is something that's big and you know, we know. Who we are, we know how many followers we have, and I'm just grateful that we have any backers nevermind, almost 50 and what I consider a substantial sum of money, you know?

Casey: So, it's exciting. It really is. And it's a fun book. 76 page. Oh my gosh. It's fine. I trust myself.

Gaby Scanlon: It looks so good page. Yes.

Casey: That's

Gaby Scanlon: tabled

GMT20201026-210804_Kenric-Reg_gvo_1280x720.output: the

Casey: colors on this.

Gaby Scanlon: It's Jake, the stepson who [00:06:00] you, yes, another comic exam member. And I saw his work on, we just did a book called Adam to eternity, but he was a colorist on, well, Kylie was looking for colorists. I recommended him. yeah, his color work is just gorgeous. especially that first page with the night sky and it's changing it to dog.

Oh, it's just lovely.

Casey: Yeah. it really makes your art pop. it looks great.

Gaby Scanlon: yeah, and I did, I thought I'd really have to explain to him what I drew. Because sometimes when I'm coloring my own work, I'm like, where did that? And, you know, it's it was one particular moment where he couldn't see Ariel's arm in a post.

And I was like, it's over here. So I did have a little diagram to show him where that was. But deli was ready to go. Do you think to be quite intuitive with like the style I was going for? Cause as much as I, what attempt to put your own spin on it? I had a style in mind and I didn't even explain that to him.

He just got what I was going for.

Casey: You also have, another comment GAM, just. [00:07:00] Awesome. Awesome guy. Kevin de Lintz

Gaby Scanlon: talk to me about Kevin Lynch. You know, how many projects I'm currently working on with Kevin linen? I love that,

Casey: man. he's a good dude. Time

Gaby Scanlon: say it's putting us together. I'm doing one that was completely matched me.

Like it was just a syrup when you got matched with a writer and artist and the letter. And I obviously get Kevin because the universe wants us to work together. Like his portfolio is my portfolio.

Casey: So you guys, I'm looking at the rewards right now for, backing for, just for the digital, it's just 10 bucks, which that's a very like low barrier for entry. That is fantastic. Especially for a 76 page book. She's incorrect

Gaby Scanlon: because, obviously I'm over here in England. So the people whose fault me, I don't [00:08:00] want them paying like so much in shipping.

So if we could just get my work and read it's so much easier for everybody.

Casey: Yeah. And, there's also a level, a tier where you get your own personal sketch. And, just fun little things like, we'll let you name a character and, tell you what kind of animal it is. And yeah,

Gaby Scanlon: wonderful. This has already gone.

So this is two of those available. Now they'll all go on. When you talk to design the character and everything, and they had to speak in roles and, but we sold out with that one

Casey: and the print that y'all have with the, With the comic is fantastic. I really am in love with this artwork.

Gaby Scanlon: Yeah. I think I was channeling some animated post survives in the, you know, you've been targeted to give the protagonist.

So they're all looking at different directions, all intense. Yeah. I love that kind of stuff.

Casey: I think just because I'm kind of old, thought of a labyrinth with the David Bowie, [00:09:00] Phil.

Gaby Scanlon: Oh, amazing. Yeah. Anytime I could kind of elaborate and class a good time.

Casey: So, during the making of this, it's a crazy time just in the world period. With COVID and all that other stuff, has that kind of helped push you to get this thing going?

Gaby Scanlon: Yeah, I mean, I am the kind of person where if I'm working on something, I am all in, the amount of comic book I'd done this year, while at the same insights on like, it's just, it's ridiculous.

I feel more calm at work in the past. Like. Eight months and I've done in any or this year ever. so it's probably a little bit too much foot if that's the way I'm coping with it. And I'm managing to get through a pandemic in a productive light, like that's the best possible outcome for me. cause you know, it's hard for everybody right now.

I would say might [00:10:00] make some people happy by making the comment books that they've enjoyed reading.

Casey: Well, it looks great. I'm super stoked about it. You guys, check out the, the Kickstarter, stonewalled mountains, volume, one lost in the woods. It's The Kickstarter page was created by Kyler Morel.

and, he is the, I guess the editor in chief

Gaby Scanlon: writer, publisher, extraordinary.

Casey: Yeah. of, foreign press comics and a really good dude. yeah. I'm really excited to see what he gets up to because it looks like he's also kind of hitting the ground running with.

Gaby Scanlon: Yeah. He's got his other projects, his writing as well.

I've seen bits of that. That looks good.

Casey: So what else do you got going on? Yemi.

Gaby Scanlon: so right now I'm just finishing up a comic of my own devising. I just did the cover for that today. So I'm going to have that for [00:11:00] digital release. obviously conventions aren't on. So the best one in England is thought bubbles, which is normally November.

So that's all going digital, the shift. So I want to have a comic, I can put out, get people to buy it digitally and just be involved in that because we're not going to be involved in person. So, yeah. and then I've got under the comment out in an oncology. That's coming out on October 31st. This is, One that was inspired by Gail Simone's comic school.

So cool. Yeah. lots of writers wrote comics, then some of them got together and for let's make an apology for our call for artists. I get involved. so that's been under that discord server sort of matching people up from all over the place like Kevin. and then, yeah, that's a 10 page where I've worked on.

I'd call it that one as well. We're really proud of that one. It's got some deep themes of, mental health issues, which was from the rice perspective. So it was quite nice to work on something that was personal [00:12:00] to him. and yeah, it looks really good. So that's a noble digital release coming out from  school and it's called the inspire on polity on Halloween.

And then I've also got the goods, big hype comics with that right now.

Casey: Yeah, Doug is a great guy, another comment cam alumni, or, you know, member or whatever, super good guy. And, I'm excited to see what he gets up to too.

Gaby Scanlon: I just remembered another one, sorry. Also a cold dot universe, which teeth. And those are the ones that I know. I know it's a problem. It's really a problem.

Colbert university is currently funding on Kickstarter as well. That's a 50 on policy from black hole comments. I haven't stopped in my pages yet because we're pending funding. and I got contacted about that. Tobin Chenault is the, the creative that the company, he's a part owner. He concept put me to [00:13:00] work on it, which was super flattering.

so that's nice. That's Saifai. With a positive message again, just trying to tear people up and bleak times. so while you on Kickstarter, looking at stone wood mountains, also look up a cold Valley universe and then just see my name again on the listings.

Casey: Well, Gabby, is there anything else you want to talk about before we, Before we wrap up,

Gaby Scanlon: it's just not big.

Like what is actually get something I've mentioned everything else that I've read through the list. Let me consult. Hold on. Okay. no, I think we're good. Yeah. Mentioned all my Kickstarters. All my current projects. Yeah. If people are looking for me online and then you'll actually hear about the things that I've just talked about.

I'm DAPI Scanlon on Twitter and Instagram. So that's G a, B I E S C a N L O N.

Casey: Yeah. Awesome. Gabby, you gotta be Scanlan. Thank you so much for coming on and [00:14:00] talking to us. Good luck

Gaby Scanlon: and let me ramble. That's great. No,

Casey: no, I've enjoyed it. And I've enjoyed actually talking to you rather than tapping at you.

So, it's always fun getting to like, getting to talk to people because, it's, there's a different.

There's a different feeling between like actually, you know, just talking whenever they're available on like the discord chat or a server rather, or, actually talking face to face, which is, I mean, kind of what we're doing.

I've enjoyed it. Hopefully I didn't keep you up too late. Thank you for talking to


Gaby Scanlon: Don't worry. Thank you so much for having me. All right. Have a good evening.



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