October 05, 2020


Corey Feldman talks (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Corey's

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Corey Feldman talks (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Corey's
Spoiler Country
Corey Feldman talks (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Corey's

Oct 05 2020 | 01:19:26


Show Notes

Today Casey and our new interviewer Melissa got the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with man of legend himself Corey Feldman to talk about his new documentary (my) Truth: The Rape of 2 Corey's. Corey was amazing to have on the show and we truly hope his documentary sheds some light to everyone on what happened.

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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Corey Feldman? Really? I'm impressed ~ Corey Feldman

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Corey Feldman

[00:00:00] Melissa: Oh, my goodness. I'll look away. I'm

Casey: going to go ahead and do a quick rundown I'm recording right now. God forbid you say something that needs to be cut.

Corey Feldman: Let us know she's not working away. She's not looking away. No, I'm just

Melissa: joking. Go ahead.

Casey: If you say something by all means, let me know. Um, w we're not here to get anyone we don't want to, you know, we want everybody out at a, the time,

Corey Feldman: especially since I got like ambush today.

So, uh,

Casey: Okay,

Melissa: can we,

Casey: can we get into it in a minute? I'm going to do a quick intro and then a light list.

Corey Feldman: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Casey: Everybody. Welcome again, to another episode of spoiler country today on the show I'm joined by cohost Melissa Serratia, and she's going to help me talk to, well, I mean, he's, he's.

Been in so many movies, he's been on TV. Uh, he's put out a book he's recently put out a documentary. Um, he was a big part of my [00:01:00] childhood. I'm super excited to have him on, uh, so who are we talking to?

Melissa: Oh, I believe we're talking to the iconic place. Solomon

Casey: Corey, how you doing man?

Corey Feldman: Done. Done. Done

Melissa: has arrived to the studio, ladies and gentlemen via helicopter and that phone.

Casey: I was really worried. It was going to mess with our mix, uh, when the helicopter came down. But I mean, it, it goes in and out really quick.

Corey Feldman: Well, yeah, because we've got that new back engineered UFO stuff from area 51. So we're good.

Casey: Thank you, Tom. DeLonge uh, for all that.

Melissa: Sorry.

Corey Feldman: We, we get in and out without a peep.

It's great. What we can do these days. Really?

Casey: So

Melissa: men

Casey: first, can I thank you for a few things? Oh, just really quickly.

Corey Feldman: I guess it depends on what those things are.

Casey: Okay. Okay. First thing. Um, seventh grade. Oh, I had to do four for my, uh, for my theater class. I was supposed to memorize a, um, a dramatic [00:02:00] monologue and, uh, of course I fucked around did not do it.

And, um, when my name was I called, I went up and I did the, uh, the monologue you did. And the Goonies, when you're talking about the, the coins. The bottom of the, uh, the well, and I nailed it and we got a hundred. So, um, that, that film was a big part of my childhood. And both of my kids who are five and 10 are nuts about it.

So, uh, it obviously has,

Corey Feldman: listen, listen for your children. Let them know that I said Goonies never say die.

Casey: Awesome. Awesome. Thank you very much.

Corey Feldman: Pass along your children. It is a Pearl of wisdom. Let me tell you,

Casey: especially now, man.

Corey Feldman: I mean, look so far, it's rung true, right? I mean, look out of all the

Melissa: eighties movies and all the casts of eighties movies.

I mean

Corey Feldman: really how many are there? We're not one single member of the group has died. [00:03:00] I mean, granted, a couple of the bad guys have passed away. Unfortunately, a couple of the parents have fallen away, unfortunately, but none of the main cast thank God has been

Melissa: deceased and we're all still here. So

Corey Feldman: I say that alone makes it a pretty much.

Casey: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So 35 years,

Melissa: 35

Corey Feldman: years we've hung in there. Goonies have not died yet.

Casey: It's amazing. And I'm so glad that you guys are still still kicking it still, uh, still putting out stuff still relevant. Well, that's,

Corey Feldman: that's the cool part, right? Like who would have thought it who'd have thought anybody would know who we are anymore at this point, I know it alone.

One of us would be going around and trying to destroy the galaxy. Well, another one of us is, you know, becoming Colonel Sanders and yet another of us is doing Hamlet in the park. And another of us is, you know, uh, directing stunts and, and back in acting. And, you know, it's just a, one's a lawyer where

Melissa: everybody's gone their own paths and me

Corey Feldman: well, who knows what [00:04:00] I'm doing.

Casey: You're doing

Melissa: everything right. Wandering around, I

Corey Feldman: suppose.

Casey: Um, second thing I want to thank you for it. Um, uh, meatballs for, uh, cause I think it's the

Corey Feldman: biggest, the first,

Casey: I think it's the first time I saw boobs on TV. So, um, Oh wait,

Corey Feldman: correct for that. Don't they, I had nothing to do with those booms

Melissa: going on record right now and saying I had

Corey Feldman: nothing to do with those boobs.

I was a married man.

Melissa: I didn't fond a one breast on that

Corey Feldman: set. I swear to God, I was a married man.

Casey: So, so thank you so much for coming on the show. When, when we found out that, that, uh, you, you were coming on the show, I was beside myself. I was super stoked. Um, you had been in and have been in so many movies that were

Corey Feldman: appealing.

I gotta be honest with you, your, your friend,

Melissa: Melissa. There hasn't stopped staring

Corey Feldman: at me since we got here.

Melissa: He's [00:05:00] got this like

Corey Feldman: frozen eye

Melissa: bedroom eyes thing. I don't know. It's

Corey Feldman: a little seductive. I gotta be honest.

Melissa: God, I gotta work on my avatars. I guess

Corey Feldman: it's a great avatar. It's just, it makes you feel like somebody is watching you the whole time. That's

Melissa: all so bizarre. It's kind of funny,

Corey Feldman: but anyway, go on. Sorry.

Casey: No, no, that's good. Uh, so you said you, you got. You got kind of accosted today? Huh?

Corey Feldman: Well, I wouldn't say a costed. Uh, I would say it was a bit of, uh, an onslaught of questions that I wasn't prepared for.

Melissa: You know, when you do these sorts

Corey Feldman: of things, you kind of know based on who is doing the interview is conducting the interview.

What to expect based on, you know, your experiences with them in the past, if you have them or not. And you know, this was particularly one of our friendlier. Uh, people that we speak with on a pretty regular basis. And we hadn't spoken with them in a while, and it just seems that, uh, it was, uh, [00:06:00] You know, a bit of a strange dinner interview, I guess that's just the best way to put it.

I haven't done press a few months now because I've been staying away from it all since the release of the film. And the most important thing to me right now is of course, to get as many people to experience it as possible, especially with the new options that we're making available to everyone. Um, you know, unfortunately a lot

Melissa: of people missed it.

A lot of people missed

Corey Feldman: it when it first it came out because we did a ton of press. We had great press buildup for this film. And then, you know, I don't know if you were aware when it originally premiered back in March. Uh, but you know, the whole world was watching and then we were hacked. It was a very severe ed, uh, hack.

It was a called a dos server attack. We shut down the server, they shut down the entire site. They shut down my website and that made huge news and headlines everywhere. But what didn't make huge news

Melissa: or the headlines anywhere

Corey Feldman: is the fact that the movie went right

Melissa: back up the next [00:07:00] day and

Corey Feldman: started streaming again.

And then it also didn't make headlines that we, I found out it was in fact an

Melissa: attack. Cause a lot

Corey Feldman: of people were trying to say it was a publicity stunt. And we went as far as saying that we never even made a movie, you know, thank God we had a Vermeer. Cause the people that were there in the audience got to see it actually came out.

But there was about a two month gap because we only had it out for the week. So there was about a two month gap where people were literally. You know, passing around a, move, a rumor that it didn't exist while meanwhile, there was another other group of people that were the people that actually hacked it.

And those people not only stole the film, but then they pirated the film and they

Melissa: created an alternate way website, which they put up at the exact same

Corey Feldman: time that our film came down. They put up this alternate website that was

Melissa: just like, ours was a copycat of

Corey Feldman: our site. It was off by one letter and

Melissa: they were charging $10 more per ticket to stream our film

Corey Feldman: that 40,000 people had paid for already.

And weren't able to, [00:08:00] and they were now showing it to an audience that was not our audience, that we're paying them instead of us. And on top of it, they made


Melissa: billion copies

Corey Feldman: and put it all over YouTube.

Melissa: And we took down literally what accumulated to 4 million views

Corey Feldman: free view of our film that we worked

Melissa: for, that we

Corey Feldman: slaved over that we took, you know, giant risks of our safety and our lives and our health to even put this movie out.


Melissa: nobody is told this story. It just keeps getting

Corey Feldman: washed away. It doesn't make its way out to the media.

Melissa: And it's like, you know,

Corey Feldman: Hey, no big deal. Corey Feldman tried to, you know, warn

Melissa: the world. He tried to tell

Corey Feldman: everybody and use his voice and expose real pedophiles of what's really going on right

Melissa: now in our business,

Corey Feldman: in this world.

Melissa: To our children

Corey Feldman: and it was washed over and glossed over by mainstream media

Melissa: as if, well, it got hacked and that's it. That's the end of that. Nobody cares. Yeah. I did add some stuff

Corey Feldman: about it. You know, we we'd [00:09:00] heard it all before, you know, that was kind of the thing. It was just washed over.

Melissa: And

Corey Feldman: here we are five months.

The movie's been streaming now for about three months straight. Cause we put it back out in

Melissa: April,

Corey Feldman: but they never talked about that. And now we're putting it out again,

Melissa: but this time was Spanish subtitles

Corey Feldman: and closed caption for the hearing impaired. So we're doing another round of press, which is why we're talking

Melissa: to you today because it's so urgent

Corey Feldman: that people understand that the movie is out there.

Melissa: I get literally comments

Corey Feldman: almost every day on my Twitter, on my Instagram,

Melissa: on my Facebook people saying, are you ever going to tell the names, are you ever going to tell the story, are you ever going to give us

Corey Feldman: the movie? We all,

Melissa: you know, we're waiting for that's how much misinformation

Corey Feldman: patient is out there.

So I just want everybody to know the movie is screaming. You can find it at my truth, doc.com. That's where we launched it. That's where it was hacked. And that's where we got it back up and running the next day. And it has been [email protected]

[00:10:00] Melissa: ever.

Casey: So, um, you guys be sure to go by my truth, doc.com.

Okay. And, uh, w we're gonna put a link to that in our show notes and also in our, um, our social media posts, because I mean, it's, it's an important film and it needs to be seen. Can you, can you tell me a little bit about it? I don't want you to, to talk about anything you're not comfortable with, but, uh, do tell us what this is about.

Corey Feldman: What about, you know, what I experienced and what my best friend experienced and what many other kids experienced. In Hollywood going through the industry. Um, and the fact that there's a lot of pedophiles that are allowed to roam freely amongst the children and are at Hollywood parties

Melissa: and their managers and their,

Corey Feldman: their agents and their

Melissa: publicist and their assistance.

I mean, they come in all forums,

Corey Feldman: but when I was a child,

Melissa: I had nine

Corey Feldman: pedophiles in my orbit, [00:11:00] nine pedophiles in my orbit. You know what I mean? And I wasn't molested my, all of them, but I knew of there. I knew that they were pedophiles and it was very clear because they were getting arrested and going to jail.

And then they'd be right back

Melissa: taking pictures

Corey Feldman: of topless kids. You know, that like a photographer named Bob Pullard is a, you know, arrested for pedophilia. And then literally

Melissa: like a year later, he is, yeah. He was found with cameras in his bathroom, taking pictures of naked boys of naked children.

Corey Feldman: And then a year later

Melissa: there he is with kids sleeping and over his house again,

Corey Feldman: and doing photo shoots for teen magazine.

This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Watch the

Melissa: movie. We give names.

Corey Feldman: I'm not playing. It's not a joke. We are the real deal. Okay. So when you get caught up, there's a lot of people right now that are caught up in the politics. They're caught up in this

Melissa: QN and on nonsense.

Corey Feldman: And there's all these fingers name calling, but you know what people are missing.

Is the truth [00:12:00] and they're missing my truth

Melissa: because everybody's so ferociously trying to place blame politically. It's the right thing side. It's the left side. It's the right side. It's the left side.

Corey Feldman: I've got the answer guys. It's both sides. Kay. There's bad people. On both sides. There's good people on both sides too.

Okay. There's people that want to fight for the right thing on both sides, but there is an

Melissa: overbearing element

Corey Feldman: of dark energy in this world right now. And what we have to look at when we're making our political

Melissa: choices is what is the history

Corey Feldman: of these people?

Melissa: What really

Corey Feldman: do we know for a fact,

Melissa: not through QN on,

Corey Feldman: not through some rumor.

Not through some, you know, hypothetical or

Melissa: this person says this or this person said that, or,

Corey Feldman: Oh, here's Jeffrey Epstein's flight log. Even though he doesn't look anything like a flight log, you know, all this crap that goes around

Melissa: all misinformation to the [00:13:00] you and it's being used as political weapons and who loses.

The children, the

Corey Feldman: children are losing every time. You know, I was working for, for a sag at the screen, actors Guild doing a, uh, uh, you know, it wasn't like I wasn't employed by them. It was a volunteer position, but we had a, a thing called the sexual harassment committee. With a bunch of my esteemed peers and they're all surviving different types of abuse.

And then I formed a sub committee within that committee called kids too, which is a hashtag I created

Melissa: as a response to me too,

Corey Feldman: because I felt that the kids should have already been put first. Yeah. But now we have to put them second. So it's called kids too. And it's got the number two. So please use the hashtag big K number two at the end.

It's all throughout our film. I actually trademarked the hashtag it's important

Melissa: people keep putting, you know,

Corey Feldman: save the children as a hashtag.

Melissa: That's great, but that's not a real

Corey Feldman: hashtag. That was just a propaganda hashtag

Melissa: the [00:14:00] real one is kids too. It's a movement

Corey Feldman: and it's a movement that we've been working

Melissa: on for five years with child USA, child

Corey Feldman: USA is the leading force.

In pushing back on statutes of limitation and making a clear pathway for survivors to find a road to justice. That's what they do. They're on the front lines.

Melissa: And I am speaking with Marci Hamilton,

Corey Feldman: who the law professor that is in charge of child USA

Melissa: almost on a daily basis. So when people run around

Corey Feldman: and they make these.

You know,

Melissa: crazy

Corey Feldman: propaganda, uh, things. And they say, you know, Tom Hanks is a pedophile,

Melissa: Steven Spielberg, they name these


Melissa: and there's no basis of reality. There's no grounding to any of it. You can't just throw around people's

Corey Feldman: names. That's, what's not okay. You know, then it's just that it's a game of pill

Melissa: that

Corey Feldman: pin the tail on the donkey,

Melissa: you know what I'm saying?

And, and, and, and, and it makes me furious because it's all deceptive. It, it gets people [00:15:00] fired

Corey Feldman: up and they're looking in the wrong direction. If you

Melissa: want to know

Corey Feldman: the truth and you want to know,

Melissa: cause this all

Corey Feldman: connects to Jeffrey Epstein, by the way, it

Melissa: all connects to Jeffrey Epstein.

Corey Feldman: So if you want to know, what's really

Melissa: going on, there's two

Corey Feldman: movies out there that you must watch.

One is called

Melissa: an open seat. Great.

Corey Feldman: I didn't make the movie. I gained nothing by telling you this. I don't earn a nickel. I promise you. But it's called an open secret,

Melissa: and it could be considered

Corey Feldman: chapter one to my move because it even pinpoints

Melissa: some of the same pedophiles

Corey Feldman: that are continually

Melissa: working and operating within our industry.

Corey Feldman: And it also

Melissa: links. Again, those people link to Jeffrey

Corey Feldman: upstairs. Okay. Then there's the second movie, which is mine, the movie, which is my truth,

Melissa: the rape of two quarries.

Corey Feldman: And if you really care, if you really want to know what's going on, because it's going to take a lot of people being aware,

Melissa: not only of who they are, the names are, cause

Corey Feldman: that's kind of the less significant part until investigators get involved.

And until feds get involved. And until [00:16:00] something happens to actually put these people behind bars, cause it's not happening. You know, everybody thinks, Oh, well during COVID, you know, everybody's getting locked up and they've got ankle bracelets, it's a whole bunch of phooey.

Melissa: Okay.

Corey Feldman: Don't believe any of it.


Melissa: after we watch your movie and we get all this information, cause I'm really curious about, I cannot wait to watch it. Um, what can we do? What can the average. You know, American person too, to help you in your cause. And you know, I know studying awareness is one thing, but, you know, putting pressure on certain legislators or, you know, what can we really do?

Keeps where you

Corey Feldman: can start. I can tell you where anybody can start. Everybody can start by first of all, if you're a victim yourself, if you're a survivor, if you are friends or family with a victim or a survivor, then you must create a, um, a platform. And a support group for yourself or for that person.

That's number one, because the main thing to understand is that a lot of people don't believe abuse victim. [00:17:00] There is so

Melissa: much propaganda and there's so much disinformation, that's fun

Corey Feldman: on a regular basis to, uh, take away the credibility of survivors. It's

Melissa: it's a nonstop 24 hour

Corey Feldman: Pressman, literally

Melissa: through social media.

Corey Feldman: To take away my voice. They've spent millions of dollars to silence me and take away my voice. And they've made millions of dollars off of my film, ironically. So the thing is,

Melissa: it starts with each

Corey Feldman: individual, right?

Melissa: We can all do this together, but

Corey Feldman: we've gotta be smarter than that. And we've got to beat this.

And the way that works is by each one of us individually taking responsibility. Because first of all, if you know somebody that's a survivor and they've tried to tell you, maybe you didn't want to believe them. Maybe you knew both people. You didn't want to believe him.

Melissa: Always. I try to believe,

Corey Feldman: especially if it's a child victim, because kids don't make that stuff up.

Okay. And I know it's hard to hear some times cause it's in our own families and we don't want to believe it about [00:18:00] whoever they're talking about, but it happens

Melissa: in every family tree.

Corey Feldman: There is a predator. Okay. It happens. It's

Melissa: just the facts of life.

Corey Feldman: So we've got to start looking inward and saying, are our kids, okay?

We've got to have

Melissa: communication.

Corey Feldman: We've got to talk more.

Melissa: Between each other

Corey Feldman: and make sure that our kids know

Melissa: that it's safe

Corey Feldman: to tell us and that we're going to

Melissa: believe that. And when they do,

Corey Feldman: you know, that's number one, number two

Melissa: is taking action and taking action means

Corey Feldman: actually going and filing a police

Melissa: report.

Corey Feldman: About these incident

Melissa: more times than not

Corey Feldman: people don't want to let the secret

Melissa: out.

Corey Feldman: They don't want to tell because they don't one embarrassed that

Melissa: person. They don't want to get that person in trouble.

Corey Feldman: They care too much about that person. Yeah. The person is a family member. The person is somebody that's always been a friend,

Melissa: you know, more times than not a predator will

Corey Feldman: groom the family.

They will groom the mom. They will groom the father.

Melissa: They will groom them, the parents and become [00:19:00] so close with those parents that the parents think I couldn't even turn this person in.

Corey Feldman: I mean, yeah. Okay. Maybe they did some things they shouldn't have, but you know, I can't ruin their life over it.

Melissa: Parents think that, and they protect these people.

It's disgusting,

Corey Feldman: but it's manipulation

Melissa: and it's brainwashing

Corey Feldman: and that's how it happened. So the point is, is we've all got to become stronger.

Melissa: And we've got to really take this seriously and make it the forefront of our attention. Yeah. In our

Corey Feldman: focus, forget

Melissa: politics,

Corey Feldman: forget all that other stuff.

Melissa: What matters

Corey Feldman: is our own families, our own children.

We got to protect them. So it starts with communicating with your family. That's number one. And number two is taking action.

Melissa: Number three is if you don't have it, any problems like that in your youth, you're very lucky. You're very fortunate.

Corey Feldman: Thank God. Be grateful on a daily basis, you are brought up that way or you weren't raised with that, but, and even if you don't know people,

Melissa: but you just are a caring.

Corey Feldman: Sensitive human beings. You can find out what the laws are in your [00:20:00] state and find out what the statutes of limitations are in your state,

Melissa: because you can

Corey Feldman: right letters to your local Congressman. You can write letters to your local legislatures

Melissa: and you can write letters to your senators. And to your governor and

Corey Feldman: so forth

Melissa: and so on.

Corey Feldman: And you can say,

Melissa: we don't want to stand for these, you know, tights, uh, social status, uh,

Corey Feldman: uh, as a, well, you know, we, we, we don't want

Melissa: statutes to be so short, you

Corey Feldman: know, say a lot of States and I don't know,

Melissa: every state is different,

Corey Feldman: but a lot of States.

Melissa: They started like 21

Corey Feldman: years old. And what you've got to realize is that's done quite intentionally

Melissa: to avoid having


Corey Feldman: pay out tons

Melissa: of money,

Corey Feldman: right?

Yeah. Because insurance companies end up having to pay,

Melissa: for example,

Corey Feldman: the Catholic church as gross as this is the Catholic church spends $800 million a year

Melissa: on sex abuse insurance.

Corey Feldman: Okay. That's a fact that's disgusting. Very scary. But that means

Melissa: that the [00:21:00] Catholic church is willing to protect. The priests

Corey Feldman: over the children,

Melissa: children always come last.

That's why the kids too movement

Corey Feldman: is the children's rights movement. And that has not happened in this country. It hasn't happened yet in this world. Never before

Melissa: have we

Corey Feldman: stopped everything? And said, what are we going to do to protect our children? You know, we talk about

Melissa: civil rights.

Corey Feldman: We talk about women's rights.

We talk about gay rights. We talk about

Melissa: trans rights.

Corey Feldman: We talked about

Melissa: everybody's rights,

Corey Feldman: but when

Melissa: are we protecting

Corey Feldman: the church? That is the most significant question of the day, because that is the big pink elephant in the room. You notice that during that debate, that nobody brought up.

Melissa: Any of these accusations

Corey Feldman: of pedophilia

Melissa: on either side, right?

Where was it? Where was it? If it's so important to Trump and he's this savior of all these children,

Corey Feldman: why is he talking about it? And if [00:22:00] Biden is the guy that's this, you know, shameless, molester,

Melissa: why is Trump not calling him out on

Corey Feldman: that? You know,

Melissa: we hear all of this stuff,

Corey Feldman: but yet it comes down to it. It's the big pink elephant.

Right? So how about let's

Melissa: stop pointing fingers and let's stop placing blame on

Corey Feldman: either party.

Melissa: And let's just take a little responsibility for ourselves and say, this is something we can all fix because it's our kids. It's

Corey Feldman: our responsibility.

Casey: I agree. I have a question. So earlier you brought up Q Anon and, um, when you were in the process of making this film, That they started kind of taking that up as their banner, I guess, to kind of normalize all their other cookie shit.


Corey Feldman: what did they, what did they take up?

Casey: Uh, the, the idea that, you know, there was a, a huge pedophile problem in America, which, you know, obviously it's there, it exists. Yes, yes, yes. But, uh, do you, [00:23:00] do you worry that their involvement in that and, uh, is kind of just more noise?

Melissa: Yes. Yes.

Corey Feldman: Yes. Thank you. You're doing you're right on point.

Wait, because here's your, here's the thing you gotta realize. When my film came out, there was no other film other than an open secret that even broached the subject really. Okay.

Melissa: But immediately three weeks after

Corey Feldman: my film got hacked and we pulled it off the internet and then we decided to put it back up

Melissa: three weeks later.

Corey Feldman: After the rerelease comes, this movie called out of shadow. Okay. And it was a free movie

Melissa: all over you.

Corey Feldman: And I got attacked and I mean, barraged by

Melissa: thousands

Corey Feldman: of  who were acting very much, just like the pedal protecting group of terrorists that had been attacking me throughout the whole entire process called the Wolf pack.

They were acting very similar. Okay. In berating me. Calling me

Melissa: a [00:24:00] shield and a

Corey Feldman: sham

Melissa: because I was charging

Corey Feldman: $20 a ticket for my movie. So they used this

Melissa: literally

Corey Feldman: as a slogan

Melissa: out of the

Corey Feldman: shadows is

Melissa: real information and it's free. So why is Corey Feldman charging $20 for his information when it's the same information?

It's a shield. So sham,

Corey Feldman: that was literally what they campaign that on. Now, how can you care about children? If you're willing to shit all over me, just so that you can get attention for your movie.

Melissa: And here's the worst part

Corey Feldman: of it. Here's the worst part of it. Their movie wasn't vetted out their movie.

Wasn't insured by Eno

Melissa: insurance companies. They didn't have to actually corroborate

Corey Feldman: any of the facts

Melissa: in that movie. It's all, some

Corey Feldman: guy talking off of his neck saying, Oh, I did this. And I went through that and I found these wrecks 

Melissa: that means nothing. This is [00:25:00] not real victims. Coming forward

Corey Feldman: and talking about their

Melissa: experiences.

Corey Feldman: This is not people who

Melissa: witnessed

Corey Feldman: these victims going through this horrific experience.

Melissa: That's called real corroboration. You understand the difference when

Corey Feldman: you're actually backing up the

Melissa: action?

Corey Feldman: Sure. People that the experience has happened to not talking about

Melissa: this person or that person,

Corey Feldman: not just weighing out a bunch of names.

With false facts, but I'm talking

Melissa: real people who went through the experiences, sharing

Corey Feldman: their experiences.

Melissa: That's the difference in the two movies.

Casey: Can, can we talk about, um, during all of this

Melissa: problem is, let me just say this. The problem is when you

Corey Feldman: spread that kind of misinformation, number one, not only are you helping to deplete

Melissa: the very

Corey Feldman: necessary funding,

Melissa: we need to keep this going.

Corey Feldman: Because I did all of this out of pocket. And obviously with the brutal assault that we endured, we lost millions and millions of dollars in potential revenue. You [00:26:00] know, depleting us,

Melissa: literally depleting us. We have not even

Corey Feldman: come close to making our money back, you know, leaving me in a very

Melissa: dangerous position because I can't

Corey Feldman: protect my family.

If I can't, you know, even pay myself back, I invested to try and get the truth out. So that's number one,

Melissa: number two,

Corey Feldman: you're doing everybody the service. Because when you finally have

Melissa: the opportunity to get the truth out

Corey Feldman: with a vehicle like this,

Melissa: which is the first time

Corey Feldman: exposing true events, true details with

Melissa: real interviews

Corey Feldman: and real facts.

And you're putting that information out there into the mainstream that should have its moment. It should have its moment for people to digest. And guess what? If people don't believe it, we welcome investigation. We welcome investigation.

Casey: Was it hard to find anyone to participate in this film? Just out of fear of career or fear of repercussions,

Corey Feldman: believe it.

You wouldn't believe that. [00:27:00] Do you know how many people, lifelong friends, people that I grew up with in this industry, we were kids. We were kids together. We grew up together. Teenagers together, adults together, you know, lifelong friends that would make a commitment and we would get to the day of the shoot.

And I would get a text saying, you know, I am sorry. I don't mean to let you down, you know, I support you, but I've been getting death threats or, you know, I, I can't put my family in this position. It's, it's too much, you know, it's too much of a risk for us, you know, I support you and I love you, but I just can't do it.

You know? I mean, do you know how many personal. Closed eye witness victims. There were, I mean, I witnessed victims, both that backed out at the last minute and it was, it was heartwrenching. But, you know, we decided not to focus on that because what we can focus it on is the fact that we have, I have an hour and a half worth of

Melissa: brave

Corey Feldman: courageous people who actually took the time and [00:28:00] actually made that choice.

To put their lives on the line and tell their truth. And one of those brave people, his name, drinky Garcia, he's young singer and

Melissa: entertainer

Corey Feldman: who started off in a Disney boy band. And doing Disney shows and, um, you know, he's now

Melissa: suing his

Corey Feldman: former manager and agent at APA for sexual abuse. So, uh, you know, he's is one in a million because again, the reason why

Melissa: they put it statutes of limitations at such an early age is because the traditional

Corey Feldman: age that people start to cope.

And understand and deal with the abuse that they endured as children.

Melissa: The standard age for

Corey Feldman: women is 45 to 50 years old. And for men is 50 to 55.

Melissa: And they're setting these

Corey Feldman: statutes at 2125 and maybe 30 years old. And they do that because they know that most

Melissa: people, [00:29:00] 90%.

Corey Feldman: Of abuse victims will not come to terms with it.

They will not

Melissa: emotionally be prepared

Corey Feldman: to speak that truth. So they're mine.

Melissa: Fortunately for me, I gave my first police report when I was still within the statute at 19 years old and sickeningly.

Corey Feldman: It was not allowed to go on record and it was buried as part of the Michael Jackson investigation in Santa Barbara.

Those police officers were not interested in what I had to say or about my abusers. They were more interested in. Trying to frame somebody who, as far as I knew was innocent, but that said, that said, uh, we are reversing those statutes limitations, and that's how you can help. You can help by, you know, finding out where the statutes are in your area.

And you can certainly, uh, petition your congressmen. To try and change those statutes and move them down to give victims a voice, to give survivors a voice. And that's just part one [00:30:00] of

Melissa: a very

Corey Feldman: long process of what we need to do to make things right. I mean, these laws,

Melissa: there's laws in certain parts

Corey Feldman: of our country that still allow grown men to marry 15 year old girls.

You know, I mean, we're, we're, we're still there. So we've got a long way to go before we're going to be on an even playing field. Where children are truly protected. And unfortunately that is the reality.

Melissa: Have there been any new laws to protect children right now on set?

Corey Feldman: You know what I again

Melissa: was asked to create a coalition,

Corey Feldman: which I did when I created

Melissa: the subcommittee

Corey Feldman: kids too, within sag.

And I created new legislation,

Melissa: which I was supposed to

Corey Feldman: present at a town hall meeting. All of the union for the entire membership. And unfortunately

Melissa: the president of the union

Corey Feldman: took a phone call from one of these Wolfpack girls who was making false allegations about me

Melissa: and chose to listen to this girl

Corey Feldman: who happens to be a


Melissa: proclaimed [00:31:00] Satanist

Corey Feldman: and the stripper.

Not that I have anything against strippers, cause I don't, but this girl made false allegations against me and they chose to.

Melissa: Actually listen to her word

Corey Feldman: instead of mine, when I'm the guy that's been dedicated entire life to this industry dedicated my entire life to this union,

Melissa: every paycheck I've ever

Corey Feldman: had.

Had a piece taken out of it to pay for the union membership dues, my health sag, dues, all of that. Right? So everything I knew is for my union and my union refused to investigate the crimes that I laid out before them. They refused to investigate the fact that, you know, there are multiple allegations and reports that one

Melissa: of their members

Corey Feldman: raped a child member.

On a set and they won't investigate that, but she actually told the head of the staff, the department in California to ask

Melissa: me.

Corey Feldman: To withdraw because she wanted to do an investigation [00:32:00] about me. And this was on the very day that I was supposed to present the new laws that I wanted

Melissa: to instill in the new

Corey Feldman: contracts,

Melissa: which

Corey Feldman: coincidentally were voted on the following week.

So my voice was muted over a BS story so that they could push through a contract. That got no protections for the children. Zero zilch. So three, the simple laws that I asked for that I demand should be a part of the sag bylaws to protect children. And our union is number one,

Melissa: every person working

Corey Feldman: on a set or

Melissa: around a child in

Corey Feldman: any capacity must have a background.

Number two, a child should be with their legal.

Melissa: Guardian at any time,

Corey Feldman: whether it's an interview, whether it's a meeting, whether it's a publicity shoot

Melissa: or whatever, or it's a promo

Corey Feldman: or an actual shoe. It doesn't matter if it's a business environment or they're on any type of business call, they should not be allowed to stay at a

Melissa: manager, [00:33:00] publicist assistant producer director, your anybody's house, anybody's house, anybody's apartment anybody's hotel.

Corey Feldman: It should only be professional and they should only be there with their parents.

Melissa: And third kids be to be slaves,

Corey Feldman: so they should be able to get their money. When they've worked for 25 or

Melissa: 35 years, just like any other

Corey Feldman: person in society, the fact that they have to work double the time till they're 65 means that they're a slave

Melissa: and nobody takes that into consideration.

So yeah, there's some serious laws that need to change

Corey Feldman: to protect children in stacking is ignoring him.

Casey: It seems like it's almost set up as the perfect situation for a predator to move in and, uh, and to do some really heinous shit. So

Corey Feldman: you said it brother, I didn't do you think, I

Casey: think that, um, the shared experience that both you and Corey Haim had, uh, Kind of bolstered your relationship as, as friends did it, uh, is, is that one thing that you [00:34:00] guys kind of commiserated on?

Corey Feldman: That was the, ultimately the core of our

Melissa: relationship, because he told me his secret, the

Corey Feldman: day that we met, the day that we met, you know, and that's all on the film though. You need to watch the film, man. It's all in there. It's all in there.

Melissa: I want to ask you this experience that you had, did it sort of turn you off from wanting to be an actor in the future?

Like, are you done with it? I mean, I know you're still doing some stuff, but did it affect your desire and passion for acting?

Corey Feldman: Well, it doesn't change my passion for acting. It changes my desire to work around people that aren't willing to take responsibility. You know, I. I have a very hard time imagining getting back in the game, unless some things change.

I mean, right now I'm having a very good time and, you know,

Melissa: successful careers as musician.

Corey Feldman: So I'm quite happy with, you know, getting top 40 hits and running around, doing sold out tours. I can do that for the rest of my life. Just fine. So, you know, uh, no problems [00:35:00] there, but, um, and you know, I still do the occasional film, but I do them for independent companies.

I don't do it for big Hollywood and I haven't worked for big Hollywood in quite a few years now. And, um, and quite honestly, uh, I, what I would call for personally is that there is a vote of no confidence in our leader at sag. Uh, because this woman is definitely not looking out for the best interest of children.

So until that changes, well, my voice is heard. And until somebody in Hollywood decides to slap me on the back and say with you, we stand with you. You're no longer alone. Your voice matters because I got to tell you I've been led to feel that my voice does not matter. I've been led to feel that I'm the one guy it's okay to abuse.

And I bet there's other victims out there that feel the way that I do, but that's the way that I feel. And I'm sure other people feel this way, but I know speaking for myself, you look at all these me too stories. You look at all the stories people went out and I've been screaming this from rooftops since 2010, but yet.

[00:36:00] On the redheaded stepchild in Hollywood, people don't want to hear me. They don't want to give it

Melissa: any kind of credence

Corey Feldman: yet. Everywhere I go, the irony is everywhere I go. Everybody says, thank you for what you're doing. Every Hollywood party I step into, they say, God bless you. Thank God for what you're doing.

You're you know, thank God somebody is doing it. At least you've got the balls. We support you. But funny enough, I'm not on any talk shows promoting my movie. Am I, you don't see me on a, the late show. You don't see me on Ellen. You don't see me on any of those big shows. Why is that? Why am I not invited to the sag awards?

I've never been invited once. Do you think there's a reason for that? I do.

Casey: So when you, when you're out and about Nollywood, cause you're, you're still around. You're still there. You,

Corey Feldman: well, I'm not sure now I've actually not been in Hollywood for the last year. Ever since the premiere I got out of Dodge. Uh, you know, I do still have a home there and, uh, I try to go once in a while and visit when people don't know I'm there, but I mean, there's stalkers [00:37:00] that know where I live.

There were spies put into my life to destroy my life. Um, you know, I mean, we've got. Big investigations going on. So I don't even feel safe at home. It's awful.

Melissa: So

Corey Feldman: the car was broken into while I was gone, everything was stolen out of it. I've had, you know, threats left on my doorstep. I've had two attacks on my life.

Nothing feels safe right now. You know, I feel like, um, I'm out here in the wind and I'm all by myself.

Melissa: It's a very scary

Corey Feldman: place to be. I gotta be honest. My wife and I go to bed in fear every night. For my child's safety and for our safety, but you know what? I don't stop and I don't stop because I care that much about God's children,

Melissa: Bayview and out of my bowl.

Corey Feldman: I feel I don't have a choice.

Melissa: It's not,

Corey Feldman: it's not something I want to do. It's really not. Um, I, you know, when I was doing it, when I was making the movie, I was in fear every day, every day I would wake up and say, I don't want to do this. You know, please don't make me do this. But I made [00:38:00] a commitment to Corey that I would get the word out.

And I tried in the book and they edited it. And I tried when I did the movie for lifetime and they edited it. And now I'm trying one last time and this is all I got. So I hope to God that the message really gets out and I hope people finally get to see it. And I don't just mean, you know, the hackers, you know, cause the other problem is when somebody hacks a movie and they put it out for free, they're putting it out with their own narrative.

They're putting it out with, you know, all kinds of sarcastic description, you know, talking over it and all kinds of crap. To change your mind, to filter your mind, to poison your perception. It's all propaganda. And, um, it's disgusting and it's sickening. And it means that the evil is winning. So, you know, if people really care and they want to do something, then please just support the damn film.

It's $20. It's, you know, less than a tank of gas to get the information that you need so that you can really know what's going on and not some twisted version of [00:39:00] it. Just the truth as it is. And then you can make an educated guess of how can I get involved? How can I spread awareness? Is this important enough for me to care so that I can actually get on my feet and stand up and help protect these children?

Casey: This, this film while you were making it, you said it was, it was really hard to do every day. I'm sure it put you in a different head space. Um, during the making of it, what did you do? Cause you, you can't live in that, in that space. 24 seven.

Corey Feldman: Oh yeah. I've been in that space. I've been in that space where nothing helps me, except God, that's the truth.

I mean, God, in the love of my child and my wife. You know, if it wasn't for my faith in God, I wouldn't make it. I wouldn't even be here. I know that. I mean, the fact that I'm alive, I have a very, very, very deep devotion to God. And I pray on my knees every day. I'm very grateful for my legs. I'm very grateful.

The fact that I'm still here and able to give this [00:40:00] message and I hope that it's effective.

Casey: When you were a kid coming up, was there anyone that, that kind of took you aside and, and tried to help you and get you away from these people that were, you know, predators?

Corey Feldman: Well, did you read my book? There's a funny thing about that in the book.

Um, I don't want to ruin it for you, but, um, there was one person, I guess I'll, I'll give you a hint. There was one person that would be the most unexpected. Hero of all. So I'll leave it with that. You can look at choreography, the book and find out who that was.

Casey: Definitely check it out, man.

Melissa: Yeah.

Casey: So what do you have going on right now after it, when this is all done?

When this is, uh, you know, you have the campaign going really strong. Uh, do you have anything coming up?

Melissa: Well, the reason we're doing

Corey Feldman: Disney right now, just to clarify. It is because we're putting out for the first time, actually at midnight tonight, I think tickets go on sale for the new version, which [00:41:00] has

Melissa: Spanish

Corey Feldman: subtitles for all the Spanish speaking people who haven't been able to watch it up until now, because they couldn't understand what the hell we were talking about.

Now they can watch it. So Spanish speaking countries, and of course, all of our lovely immigrants in America can watch, uh, can watch our art film. Uh, and, uh, and then, then we also have a closed caption version with subtitles. For the hard of hearing. So then English speaking, people who might not be able to actually hear it or listen to it for whatever reason are now going to be able to read along and follow along and still get the information.

So I think it's an important tool that we hadn't been able to afford. Uh, because of all of the theft and because of all the hackings. Yeah. So it took me a while to be able to even have the goal and the ability to get this out. But, but thank God. I finally found a way to do it. That wasn't too expensive.

So we got it done. Uh, so we now are able to get that information out to more people. So that's exciting. It starts tomorrow. People can [00:42:00] finally. I have the option to watch the movie regular or watch it in closed caption, or watch it in Spanish subtitles. And we're hoping, you know, that it has a good enough effect that we can actually sell enough tickets to warrant being able to transcribe it to other languages as well.

The goal is to get it into every language, you know, that's, that's what our goal is. Um, and then, you know, aside from, from my work in trying to help children. I still am, you know, doing my music. So I have a, and there's a, there's a couple of films on the way out too, but, uh, you know, uh, there, you know, an animated film, I think coming out at some time, I did a cameo in a couple of their films, but you know, nothing that I'm really starting in other than, you know, my last one was Corbin Nash.

Uh, which came out last year or the year before. Uh, but, um, but aside from that, I haven't made any starring roles. Uh, but, but, uh, I haven't new album I'm working on, which is actually a box set. So if you've been following along on my, my music stuff, you know, we put out [00:43:00] the title, track this movie, which actually made it to number 17 on the billboard charts.

Um, and, uh, that's that song was called you are free and it was a private message basically written to Corey Haim. Uh, basically letting them know that, you know, I did my job, I kept my promise and, and just soul can rest. Um, and that was a very personal song obviously, but, you know, fortunately it hit, it took off and a lot of people appreciated it around the world.

We made it to the billboard top 20. Um, and then right before that, I had put out a

Melissa: 30th anniversary tribute.

Corey Feldman: To, uh, my film dream, a little dream with Corey game. Uh, but Thomas and I, Mickey Thomas, who originally did the title track for Jim? A little bit. Yeah. Dream and I lip sinked his voice coming down the stairs when I did that dance sequence years ago.

So 30 years later making an I got together and we did a remake of dream, a little dream, which we call dream a little dream, 3.0. And we put it out as [00:44:00] a vinyl single and on digital. And then on the flip side of the vinyl, we put my first ever single, which was actually from the dream, a little dream soundtrack.

And it was a song that I wrote with Michael Damian who did rock on from that same sound dragon. It was a number one hit. So Michael Damian and I did a song which didn't make it to the movie soundtrack album, but was released as a single. When it first came out under the soundtrack title. Uh, so anyway, it was called something in your eyes.

So we remastered that. We put that on the B side and that was all kind of a free promotion for the box that we're about to put it. Yeah. So we're putting out a box that hopefully by Christmas

Melissa: might be early next year, but we're going

Corey Feldman: to really try to make it, you know, with COVID and everything. It's real hard, but, uh, we're trying to get it out and finished by Christmas.

And it's a really exciting box said that's going to be a five. I believe I don't Mark my words yet, but I believe it's given me a five disc

Melissa: set with three [00:45:00] CDs and

Corey Feldman: two DVDs. Of a

Melissa: remixed and

Corey Feldman: remastered version of my original album love LA 25 years later. And because that album encompassed several songs from several of my films, it's going to be a really nice set of Easter eggs, I guess you would say.

For all of my nostalgic film fans and early music fans. So there's going to be a bunch of previously unreleased material. There's going to be remixed and remastered versions of my original album. And then there's going to be a bunch of stuff that. You know, was from different movies that was maybe like in 30 seconds of a movie and you heard it in the background, but you never realized it, whatever.

So we're going to get a couple of those songs that would have been on my first album, but we ended up giving them to other movies and things like that. So that's now going to be on there for the first time. And then there's also a bunch of new music, which is kind of in the vein of that first album, but recorded today.


Melissa: it's [00:46:00] a very

Corey Feldman: colorful, uh, kind of walk through my musical history. If you will. And I think it's going to be a lot of fun for everybody. I think the fans, yeah.

Casey: What's inspiring you musically now.

Corey Feldman: Um, you know, everything for me is always about positive. So when I write, I write stuff that I think is going to bring unity and harmony.

Um, I also write things that I think are going to inspire people. Um, you

Melissa: know, sometimes it's

Corey Feldman: kind of dark and twisted, but that's, you know, that's life that's reality. We got to go through the dark times to get to the light and we have to endure pain and to grow. So that's certainly the, my experience is I've certainly endured more than my share.

Of pain and maybe a few other people's as well. Um, but, uh, you know, that's led me to be the wise person. I am through a lot of growth and a lot of experience. Um, and that's how we all learn. You know, that's all we all get to be who we are today's is whatever we endure in life. Right. So, um, I [00:47:00] think that the inspiration for me is always putting out something that people can clean too.

You know, one of the greatest comments I ever get is when people write to me and say, you know, your music changed my life, or, you know, I was feeling really depressed and I put on your song and it kept me going, it got me through it, you know, and when I hear messages like that, that's why I do what I do.

Melissa: That's only by any chance I can sit on iTunes,

Corey Feldman: Spotify. Everywhere honey, everywhere. Anywhere digital music is sold. You can find my solo albums. Uh, there's uh, uh, three solo albums, two band albums. My band is called truth movement. Uh, unfortunately one of the truth movement albums was never released digitally.

So I think one day we'll have to get around to digitally remastering and restoring that one too. But that was my second album, but the first

Melissa: album love left in its original form. You can

Corey Feldman: find that. Uh, and it features, you know, feeling funky and a perfect woman from the [00:48:00] dream, a little dream to soundtrack as well as it's so simple, which was, yeah, my first ever, I guess, kind of hit that back in the day.

Cause I sang it on a back to school special with, uh, drew Barrymore in Tatum. O'Neil. Back in 1987, one of the first songs I ever wrote and is actually going to be of course, redone remastered for the new album. Uh, so yeah, it's, it's yeah, very exciting time. Musically, for me, I feel like it's a rebirth and a, you know, and especially with the new music we've got on there, you know, there's stuff that's very contemporary, so you'll probably be able to hear it on your top 40 radio.

And then there's stuff that you know, is going to be the Easter eggs and the gems that all the. The really hardcore fans are


Melissa: to be like, Oh my God, I've been waiting my whole life to get this on CD

Corey Feldman: or download or whatever. So it'll be there.

Casey: It seem like somebody that doesn't just sit around and chill, um, has, has COVID Ben kind of rough on you and has that kind of helped fuel some [00:49:00] musical fire for you?

Corey Feldman: Absolutely. Well, first of all, you know, my wife and I got COVID, we endure the code, we'll know. Yeah. So we, uh, we have come out the other side and we've got the antibodies to prove it. Yeah. I feel like getting a tee shirt or something, you know, but so we, we, we had to go through that and it was a very, very odd experience because at the time that we got it.

Uh, there was very little information. So, uh, we just knew that we were stranded outside of the United States cause we'd gone on vacation and the borders closed.

Casey: Oh, that's the nightmare.

Corey Feldman: Yeah. We got stranded outside of the U S and we had no way to get home and we, all of a sudden weren't feeling right.

Well and realized that we couldn't

Melissa: taste or smell

Corey Feldman: anything.

Melissa: And it was pretty damn scary.

Corey Feldman: And, um, you know, I didn't know if we'd gotten poisoned or what had happened. And then all of a sudden we're watching CNN one day and, uh, you know, they say, Oh yeah, you know, uh, the new symptoms, uh, that they're [00:50:00] reporting right now are that people lose their smell and their taste.

Melissa: And

Corey Feldman: we look at each other and said, is this fake newsers, you know, what's going on? And, uh, yeah. I mean, that was it. It was a real symptom. We realized our jaws dropped and we were like, we've got COVID. That must be it. So, uh, fortunately for us, it wasn't too bad. Uh, we, we both got through it with very minimal problems.

Um, she had a high fever for a day. Um, we didn't know what it was. She went to a doctor, the doctor told her she had a staph infection and she got an injection of a penicillin. Um, so 24 hours later, the fever broke. And you know, like I said, a few days after yeah, we got those symptoms. But aside from that, yeah, really not too much more.

I had to like cough, no big, um,

Melissa: And then we were fine,

Corey Feldman: you know, we were fine, but of course we recognize that we were extremely lucky and a lot of that has to do with the fact that we are vegetarian and vegan and we, you know, are very health conscious. We don't drink [00:51:00] alcohol, we don't smoke cigarettes. You know, we don't have preexisting conditions.

So there's a lot of reasons why it didn't hit us very hard. I'm sure. Um, but yeah, so we had to survive that too.

Casey: Um, I'm glad you're both, uh, you know, back to back to normal. And, uh,

Corey Feldman: but that said back to your question. Yes, we did use the downtime to get creative and being out of the country as long as we were, I obviously did a lot of writing.

I finally landed on somebody's living room floor that happened to have a piano in their living room. And, um, you know, God's already two songs, but, um, As it word, uh, you know, eventually my trusty friend and engineer came to, we were where we were, because I couldn't get back for awhile still because there was like a quarantine law and they wanted us to fly into a different state in quarantine, in a different state before we could go back to our own state.

And it was just like, Oh my God, it would be easier just to have him come here. So he ended up coming to [00:52:00] where we were. And we ended up recording the album overseas and then, um, you know, and then we've been back recently and doing some of the final touches and stuff back at the home studio, but, uh, it's been quite the adventure for sure.

Melissa: Yeah. It's, it's an interesting time right now, I think because I've been talking to a lot of artists and for some it's stifling creativity because of anxiety and for others, it's allowing them to have that space to explore it. So I think it's very interesting to hear your perspective.

Corey Feldman: Well, I feel like we've all got a lot to say right now.

Now, you know, whether people are able to realize it now, or if it's going to come vomiting out of them in the future. Uh, we're all experiencing, I think, more than anything, my hope is that the world gets there, you know, the way things are going, it seems like a, there's no guarantee on any future for any of us at this point.

And I think that's why there's so much fear. Uh, you know, unfortunately the, the media, the politicians everybody's controlling our minds with fear-mongering and, you know, I mean, when you [00:53:00] watch Fox news, for example, I mean, every ad, literally every ad is in

Melissa: Virginia at yourself, safety, safety, safety, you know, don't let them come and

Corey Feldman: kill you in the middle of the night.

Melissa: How can we

Corey Feldman: rest? How can we rest if we're, if we're we're being led to believe that every minute there's a threat to our lives, there's a threat to our safety. There's a threat to our family.

Melissa: And that's the average person,

Corey Feldman: right? Imagine going through what I'm going through on top of it. So you've

Melissa: got real threats that are being aimed at you,

Corey Feldman: and then you've got all the world's threats that we're all dealing with.

So it's a lot. It's really a lot. And I guess that could be creatively stifling. Uh, but for me, I just end up, you know, regurgitating it all back out at you. So, um, you know, I haven't written the COVID song yet, but I have certainly written a message to the Wolf pack, whether I ever decided to release it or not, maybe another.

A situation altogether due to legal issues. But, [00:54:00] um, you know, I certainly got it out and recorded it. I mean, I think that's what we have to do. That's our responsibility as artists is to, you know, kind of watch from the outside perspective and, and write an analysis of what we think. Everybody else is feeling.

Melissa: Do you

Casey: mind if we talk a little bit about, um, um, I'm really curious on your IMDV page, it says that, uh, there's the possibility of a Goonies too. Is that ever going to happen?

Corey Feldman: There's always the possibility of a good excuse.

Casey: It's so bad. Corey.

Corey Feldman: We all

Melissa: don't

Corey Feldman: listen. You know, the paychecks certainly wouldn't hurt right about now.

I promise you that, but that said. You know, I'm not holding my breath either. Cause I would be a very blue man and I'd be joining the blue man group at that point. And I'm sure they're out of business too. So that would give you very far.

Melissa: Don't want that. Right.

Corey Feldman: It's a blue man group with no group, you know? Yeah. [00:55:00] That was good. Don't get just a blue guy at that point. I could run up maybe for the Smurf committee. I don't know. Um, but anyway, yeah. So, uh, no, um, Nope, no plans at the moment.

Melissa: Yeah. Okay,

Corey Feldman: just dreamers, but you never know. I mean, look, at the end of the day, we did our big reunion

Melissa: and Chris

Corey Feldman: Columbus was very inspired seeing all of us together.

And he made claims that he's now working on a sequel and actually writing for the first time in decades. Cause you know, he became a very prolific director and stopped, uh, actually writing scripts for quite a while. So he said that he's been so inspired by our recent interaction. Not meaning mine and his, but all of us as a group, um, that he she's the chemistry and it's magic and he wants to bring it back.

So he's, he's given it a crack. So we'll see. You never know, you never know.

[00:56:00] Casey: Right. Also been barraged by people saying, Oh my God, you're talking to Corey Feldman. Tell him how much, uh, I love, you know, blah, blah, blah, whatever movie. And there's so many movies. Um, Right now the lost boys is a huge,

Melissa: huge

Casey: thing that people keep asking me about. So do you have, do you have any dirt on the

Melissa: last point?

No, I have to interrupt you. I was like, I I'm from Monterrey and that's about 20 minutes outside of there. The last place was stone. So growing up for me. It looks like a huge deal. Everyone, bikers, it's movie films. And, um, to this day, people are still going to the, each boardwalk and doing last place screening.


Corey Feldman: we did a huge, a huge concert with my band truth movement on the Santa Cruz boardwalk for the 25th anniversary of this [00:57:00] nice, you know, it was a bittersweet event because it was also the one year anniversary versary of Cory's passing. Uh, so we did it also as a tribute to him, but the boy that was an event, there was like 25,000 people out there.

I mean, it was crazy,

Melissa: such a huge,

Corey Feldman: huge, biggest concert I've ever done is as you know, us being the headliner, it was, it was pretty amazing. Um, but anyways, so that,

Melissa: but I'll, I'll tell you something else. If you're from Monterey, you're actually closer

Corey Feldman: to where we shot the end of

Melissa: really?

Corey Feldman: Yeah, because we shot that up.

The Northern coast. There

Melissa: did not know that.

Corey Feldman: Yeah. You know where the three rocks are and all that.

Melissa: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That was there, like a couple of weeks.

Corey Feldman: Yeah, exactly. So, you know, people think that we were in our story the whole time, but you know, as you know, if you're from that area, that's not in Oregon, that's in California.

And so that's where we actually shot the end sequence with the pirate ship, going out on the water and all that stuff and the SUV or the SRA, the ORVs going down the sand and all of that stuff. [00:58:00] But

Melissa: I'm going to tell everybody they're going to be so excited. I know you're very, uh, that movie and you are very beloved around this area because it was such an iconic time.

Corey Feldman: Well, thank you. Yes. And you know, of course both, both films are true to my heart, but yeah, if you haven't seen the sequels, you know, we did make two sequels to lost boys. And the third one is actually really good.

Casey: I was kept from renting that movie as a kid, um, because, uh, it freaked my mom out when she saw it.

So, um, I had to wait until I was an adult to actually

Melissa: sit down

Corey Feldman: equally the SQL or the original,

Casey: the original, the original

Melissa: sequels. Have you seen the sequels?

Casey: I have not.

Corey Feldman: Oh yeah, you got to see him.

Melissa: Oh, you guys got to see them.

Corey Feldman: They're cool. Like th the second one's okay. It's called the tribe. And, uh, it's got keepers.

Sutherland's brother playing the main bad guy. So that's pretty cool. Um, yeah, his name is Angus Sutherland. And then, um, but you know, it's, it's kind of more of a [00:59:00] nod to the original than it. It kind of follows it as a real cul. Whereas the third one. Actually it's more of a proper sequel and it's like the return of the frog brothers.

So I'm in both of them. I'm in all three, but in Corey, Haim's in all three as well, by the way. Um, he actually did, you know, shot parts for part two. And then part three, we did a tribute to him.

Melissa: Jamie's a new Lander who played

Corey Feldman: my brother is also in all three films. So you definitely got to see him. They're good movies.

Yeah, the tribe and the thirst.

Casey: We'll definitely have to check that out and we'll put up some, um, some info on, uh,

Corey Feldman: my truth doc. Yes. Calm my treat. doc.com. Hold on. Wait, I've got a better one for you. Hold on. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Uh, Oh, I might, I don't know if I can do this. You guys can still hear me. Right.


Melissa: Oh yeah.

Corey Feldman: Can you still, okay, good. So this is the new, the new thing around the Feldman [01:00:00] camp is. Me very dark, dark, dark, dark means my truth. That's right. Nice. We'll Churchill's too, which has kids too. So there you have it. So yes,

Melissa: in Spanish subtitles, starting tonight at midnight.

Corey Feldman: We heard the dock where my truck dock and only [email protected] Oslo and available for the closed caption for the hearing impaired and, um, you know, and, and for all the rest of us, hopefully everybody gets a chance to see the movie.

Cause it is the most important work I've ever done.

Casey: And I've read a few reviews of this film. And, um, one thing that I've consistently read is this film was made with a lot of love and, uh, it's, it is actually an entertaining movie. Uh, even though it has such heavy subject matter, it's very well done and it's an entertaining film.


Melissa: yeah, I mean, we try not to be heavy hitting

Corey Feldman: the whole time, even though of course it [01:01:00] is very easy. Heavy subject matter, but there's a little bit of nostalgia to, you know, we know that it's going to be a lot of two 40 spans, and certainly this has done only to honor his memory and his legacy and put him in the best possible light, um, you know, completely adverse to what his mother or the people in that camp would say.

Our intention was always to show what a tremendous talent he is, what an amazing character and person he was and what an incredible best friend he was to me. That's, that's what it's about. And it's about the fact that we were two kids that had a bond. Um, so deeply. Because we had everything in common, you know, we were the same age.

We were the same height. We were both Jewish. We were both named Corey. My favorite number is 22. His is two, two, two. I mean, it was just kind of uncanny. You know, our names are even spelled the same way. I mean, it's just, it's, it's all very surrealistic, I guess. But [01:02:00] the point is, is that, you know, we had this bond that nobody could ever understand.

It's unbreakable. We were brothers and we will always be brothers. And that's just, that's what it's about. You know, it's about me making sure that people understand that, you know, all the things they heard about him being a druggie and this and that, and, you know, please stop with it because he was a victim and he was a survivor and he ultimately ended life as a victim because of the pain I believe.

I mean, you know, yes, he died of natural causes, but that's. Due to all the pain he endured. That's why he died before he was 40 years old. And I don't even know really what the circumstances of his death were. That's a whole other story for another time, but you know, I'm not even sure he died of natural causes.

I don't know what else,

Casey: man. This is, uh, such a, um, a loving, uh, Testament to, uh, to your friendship and the, the love you have for him. [01:03:00] And, um, it is such an awesome thing that you've done and, uh, are continuing to do for other kids. Um, if you we're talking to someone going through something like you went through like, like the other Cory went through, what would you tell them?

What's the, what's the number one thing you can tell them right now to help them with their situation.

Melissa: Exactly.

Corey Feldman: What the song is, I think I've put it all pretty, uh, eloquently into the song. And the song is not just a message to Cory, but it's to all survivors and what the song

Melissa: says and is you are free

Corey Feldman: to live your life, to be who you want to be.

And don't be afraid to tell people the truth. Don't be afraid to confront it and to face your fears because things silent will lead. Do you know where it will only build your pain? It will only keep you a prisoner and it will only allow them to gain more and more artillery so that when you're finally [01:04:00] ready to come forward.

They've got all these made up scenarios, backstories and things that they can build to try and perpetrate you as the bad guy and, you know, make themselves look so innocent. So, you know, people who do this,

Melissa: people

Corey Feldman: who are criminals that are perpetrators like this, they're generally pretty smart in how they build their world around them so that they look innocent and it's very deceptive and it's very tricky.

And they usually are surrounded by heavy influenced power. And so, you know, that's why people are afraid. They're afraid because they go to the police and the police don't believe, or the police turn them over to the people that they're reporting. I mean, all of this kind of stuff happened, so people get afraid.

But all I can say is don't let that fear control you because doing nothing will achieve nothing but facing your fears, being vocal, standing up for yourself, respecting yourself, no matter what, and knowing that it's not your fault, [01:05:00] those are the most important things that any survivors should hear.

Casey: That's a good words to know. And, um, I have someone very close to me who is a survivor and, um, it still affects her very greatly, uh, to this day. And, um,

Corey Feldman: it's a lifelong drama. It's a lifelong drama

Casey: and people like you going out and, and. Being proactive in, in doing things, uh, to help and, uh, to get people out of that situation.

I have so much respect for, so thank you for what you do. And, um, thank you for spreading the word as to how other people can do it. Uh, can, can. Help people. So, uh, again, thanks again, Corey, for coming on.

Corey Feldman: I think you guys should be giving me your voice and your platform and, you know, spreading this word because nothing is more important and it really does mean the world to me.

So I'm grateful to both of you and thank you for spending the time.

Casey: Corey has been excellent talking to you, man. Thank you again for coming on. Uh, if you ever [01:06:00] want to come back on. Anytime it gives the holler and, uh, wash your hands mask up and, uh,

Corey Feldman: they save America. Thank you, God bless you. I love you all.

Thanks again, brother. Bye bye.


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