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Conversations with Denis Caron of
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Conversations with Denis Caron of

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We are again joined by Denis Caron from Corvink! The sponsor for our Marvel Netflix week, comic creator and founder of! Denis and John are friends form back when John was doing web-comics and we finally talked Denis into coming on the show! He's always been a strong supporter of what we do and after Emerald City Comic Con this year he decided to listen and has pretty much heart them all! This conversation took place after the Batman Ninja review so there are some call backs to it, but it stands separate from it. After you listen be sure to check out Denis's website over at!

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Kenric: [0:00] Alright what back sport country i can agree can that you know what mr worsley fuck this shit you do the intro. John: [0:10] Welcome back to split the country i'm can re-create that johnny what i mean. I mean will come back to work or to guys who i'm johnny the other guy that can recover their and today a, it's a continuation of our bandage episode because we talk for too long with that is and we ended up at about thirty thirty five element was wet last episode was how long it was we got appoints i talk about a bunch of other shit and. Kenric: [0:33] We get to that point we that shit down as a master editor to make a cohesive batman interview show. John: [0:41] Yeah i could use a little over the place and it wasn't interesting movies if you don't listen out when you wanna without about that go back one episode episode ninety eight or another norbert of the number use whatever means matter so that will tennis. Kenric: [0:52] The link that will. John: [0:53] It's a five so yeah lol i'm talking really fast and makes it for some reason to see the good the good shit haha perfect. Kenric: [0:56] I don't know who you are talking really fast every year fast talker naturally but didn't do. John: [1:02] I'm on a roll why i'm excited of us americans we had a fun time with that is i cannot wait to have him back onto just it felt so natural having on the show. Kenric: [1:10] We did have a good time with dennis he is the owner proprietor recording dot com this you all are b i n k dot com you should go check it out he's got some hilarious stuff there t-shirt in this amazing. John: [1:23] Likes like like save the environment kill yourself about it right this time. Kenric: [1:26] Yeah he's got some amazing are there you guys very talented is a lot of fun to talk to and where this is it this is a fun time great conversation. John: [1:36] Yeah so you hear more from him in the future cuz we're gonna have back on have another idea with him to do that so which is gonna be a lot of fun and i think that's good for the intro you guys so that's it guys mummy's not the guys. Kenric: [1:49] It will there was a time when when first your was is i had a buddy that told i told miami made me my nephew or make. Me and john are gonna start a cut a podcast he's like man just don't say guys so stupid when people do its duty that are a it's a it it stuck in my head but then after was like what the fuck. John: [2:10] Right i really don't see guys like okay one sec guys and we just dropped ashley to so. Kenric: [2:14] Squad fran fran's blood. John: [2:16] What's happening with your is talking to dennis about a bunch of stuff is really good have a half on. Kenric: [2:31] Delhi to re do it. Denis: [2:34] What was the name of the city. Kenric: [2:37] Right to read that the read your voice. John: [2:41] You know what did you send me a video tape to watch about why dc movies fail and it i agree with that guy but hundred percent. Kenric: [2:50] Share johnny what was it. John: [2:53] Yeah i also don't to base of that just to was is they don't feel because the carriage that also because it kids can be film that they faithfully fail because one rescues hiring people who don't understand caters and don't turn up to lectures and the russian everything. Kenric: [3:06] Yeah that's hundred. Denis: [3:08] Core concept of what he was saying was that most people seem to think that the judge the dc characters are basically, the golden age and and so great whatever version and other kind of flabby don't have any characteristics be on like i fight building and i when and then like most peoples i owe you one more or better is because they have deeper stories and and are there more realistic animal, but the date for the fact that the cd had of all over the years since the more recent stories really explore a lot of like. Like who is superman me that reasons a man comical american alien not a superman story. It's about like clerk big mike and his house and stop as a small building on version. Let down alot to develop characters and there's a lot you can take into movies now but some reason. Peoples and was kinda flat and i guess the execs over at borders also seeing my way to cuz that's a waste lines. Is there like it was down and he's just he's just this thing but these images just picture us and we're gonna. Also and and such thing as they do so so i mean we also about him handing just wanted the first ever coming up. Kenric: [4:21] Repeat a we're marketed to that's for sure. John: [4:26] Right. When the key thing about that video system in the the point that it is do people always say no if it's still saying you know that in dc it's you it's god trying to be people and more with people trying to be god's right is a main theme of the characters. And will i won't budge true on that on the high level service don't realize that within, the sea of last fifty years that a lot of work on on humanizes these characters and make you set tony's great stories are just about them being got about them to china fight a lot of with the ground it will stop and some of the best administers the one degrees not fighting anybody. Kenric: [4:58] Well what you get through the silly sixties and you get into the seventies on dc's story telling drastically changes. You see a heavy just look at batman when you as start takes or batman it gets really really heavy and look what he does with green you know green lantern and green arrow heavy heavy heavy look at. Crisis of infinite earths they fucking kill a ton of people in make it a very heavy and story driven. Crossover event it's it's. John: [5:29] We had to kill the that should be on flashing was dead for almost twenty five years. Kenric: [5:33] Yeah it's it it is it's not. Denis: [5:34] Oh really is running on. John: [5:36] Oh yeah increases birthday befor supervisor will park and dies several and then bring on flash sacrifices himself to stop, them from crashing on the wrists together and string all and all every where so he he dies and that's it it saves the universe, write it down to one earth and then he stay dead all the ladies all the nineties don't come back until flash rebirth my two thousand four. Kenric: [6:03] Yeah no dc has some very deep characters and a lot and we're talking almost a hundred years of character development. John: [6:11] Yeah eighty years after saddam insane. Kenric: [6:12] Do you mess this up you know but i think you're right johnny i think they're hiring people that don't. Wanna take the time to read and understand the characters james gone when he did car the galaxy said he went back and read all the comic books. Cuz he wanted understanding what he was working with and loved level and then sold on the not even the original guardian the galaxy he's you know it's it's the the newest generation of that tea. John: [6:40] But when you understand the source material you can make changes and make them work that's the problem is. Kenric: [6:44] Yep anyone and hits the spirit of everything and that's like your st they don't you know when you have zack snyder doing superman he doesn't understand the spirit of what he's working with. John: [6:54] Him and it is for you don't get sick from at all and i don't like superman either so. Kenric: [6:58] What i don't understand how you don't get superman when you could just watch richard donner superman in superman two. John: [7:05] Right or just or just watched the departed just the cartoon mean you know. Denis: [7:10] I don't know because you're this but lately i feel like because you guys don't talk about my back and stomach the most significant but apparently the seeker or whatever now. And he overcame superman so much that like of course it runs on its not that but i feel like he is that's in the scene away like there there other than the death of superman coming up now not making superman animation animated movies anymore. Why can't they destroy his character in and the songs right like they just don't care anymore but batman will they are gonna do. This is the only one that's animated movies you go to like a book store like thirty percent forty percent of the book the batman. John: [7:51] Is the everyone's dead the batman. Kenric: [7:53] Do you do you thinks you resume the top five dc character today i don't even. John: [8:00] What would be the top man top five best people like they like a top five selling. Kenric: [8:05] How do you want to take it i don't think that if you take the average person may everybody knows to man is but i think is it a top five favorite character. Denis: [8:17] I think like me and john have to defend superman constantly because everyone on my friends like that say i asked him people superman nine of them are not john and the rest of them hating. Kenric: [8:32] Yeah yeah that's that's. Denis: [8:33] So the in the public eye i feel like something is popular on. Kenric: [8:37] That's what i mean you know in cuz it's like you know batman obviously is dc's number one i think the flash right now is more popular i think green arrow right now is more popular i think. Denis: [8:49] Yeah that focus on making a good version of the tv show. Kenric: [8:52] I think super girl right now is more popular. Denis: [8:55] Probably. John: [8:57] Right i think so too many his printer at looking at you know tops on kinda books rights are sincere quick what's the what's up with more popular and everything in due in january five of the top tens on twenty books. You're worldwide we're back in box and put more books. Kenric: [9:14] Tomorrow that's kind of that surprising. John: [9:17] Yeah that was is it the top five or do the clock dirt metal batman thirty eight am and thirty nine and then they'll always batman white knight and batman this of number one was overnight so top five top ten were on batman books. Kenric: [9:30] I mean scott snyder is doing a wonderful job on batman he did for along time there to do for to do and they're just not giving that type of document have a talent to submit right now or love. John: [9:44] I just i just really have to have great telephone superman does not promoting it like if you read. Kenric: [9:48] That's that's probably true that from. John: [9:49] If you read the reaper stories it's me and there were the good and it's put me be just hired by michael bennett and he's taking the rest of man so. I'm either the pretty name is amanda doing something with the but. If they can keep do that and i don't know i hope they keep pushing because i think that means are great character as every with his nose in just need to get some attention and the questions of the macbooks re-enter seventy five and getting spider man venom, a meeting for one no matter what i want or the the projector january. Kenric: [10:19] Spider man's hot right now because the do the red goblin yeah and you bill and called the red devil and it's it's taken off. John: [10:29] I wish they would just make new characters not make order to do names or new like colors like you something. Denis: [10:35] There not for long time with crumbled and she hold and when it is. John: [10:38] Yeah i mean dizzy due to the death of the two that will do it so just make a new character cron. Kenric: [10:43] What you like weapon. Denis: [10:44] I'm. John: [10:48] I don't either i replace i don't know i like gray pack i'm a huge fan of his writing in the q right amazing stuff maturity or but cannot use religion series. Kenric: [10:56] New man now you just matching over in crime altogether got here. John: [11:00] Right right right i can make if you know that decide because decide just let him in i think it's funny that there's there's no water in hot high protector multi person sometime i should i was doing a lifetime trying my jewelry hot guy but a call to with the water hulk on my instagram. Kenric: [11:15] Four o'clock. John: [11:16] Reading six months later the of the thing and replace now cool. Kenric: [11:18] I'll be in a. John: [11:20] Hope your hollering at. Denis: [11:21] I like those names better. John: [11:23] Great in the column whole career that awesome. Denis: [11:27] You know i'm supposed to have done that cuz there's like a girl when i am now for venom yet like. Kenric: [11:32] When pull those gram. Denis: [11:33] Get one for your one of the venom go when it's like on. John: [11:37] That's spider gwen benefits whenever there is quinn pool and spider-crab like spider grand but. Kenric: [11:39] Do you know that there is an amazing spider a cover and at the. Denis: [11:43] I didn't. Kenric: [11:44] I think it's number six hundred six fifteen years like that and it's a variant and its mary jane as venom. And the stupid book sells like fifteen hundred bucks it's ridiculous yes nothing to do with that the cover to. Denis: [12:01] Is a very interested. Kenric: [12:01] Yeah yeah it's all career very it's so dumb though it's cooler. John: [12:05] Seventy eight to three mins but i'm sick seventy eight bryant. Kenric: [12:09] Six seventy eight marissa how to solve for. John: [12:11] Which on awful quick bite it as you know she was and i don't fucking like variants made. Kenric: [12:16] Yeah we had a whole wheat what we did i will show. John: [12:19] I like him but i hate him now. Kenric: [12:22] Cuz you i hate them but then when weather there i want it so dentist last year were fdcc. We're doing we got all the retailers stuff. And we were in an d see comes up and actually dc was the most like marvel was very corporate. John: [12:48] Mother was very core of. Kenric: [12:49] Yeah yet they were told everybody to put their phones away and if we see your phone a security guard will take your phone for the event and. Denis: [12:57] What's the weather like. Kenric: [12:58] Yeah will dc comes up says please take out your phones it was hilarious. John: [13:03] They ripped up ripped them off a pretty hard. Kenric: [13:05] But the co up and the and the they talk they brought up the subject of variants and like hey we know the cop bookstores are not liking variance because you know you know how the whole system works right that to buy ten copies to get the one in tender it. Would have to buy her copies of the one one hundred whatever and their stuck with all these cop that knows my. [13:26] And they said hey for batt for the batman middle of it no variants were everything all cool everybody clap the rumor was all excited and then we come home in september batman model comes out what happens fucking variants and everything will cover. Denis: [13:40] The date just on the first of the they do the whole thing works on every issue. Kenric: [13:46] At the very on every issue man i was pissed i feel so lied to so bad that you belong to. John: [13:53] We haven't gone to and go to many verify with that address on the ship we all know that the first three just came out there like thirteen variants makes the fuck you guys, it's your question a. A grated copy of that book of meiji refinements and it sort of like fifteen hundred dollars and i'm going to his hundred one aurora raw so for four hundred. Kenric: [14:12] Tell my god it's so crazy. John: [14:16] That's why. Denis: [14:17] I try to find and see the picture of the picture of the seas on on messenger was home. John: [14:22] Yeah but it's authentic entity is pretty funny. Denis: [14:26] It is a picture of my from the animated cartoon and they just reaching stay sober but i'm engine does arm around spider man. John: [14:35] Open the lid open the shutters double a three once and overlapping can see it. Denis: [14:40] Sorry to. Kenric: [14:41] Be the cover of this unit that should always be the the graphic for the episode. John: [14:46] So which ever gonna give them on of batman ninja episode. Kenric: [14:49] Fuck why and is it weird enough. John: [14:52] I used it on its on brenda's. Kenric: [14:54] My god so i will go ahead. Denis: [14:59] Going back to hold you see what everything i might my problems with it while watching that is like. Me realize more and more and i have this is a feeling about batman now that i just do not like him anymore and will always washing is setting in that i don't like it even more because now that they know that like. That i will i will buy it i will go see it will whatever and they don't even care that's good and i saw an and it is if i felt insulted that let you know one way that was like. Is it something anything on the light and it's like when i go to go to comic store i see that i think that's all there is an. Is this the same oracle john before that like i'm one another superman animation i want another wonder woman animation this i think this is really stupid is because. Wonder woman like was super high frozen and. Mainstream movie thing so what they going like oh hey let's go make another wonder woman animations and she's doing so well and the girls. Kenric: [16:05] The animated movie was awesome. Denis: [16:08] It is i am i am three copies of. John: [16:10] To go guys so ninety came out. Kenric: [16:12] Are you serious of nine years ago. John: [16:13] Yeah yeah. Denis: [16:14] Other than keri russell voice i'm about the movie. Kenric: [16:17] She is she was one woman in the car. Denis: [16:20] Yeah i deserve she just doesn't sound quite right i think we're sorry dawson so much better. John: [16:26] Shoes which is great i from the real. Denis: [16:29] But other than her i love everything about the movie is just like it was fine lines and it was like it was a good story and light. John: [16:36] Do you know that movie was written michaelson on right. Denis: [16:38] Oh really not in. Kenric: [16:40] See why don't they do that movie again. John: [16:41] There was a chicks to cover it. Kenric: [16:44] Movie but why do another enemy wonder woman because that was great except windows nine years. Denis: [16:49] And it doesn't need it doesn't medium at like university examinations little dated like to, let's start over let's do a mean version or or like he is a student in line wonder woman with your stupid she has gone get. But lately just havent wonder woman animation light on a solo thing because it could be really good just got a whole roster characters of a have a lease for an. John: [17:13] We lost innocent. Denis: [17:13] Go to waste your or my time just areas occasion but like. John: [17:18] Morning sunshine. Denis: [17:19] She's got other interesting characters. Kenric: [17:23] Technical difficulties. John: [17:25] Yeah i could just woke up which is either gone grow grow grow grow grow. Kenric: [17:28] What is it a real out the ideal out. John: [17:33] Nah maybe i just security possibly early. Kenric: [17:36] Dennis is on a roll to. John: [17:39] I know yeah get thirty cups of the. Denis: [17:43] Well done you hear this later my internet died on the back. Kenric: [17:52] Yeah what's he doing. John: [17:53] Almost that i don't know if so what is your for severe i already have just like when men make any sound for. Kenric: [18:03] Hey. Denis: [18:05] My entire internet just completely drop off. Kenric: [18:08] Well you sound different. Denis: [18:11] You are the sum was a better. Kenric: [18:13] It actually sounds a little better if i get sounds like you may be going through your iq earbuds now. Denis: [18:20] Of course. Kenric: [18:21] So johnny has the way to make a sandwich but you are on a roll talking about wonder woman in maybe doing the rebirth of course of it. Denis: [18:33] Yeah i'm doing anything you got another now i get it when you get like holy cd dark and your into it and then something breaks your attention and use the. Kenric: [18:43] Yeah that's how to get back into it you did you see the. Did you see the cover of my favorite wonder woman cover is i think it's one of the rebirth once we're. If she's on and all its with the alternate worlds in a world shoes on but joker i think it's on the the blood the the what the world were batman the vampire. Play rain. Denis: [19:07] No no no. Kenric: [19:09] Blood or something. Denis: [19:10] And this is what is this rebirth stop. Kenric: [19:13] Yeah and because the will was right before rebirth when they basically destroyed a bunch of the of the world but the cover anyways find the cover the cover. Denis: [19:24] I'm hungry but i don't see it. Kenric: [19:25] Is crazy cuz. Denis: [19:26] Always the convergence one. Kenric: [19:28] Yeah convergence that's what is it it's wonder woman and joker is vampire with google. Denis: [19:34] I got from now yeah. Kenric: [19:36] That covers crazy looking. Denis: [19:38] That's cool like it in so i started. I started reading dc from river so like the ball is going on the convergence always other things are not read or what yeah around river doesn't have one back and started a fifty two. And then no longer having a is i don't care reverse at all do you like river. Kenric: [20:03] It's okay you know yeah i read mostly image. [20:09] Of i i do read some batman and i didn't i have been reading more separately. Cuz when the guys comes on our show was scott got becki and he co director you co created and does all the and he did the initial pencils for the first two volumes of copper head which. If you have a red copper head that that is awesome. Denis: [20:31] Did you just think of an example of me or one of the jobs or. Kenric: [20:34] Oh yeah that's. Denis: [20:36] You got involved um getting a sandwich. Kenric: [20:38] You do listen to our show. Denis: [20:40] I've listened to almost every episode now except the ones where i have read that yet so in one light listen to it but then like i finally read. The awesome suck on a hundred none of the disease story like you right after john. Recommend getting hot so i finally found one hundred and then immediately. Oh i live in a gray the messenger gas to the house again clearing that will be spoilers really can talk about anything on which and. I love that story was great and that's where the shines a lot but they do like those kinda like one stories like it's. But else world kinda thing it doesn't really matter out of your community things is just like a regular great story with some great characters. And that's it i'm leslie could dominos in animation like this could be one of those haha. Kenric: [21:38] I like to book dracula vs batman that animated story line with the joker and everybody turning into vampires i love that. Denis: [21:46] What is that. John: [21:48] That was a two thousand five. Kenric: [21:49] Yeah two thousand five. Denis: [21:51] Is that movie putting. John: [21:53] So the more that weird the weird the batman so they made for a while. Denis: [21:57] Tell us what you observed that is crazy animation is weird. John: [22:01] Yeah it was it was out of that. Denis: [22:03] Okay okay users was so little. John: [22:07] I watched part of it and it was like one hundred five yeah i was part of it but i mean and i don't like the way space look not so the feb off. Kenric: [22:14] Which which guy. John: [22:15] But the batteries check and movies based out is coming out of the show the back. Kenric: [22:19] Oh like that that movie that they'd watch that show i just saw that movie and so that. John: [22:23] Yeah i'm on the model is fine it was fine. Denis: [22:28] Yeah not a us was working in the back and actually will i mean always and what's the number one's almost but, one of my really started liking and was going back in the gym because that's was what was on tv that it drew me and my guys even watch the. What's is than one religion under the names and now the weather has been animations look at it and. John: [22:53] The temp there someone return all the. Denis: [22:54] Yeah there's someone i actually never watched that one i've never watched someone what interests you like like it was on the back that will really hope to spend. Kenric: [23:03] The best of. Denis: [23:04] Yeah yeah but i think am holding both of us yesterday yet so i think my and my timeline. John: [23:12] Que la sixty revenue for that. Denis: [23:14] Is it is it to receive my. John: [23:17] The sum of that. Denis: [23:18] But i am missing you guys podcast i'm gonna arrest your ages approximately mikael. I think i'm younger than both of them someone is what started watching cartons of brandy on was was one reason for me. So that was on cds and wasn't in two thousand and it will come on time. Kenric: [23:39] Right right. John: [23:40] Apple two hundred. Kenric: [23:41] Pokey well done. Denis: [23:42] I still play poker face. John: [23:44] It's that serious. Kenric: [23:47] That that guy was huge though right i did you do in the was that was a call up okay one yeah the pokemon go used to play now and then is. Denis: [23:57] Yeah i know someone planned. Kenric: [23:58] Yeah but when i came out it was like. Denis: [24:01] Oh no it was a six. Kenric: [24:02] If you thought i other played twenty one. Denis: [24:04] Dude that was such an experience like i have been so after infiniti word happening again where i can go out into public without running into a random person and having just pulmonary conversation was never meant. And we're just like enjoying each others company and we're like yeah we're nerds high five. And that it went away for a while and something you words and is back again literally every single time i've gone outside and going to the best buy on topic barnes and noble office depot. An employee or a random person in public smoke when under the teacher to receive any were and like today and this that's twenty minutes my life is gone with a stranger in. John: [24:48] I know that i know the feeling man. Kenric: [24:49] Awesome i think it's cool that that goes where i grew up. So i was born in seventy four right so i was in junior high in the mid to late eighties and you until batman it'll actually batman came out nineteen eighty nine. You didn't talk about comic books you know i mean you're a guy you're gonna get beat up every much was a lot like that you know. Denis: [25:15] I'm leaving my suv bike sauce corn a five. So like in the nineties like i was made fun of like receiving any hundred so i don't really late so i think the last ten years like ever since i don't think this change because ryan has. Kenric: [25:30] I think so too i think it's cool that that now when you go out people were like talking about all the stuff that we grew up loving and going to all these are great stories give it a chance read this you you'll like it more than you think you will and now people like. Denis: [25:45] Yeah hundred. Kenric: [25:46] Fucking a you're right. John: [25:48] In our group i was born eighty two times a little and dentist and it was the usa me i retire before that tone with school over twenty books i did time with it so i clicked batman superman comics right ovary now it was just, you know yeah i play guitar and rock band it was not know i retire to some of them might wanna drum sunday. Denis: [26:07] I want the dual with the music and or is like one of my bestest buddies that way and i was that way like i will the thousands of things you. John: [26:18] Yeah yeah i with with music. Denis: [26:22] I think we're just will were or pieces that will only stress feeling some music and i want to draw with these other things so it's all related but it was more socially acceptable to be in a band that was that you can touch a comic book. John: [26:37] Any kind of abandonment of the evil better not any kind of a was worth it was more accepting. Denis: [26:41] Meet me in high school i have a. Turn on like my parents how would each to might happen will here's a texting her and my brothers guitar and singing visiting and like. Tons of liberals like i didn't notice it just so all you girls were like into that wasn't quite like. Jersey but doesn't ring when calling them on the books zero. Kenric: [27:06] Who would you the code like you will you pull it out like you're like you're like the teacher in greeting to the clinic garners you like and then batman went to the grocery store and here you see him punching joker in the face. Denis: [27:24] I just thought of I roll up to school with like my guitar case and all these girls are like swimming and I walk over to the amphitheater I pull it out looks like a lot of guitar in his blood. Kenric: [27:37] Every tell you about superman. John: [27:39] You know in a perfect world that we get the checks or write. Kenric: [27:42] In a perfect world that would get the checks. Denis: [27:44] It's changed to what is. Kenric: [27:46] Gardener d ability to recall every first appearance of anybody says anything we get always get you the girls. Denis: [27:54] One of the best buy the other day i was always mine only one. No i wasn't that was hella pair my friends my whole day and i had a superman shirt on and the girl there is always loved you like superman and batman more and i was like i didn't work superman watch what, i've never heard that before you get super dirty with me and she's like. Shes is in my office the flash and an order of those like well fuck just happened with the idea of a cross systems like. This is a weird world malik is all our desserts are has about things are out the door and i mean everyone's a nerd it's great i love it but it's so awesome. Kenric: [28:34] They d realize that nerds rule the world you know. John: [28:37] Right and all these things that we loved as kids are are cool. Kenric: [28:38] All those jocks works for us at. Denis: [28:41] Do you think of some point and then jostle evening or because every everybody center now we'll wait switch. Kenric: [28:48] Can like home come. Denis: [28:50] Thirty years and now. Kenric: [28:51] Just talking you know in home like that's wonderful at homecoming was the way they portrayed flash and who. John: [28:58] Lately he was dinner. Kenric: [28:59] Yeah no using the nerve peter was still the nerd but they were in a stem style school with no athletics. And flashes. John: [29:09] He was the ark it was a jock. Kenric: [29:10] Yeah that's on the ne like about the show it wasn't that they changed it is weird to say this way but i don't know how to put it is not the change flashes ethnicity anyway. Denis: [29:21] What were you talking about. John: [29:23] Starts but i am coming. Kenric: [29:24] So at home coming with your talk about the culture and how it's because. Denis: [29:28] I know this is for use of last couple times and we are we talk oh okay okay i was just got i got it yeah. Kenric: [29:31] Flash thompson he's the bully in thought and in peter's high school that always ball is in a. Denis: [29:38] I was thinking about flashes time of the flash to my mind was like what the world. Kenric: [29:42] That's awesome. I didn't catch the changes of the city what i care about is the meeting he was smaller than peter. Get me and it doesn't make any sense and the fact that there and a stem school i was like why you doing this he's he's of these a football jock that a bully to appear. No i hate it that you can about me i don't care that he was he couldn't black japanese chinese whatever your me that that doesn't matter. Denis: [30:13] For me like i think the bullies on his half of your job and it is it is it looks like it wasn't properly pulley and he wasn't in the smaller. Kenric: [30:24] I think for me it's because he would it wasn't the mind level that he intimidated peter at it was the physical altercations that he in ten million maps and one peter gets bitten by the spider that. Get room first you need me and you'll you'll lose all of that when you do it the way they did it. Denis: [30:45] That devil isn't line was like she is she's not like and am i your i have forgotten about him that he according about like it was character i don't really care so much what and when it is moses lake. The big change for them or whatever you want and because is been other podcast point because i hate anything like i just. Kenric: [31:07] Oh well i gotta get will go over better because johnny has very strong feelings about that. Denis: [31:12] Also the wine i mean have you seen my facebook posts on one of those and one of those champions league paley don't you use your money to the studio don't do this but i just i can't handle about. Kenric: [31:25] I hope the to agree because they've changed to much of it to be the they're not there's no spear of what venom is there. Denis: [31:33] It's funny cuz i just i just wasn't that are past lately today and you're like i hate when people i think this is a joyous for whatever. Kenric: [31:44] Yeah we'll for the most part i am that way i think you should listen to it but when they changed the spirit of. Add me back if you look back on all the stuff that we have like even be vs you except for. Do me in jody's got me wrapped around his finger when it comes to superman now because he's argued. To the ground that i was like fuck it whatever or disagree with them unit mean but even that. You know the core values are basically still there but when you look at venom based on what we've seen so far that's not vanna. Denis: [32:20] Now we're living in is his beard like the way walking and talking like he's crazy and we were just in the hospital or something but not the cousin before he goes out but i'm were only thing tree bears trailer so that i don't know. But i just think of your caricature that he never atomic number understands character either he's a great actor so. Kenric: [32:40] Right yeah tom hardy's great. Denis: [32:44] He can pull off any character and just make about it but like simple are you doing your own person just because things have on the account to the joker weird thing. Kenric: [32:55] Right do you think he had that much influence on the character. Denis: [33:00] I don't know how that works if you think about with jokers for instance like. The previous jobs i think they ran with it with their own version and the director's do it has like i want to but this is what is now with the turbo one has tattoos and he's like whatever and then just okay cool. Kenric: [33:18] Would you think jerry. Denis: [33:19] I am i do all of them i honestly but i hate i hate scissors lol or wash again cell signal on that are. But like i really loved every singaporean him at a great job stroker i just think that like the story telling right now is very long and a lot of dc stuff but. Even some reanimation me most people get high praise to to the dc animations but all of them but there are some weak points and i think that's because there isn't always awesome storytelling happening and. Kenric: [33:52] But i think you're right. Denis: [33:53] How good the jokers can't make a good story if it sucks. Kenric: [33:55] Why think you write the right now we're so in the with batman and you not giving a chance to other characters to brief you know it except for the c w an arrow versus doing. Denis: [34:08] Right and and you know what like it's crying shame that like we can't get span superman wonder woman in the universe what i don't want no shadows characters that they can be really awesome there to. And thousand deeper story that never get out of these characters just complain about wonder woman in another animation like what can we get a tv show or i'll be in trouble. Kenric: [34:27] Yeah we you know wealth like you could i citizen on previous episodes i don't understand why they didn't use flash from the tv show in in the movie it. Denis: [34:39] Well i can tell you actually every time you brought this up wanted say so i said out loud at my computer start car speaker like in the camera can you say this you. Kenric: [34:48] Afternoon jess. Denis: [34:49] So i can finally say it yeah so so the, the biggest issue here is that if any like this is netflix to the flash anything it needs service cross over into the cinematic universe the studios with then have to pay those actors a higher. Price is alive when we're gonna separate you arm me with, so we have to give you say ten million dollars where they don't work but on the tv side is like we got you that same contract but we have you for twenty three episodes are kind of the thirteen episodes so that like, they would have to still there pay. To then bring them back to the show now we have like leverage do you like what if you only got on the show you discomfort like two hours to put together this movie and you want me to do. Bl forty hours for this netflix show yeah so now you got me fifteen and i think they just don't want to reach that i think they're scared or do that. Kenric: [35:48] Everything right with the contract hey this is what we're doing this when you get a. Denis: [35:52] Yeah me. Kenric: [35:53] Lmao for all of this. Denis: [35:54] Right or be like okay so we want you for two movies three seasons is the movies this is your number here here's the shows. And the only reason you're getting this movie at all is because it's part of a bigger universe so here's your call, and then not being understood com formula but like when people complain little what i'm gonna do with the vendors on tv side is just like there going to give them. Kenric: [36:20] So much. Denis: [36:20] Min a million dollars for like like a cameo i'm missing wanna get samuel jackson to be in one at a social for five minutes. Kenric: [36:29] Yeah he was to write on this in the first step of the first season. Denis: [36:33] Way too much money and so that's why they can't bring me that burial i never with a flashing for so many guys are my classes going in the eighties i did it and had no idea like the letter i, i was getting very lane powers and every time i never seen a special these animations was at hand which were will always it just felt really. Oh okay and um weird when like time travel the bike isn't working this time, not if i sue for mental worth because like he inventing new things he can do with with speed and i use to get really irritated and i saw he's in. Who do i get the flash like this is cool this is this is fine and i get it but this is so great. Kenric: [37:13] Justin does a great job of showing what the flash is. Denis: [37:18] Yeah i love that character now. Kenric: [37:21] And it looks better but the thing is the character looks better on tv they didn't and justice league. Denis: [37:27] Well my mind is made is it costing a little late because it feels like the jefferson do something like costumes but the. Kenric: [37:34] From the tv show or for the movie. Denis: [37:35] Is that the movie that was currently using. John: [37:39] We lost you get a wreck. Kenric: [37:40] For saying yeah daytime of one thing the movie. Denis: [37:43] Yeah what's going on. Kenric: [37:45] Yeah with yeah yeah from like nineteen eighty one eighty two. Denis: [37:49] Go go go will this costume and one of the weather lately bunches up anymore. Kenric: [37:54] Yeah delay tax. Denis: [37:55] You looks like a weird likely taxi for being sober glasses cost in common with my boyfriend he choking that looks like it on the atlantic is. Kenric: [38:04] Did you just root of forty. John: [38:08] Thomas is a female that show. Kenric: [38:10] Go back and look will it fall to the ground kind of bill red rock. Denis: [38:14] But the difference is it you get you get condoms you flash on the tv show or the deck light one and you just say. Kenric: [38:21] It's fucking armored dude i hate it. Denis: [38:22] This is where this i know he does like the i think the places we replaced and over his crotch that's where its weirdly plated. Kenric: [38:32] Huge got codpiece. Denis: [38:34] Right yeah exactly him in one hundred house that was air handler class run with this model car piece. Kenric: [38:41] Blue light around him that bugs me. John: [38:45] The blue light near the blade on him in will they did blood and flushed the movie because they used to lightning or regular flush lighting in the tv show on the one that look different what might. Blue lighting is not flash that's a different flashing barre on flash has your was always been young yellow light near relay. Denis: [39:03] What season is it to the better very on how to let things running fast or something with the holes in storing in. John: [39:09] Alright no well zoom had a woody woody woody talk to the serum you had a. Denis: [39:15] That's okay. Kenric: [39:16] They need to stop having fight others peters can we get a certain new. Denis: [39:20] Does he find anything doesn't mean the rest of his comics so i don't know. Kenric: [39:24] Well and the tv show it's like speedster after speeds director speedster it's like over a. Denis: [39:28] The sea level aren't really brought it was interesting just to see. John: [39:32] Rather keep the tv on and just fucking do it. Denis: [39:35] Grilled brought in that shark here to. Kenric: [39:38] The king start. Denis: [39:39] Yeah those look so great. Kenric: [39:42] What picture was great rachel like holy shit i would not spring on that it was red it looks. Denis: [39:47] Brad look i love which is needed out there like i could see your but your jointly all of your hours and but this is. John: [39:57] The truck was overheating shark first appearance superboy back in like ninety five is at the subway after i'm best man so car cancel those twelve hundred before he creek leaking shark expert. Kenric: [40:08] School. John: [40:10] Set something hey and another later that day of. Denis: [40:13] So not the real conversation even more can you explain to me what he likes boy because to me. Kenric: [40:19] We're all about changing. John: [40:22] Boy being cut the. Denis: [40:24] I'm miserable winter but i just don't find super bored chilling so what's your deal on this for a, wait before going to the songs and one thing one thing about dc in general is i feel like i have alot of yours that on service are interesting and you can have to learn about them so that the training is amazing, every one of the stickers of any branch away, i'm starting weirder and stranger and not as interesting or call another character is thirty bad and there is like ten superman there in like. I'm always doing it now to with of spiders and whatever but there's so many less on the service interesting dc characters, go on the conversation about maybe white people don't understand what the movies that don't i'm so like it's going to be super glue all. John: [41:08] That makes cousins rate. Denis: [41:10] In yeah. John: [41:12] The supervisor is princip what was just for men as it is the right result the whole day celebration but was just young superman. Denis: [41:19] Oh was on. John: [41:20] It was that that that's why sideways on of the teen titans because a heater it was in the past. And then somebody came with leeches super heroes of flicker the future so it back to your three thousand legions appears to be in the future and the past is all fucking weird it was just over age but, with i like is connor cans were or can l who is a came out of the desert man series and. Denis: [41:45] I got married in general or front room. John: [41:49] I have them and if i say the more mentos balsam for you do not care australia. Denis: [41:54] Translate is equal novel this song is this for seven months or. Kenric: [42:01] Instead of giving plot points what you give them. The what what makes him him give me. John: [42:08] Because what makes him him as a plot point to surgery next. Kenric: [42:12] What okay is he about. Denis: [42:13] I know this is full of country but is willing. Kenric: [42:17] Right well how about characteristic. John: [42:18] What i little i legally can't say what i like about subway without spoiling how was created in a part of the next five inches what is your rate. Denis: [42:25] Hey can i have you ever read the this is for. Kenric: [42:29] I read the does mr when it came out but i haven't read it. Denis: [42:31] Are you ready all the rest of it like the entire anthology of. Kenric: [42:34] No no i do not refi to help see i love this to me and movies but it wasn't a superman fan you know. Johnny's will thing about the hoping all the. In my mind with everything comic book i want to want sex violence and gore and or what do i do range comedy that's what i want you know in. Denis: [42:53] Read. Kenric: [42:56] That man's about the closest thing i get to you know got my favorite character growing up with spider man so it was like crazy. You know he was giving one liners for the whole thing in kicking ass you know but my id but now as i'm older my favorite character is the punisher. Cuz i just i just love the whole dept what that character is and what he represents. And then be on that i like the supernatural stuff like constantine in my favorite book and if you haven't read it is sandman slim and we had to trick adrian it was fucking awesome you know. Denis: [43:28] Is that is that hold the indoor because you and i access and what is konstantin i love all the magic stuff like one of my favorite characters is not gonna hurt you said i was coming out of what. Kenric: [43:39] Oh dude that's the magic. Denis: [43:41] I read that same story that says page lol like his or her and love it as i have lost just. Kenric: [43:48] She i mean on the ice a spider and where my fears but magic is when i was growing up that was she was my favorite and i got so pissed off when they did the inferno storyline in the late eighties because she. Denis: [44:01] I have a right to ask is john was in his my kodak camera and. Kenric: [44:05] Yeah. John: [44:08] Hundred everything guys. Denis: [44:10] I thought you did john you're looking for everything you're. John: [44:14] A lot of things that every. Denis: [44:15] Stereo typical concord for you know that they specific issue and what i have those lemon tree sixty two. Excuse me as to the reasons you what your saying. John: [44:27] Set our first i can operate absolutely fucked up on. Kenric: [44:31] The magic i love. Denis: [44:32] Where are you you are wrong way for a car you. One of them the other day is it still might do this is actually wonder woman's origin story maybe i just read it from. John: [44:43] I told you i'm totally fine with being wrong but i'm gonna be confident my bullshit on proven wrong. Kenric: [44:48] Amazing spider man one twenty one. John: [44:51] Exactly exactly why. Kenric: [44:56] Right episode one the guy was he gets was part of the first appear to miss fire and one twenty one like that right, he got it right and he was so sure i knew it was wrong right, but he was so confident like ira and that the next day like we decide our first podcast the next days somebody actually common are podcast actually it was one twenty nine. John: [45:20] Like the idea that. Kenric: [45:22] The cracking of the mark weight stuff right. John: [45:26] Like a basic mark way for can. Kenric: [45:28] They are so funny. John: [45:29] But we did after it was mostly ruby's i was with you guys testing out like our lease that. Kenric: [45:34] If you like but didn't you like magic that the character magic you want to read you you read the first that you had her first period stuff. Denis: [45:42] Yeah the person. Kenric: [45:43] Yeah and then read some of it then read the new music stuff with her in it cuz i. Denis: [45:49] My biggest problem is new means trailer is in red her my six page or sms or, be in ten years but was like the whole story are cyclops and exterior so i have that i love her and so i have a slot for what around certain areas, but i never really bad news things lysol the tree or i was angry because i did that and what the matter and. So like when am i tired of that online it was because of the war movie. Kenric: [46:21] What are doing the demon bear storyline which is a whore ask storyline. And magic actually isn't in that story like this it's like the first. They said i think it's fucked of especially the first sixteen issues of the new mutants is is the start to talk about the dean bear. Kinda like you start seeing nightmares coming from i can't remember her name one of the characters right and then it kinda culminates in like apps or. Issue fifteen or sixteen or some in magic doesn't come out until quite a bit later she's like in the mid thirties some like that she comes on and she quickly becomes base of the defacto leader. Cuz she's like really really powerful by the time you get to that point. And when they do the inferno line she so fucking powerful it's ridiculous that but it's awesome because she just looks really cool she has this natural armor that just like. Grows under body and then she's got big tail and the huge horns you know. Denis: [47:20] I love the one with the answer but it. Kenric: [47:23] Comes out it's so cool looking you know in a she can't if you if your if your kicking her ass here in the real world that you just teleport you to limbo and entered your dad. Your done your done son and i love it and then they just kind of fucked up and then that she was gone for a long time and now they just brought her back. One of that just now but she's. Denis: [47:44] The dryer back for the dvd on can your. Kenric: [47:46] But the kind of tea is yet yeah yeah i got number one just came out a couple weeks ago but the kind of toronto man i'm kind of disappointed because the meter like this email goth chick it is like. Denis: [47:58] She's so cool air conditioners i've read where she got her attitude and whatever was cool it was fun it was it wasn't like yeah. Kenric: [48:03] Yeah she put a typical russian teenager man and they just kinda ruined it so we'll see. Denis: [48:10] But i'm still was changed occurs over time and is for good and bad you know likes high it you will get rich from the things to see or change to a horribly. Trade about then eventually of all and sometimes longer spider man one your talking about of people hated black suit and what in it and he going back and for if they don't have a changing do those things been one have this amazing. Classes vitamin b look back to me like always on. Kenric: [48:37] Yeah looks really cool. Denis: [48:38] There is often we get an atrocity like the manager that we're always gonna look back on and be like can't believe they made that this is. Fucking stupid great now i have to like think back my bad. Kenric: [48:50] Johnny can entry on morales them out for us i hate it. And i you know thing is this i have any i didn't even read i still haven't read it you know i didn't read one of it but i just i was so against calling somebody other than peter parker spider man. There's like no he's not fucking spider man have to be peter parker you can't just change it and called somebody else because it's not a moniker. You know and then he was like no the all the stuff that happened like. Denis: [49:22] I'm cool is the spider verse but my my main issue in my fear is is that spider man. And back and are becoming the same saying order so popular and they make so much money that the label peter's not and we need thirty spiderman spiderman now we need. Kenric: [49:37] Yeah the markers are getting in the. Denis: [49:41] What is its like its. Bad me it some point in makes it worth it forces us to grow out of it lately where i'm i love spider man but i'm not spiderman and. What is a kid he wasn't using massive favor had all these towards the car that won all these things and what's the information he's mine. Favorite and now like i loved the movie the good. Like i don't need of a spider man story ever again on good because i know that the the stores now for a fifteen year old kids or whatever because they know that the whole audience and get us fifteen years now. Kenric: [50:17] I'm more reading. Denis: [50:18] Is expanding for to much now. Kenric: [50:20] That's why i'm leaning more independent stuff and more like image let every lot image titles by copper erisa coverage. Denis: [50:26] You are busted and you gotta you gotta. Kenric: [50:28] You're making a set. Denis: [50:30] When you get your sandwich. John: [50:32] God damn it my sandwich. Denis: [50:34] Anyway to. Kenric: [50:35] No joke and if you haven't read copper head you should check it out yet we it yeah it's it's really really. Denis: [50:42] You do talk about a lot and has gotten my teeth has. Kenric: [50:46] Did you we're firefly fan. John: [50:48] There they're not paying us and also don't right when we that we don't get paired i'm missing up red. Denis: [50:52] I just seen everything seems dark someone is where it's care. Kenric: [50:55] What if you liked firefly you'll do you really enjoy copper head. Denis: [51:01] But i don't like because he uses something about like our wishes of them but i'm not in to that arrow stuff when i don't like. And i'm so personally i like fantasy magic seven to a modern urban real. Kenric: [51:14] Fuck yeah me too. Denis: [51:18] That's why i am drawn characters like solution and mags are usually at our current time in the house we are. Kenric: [51:23] He said scarlet witch alaska which. Denis: [51:27] I lost the one night one flight up favorites like by far the. Kenric: [51:30] Yeah you got every salmon slim dude if you like that what you just said you you just described salmon slim is. John: [51:40] Yosemite sam it's so good. Denis: [51:42] Is that something is the name the music relay the. John: [51:45] That was my debt that was my fault too it was my fault it was my my think it needs a name stupid of the name. Kenric: [51:51] But he doesn't really go because. Denis: [51:52] And can you do that study book by its cover. Kenric: [51:55] Literally goes my start though he hates being called in the book he hates being called sammons let me think the stupid name. John: [52:03] Yeah some wants without passing name and i retire and today it's a really good series i'm on book three right. Denis: [52:09] Yeah i just can't i convinced myself to read it because i did that same thing with buffy and light does a coffee. Who made the character coffee this looks stupid as for girl. Kenric: [52:20] I gotta go back and actually. Denis: [52:20] And then i watched it and like love buffy what is one of. Things of all time like a is in what i'm back to any time and so it makes me laugh make me cry it gives me all the feels and is just a super great story and. It's weird because i judged so hard working now for reading and i hated it but you know i am trying to. Kenric: [52:42] Does the way i was exactly what was on it was working at microsoft and are all these people would be all about buffy this guy james actually had it on. He would bring it and working actually had it on r and r where i work inside the copy center and we had a little like network and had it on the network and like most people are watching this like nineteen ninety seven ed. Ninety eight when is the first or second season. John: [53:10] Can a gemini sound. Kenric: [53:11] So yeah seems like ninety eight. Denis: [53:14] See john does every random back to normal size and hook. Kenric: [53:18] Bother looking anything because he will just have already there. [53:24] And then when we said hey let's go do this i'll come in the next day and he will be like oh i did all this research like did you listen to the comics code authority. Denis: [53:34] Yeah i've listened to and i don't know if you know the whole thing but after i was on your podcast for and will see i drove home for fourteen or thirteen straight hours and listen to the first half of your tire. And then i was hooked. I mean i'm sexy and i would like i stop for gas and text on all these things are do i hate to convert can work this thing on your on your on this that have all my thoughts like what can i get in the car i'm gonna go, the dr another two hundred miles and i did not text me again. Kenric: [54:02] That's awesome. Denis: [54:04] So now i've listened to almost every episode except maybe three or four. Kenric: [54:08] That cc a episode we so i'm reading through it and then john is creeping on each thing that i read right but john wrote that episode. You know and it's like that well all all the research. All the stuff we might have been going back and forth and and bs and back and forth that would've been free range but the timelines of everything and push it through that was all johnny and. Denis: [54:36] I enjoyed that episode like that because you guys actually teach me about on sunday night i haven't read. I've read tons of what i would like a song you want comes on the sandwich and not on top. Was that i actually started reading comics a lot later in which is weird because i started my own webcomic and all before i even read really reddit karma. And so now just like gotten so invested in it but i'm reading my crazy in an image are funny luxemburg to tell me what is really. You know whatever i'm just observing some comic media now a song i'm playing catch-up like hardcore which is so weird. Kenric: [55:16] That's cool though i mean its fun when you find something like this that you can bond with people and actually have an actual conversation up and then walk away being like oh your so wrong but then it's like it's not get all its not. Political to where you're like i can't believe you think this way so i can't even be your friend you know. Denis: [55:36] Dude dude so my friend cody were like great friends did you see it is good was across from mine can be brushed. And what is going on youtube just three girls in the same stop as me that is more like water color. John: [55:51] Yeah the mris. Denis: [55:52] Pretty so and i like bond on constantly crazy but. The whole asian that covers hillary what kind of conversation happens with me and have a civil war two point that he's like we're not gonna talk about civil war and more. Lately words to save our friendship we are no longer allowed to talk about that because i get mad is he won't take the contest in her and see you in two y is a war movie is one of the best, other than and anywhere now, in the entire seventeen sixteen and see you movie but franchise and his is terrible seven also will skirmish what was so what is not in my contacts and all and he. We just got home to such fundamental disagreements that like. It's like having a political conversation we just can't have it or like we're gonna like this for sure so now we don't which is a shame because i loved the movie and i want to talk about ashley every time i talk about it. I'm just cancel. Kenric: [56:56] That's that's amazing movie. Denis: [56:59] Yeah it was great because it took all the contacts all movies in the development of all the characters like tony stark growing in that moment. You know you can't have the comic version of that is different and similar but different like so it had to be told when it is cold. John: [57:16] Right and what motives you does they take the name of a comic store on the time but the take the spirit of that and the modified to fit with the new ceo that is individual shot and winter soldier that that. Denis: [57:26] Lol trans so different like i just i just started reading it just starts out with all from one and you wait while we were. Kenric: [57:31] Oh yeah yeah is so different i mean then when you and i talk about hang pam in that. John: [57:40] When the endangered in the common stages and tell you know in the come from your spawned comes it isn't that since she joins in fuses are all trying. Denis: [57:46] Oh chicken from an auto. John: [57:48] Yeah she's a she's interest in a lot of number what like ten am tomorrow. Denis: [57:53] She was my first comp of crush well known i think about rover was because x-men tv show on welder and click, totally road but then the second i saw and lands on calling so that my new all time absolute favorite, she is the greatest number you know velocity disappeared so nice are marveling over all i need to read it i haven't yet but. Kenric: [58:15] The. Denis: [58:16] So excited this year yeah. Kenric: [58:18] Hey did you see what i see in. Denis: [58:20] Alright was a small talking uses. Kenric: [58:24] Can you talk about trump in in in hillary comic books and i have i got this complicates cl absolute it's it's a coloring book exactly what it is. Denis: [58:34] Oh that thing you were talking about that like you got an ugly one in the back room or whatever officer. John: [58:42] Now i want to book la at a copy of it. Kenric: [58:45] It's ridiculous it is. Denis: [58:46] Is it worth anything is for the to the bottom. Kenric: [58:48] Some notes on it's been like ninety dollars on it. John: [58:52] Jesus what was rights and always appearances is one hundred ten. Denis: [58:57] Well gonna and i'm so i'm so it counts right now that i have about ten different stories i'm reading at the same time so i'm on i'm almost stalling was somethings. There was no were the good ol. John: [59:16] Which one night out. Denis: [59:17] The the eighties run omar omar some almost about sixty one years old on. Kenric: [59:22] Oh that this will but due to his swamp thing run was so good yeah. Denis: [59:25] Is so good is like i lights stop signs but this is just incredible and i'm loving it so much. Kenric: [59:30] Oh yeah i think they've wrecked on all of it though that may johnny. John: [59:37] They work on everything fitness detail mean everything. Denis: [59:41] Then none of it matters again in reverse so what. John: [59:45] Just now the superman reaper does not seem to matter to you as a man from before fifty two he was in hiding on the planet and then came back and now we received menaced on the walls of man that you could do for me was it different guy and it. Kenric: [59:55] Oh sorry sorry. John: [59:59] Exactly and it will. Denis: [1:00:00] That's how i feel about the birth right now to be honest like i don't like the wonder woman run but like so that it is always reading wonder woman i'm starting eighty one wrong what. Kenric: [1:00:10] Oh toward freshmen that's like the definitive wonder woman. John: [1:00:14] The order i totally fucked up that you. Denis: [1:00:16] That is not something directed by system is something like screenshot of every page like it does your wrong she came from were gone also and he is like. You sexy piece out this is just going on i don't have anything to do with this and and the other got rebel and create her phone died with all these late storms there is a one and whatever johnson. What is advanced and to repay me for the new fifty two and the person before every other version she's on zero. John: [1:00:45] Yeah he has it been so long server that would press person i just completely spaced on and what whatever bro fuck yeah that's right. Kenric: [1:00:53] That's funny well he also said that carol danvers getting raped. John: [1:00:56] She is only rotating. Kenric: [1:00:57] Her power so that's okay at. John: [1:01:00] Yes for in to its okay to be wrong by the white while playing all my mistakes minutes. Kenric: [1:01:05] What year rogue ai. [1:01:09] No you're wrong you still argue that i'm right i'm sure. Denis: [1:01:12] Do can i sue someone for yourself for you get. Angry what would you think your right no like it used to try so much to be reasonable but you're not gonna like but i'd like screaming and my car that can read. Kenric: [1:01:28] That's funny but we get out there that i apologized. John: [1:01:36] Yeah i cry a little. Kenric: [1:01:38] It's true though like. John: [1:01:38] Okay without. Denis: [1:01:40] You don't cuddle. Kenric: [1:01:41] Like in the beginning of our whole thing we have this huge argue about superman cuz it's too now is a bully during kingdom come and and and then we're arguing. John: [1:01:50] No what's going on there was it was it was it was insane cisco returning episode on something. Kenric: [1:01:53] Yeah but i was i was right i was thinking of kingdom come when i said because of the way people reacted around him. So i was like i didn't like how people act around like that i feel like the writing can i fill like people are scared to say what they really thought in fear of what the retribution would be. And an email from but that's what was thinking in my head right and i sits there was a bully and then we we got it we got into an argument and i honestly did not realize that i was. Buy argument tactic was very much. I'm going to make it to where you're you can't say anything right and you're just gonna have to your gonna grab your gonna acquiesce to my everything i'm saying because. Denis: [1:02:40] That's what does one wear on the screen to the house is like getting so angry. Kenric: [1:02:44] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that we got a. Denis: [1:02:45] When you are talking about it is like you were gone with the injustice version of the moment like your whole basis was a good run just is not on you to. Kenric: [1:02:50] Probably probably and in the giant like. John: [1:02:55] What what did what did what did he ever so dennis was that at like i cut it i left a lot of the argument in but i cannot for the bad stuff and it was so bad i was like to rick fucking positive talk this out. Kenric: [1:03:00] Yeah he cut it out cuz he was like hey man we we need to turn this off. John: [1:03:08] Upper forty i'm not record the shit let's talk about. Denis: [1:03:11] I wish you would like account recording and like just talked it out and then like maybe have leftovers next week i would like what i hear you guys are reconciled. Kenric: [1:03:20] What we have it we actually have. John: [1:03:22] I wish i would of got it. No we will we stop recording of it for the for that the the fiber petty arguments to stop it and then i cut it together and got eleven piece most of it with some of the somebody cut out there was like when i got really angry and was like asking a sixteen yo that now not that had. Denis: [1:03:39] So we're going back so i started on the beginning and still nothing and mike, hear your your tonal difference of like the way you talk about women so much different remember like how you said you're gonna wasn't acquiesce to your your thought process like. And now you're just used to. Kenric: [1:03:58] Well because. Denis: [1:04:00] You guys must of played hard. Kenric: [1:04:01] Give them the. Johnny has a very intimate relationship with superman and it's born from his relationship with his father and. Denis: [1:04:10] What's like the way i really liked like. Sure enough story about your dad what is it makes me like superman more because it is a connection to where it makes me understand how people can connections man and therefore i wanna have connections you know if it works more for me that the symbol and works always on. Kenric: [1:04:27] That's exactly and that's exactly right man that's what happened with me is is with him talking about it in and the relationship that he has with the. And knowing and knowing that i knew who his dad was and how you was and how close they were and what that whole symbolism actually means i was like okay. It's kind of a dick if i keep telling him how much a cigarette unitarian when really i did it start i hate superman. Part of it is he gets riled up you grow up my family you get rather awesome you're okay. Totally called are all the time and so it's like it easy to poke the bear was like that but then it's like then there's a okay what he really really likes it. And on top of that some the stuff he says is true you know. He is a symbol of hope and and and the way the right amount is not about his strength as much as it is his character in the after called the morality of what superman stands for and i am very. Like to think of myself as a very ethical person. And i'd like to take in and i like people that are or more hole in your association with other people and i don't like it when people just been to be mean or about kind should i take it bullshit and so i was like you know what. A lot of stuff he talks about i'm. I'm not giving that opportunity and is giving opportunity and then re read all star superman that was a great story line is only one thing all fishermen they don't. Denis: [1:05:51] I handled some issues with the. Kenric: [1:05:53] Yeah i just like the whole who's the the red sun guy what's his name johnny. John: [1:06:00] What number and number. Denis: [1:06:02] A beautiful sunny here but when it. Kenric: [1:06:04] Yeah the study thing was cool it was just the whole thing like food to keep talking about some other guy's gonna help about blah blah blah in that be this big red sun being from outer space. Denis: [1:06:16] I don't remember only read only four months ago and remember. Kenric: [1:06:20] Came from out of nowhere it was like there is no light. Talking about really uses you now all the sudden you just they're just didn't make sense of a heated that and there was given one of the story of your reading. It was superman was teaching his son how to be a super person united mean headed to take the moral high ground basically, on things and be ethical and and use your powers for good and realize that you can do all this damage and are fighting these two guys and they just let them go it in the comic book. And they just destroyed like half the city and they just let him go nuts like what the hell and dies again that's not typical for ceramic topic public. John: [1:07:04] What it actually read it was to my twenty six with me are stuck on this kid to that are gonna. Kenric: [1:07:07] Fantastic job. John: [1:07:09] What's coming back to america on don't don't even get on vacation don't american and it was really good. Denis: [1:07:15] So the question for you in interview but maybe more camera since you're like super in the batman and we're talking about like but superman is. The symbol that is and why is important what i get wide and it's cool but i totally get it because i have heard about and stopwatch everything back water and ginger washes and i'm gonna watch it because it's awesome but. Is she called her a. Kenric: [1:07:45] Oh man. Denis: [1:07:46] Yes yes yes. Kenric: [1:07:48] I know right when is that it is eight is he and then gone like now. Denis: [1:07:52] It did it did. Kenric: [1:07:56] Are you back okay weird is he. Denis: [1:07:58] Really every time i talk like like really into something so is i need to get like this so i can actually use. Kenric: [1:08:04] You should you ever michaelson to one yeah i got one thousand right here. Denis: [1:08:11] Cuz i'm in one hundred percent into that. Kenric: [1:08:14] Yo do i have. Denis: [1:08:14] No that i'm always in the. Kenric: [1:08:17] Yeah i have i have a old i have a small mixer in a mike that we're perfect that pile with the windscreen right johnny that are perfect form. John: [1:08:26] Except he has a new map with no usb ports. Denis: [1:08:28] What. John: [1:08:30] Oh okay. Denis: [1:08:31] If this is the struggles mom but they was okay with her but so is is batman. In any way like a symbol or something the way that sugar and cinnamon represents like. Like hold and and what we could be if we were just everyone humanitarian all stop and we could be so much more batman on the other hand is that is cool she is like i don't. I don't feel anything after it wormed i on the other person i don't aspire to be them and i don't want. Comments fix really in my life i don't know why superman i can take with me to work i can take in the real world and in my relationships and the stuff about him that i can put on my own personal batman not so much like. Do you get what is so i will do you feel it and it is a symbol that. Your man is or is you just a great seller that i can make anything out of it and will pay. Kenric: [1:09:32] Batman is to me he is definitely not a symbol likes to wrap any you can even stretch it to that. Because because he is the very quintessential vigilante right a is taking the law and justice into his own hands is more he's working that the publisher then he is to me than superman. You know so i don't think there's any more ohio ground the only thing that batman that you could only thing that i can see in batman that you can inspire to is his will. And his never in the fact that he doesn't give. Denis: [1:10:08] Never giving up breaking his back in and couple. Kenric: [1:10:10] Yeah that's about the only thing that i could say that you know the same like with the punisher there's nothing in the punisher that i would say all you should aspire to be that the guys got p t s. John: [1:10:20] Spite of him mass murder. Kenric: [1:10:21] Ps is pretty st. Denis: [1:10:21] The thread is the cycle paths with. Kenric: [1:10:24] Do you know the thing is is the year how do we save br johnny had a whole thing about this batman does murder people and it is not this this whole thing that whole thing that he is a murder anybody rethink that s new. That's not normal that wasn't how he is for years and years and years dome and that's pretty new bike within the last. Denis: [1:10:43] In a lot of super heroes randomly do like the iron man and captain america vote murder people movies but numbers and all. John: [1:10:50] Right right when it's all it is always indirect can i don't repeat what burger some minutes it's killing by the first to the fight if they have that they have a choice from the killer not to kill the do they date capture not kill but that is not doesn't let me get away with all either. Get away with writing the first issue we how. Kenric: [1:11:08] What we had be done at this whole argument about did you like that i didn't kill the golden age very first fricking batman number why do you hang the guy c and then flies around with the guy in. John: [1:11:18] Issue number one. Kenric: [1:11:19] From the plane. John: [1:11:21] Now to be fair he was a mutated mental patient. Kenric: [1:11:25] He was a mental patient that didn't have any means that are its not of been out in the public anyways so many kids abs a innocent person mutate them and batman's cuz hasn't killed him at school. John: [1:11:37] Now to be fair to join the guy was who he looked me if he just a guy like there's nothing mutated i. Kenric: [1:11:43] Yeah it was a guy any was in the showing like in a silhouette being hanging from the plane is flying around it was pretty gruesome actually and you know so. It is there i don't think there is anything the size is his will never give up i don't think i can think of anything else could he doesn't have a moral high ground. Denis: [1:12:03] My That's my ultimate issue with batman becoming more popular in and what not like i don't see the like kids were getting the batman one don't have. What kiss brother superman have and and you start and end of the great power is great responsibility but like. Batman doesn't have any like hope to me the only time that i find a reflection that come out is in any sort of training the story where the three of them together. I have the greatness show up and make a baby learn from each other and like i really love those stories does it, humus is all done but also you see part of them that you didn't see before and those one hundred like at times like i did and the guy with the person he's. Kenric: [1:12:48] You can you give me think about tonight the fact that the marketing has become so prevalent in within batman it's hard now to look at him and be like yeah i really wanna read that story because they're just throwing anything out there. Hence we get batman ninja. Denis: [1:13:03] Anything is now. Kenric: [1:13:07] You know i mean seriously what's. John: [1:13:07] Right that made injure. Kenric: [1:13:10] You know clown batman. Denis: [1:13:14] The population of. Kenric: [1:13:15] You know circuit performer batman you know. John: [1:13:19] I search search for about an. Kenric: [1:13:21] Batman i mean it's just it's it's it's kinda crazy and and it's it's a little. Denis: [1:13:26] To the point where he is not the symbol above and is so like it has no longer important it's just a marketing tool you know what is is just a little thing that i can sell the clothes on this. Kenric: [1:13:38] Come what he's trying to becoming the comic book snot the man is the symbol he wants yeah it's another to sell the symbol there making tons of money and it's it's. Denis: [1:13:48] You want to come for real is. Kenric: [1:13:51] Well that's what he is not a christian bale talks about the symbol to become more than the man. Denis: [1:13:56] Yeah and your husband is true. Kenric: [1:13:58] That's what it's become. That's kinda funny i never really thought about that way now its like and maybe that's why i've kind of zoned out on reading dc in zone down reading more will because it's you know it's kinda boring. Denis: [1:14:16] Yeah lol. John: [1:14:16] You guys watch gotta get federal. Kenric: [1:14:18] I want god gaslight. John: [1:14:21] I want that one it is was. Denis: [1:14:22] The first step is to do one when. Kenric: [1:14:25] Yeah we should've actually that was decent you know why. John: [1:14:29] To be to be honest i didn't know it came out. Denis: [1:14:32] What i message you right after where do my. Kenric: [1:14:34] Yeah i told the night the day it came out to watch the. John: [1:14:37] I know my id are there for dinner and forgot and it was it was in feb march i was so busy with moving into with my landlord and about to work out i. Kenric: [1:14:44] As well before you moved. John: [1:14:45] Check governor things. Denis: [1:14:47] Calling you out on your shit so can can i did you like it. Kenric: [1:14:53] I did actually enjoy it in the you know why because it was just the batman else worlds in it wasn't all this time shit was it was just you just a different timeline. Denis: [1:15:02] That's the company does so i was i was gonna shoot on it for reasons and then when you said it idles world cup and it is. Here here about the new avenger was that it was false world but the to the. Kenric: [1:15:18] It was a great. Denis: [1:15:19] Is this thing. Kenric: [1:15:21] It wasn't great. Denis: [1:15:22] No like i have this thing called the son of convenience and there's a lot of sin conveniences and that works just like, what was giving it have is person with a big reveal the big reveal because that characters can you be there is like a lot of and and that came from my house there is no more, or is it. Me know if the operating from his our credit was making all and is it like kind the aesthetic which is what we miss, i'm fine and that didn't feel is dark and the feeling that could've and should've been it with one of his stories. Kenric: [1:16:01] What they should they should i pay the money and had him an email and had him do the are. Denis: [1:16:07] Or are they paid. It is i was emissions and on like korean stuff is alarm or do i have to do in america just be like okay here's yours are model c everything will this way you and just make this happen i mean obviously. Because i'm done it may just shows to make a kinda your more like a wrestler phones in and we get but, if a lot opportunity that they could've really made his are chime and really show something different and it just fell flat for me and of the real thing like since john hasn't seen in wanna slow, from the gas but to me that was just like alright hotspot and another batman movie damn it. Kenric: [1:16:53] So that that might we know did this not hellboy it's really really cool watch the amazing. Denis: [1:17:01] The lord is. Kenric: [1:17:02] It's it's it's it's paranoia normal investigator can like hellboy but like during the time of abraham lincoln and he has all these different heads you can screw on to do different things. Denis: [1:17:15] Love it that. Kenric: [1:17:16] Yeah it's called the amazing screw on head. Denis: [1:17:17] That's that's kinda weird but i'm cool with like i feel like playing the banjo movie is so insane and crazy like of things are doing just didn't make any sense but if you or brown or older that makes sense i'm. Yeah but he just he's always had us at the right. Kenric: [1:17:33] In the last us. Denis: [1:17:34] Cool man really every time. Kenric: [1:17:41] The ice that the ice the episode the mains power on head which is on you to. John: [1:17:46] After i said i. Denis: [1:17:49] You are that might be one and it is connected some reason like. Kenric: [1:17:52] Maybe. Denis: [1:17:53] Does the internet is really bad so i'm gonna. John: [1:17:55] Hello to our fault. Denis: [1:17:56] Yeah i'm receiving something over here i think it is. Kenric: [1:17:58] It's probably probably sorry. Denis: [1:18:01] But what did you hear from melissa before kyle be basically like i'm okay with your stuff like, if only get codes and hey this is just weird and like your new by into it immediately, where like in them and then just like okay we're selling to you this is ancient japan so get ready this gonna be some rice and all the stuff or batman doesn't have his truck anymore and all the seventies tech robot things are calm mountain bike is gigantic rollers and is in japan so. You broke it you just broke everything is sold to me from the very beginning of this i don't. Kenric: [1:18:35] When i rent it off amazon prime right when it started i thought i start the. I was like wait a minute what is this isn't this isn't japan and then they went back in time of like are you wanna watch this. But i was like i paid for i'm gonna finish watching it and then. And then as soon as they only half way through my skype i was two and i was killing i was is missing johnny. Did you watch this did you watch it yet no should i yet you eat. John: [1:19:05] Half way what. Kenric: [1:19:07] I was like i have a lot of thoughts on it you need to watch it but. Denis: [1:19:10] I am so guilty so guilty not telling them how i felt about it because i was like he pays for the second half. Kenric: [1:19:16] What he tried not to let me tell you. John: [1:19:21] So i can give you like a little louder your amazon to watch their descried fucking work so i added to my own way. Denis: [1:19:25] Not my review of this movie is that i in preordered it offered to cuz i want to still works so i figured it to get my hubby to still book i didn't know and it's sitting in my ss plus. Right now and. It's like a nice fancy metal case for for your movie like blue resin or neither has the three d in dvd. Kenric: [1:19:48] Okay okay. Denis: [1:19:49] If it's the fancy collectors version of what you get at the store and being a collector i have to have i can help normal. John: [1:19:57] Who has the best the best. Denis: [1:19:58] Yeah exactly for no reason so i thought i'd preordered it and i got it sounds great i'm not gonna open it because my friends nearby and so he got on tuesday and we watched it. And so my review of this movie is i preordered it didn't watch it or i didn't open it washes someone else and i'm gonna return it. Kenric: [1:20:18] You know what i don't blame you on is what your body. Denis: [1:20:23] I like to believe she everything and like what's so we go to barnes and noble memory card for it because he but when it comes on soulja boy and so it was common stock at a, lol so we gonna barnes noble and i'd rather stated like the. The young animal box and and like anything that looks interesting to me and i start reading it and he's like a little damage and are under this that and he just stack of batman, and so he's read every light house is one mr stories and is not anything that he's there demographic. Kenric: [1:20:57] I've never read hush. Denis: [1:20:58] At the movies that really is talk about me like to. Kenric: [1:21:02] No johnny likes i've never read it i read like the dark knight returns and stop and the red rash hush. Denis: [1:21:07] I read i read the first ss my twenty three pages and sounds like it when i'm, i believe this is over rated but my problem batman, and this actually is exactly another reason might like this movie is that every time i think about and story, too quickly do i have to deal with the entire family is entire roster the, when's white cat is there and also like this on their list on there and then i just a character and hostile might be in this and then oh no i meant to do it online union and like. John: [1:21:42] And riddler and poison ivy and. Denis: [1:21:44] And is it is one like i want batman online about bruce bruce to me is, flat fucking boring character because all he does is grumpy it's not everyone and like everyone is like, once republicans always robins live on and my weight and have that misunderstandings and is complex and interesting as i can be, we never get from bruce's perspective is always cold and other characters perspectives kinda and sounds like this is boring like i wanna brooks i don't want. I want real or in and slam the ones that i cannot. Kenric: [1:22:17] Yes funny does the because you're the way you explain this kinda goes into this is a couple episodes ago maybe you know i say couple maybe forty. We are talking in and try because the one thing i hate about batman movies is that he supposed to be the world's greatest detective get he'd never did tax and that's true of the comic books now to like if you go back. Denis: [1:22:35] Yeah we will yeah he never talks. Kenric: [1:22:40] Any comment that read where he's actually doing any detecting. Denis: [1:22:44] You're the only time i've seen and talked anything a book was in reverse twenty down the button. He just sounds button and he's like also known as the king of that have to be on hold now that i haven't seen doing any other times it's all about the site where i am and always talking in the local channels critical things he can. And an otherwise improving is is that it and bring it to. Kenric: [1:23:08] The. Denis: [1:23:10] But there's no there's no that liking a detective i'm assuming it back in the golden age that he was infected by i don't know that i don't know what that is. John: [1:23:20] A lot of london the light and stuff all the new items of was was was detective work to unless heated dimes directions series seventies eighties yeah. Denis: [1:23:25] Is the stock of the so i found a hi and bye i'm completely drawn to the bronze age and so is that is that. Kenric: [1:23:34] The bronze age is great. John: [1:23:35] Yes. Kenric: [1:23:36] Seventies and eighties. Denis: [1:23:37] I like. New fifty two and bronze age are my jam like right now rivers okay and i got a couple things your in there there's one else will ever and i am just too young i guess to cure the gold and silver just to corny. Of a bronze age to me is a will made to my mom for for story telling. John: [1:23:59] Stories that good to be honest. Kenric: [1:24:00] The story's got d and they have ever lasting affects if you haven't read the x-men run of the seventies and eighties. Denis: [1:24:09] Exam on the top of the. Kenric: [1:24:10] Yeah that's probably the greatest comic book run every day it is it's ridiculous to in my mind. Denis: [1:24:17] I have my my i have my list of things looking on on the switch click to. Kenric: [1:24:21] That's good way do it. Denis: [1:24:22] Talk to john like a. Email john i like superman some of the stories are better great but every time i try to jump into the mainline story i hate superman show me where to start and like like, it's on our knees like will actually start is well located and sisters europeans like looking like. Man is so much here goes over citizen and on the rest of bronze age on the bus all these characters are just walking one and i bought it one hundred. To start right before alan moore's thing is the twenty z on more. Kenric: [1:24:53] Yeah those are actually really good because that's all very rights. Denis: [1:25:01] Is that how some mysteries to. John: [1:25:03] I just have a secret stadium. Denis: [1:25:05] It doesn't matter. Kenric: [1:25:06] Nobody writing is the artist any in. John: [1:25:07] What artist are area. Kenric: [1:25:10] I don't know man for my money he's one of the greatest artist ever live. John: [1:25:15] Yeah he's amazing. Kenric: [1:25:16] Up his frankenstein cards at bernie rights in frankenstein cards that it will blow you away. Denis: [1:25:24] Alright i'll do it later and in the winter i'll come over. John: [1:25:29] There's always there's and just sample but i don't have. Denis: [1:25:32] Yeah just assume up in your message and when it's over visits and all new one hundred. John: [1:25:38] Right on his crash in africa so do you know why people moment about has to do with it was a big deal when every is so over by my house. Denis: [1:25:46] Why is it i read batman be on hudson enjoyed and he got to know how scared a little bit now that i just in i don't know. Kenric: [1:25:54] Sadie know how for the character. John: [1:25:57] So Baron house was it your jeff logo that deposit do i could write a thesis on a bad story but it became such a big deal because was jim lee's first time trying batman. Denis: [1:26:08] Oh is it. John: [1:26:09] Why to be deal yeah is the same as rice. Denis: [1:26:11] The arts really good and. John: [1:26:12] It is a big deal yeah cause you did julie did that man who is in a two to three and his men for tomorrow from four to five, and those two cities became big deal back two thousand years you'd jim lee this is the of the x-men guy the the the image directly over to come over dc finally. Denis: [1:26:33] Yeah he's he's like for one of the king's right now the whole. John: [1:26:38] Use the top of the sea. Kenric: [1:26:39] Is the ceo whenever right. Denis: [1:26:43] Is he actually knows. John: [1:26:43] The chief is that shit ceo as his this chief creative officer of the start of any of us for a while or is the publisher now. Kenric: [1:26:51] I know is late whatever jimmy says goes straight that way. John: [1:26:56] Pretty much is like. Denis: [1:26:58] Is there a time and. Kenric: [1:27:00] It really will come to dc right now it really the jim lee and scott snyder show. Denis: [1:27:06] Scott snyder everything. Kenric: [1:27:07] Yeah but not been this is over there there it's okay it's gonna be a three headed monster. John: [1:27:12] Well been is been a privilege take your superman fraction tell or the river later stand. Kenric: [1:27:16] Yeah they're gonna slowly cuz he did all of marble for it for a long time to do you write a lot of stuff. Denis: [1:27:21] On all the stores are really good to me so or is any. Kenric: [1:27:27] Yeah yes or. Denis: [1:27:28] Yeah it seems that way no his name to the songs on the side of my book but it didn't. John: [1:27:33] He created the alternate universe that. Kenric: [1:27:35] Yeah you settle. John: [1:27:37] No civil wars mark alarm was not was not. Kenric: [1:27:39] Oh that's right it is mark miller but it sounds like michael been this. Denis: [1:27:43] Ben this is bad this is jessica jones. John: [1:27:45] Yeah just il est adult with university omaha to spider man you're always spider man from start to finish using a bunch of spent a bunch of money hidden you all of me needing do he was overseeing more reviews for jersey in like. The ultimate universe and different aspects of effective in your site that is dance flooded spider man for the last like fifteen years apparently. Denis: [1:28:10] You mentioning an universal thing i really wish that late but you see what i'm songs of things that you are comfortable inner animated and i'm not animation has nothing to do with the rest of their fifty two monster for thirty two. A dozen eggs work sucks but on. Like i wish to film universal i was to get comfortable with the concept of the universe what i would be so angry about them if it's culturally. Everyone understood that. This is the sony and then i'm universe so that when he came into the hands you if you could convince you that everyone would understand oh okay we're in the am cu line of story telling so this is this phantom, i'm not okay i'll be okay with that but the problem is people misunderstand with spiderman on people either a don't know that i'm on for some reason is spiderman or be, like they're just confused on what spider man is stuck be spiderman support on his phone right now so is fine and like what you mean you don't know which ones the spider man like. Is that the main publicly you of things that they do. Because they don't read comics is much is like what we do or other people i played so. It's hard to catch up to people in this weather not doing that if we as a society can understand and were cool understand this universe now gonna be fine and a great which made in dc. Have like a star that the okay we're gonna start this new thing we're different universes on a movie like universe right because there's different universes. [1:29:43] And where can i find out you're cool to do it doesn't have an edge over marvel marvel. Can a house because the murderer so she orange this and see you know that there is nothing but. I would really really awesome to be able to get different stories other different batman with different actors that and whatever like bananas to see an african half shows that the students for. John: [1:30:07] Just toasters or dc could yo do you think it drop the whole fricking you know kitty nurse thing to try to do that more often but more do that and how do you see tell else was stories like just. Denis: [1:30:17] Yeah exactly. John: [1:30:18] Picking also story to tell displays a you know to superman red son do a live action got a, buy gas i do some like to some where else what shit and or do a fucking std you speeding bullet were superman went and got him sitting there straight up as batman you know do something crazy like that be so great. Denis: [1:30:35] I would be totally okay to with if they just did like the. But james bond thing where like in the movie comes out and it's it's loosely connected to the old movies but we dont need care as new after is a new story and we're gonna explorer maybe a different version of the joker that because it's a different actor, and we just understand and it doesn't need to be, disconnected university more information do they have a total freedom to do what i think they might do with the batman movie that's coming out of your the rumors. John: [1:31:05] Yeah for with that being a batman movie it's not connected or the joker is not. Denis: [1:31:09] If it's been what is gonna confuse the general public so that i don't include often as its not and why and what are you doing me casts. John: [1:31:16] Yeah i don't really take any dc news as gold until i see like a trailer for something because they changed so much shit. Denis: [1:31:23] Such a shit show over there holy crap what would be the flash is on the connection directors or something. John: [1:31:31] I will not budge gonna happen in the industry a flash part number you don't you you guys rush just to jesse's like an air freshener flash point really. Denis: [1:31:39] The only reason i'm okay with it is it be used as a course correction to war, that was in line and all that someone when they came out of it always unknown reasons and exits romance like better superman, and me do they have any run under for that on and like it was no not starting on the ground but the problem is. It doesn't work and there's a history with his characters and. John: [1:32:03] I have spent all the money they made hundreds of millions dollars or do that just stopped making them and just take your time due right the first time. Denis: [1:32:10] What you address wonder no late because she is a job she's perfect of. Kenric: [1:32:14] Yeah it's kinda hard to replace that girl. Denis: [1:32:15] Movie like that you can't because everyone to be outraged enough to see another fucked up there they must of everything again. John: [1:32:25] Drives me it was a fast and reboot things that could that could keep some actors replace the ones in your just move on yelp. Denis: [1:32:32] They that i mean to be fair with last pointing anything animated story and was a previous life was are. John: [1:32:38] Nobody flash point paradox came was was within that current universe you know. Denis: [1:32:44] So candles and. John: [1:32:45] Me and there was nothing there is nothing going into a but you can head from a with the kids if you'd watch. Denis: [1:32:51] I have a two thousand one i watched in mind that i really like. John: [1:32:54] Yeah let's get a great job in the on off her period for two was fantastic. Denis: [1:32:58] I was like that's is another one of the first times and like the flash. John: [1:33:02] Yeah i like flies a lot of these two couple care of me he's like if you read what with cauliflowers if you read the store right fast cars were super retarded ridiculous like a lot of his villains and all that a lot of the ways he beat his villains isn't. Physical like you fight him you know like one of his feelings he literally beats by bringing bringing circles around him like. It's really interesting how the ways he has to be used on a lot of is your his super fast but you have to be to marry mash looking for the numbers is to be of a turtle who slow slows things down. Kenric: [1:33:32] Like you said it's history be anybody physically he just he be one cabbage is running running in a circle around them it's really interesting how to get back up like that's gotta be the most boring battle ever. John: [1:33:46] Look i understand how. Denis: [1:33:48] But it really good show. John: [1:33:49] I like us i don't have super dorky that sound how dumb it sounds but it's true or. There's a you tube video at all posting find it that talks about how the flash is actually like a and six is this every in this with a very on was a correlation like communism and try to the cold war. And how he was america and and all those films where russia and it was it was all allegory for the cold war fight all over to make it was waiting waited up on this is pretty cool. Kenric: [1:34:18] Do they go to go too far into depth. John: [1:34:22] Now me not to outpace i like when we deep dives. Kenric: [1:34:26] Well if it when it comes to allegory sometimes people see allegory that just the writer just wrote a story unit mean and it says that all the, flashes america in the turtle was rushed and see how progressive america is that representing the speed of flash and look at the turtle is russia where, in the age of nineteen fifties and not want to move forward this thing okay you can make an allegory at everything and this is kind of funny. Denis: [1:34:52] Turn it way in my college creative writing courses. When we were talking about poetry and stuff the teacher talk about like hell you know our is open to your own ideas and whatever and. I was thinking about and i'm like i bet you, a lot of these old writers be like the fuck fraser geniuses that he would origins so much later but how funny would it be if you would you talk to your aunt owns a slight direction. What that is that's does his thing he just like riding gardens and we built audio record later. Kenric: [1:35:31] Yeah that's totally. Denis: [1:35:32] People craig got my are all the time do it does this mean like this knowledge. Kenric: [1:35:37] Yeah totally you you. Denis: [1:35:38] The fucking hallway. Kenric: [1:35:39] It's amazing that you saw that. Denis: [1:35:41] If your if your gonna buy my twenty dollar french that's exactly what it means. John: [1:35:44] I was john data whatever. Kenric: [1:35:49] If it had this is the dead kennedys rent on. John: [1:35:54] Yeah cool man cool. Kenric: [1:35:55] He Denis: [1:35:58] But yeah i'm going back to be totally gone to a stereo typical ten years. John: [1:36:04] We never do that ever always on point man always. Denis: [1:36:09] But go back to that movie i think is a shame but it happens. Is i think it says a lot about me and marketing behind on the way to, the common as in english its great the comments of ground and is in the main stream media rules that and i love it it's awesome but is also a double edged sword were in a lot of ways, characters are being destroyed and will never be the same superman may never come back from this union may never come back from zack snyder never be the superman that was a symbol in america back then. Who mean something to you and then spider man like he's perpetually stuck. Kenric: [1:36:50] Being a teenager i think that's suck. Denis: [1:36:51] I high schooler yeah i mean he could grow. Yeah because you can grow with the characters i heard a constantine which is hope please around like she she replied ages like in real-time. Calling and and that's also. Kenric: [1:37:07] Three hundred bucks and the eta jizz with everything. Denis: [1:37:12] So then now it is. Kenric: [1:37:15] Yeah it's perfectly twenty five now. Denis: [1:37:16] I think i think everything is slowly gonna have to get water down, table for and market and sell things and batman is the perfect example of that now it's just a bummer and it is much is like an angry that i'm not getting more one woman that there's like i'm sorry but miss walking by the way but i'm kind. How about happening because like the more vintage. John: [1:37:38] He is stuck inside of. Denis: [1:37:39] Stream like matter. John: [1:37:40] Everybody thinks it drops. Kenric: [1:37:40] Sided for this one thing. Denis: [1:37:44] I'm super excited duplicate super excited. John: [1:37:45] He's back every time you excited many drops every time you said i did the side and you dropped. Kenric: [1:37:50] In things that i'm getting service one thing and then you draw. Denis: [1:37:53] Can you hear me so i was a young super excited about something and and like magic is awesome that's gonna be in, movie but the problem is that when using come out the coming new representation picture is that a new generation things permanently is that person so. If they fuck up something if they fuck up magic they fucked up that character and for the rest of the i can cuz. Kenric: [1:38:20] Yeah no cuz all you you fucking customers you fucking. Denis: [1:38:23] Is that what about you guys did for us in the customer abs but. Like that becomes new version of the new generation is gonna see so bad and it's been played. Just over and over and over reiterating no emergency starter and starter and starter is we're is missing and jokers is the same thing and and to this extreme in the am and stop. Them and we like light is on and or superman might be gone you no lease. Is it sucks sometimes when i see them like this is awesome but great this is the end is the beginning of. Kenric: [1:39:02] Your whole thing about like spider man being stuck in high school professionally it does suck cuz there's a ton of stories do that came out in the eighties that were pier parking is thirty ss this late twenties right because they have the same. Denis: [1:39:15] What is the meaning of meeting mary jane as an adult not as a high schooler is the dates a lot to. Kenric: [1:39:21] And then he they actually end up getting married in but if you did you read cravings last time yet. Denis: [1:39:29] I don't need my bottle long time ago not to get the reason i bought it because i heard that i really was originally. Kenric: [1:39:37] Gm diva taste that's why we're gonna go and imitates on. Denis: [1:39:41] Okay so you ask me about this cuz i think it might be true that you wrote it as that story and is it in one or something and so he's like alright i'm gonna go to. Kenric: [1:39:48] Twice he requested twice and then the picture tomorrow like this the heat did he read who craven was like cravens perfect for this and it up i i can see that the x est went back and did it again as a batman story. Yeah there is a bad history but no dude that the cravings last time is amazing and me johnny reid and we did the whole episode on it and it really is that's its stack. Denis: [1:40:13] Yeah i haven't been this one of you have listen to you because. Kenric: [1:40:16] Yeah i read the book first then then listen. Denis: [1:40:18] What's all that was that was originally an story and it's inspiring we will okay that sounds interesting this could be interesting store. Kenric: [1:40:27] They'll never be a movie which it should be but never will be because they can't do that as spider man as a teenager. Denis: [1:40:37] But the credit card is tom holland, is that a man for ten years and watching grow up and hold i hope to god it isn't mary jane so you can meet her later and like we washing grew up with these characters and a few times and its characters get worse and worse darker darker because. The whole truth amazing is everything i wanted a spiderman bill. Kenric: [1:40:57] Yeah yeah so i think that show yeah that's that's your tagline everytime reading the show denis is that the show and then jointly. Denis: [1:41:06] Oh and listen to lots of the. Kenric: [1:41:08] You guys could actually hear us. Denis: [1:41:11] I am like your biggest. John: [1:41:12] That's that's your cue to set the letter q one vs data show that i should i put it on. Denis: [1:41:18] It's time. Kenric: [1:41:20] Alright you guys get here as everywhere podcast heard which is of course you know you upon catch on your phone just open it up dual dual search up to here comes for the country. Lol such a poo you know we'll try to pull search crew spot the country subscribe if your on itunes and you doing reviews give us five stars to mr out the four star give us five stars that helps us help you. John: [1:41:46] That was you you're the. Denis: [1:41:48] Yeah the one gotta get three hours it just insulate. John: [1:41:53] I'm glad it's his fault not mine glad. Kenric: [1:41:54] I love it i love i know i'm vocal i know that i'm a chatterbox theory i actually had to tell john he to interrupt the board because it'll just be the connection of the doubt yet. John: [1:42:04] Right it would it would it. Denis: [1:42:06] What's with all switch her to buy them with. Kenric: [1:42:08] Fuck street. John: [1:42:08] Alright for one back. Kenric: [1:42:11] Over i love it. John: [1:42:12] Printer is into it roll into. Kenric: [1:42:14] John where where can i had paris. John: [1:42:16] The here is you said that already retired talk to. Kenric: [1:42:18] Oh we're gonna talk to us. John: [1:42:19] You talks on twitter for small-arms their country where i can on for all day long both of us are he knows is four hundred you without com, it has one facebook or instagram research report country we have a voicemail line seven seven six five six twenty eighty was voicemail will. What would the number again is seven seven six five six twenty eighty to call the voicemail will do some with eventually. Kenric: [1:42:40] Yeah and don't forget to go visit our friends website at corbin dot com and see all our v i n k dot com i know is gonna have t-shirts that you want some of the famous one like sweet tits. Which makes me laugh every single time is it so. John: [1:42:56] My favorite is that my food is to be to buy is the the same plant kill yourself. Kenric: [1:42:59] That's a good one too. Denis: [1:43:01] Seven by i'm just not much of your favorite viewing kindly. John: [1:43:02] That's what i said shh that's what i said don't come on at it and it was like an asshole i was and it made me say that. Kenric: [1:43:10] But that up with the show note that none at all johnny center of. John: [1:43:15] The key it was to show the result. Kenric: [1:43:18] That most all of them. John: [1:43:21] I do all the blog posts. Kenric: [1:43:23] Did you do the blog post. Denis: [1:43:24] After losing this all the same wrong by the way and also receiving. John: [1:43:29] I'm sure i'm sure it's fine fine all the fridge has gone through turning three. Kenric: [1:43:30] Permit. John: [1:43:33] Thanks for your insight genesis appreciate. Kenric: [1:43:35] Yes thank you very much we really appreciate can have. Denis: [1:43:37] Please text me. Kenric: [1:43:38] We to have a on again don't forget guys open that mind read more. John: [1:43:43] So yeah. [/bg_collapse]

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