Episode 71 – Fall Televison Premieres

The Season 8 Premiere Happened Last night!
SHAZAM DIRECTOR David Samberg: confirms movie release date April 2019!
‘Shazam!’ Reportedly Casting Marvel Family:
‘Shazam’ Audition Tape Reveals Potential Billy Batson

News from Avengers Tower:
Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Live Streams Part of THOR RAGNAROK at a screening weeks ahead of release:  it was a total accident  but ruffalo left his LIVE STREAM on instagram open while attending the screening! Its not said how far into the stream he got before it was shut down, BUT YES he still has his JOB!
NETFLIX PUNISHER RELEASE DATE:  NOVEMBER 17th, 2017 – (cough cough Justice League Opening Weekend  cough cough )
The Venom Movie might be looking at an iconic Comic Storyline:
FUNKO POP VINYL: are releasing Stan Lee “CAMEO” Funko Pops!!! 
Netflix Releases a TEASER for Daredevil: Season 3: (SPOILERS FOR DEFENDERS)

The Daily Prophet:
Prisoner Of Azkaban Illustrated Edition: has released! It’s pretty awesome looking.
JJ ABRHAMS:  claims that Star Wars Episode 9 will bring the story full circle INCLUDING the prequels and some characters from them might not only be mentioned but could show up !!! 

News from The Council of Ricks:

Dan Harmon on Rick and Morty Season 4:

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