Star Wars the Last Jedi LIVE STREAM Review with Mike Peacock!

Well alrighty then! Here is our review of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Some BIG caveats I hope you see before listening.

1st Caveat
We had some serious technical difficulties during the show:

A Mic (Kenrics) was up to loud causing some distortion
Headphones broke (Mikes) so audio was piping in on speakers causing an echo and post editing took some warmth out of the voices.
These issues and more can be heard; However, we did our best in fixing everything and about 4 minutes in it all calms down and you should enjoy what you are listening to.

2nd Caveat
We are more, and some might even say hyper critical of this movie going into the review. BUT we all come back around to say how much we really did enjoy the movie as a whole. I only give this spoiler away (see what I did there?) because if you don’t make it through the episode (shame on you if you don’t 😉) you may go away thinking we are not fans and we are big fans and super excited for the third installment.

We had a lot of fun making this episode and it is only our 2nd live episode the next one will technically and audio wise sound a lot better but I’m not sure you can get better content! Enjoy!!

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One thought on “Star Wars the Last Jedi LIVE STREAM Review with Mike Peacock!

  • April 9, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    This was my favorite out of the new trilogy


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