Dungeon Crawling Awaits in ‘Blightbound’

Devolver Digital and Ronimo Games has announced a new multiplayer dungeon crawler called Blightbound. The game will launch for PC on Steam Early Access in 2020!

Blightbound story focuses around a band of legendary warriors slaying the dreaded Shadow Titan after a long battle. However, the victory was short-lived, as the Shadow Titan’s corpse unleashed the Blight; a corrupting fog that alters any living creature exposed to its evil. Ten years later, and the Blight has infected the world. It’s up to you and two other heroes to venture down from their mountain refuge to face the abominations of the Blight.

Featuring over 20 unique heroes, each with their own skill set and passive abilities, Blightbound will also have hundreds of unique items to loot and craft to improve each hero. You’ll also be able to build out your refuge atop the mountain by recruiting new artisans to craft more items, fulfilling bounties, and training your heroes. And since this is a multiplayer game, the distinct class roles reward team play.

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