Descent Into Dread

This week, Dalton Shannon & Wells Thompson join us to talk about their anthology: “Descent into Dread”. Dalton and Wells talk to me about how their love of horror started. We also talk about the inspiration for various of the stories in the anthologies.

“Descent into Dread” is currently on sale thru Amazon and Comixology

In the tradition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and BLACK MIRROR. A cosmic beast that feeds on time; a curious creature made of filth and bile; a ruthless empire hunting the sun itself — experience horror for a new generation in this haunting anthology of 12 collected tales realized by modern talents and diverse styles. Explore the anxieties of twenty-first-century life through unknowable monsters, oppressive dystopia, and the worst entry-level job of all time. Prepare yourself for a deadly Descent into Dread.

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