Available on Kickstarter #05: Demon Bitch & Battle Grapple Rebel

Thank you to all who have been patient with us as we get ready to jumpstart the podcast again. Greg went solo today, and has two interviews ready for you all this week.

First, Greg interviews Christie Shinn, owner of Horatora Studios and writer/artist of Demon Bitch “Triggered”. You can go and back Demon Bitch on Kickstarter while you still can. You can also follow Christie by heading over to: https://linktr.ee/HoraToraStudios

This book was inspired by true events (like everything else) COVID-19 sucked for everyone and it brought out all the stupid. I got pro and anti-whatever and whomsoever and other bullshit people screaming and shaming at me in Dolby – then getting pointlessly mad and forgetting about it at  all.

Christie Shinn

Next, Greg interviews Michael Tanner and Don Nguyen to talk about their ongoing Kickstarter Campaign for Battle Grapple Rebel.

In the far future, humanity has an expanded to the distant stars and planets and the most popular form of entertainment is the BATTLE GRAPPLE. We follow an aspiring new grappler, Spin Kilter, fresh from his training at the famous Coach Moonah’s Gym and trying to make a name for himself as an indie grappler. BATTLE GRAPPLE: REBEL is the story of how one man, just trying to follow his dream, can spark a revolution!

You can follow Michael Tanner on Twitter or by visiting his website: https://www.bymichaeltanner.com/. You can listen to Michael on his new podcast, Burn After Pitching or follow them on Twitter.

You can follow Don Nguyen by clicking any of the links below. NguyeningIt.com
@NguyeningIt on Twitter and IG 
https://www.etsy.com/shop/NguyeningIt https://www.bonfire.com/store/nguyeningit/

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