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Hello Spoiler Country, and welcome to “In Search of Deeper Memeing” where we look at memes. I personally love me some memes, them and cat pics are realistically the only things that keep me on Facebook. We haven’t had a new one in a couple weeks (since no one has sent any request…. cough cough) but we are back to talk about “Pickle Rick, Funniest Stuff Ever


So way way back in the day the premise of Rick turning himself into a pickle was shown in a season three trailer for the popular “Rick and Morty” tv show. When the episode aired on August 6, 2017 (a day before Why Marvel is the Best Publisher! Episode of Spoiler Country and two before Why DC is the Best Publisher!) Pickle Rick lived up to the hype, the episode was beautiful (and not just because there’s a cat that resembles a certain cat whose majesticall like a Blizzard and magical like a Wizard) and was all about an adventure Rick has as a pickle…. A PICKLE!!!


Ahem…. Back to the meme. So the meme first appeared on November 22, 2019 (The day after God Puncher with Lane Lloyd graced your earholes) with a gif of Donald Trump talking to Jeffrey Epstein about the “Pickle Rick” episode.


Sorry… took the brilliant template some time to gain some traction but has now found its way into the Schwiftposting group (because you gotta get schwifty sometimes).


So everyone has seen the Pickle Rick episode and everyone loves, because how could you not love it Rick’s a pickle.


Like the original post, you take a scene from pop culture and replace the dialogue text with them conversing about the legendary episode.


We are in another dry spell of Rick and Morty content after being graced with the first half of season four (Mr. Horsley started an episode recap series but stopped after the first one???) so the fans are hungry and this delicious meme can satisfy the appetite for now. When the second half of season four finally arrives and there is new contest to create new memes this one might go the wayside.

Is there a meme out there that you would want to see covered? Tweet it to @spoiler_country with the hashtag #deepermemeing and we will give it a look!

And one last time….


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