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Hello Spoiler Country, and welcome to “In Search of Deeper Memeing” where we look at memes. I personally love me some memes, them and cat pics are realistically the only things that keep me on Facebook. For this installment, we are looking at Baby Yoda.


So in case you have been living under a rock, Disney released its highly-anticipated Disney+ streaming service and one of the original shows available on the day of the release was the Mandalorian from the Star Wars corner of the Disney empire. In the final moments of the season premiere (the only episode available the day of the watch) the world was introduced to a youngling of the race that Yoda made famous, with the internet instantly falling in love with the 50-year old infant and appropriately naming him “Baby Yoda”.

Honestly if I was told that Disney had a pull with the meme illuminati I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t see any secret shady underground meme society having to push this meme phenomenon since right from the beginning fans embraced Baby Yoda.


So the primary meme involving Baby Yoda is a screenshot of Baby Yoda looking at something with young, pure eyes. The captions for the meme tend to involve a  young child and confusion as to what the adult is doing. Baby Yoda has found its way into a plethora of other meme templates, because people cannot get enough of Baby Yoda right now.


As long as the Mandalorian season runs you have to assume Baby Yoda will continue to thrive. Expect to see a bunch once the new Star Wars movie comes out (with context revolving around how Baby Yoda is better than any character in the movie). Hopefully Baby Yoda survives the season and will continue to be in the show for season two, cause then the fans will get more Baby Yoda footage which they can turn into more meme goodness.

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