Comic Book Crossovers – Marvel, DC, IDW, Boom, Archie and more!

We all love it when things we enjoy cross over, but no medium does it quite like comic books. Sure, they gave us Jason vs Freddy, Shark vs Tornado, and more. Since 1940 comic companies have been crossing over their characters. I’m reminded of a line from Mallrats by the legend Kevin Smith, spoken by Shannon Doherty’s character Rene. 

“Do I give a shit what two comic labels are crossing over characters, Selling two editions of the book in varied-ink chromium covers ? I’m a girl, damn it ! I wanna do girly things!”

Rene (Shanon Doherty) from Mallrats

Anyway, on this episode we talk about some crossover books and have a good ol’ time. 

“Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country!”

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One thought on “Comic Book Crossovers – Marvel, DC, IDW, Boom, Archie and more!

  • April 9, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    Love a good crossover. Keeps things fresh and fun!


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