I  was recently introduced to UK metal band Thirteenth Sign, and I became an instant fan. In a fantastic turn of cosmic fate, I happened to be recently acquainted with guitarist Chris Hubbard, one of the founding members, and I was stoked when he agreed to come on the show. We had an awesome chat about the origins of the band, their innovative style, their songwriting process, their various lineup changes, and their upcoming album. Chris also dropped an exclusive bit of news regarding their upcoming album, which got me even more pumped up about this band than I already was. This is an insanely talented band, and I’m excited to share this one with you. A fair bit of warning, the Skype Audio was not playing nice on this one, but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable and more than listenable. Also, this will mark the last new episode of the year for Misery Point Radio, so take this opportunity to close out the year with a treat from across the globe!

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