BLACK ADAM Casting Update

Despite not having an official release date the highly anticipated film Black Adam is continuing to push forward with getting everything set for production. Just a few weeks back we found out that Aldis Hodge was set to portray Carter Hall/Hawkamn and before that Noah Centineo was set to portray Atom Smasher. Now, Deadline is reporting that Sarah Shahi (The L Word, Person of Interest) has joined the cast of the upcoming New Line/DC Films movie.

According to the report she will play a University professor and freedom fighter leading the resistance in Kahndaq.

Now, onto the rumorverse


We are hearing from sources that Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin, Wolf) is in the running to play the Supervillain Ishmael Gregor/Sabbac in the upcoming movie.

For those unaware, Ishmael Gregor, in the comics, is a Russian Mob boss who steals the powers of Sabbac from Timothy Karnes becoming a powerful demon with similar powers of Shazam. He attains these powers by speaking the words “SABBAC” which is an acronym for Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis.

We have seen Ishmael Gregor on screen in the past in season 5 of CW’s Arrow. However, he was simply a Russian Mob boss on the show.

Production was originally to begin back in July but, due to the ongoing pandemic, DC Films had to shift many of their upcoming film’s release dates thus causing some uncertainty on when we will see the Rock led movie release. It is exciting though that we are seeing casting underway. That is a good sign there is still commitment to Black Adam being made and released in the near future.

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