Beer Advent 2019 Wrap Up

We did it! We finished all 24 days of the Brewers Advent Calendar 2019! On this episode we look back at the month long beer event and include clips from each episode. Take a listen, then dive into each episode to hear all the glory!

1Helles Lager2.5
2Blau Wiess2
3Schnaitl Brau4
4Memminger Gold Marzen4
5Kress Bayrisch Zwickl4
6Erkonig Hell3.75
7Perlenzauber Pale Ale3
8Ladenburger Weizenbock Pale3.5
9Burgerlichse Brauhaus 3
10Hosl Rauchmarzen2
11Grandl Lager3
12Graminger Kirta0
13Herrnbrau Jubilaumsbier2.8
14Zwonitzer Rauchbier Smoked Lager3
15Edel Bayer Urtyp Hell3
16Herrngiersdorfer Hopfen Cuvee Pils2
17Schwarze Tinte Dark Bock1
18Kurpfalzbrau Helles2.5
19Loncium Wiener Lager3.5
20Propeller Turpo Prop Imperial Pilsner5
21Baren Weisse3
22Schlossbrau Rheder Pils4
23Wittmann Urhell Helles3
24Kartauser Bock Dark Doppelbock2.8


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