Batman: Damned #1 – It’s more than Bruce Wang

So DC launched it’s new Black Label with Batman: Damned #1, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo. When it launched it caused quite the stir in the comics world.

Like, oh my god, they showed a shadowy penis. HOW DARE THEY!

Dude, come on. They have been showing half naked, full naked and more women in comics for DECADES. I did a poll on twitter asking our followers if it had been Catwoman that was shown nude in the shadows, EVEN if they showed a shadow outline of her vagina, would there have been such the outrage? The answer was a resounding no.

Anyway, let’s talk about the book itself, the bat penis has gotten enough press without us talking about it more.

Oh, and uh, spoilers ahead. (DUH)

Without a doubt this book looks pretty as hell. Bermejo is an incredible artist and it really shows in this book. Every page is a work of art. It’s easy to get lost in the scenery of damn near every panel in this book. It’s just so damn pretty. There were many times I lost track of what I was reading and was just staring at the details.

The writing is fantastic as well. The story involves Batman being the main suspect in the murder of the Joker. He has lost some time and can’t remember where he was when it happened. With the help of John Constantine, Deadman, and Zatanna Batman tries to piece together the missing time and find out if he did in fact murder the Joker.

Wow, that’s such “wikipedia synopsis” of the story, sorry. You come here for better and I failed. It does tell you what it’s about, so I’m going to leave it.

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