Alex Ross Offers a Behind-The-Scenes Look into the Making of a Timeless Mural in Marvel’s NYC Offices

Over the last two months, the humble House of Ideas has revealed 28 “Timeless” variant covers created by Modern Marvel Master Alex Ross, which will begin to hit shelves at your local comic shop in September. Now, you can get a rare glimpse inside Ross’s amazing artistic process! Check out a special video and watch as Ross crafts his iconic painted covers and see how his timeless imagery was made into a magnificent mural in Marvel’s NYC offices!

Each terrific Timeless variant of Marvel’s greatest heroes brought to life by the iconic art of the relentlessly revolutionary Ross. Behold Spider-Man, Storm, Wolverine, Namor, and more in painted portraits, depicted in their most classic and beloved costumes. And don’t miss your chance to begin collecting all 28 of these stunning variant covers at your local comic shop starting in September!

See below for a complete list and gallery of the Timeless variant covers available in just over a month!

September 2020
October 2020

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