A Review of The Mandalorian: Chapter 4 – Sanctuary

A new week means a new episode of The Mandalorian. After last week’s pulse pounding moments it was hard to imagine that this week’s could be nearly as intense. While this episode wasn’t as exciting as the previous three it still brought a lot to the table.


Attack on the Village

The episode opens up to a quiet village full of people farming, fishing and kids playing. This is all quickly disrupted as Klatooinians rush in and ransack the entire village leaving very little behind.

The Child and The Mandalorian

We see the Child and the Mandalorian aboard the Razor Crest as he searches for a safe place to lay low. He comes across Sorgan and decides to head there.


After arriving on Sorgan the two of them make their way to a little bar/restaurant to which they come across Gina Carano’s character, Cara Dune.

It’s discovered she used to be part of the Rebellion but as things shifted to a New Republic she bowed out and has since moved to Sorgan on early retirement.

A Village Needs Help

Two men from the village that was attacked in the beginning of the episode find The Mandalorian and request that he help them against the Klatooinians. At first the Mando is reluctant but when he realizes that this village could be a nice little sage haven for he and the child he decides to help them.

But not before finding Cara Dune and asking for her assistance.

After Cara and Mando do a bit of reconnaissance they realize that the Klatooinians have an AT-ST imperial walker at their disposal. This worries Cara and the two of them decide the only way they can successfully handle these looters is by the entire village working together.


There is a bit of a training montage that happens where we see Cara and the Mandalorian showing the people of the village how to fight.

After nightfall Dune and Mando make their way to the Klatooinian camp and begin their assault. After exploding one of their huts the AT-ST is activated and follows them to the village.

The battle comes to a close when they are able to disable and destroy the AT-ST.

Leaving The Child Behind

A couple weeks goes by since defeating the Klatooinians. The Mandalorian considers leaving the Child at the village because the Bounty Hunter life is no life for a kid. Cara voices her opinion on the matter say the child would be heartbroken. Why couldn’t they both live there and he put the past behind him?

Unknowingly to everyone a bounty hunter has found his way to Sorgan and discovered the location of the Child. Before he can complete the bounty and kill the asset Cara Dune intervenes and kills the bounty hunter.

A New Adventure

Now realizing that the whereabouts of the Child is known. The Mandalorian decides that he and the Child must leave the planet and find a better place to lay low. A new adventure begins.


While this episode wasn’t very action packed it still brought a lot to the table in regards to character development. Is the Mandalorian an ACTUAL Mandalorian? During a conversation with one of the village women he explains how he was saved and raised by Mandalorians. Sounds to me like he may no be a Mando by blood.

We also begin to see the real bond and the connection both he and the Child has. He truly cares for the child and wants to make sure it has the best life it could possibly have. Even if that means leaving him behind.

Overall this episode didn’t exactly push the narrative forward too much but it was a solid filler episode that did build on the characters a good bit.

What were your feelings on this episode? Did Cara Dune live up to the hype?

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