A Look Back: Venom

Venom: “We are…Venom”
Me: “Are we though?”

From the moment this film was announced I had a really bad feeling about this film. A movie based on a Spider-Man villain without having Spider-Man anywhere in the movie! It was just a trash idea asking to be thrown away. Instead… we got this atrocity.

If you want to read a positive take on this. Check out Kenric’s review here ‘Venom is a great movie’. Otherwise enjoy my take.


The movie centers around Eddie Brock. A Star Journalist in San Francisco with his On the Street Interviews and getting the COLD HARD FACTS!. His fiance Anne and he live together and by the look of it have a solid relationship. That is until Eddie destroys her life by getting her fired from the Law Firm due to him using confidential information she received from her Firm’s client. The Life Foundation. A company run by an Elon Musk type of character Carlton Drake during a special interview Eddie has with him.

Not only do those questions cause his Fiance to lose her job but his as well also causing he and Anne to split up.

That is the set up for the main Character. there is also a space shuttle crash in Malaysia which brings… 3….or is it 4??? (even the movie forgets) symbiotes to the planet. Early on In the movie they talk about 4 symbiotes and then seem to forget about those conversations and only mention 3 there after… *sigh*

That is just one aspect of the poor writing… and let me tell you…the dialogue is just cringe worthy. The SFX is nothing to get excited about…the symbiotes in their most basic form look cheesy, The “Monster” forms of the symbiotes or when they are part of a human looks completely out of place.

The sound editing, something I don’t think I have EVER complained about in a movie, was just distracting. They play that the Symbiotes are more gooey than watery yet the sound it makes is like water running as opposed to a kid playing with GAK (Remember GAK?)… it really was distracting.

The story is just bad people… The “Villain” is supposed to have good motives and yet every move he makes is predictable and just sad. The “hero” is infected with a “parasite” which feeds on human flesh and organs.. and you would think when something feeds on flesh there would be blood…. but nope not in this movie! It’s kinda ridiculous.

Also its hard to Not mention that despite Eddie Brock is seen as this man eating monster on a few occasions. Somehow this doesn’t get him locked up in jail. It is just one of many plot holes that is never explained.

Final Act

Now, the final act is just a hodge podge of two CGI characters being smashed against each other. Sorta like two high schoolers dry humping. This is an attempts to make a BIG SPECTACLE in a final showdown that really leaves a lot to be desired. Yea we know what the “REAL” villain of the movie is attempting to do. But the plan really doesn’t make much sense thus making the motives of the “hero” all that more confusing because anyone with a brain can see that the “villains” plan is pretty far fetched and probably unattainable.


Music….wait…. there was music in this film? Completely forgettable.


We are surely not Venom.

and I know with the money it has made at the Box Office a second one is inevitable. I can tell you now even with the mid-credits scene that promises the likes of a certain symbiote making an appearance in the next film. There is nothing at this point that could excite me enough to have to sit through another one of these Venom films.

Go see it or don’t I don’t care. Maybe if you go in with REALLLLY low expectations you will enjoy yourself. But, if you are looking for a mid 2000’s esque superhero film to watch. I say just watch either the Eric Bana Hulk film or one of the two Jessica Alba Fantastic Four films… Those are MUCH more enjoyable than Venom.

How… HOW did this movie make $856 million!?!?!?!

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