A Christmas Carol 2022 and the DCEU

We are back for a special Christmas(ish) episode talking about the Hard Agree Christmas Carol and our thoughts on the state of the DCEU!

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Steve the drunk robot does the best he can on these transcripts, somethings are not right. Bear with him as he learns.

A Christmas Carol and the DCEU


John: Can I do an intro? Let’s talk about stuff.

Kenric: Oh. Oh, you wanna do like a short. Yeah. I thought that’s a Well you didn’t say, you said last night, I thought you said you had an idea. No,

John: the idea was to push record and show up. That was my, my ideas done . I push record, I showed up. You do the rest. .

Kenric: All right guys, well welcome back to a you know what, I’m gonna call this a special edition of for the Country.

Cause it’s been a while and it’s just it’s been a while. Cause we’ve had a lot of changes. Yeah. Which is good. Good changes. Nothing. People gone off to their own thing, which is good. People starting new adventures, which is, which is good. I’m looking this way cause I’m looking at Johnny on my monitoring.

It looks, you know

John: That’s right. That’s, that’s what o on the Zoom recording. That’s how looks you’re looking, you’re looking at me here. I’m looking

Kenric: at you now. Yeah. Nice, nice. So we’re just trying to make some changes, do some things. We’re gonna get back to some basics. Have some fun. Yeah. You know, we, we do plan on doing a [00:01:00] lot more video.

It’s just. Well, you know, life happens, , and, and

John: if you, if you notice, if you’re watching the video right now, you see Kenrick looks beautiful and I look like I’m on a webcam from the nineties. Dude. It literally

Kenric: does . It looks like shit. And I don’t know if it’s just because of the clarity of this camera compared to your

John: camera

Right. You

video1329098651.output: know

Kenric: what I mean? That you’re just seeing the stark difference. Like if you got on a, on somebody else’s and they brought up like their laptop camera, you’d be like, yeah, oh my God, you look like ass. But it’ll literally, it literally looks like you’re. Actually, you know what? It looks like you’re four 80 p.

Yeah. What’s oh, four 80? You know what I mean? Four 80 i or whatever. This is a Logitech

John: Brio. It’s an HD camera. Yeah. Something’s not right. Let’s see if I do this. Does that help?

Kenric: Oh, yes. Oh, oh, that looks better. That does look better.

John: I do. I in, in Zoom. I pushed, I clicked the hd. There you go. Thanks. Zoom.


Kenric: you go. Thanks. Zoom looks [00:02:00] way better.

John: Not as, not as good as, as, as you over there, but, but good.

Kenric: You know what’s funny is we were talking the other day. Yes. We still actually talk almost every day.

John: Pretty much every day. Yeah. Yeah. Usually, usually it’s kind going, we can record asshole, and I’m like, I don’t know.

Kenric: I didn’t know actually before we get going today, December 23rd, 2022. Yeah. We actually last night, 11:00 PM Pacific Standard Time 23rd. Everywhere else because, you know, time zones. Time zones we released the third edition. with new people and new and, and added stuff to our hard agree presents.

Well, spoiler verse presents a Hardegree Christmas Carol. Yeah. Where our our good buddy Andrew Sumner narrates and performs a scrooge as a Christmas carol. And the word to point out. Johnny and I are the portly American fellows. [00:03:00] as we are, but we have Evangeline lilies in it. Yeah. Now OIE Smith David Leach Wil Gibbs Lane, Dave Gibbons and Michael Mork, who plays good old Mr.

Feig. Yeah,

John: it’s great. Yeah. We did our, our third one this year. It’s out and it’s a, is a, there’s a it’s up on bleeding Cool. Right now, which is cool. Yep,

Kenric: yep. Little changes every year done to it. The first year was just the three of us. Yeah. Second year we added in Evangeline Lilly, David Gibbons, and Julie Stark.

Yep. Who is. Stage actor. Actor out of, out of London.

John: Yeah, it’s getting good. I mean, it’s already good, but it’s getting, it’s getting even more impressive. And someday I’ll color, I’ll, I’ll recolor the entire image for the, for the graphic when I, when I remember to do it. It’s, it’s on my, it’s on my

Kenric: iPad right here, right now.

I didn’t wanna tell you what Sumner said about that . Oh man. I’m sure he had some choice words. He was like, should we ask John to do this coloring? Do we just plan on [00:04:00] releasing it? Black and white Then, then the funniest thing happened last night. John decides to go rogue. He goes, I’m gonna color this, but he only colors me, him, and and Sumner.

Mind you, we have all these. Pretty famous people behind

John: us all in black, white, .

Kenric: So it looks like, it’s like, Hey, here’s us. And then some kind of famous people behind us. No big deal. . Look,

John: I didn’t just color us. I just took the image from two years ago that I did color and just cropped it into the picture.

Oh God. That’s

Kenric: even worse.

John: Well, I even said to you, I was like, Hey, how does this look? Or sh and you’re like, looks good. I’m like, okay, cool. Then I’ll put it. I, I asked

Kenric: you

John: Isaac, here’s an idea. And you’re like, as always,

Kenric: oh yeah, you’re fine. That is such am I almost called him Amber. That is such Sumner bag that I, I, you know, it’s, it’s really his decisions on, on that whole production.

Yeah. Yeah. But next year I’m making him rerecord his parts. Yeah. I’m actually [00:05:00] got a way better setup. Yeah. So you can hear the stark difference between. Him recording now and his recordings from then. Yeah. And it’s like, oh, and I can’t do anything about that when I edit it in, you know, I’m adding a little reverb because it ha because he’s, because his other one sounds like he’s in a his first time like I don’t think he had anything in his room, but No, no, it was, it’s echos, it’s, yeah, it’s really echoy.

So I try to add some reverb to try to match it. Yeah. But I couldn’t, I couldn’t find the setting to get it to, it even sounded. Yeah. No, and I’m

John: gonna, I’ll, I will have it colored for next year. I, I promise I will. Yeah, I will. Well, that’ll be fine. I’m probably gonna color it in here pretty soon. Cause I’ve been doing a lot of art lately.

A lot more art, which has been

Kenric: fun. Well, next year we’ll have different people, so, you know, well, we’ll have new

John: people. There’s, there’ll just be added in, it’s, it’s the same layout. It’s, they’ll be new people added to the drawing. So I’ll just, if I get all colored now, then I just have, then I just code the new

Kenric: people

Yeah. Yeah. We just have to. Yeah, I just wanna rerecord, there’s a couple other things that we’re gonna [00:06:00] ask to be rerecorded and even have somebody else redo a couple voices that someone else did, but they’re cool. It doesn’t detract from them being on. So are we gonna

video1329098651.output: stay

John: in it? Are we getting cut?

Kenric: No, we’re gonna be in it.

Okay, good. Yeah. I’m gonna re rerecord mine. I think I’m gonna do it by myself and then so I can do a bunch of ’em and send it over to to. The Sumner and let him critique, and then we’ll do it. And then maybe you can do the same thing. Yeah. If I can do I, I’m happy to read it. Mine, I gotta, like you hear Ollie Smith, he does the, the, the nephew this year.

Yeah. Oh man. He does such an amazing job. So last year Ollie Smith did Fezziwig, right? Yeah. But he got Michael Mork and if you know the fucking amazing author, fucking Elric dude. Yeah. To do. Wig and it just sounds perfect. And then Ollie Smith switched over and did the nephew. And it sounds, he sounds amazing.

It’s awesome. It’s like, cool. [00:07:00] That sounds really, really good. , this is gonna be like, made go. I don’t like my performance at all, even though we only have a two lines, you know, I

John: think, I think I have three lines in total maybe. And they’re all like, yeah, but I’m, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll redo ’em again to make ’em for next year.

Cause I don’t, I don’t mind redoing ’em, it.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. No, it’s, it’s, it’s nothing. And I think this time, like in June, I think I’m gonna go through and add labels to everybody’s performance so that we can quickly switch things out. That’s a good idea. Yeah, that’s a good idea. It’s gonna take a while, but Yeah.

John: But once you’re set up for the future,

Kenric: it’s good. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. You know what’s weird? What So Black Adam’s out on H B o .

John: I know. I tried watching it last night. Yeah. And it’s just

Kenric: weird. I, I don’t know what it is. I just don’t have any desire to watch it. Like I’ve seen it on there and I’m like, oh, I should watch that.

and I just don’t, I I, I’ll like, I’ll go watch the Big Bang Theory instead, which I’ve seen a billion times.

John: Yeah. You know what? I think it is? I, I think I [00:08:00] know what it is. I, I was thinking about this last night cause we talked about this last night while I was watching it. Yeah. Because I didn’t wanna watch.

I wanna watch it, but I didn’t wanna watch it last night. And then my son, Cody came up with his fiance and they were, we were all gonna, he’s like, he put it on, we all wanna watch it. And then they left and then, yeah. About halfway through. And I purposefully didn’t really watch a lot of it. Cause I don’t wanna watch it right now.

I’m got, I got a lot of shit to do. Yeah. So I watched. I think maybe like 10 minutes worth of the first 40 minutes of the movie. Yeah, and it’s not that it’s terrible or bad or anything like that, it’s just that in that 10 minutes of what I watched, I was thinking about the movie and I was like, why am I not excited to see this?

Right. I think part of it becomes from the fact that DC or Warner Brothers has screwed up so much in the last 15 years in the, in the DC movies. Yeah. And that The Rock was so hellbent. I’m making blackhead. I’m a good. and Black Adam’s not a good guy. Yeah. Like if you read the comics, he is not a superhero.

Yeah. He is very much a villain. And they’ve done some like anti,

Kenric: I [00:09:00] was fighting a villain. I never thought of him as, I never even thought of him as an anti-hero. I know he had parts where he’s kind of an anti-hero.

John: Yeah. But he’s just a bad, he’s just just a villain. Right. Yeah.

Kenric: And it’s, I think of, I kind of think of ’em in the same vein as Lobo.

John: I mean, Lobel’s a little more like comical and stuff, but Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: No, but I mean, his attitude about killing and, and doing whatever he wants, and it

John: just, the whole thing too is like, and fucking Zack Snyder ruined a lot of DC movies for me. Yeah. It’s hard to watch him cuz like, they’re so like macho and so like,

Kenric: is black Adam though considered part of that universe?

I mean, yeah. Henry Kale’s in it. Is he? Yeah, it’s Henry

John: Capital’s last. He came back for a cameo in the movie at the end.

Kenric: Oh, that’s weird. Is that why people thought, is that why?

John: So he, he, he came back cause he came in the black Adam, he had Warner had him announced he was back for Man Steel Two and more, more stuff.

And then him and James Gun taught, and James Gun fired [00:10:00] him.

Kenric: man. And then he, and now they’ve already moved on, on the Witcher with the other Hemsworth Liam Hens

John: Worth. Yeah. And. The Rock is announced that they’re, they’re not, they’re not doing a black Adam too, or he’s not? He’s not Anytime soon. Yeah, anytime soon is Black Adam, which is fine.

Kenric: Which, and I still contend that The Rock is the wrong person to be the black to be black Adam anyways, in a, in its own movie. Yeah. He can be in the movie, but I think you need, for superheroes, I feel like unless you grow into the role, like, like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and all those guys, they weren’t, they were known, but they weren.

Household names. They weren’t super celebrities, right. Yeah. They weren’t super celebrities like they are today. And I think that like Christopher Reeve when he became Superman. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s the same

John: thing when, when they cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Who? Ben Aflac I is great, but he’s too big of, he’s too big of a character.

You don’t see Ben Af Batman. You see Ben Affleck. Yeah,

Kenric: exactly. Exactly. And that’s the thing. And the thing is [00:11:00] with the I think with the black Adam, the Snyder verse was done. Yeah. This came out after the whole thing had already imploded. So it’s like you guys are like five years too late, right? Well,

John: and Black Adam took like, the rumors started in oh seven for black Adam, and then 2014 they, the Rock announced that he was gonna do black Adam.

So it took seven years from the rumors of them talking about it to him actually announcing it. because the rumors were, is he gonna play Shazam? Is he gonna play black? Adam, is he gonna play somebody else? And then from 2014 to 2022, this movie sat in production. of at some stages, . Like that’s a long time for them to be making a movie.

Yeah. And much change like, well, in 2014 there was one Superman movie, nothing else. There was no center. The standard verse was one movie at that time. Right. But they announced like two, just the movie Steel, all this, yeah. All this other stuff. And. , they waited until after designer verse was, you know, dead and gone, like in the, in the dust.

And then they released this movie and like [00:12:00] I was excited for, for like the Justice Society, right? But then they don’t use, they don’t even use a lot of the good characters from the Justice Society. Now you’ve got Dr. Fate, which is awesome. You’ve got Hawkman, which is awesome. And you got Cyclone Adam Smasher, which are cool characters in their own right.

The Justice Society has, like our man, the original Sandman, j Garrick Flash Alan Scott, green Lantern. You actually have Batman, one of ’em in the Superman in there as well. Yeah, but they don’t, they’re not gonna use them in this, in the movies. But you have all these great characters in our man, you know, and they use Adam Smasher and Cyclone, and Hawkman and Dr.

Fate. It’s

Kenric: like, oh, Dr. Fate’s.

John: Yeah, Pierce Bronson plays Pierce. Bronson plays Dr. Fate. Oh, that’s kind of cool. It is cool. And he does a great, from what I saw, he does a great job. And, you know, all the, I’m

Kenric: surprised they didn’t go with the the 2014 rendition of Dr. Fate with the the Muslim kid. Yeah,

John: no, no.

They went, they went the old, the old route. Yeah. But like, and, and I liked, I liked the guy who [00:13:00] played in Adam Smasher, who, I can’t remember his name, but he was on the Fosters. He’s been to a lot of mo, a lot of stuff that I liked. He does a, a really good job in the scenes that I saw. I mean, I only saw like 10, 20 minutes of it, and the girl playing cyclone was fine and they were fine characters, but.

I would, you would think that they’re gonna have the Justice Society and they’re gonna have two of the lesser known members of the society. They’d have a couple of the other ones at least mentioned, and maybe they do. I dunno, I didn’t watch the whole movie. Like I said, I’m, I’m kind of talking shit about a movie.

Eventually I’ll

Kenric: watch it and, and maybe I’ll like it. I don’t know. I, I, I’m not as harsh on the d c eu, like you and like a lot of people I, to me, but I don’t have the same emotional attachment to like Superman. I, I did think in Man of Steele, they, they got it wrong. I mean, how do you not have Superman save his dad from a tornado?

I’m sorry. Which is weird to think that a tornado, this natural disaster is nothing for Superman

John: something, but it is, could easily stop his death from dying in.

Kenric: Yeah. Like, I think that was the, that was a bad decision. . Other than that, I, I, I enjoyed Henry Kall as Superman, I thought, [00:14:00] but Kall was great.

What’s her name that plays Lois Lane did a great job. Amy Adams. A Adams. Yeah. You, you know, and, and again, Henry Kall kind of known, but not the stratosphere that he is, you know what I mean? Yeah. And perfect casting for, for, for super. But now they can give it to somebody else and they can start doing things and Henry Cabell can do whatever he wants.

I mean,

John: they want to. What I think what, what I think, honestly, what screwed Cab from continuing it is not that he’s, he himself do the road . Well, I think the reason why James Gun did it, cuz James Gun wants a younger Superman to build a uterus out of which is what he wants to

Kenric: do. Like, I think he wants to start like year one kind

John: of stuff, right?

Which is what Manness Steele was. But then they jumped from year one to duck the Superman. Like, yeah, Snyder screwed it up because he’d rushed things way too fast. Yeah. Like you go, you can’t go from year one, Superman to death of Superman then to Justice League. Like I was trying to explain this to [00:15:00] somebody who, somebody earlier re recently, and it’s like the death of Superman in the movies versus the men in the comics, and even in the cartoon ones, they.

Yeah. In the comics, in the cartoon, the death has meaning to everybody in the DC universe. Yeah. Every single superhero, every single villain, and every single non-powered person, regular person in the movie, it has importance to Batman. In the movie Superman’s death, Superman is literally a woman in a refrigerator for Batman

He only dies to move Batman’s character forward. , that’s it. That is. Because you think about it, what happened after Superman’s death? Batman got a conscious and made the justice lead to be a better place, to be a better person. Right? Right. That’s

Kenric: it. , his death meant

John: nothing to anybody else. You know? And it just, and I think that’s the point I always try to talk about when I talk to like other people about the standard verse is like, when you rush things that fast, get to this story, that could be an amazing story.

You [00:16:00] miss the importance of what that story means. Yeah. And yeah. And I think ultimately, you know what, by contrast what stopped, I think ultimately that’s what stopped kava from growing forward is because when you’ve already done the beginning, the death and the Justice League, what else is there for you to do?

You’ve done, you’ve, you’ve done the gamut of the character besides having kids now, like you’ve done all this stuff pre flash

Kenric: joint that you can’t, you can do flashpoint,

John: but that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s not a Superman story. It’s a flash story. Right. And it would reset. It would reset, oh, for Cub.

Kenric: Yeah.

Can’t you do you can do Jonathan, Ken

John: Star. Yeah. I mean, you could do all you, you could do some stories, but you’ve already done his whole entire lifespan pretty much from Yeah. Start to finish the next big thing after a death, death of kingdom. Pardon? Well, you could do kingdom come, but you could do Kingdom come, or you could do Jonathan Kent, his son, both of which are not his stories, they’re stories with other people in the universe like Kingdom Kim’s not a

video1329098651.output: Superman,

Kenric: which you actually wouldn’t be bad with Henry.[00:17:00]

No, it wouldn’t be. He’s old enough that you could do that. Stately Superman. That is more of the general, so to speak.

John: You know what I mean? Yeah. I mean, I love Caval. I think Caval was a great Superman. I think he was an amazing actor, an amazing physique, and loved the character so

Kenric: much. But he was, he even had, he did a good engl, he did a good American accent.


John: He just wasn’t given good movie. It wasn’t given good content to make.

Kenric: Yeah. You know? Yeah. That’s a sense. I dunno, I, I, I got excited just cuz I gotta see these large live characters in a, in a movie setting. That was, yeah. Beautifully shot. That’s exciting for sure. They’re pretty, but

John: they’re super pretty.

But the stories are shit , like, it’s fun. It’s fun to see Superman and Batman. Fight it on the screen for eight minutes in a movie called Batman versus Superman. That’s fun. I mean, in a two and a half hour movie, you watch him fight for eight minutes.

Kenric: That’s wonderful. You know, the thing is with that one is I don’t understand if you’re gonna do that.

You should just be doing the Dark Frank Millers the Dark Night. Why not just do that movie? Why not do it in two sets? You know what I mean? Do the first [00:18:00] two books in the last two books. Why? Why, why put it in a Superman thing? Because it made it like in Frank Miller’s, and I know you’re not a big fan of that story really, because you don’t like the way it portrays Superman.

Because Frank Miller’s not a big Superman fan. I like the story for what it is. Yeah. But it makes sense the way he, he makes, cuz he makes Superman like this American. And at the time it made a lot of sense cause like in the eighties, you know, especially like the seventies and the eighties, Amer Superman was.

Universal with, you know, was completely entwined with the American culture. Right. It was freedom in the American way, you know, and Superman was a big part of that, you know, and I think, and there’s still a, a, like older generations, especially like my age and, and older, I think still have a huge gone away from that of, of him being this American.

you know, which makes sense because they’re trying to, making more of a, an icon globally. [00:19:00] And, and, and that he’s just for truth and justice. But his tagline forever was Truths Justice in the American Way. . Oh, yeah. Yeah. And they’ve took off the American Way. And that’s pissed off a lot of people. But I don’t know, man.

I, I think it’s, I, I. I thought Snyder did. Okay. I I, I mean, he did better than I would’ve done . Yeah. But so, so would U Bowl. I’m excited for James Gunn because I think James too, James’s gonna make it to where I’m really gonna love it. You know what I mean? I’m just saying I, I didn’t have the same like, Problems with it as you did, or as with a lot of people did with it.

John: I mean, if you watch those movies for popcorn flicks action pretty Yeah, that’s all’s I watched the floor. Yeah, it’s fine. But if you watch it for any resilience of a plot, it’s garbage. Yeah. Well, like it’s garbage. Like, no. If, if you, if it’s like, it’s like when I say, when you watch one Woman 84 the first time.

Yeah. Right? Yeah. You watch it through with, oh, this is a fun movie. But if you take a second to literally think about. , [00:20:00] anything that happens in that movie at all. Yeah. It’s creepy. It’s wrong and it’s bad.

Kenric: Yeah. Like nothing did a disservice to Kristen Wigg who got in first. She worked her ass off to get into amazing shape.

Yeah. And then I thought her scene, she did wonderful in, I think. Yeah. And she was great. Yeah. And they just kind of, you know, and I don’t think she’s coming, I don’t think gal Gadda is coming back as Wonder Woman, right. Nope. Nope. She was let go. She’s done. I, I’m excited for what James Gun’s gonna do.

John: What James Gun said is they’re basically no one’s coming

Kenric: back. Yeah. Are so, are they shoving the Flash movie?

John: One was, is not gonna shov a movie. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on. They’re dumb, but they,

video1329098651.output: they

Kenric: shoved that woman. They be, they shoved

John: back girl. That was, that was only 90 million.

That wasn’t 300 million. I

Kenric: know, but still, I mean, that guy is,

John: they should shelf what The flash.

Kenric: They really should. That guy is just like crazy.

John: Yeah, he’s, he,

Kenric: well he’s probably gonna go to jail. Yeah, it’s [00:21:00] nuts.

John: But yeah, it’s Warner Brothers should shelf the Flash movie and let James get start over, replace everybody and just start from fresh.

You can always bring him back in cameos for like, Flashpoint stuff or like multiverse stuff. Multiverse stuff. But like, if you want to make it successful, you need to get, and that, that, that includes, you know, John Cena, that includes Marco Robby, that includes all the characters we love that have just come out.

I mean, you can’t really, is

Kenric: he gonna keep those people though? Because he kind of kept it, it was the same, but it was still separate enough that we’re, if you, if you just want to say that’s a different universe and, and Harley Quinn looks like Harley Quinn, then you can do. You could,

John: except for the only thing is like every one of those characters is one, is like one separate movie away from a shit movie.

Yeah. You know?

Kenric: And but with James Gun, you could steer that. He could, he could. I mean, cuz John Cena’s peacemaker is so [00:22:00] goddamn good. Oh, I know. It’s, and he plays them so well. And that, that series was so good and everything and I don’t, I can’t see James Gun abandoning. , well, there’s

John: a season, there’s a season two coming out, so I can’t, can’t imagine why, but it’s gonna have to spend somehow to where like they’re not part of this big universe or they are.

They are, but they’re not connected to the old Snyder stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I think there’s gotta be a breakaway from the old D C E U and the Snyder stuff. There’s gotta be, there’s

Kenric: gotta be dumb. Suicide Squad was so good. His peacemaker was so good. Yeah. I don’t know. I’m excited. I’m really, really excited to see what he does.

Cause. . I mean, James Gunn knows how to do squads. Yeah. You know, he has a good job with them. He a good job. And the only thing that kind of bums me out is now that he’s doing this Yeah. One, he’s not gonna be doing as much Marvel stuff, which he did excellent stuff on Marvel. He’s done with Marvel. And then [00:23:00] I, I heard there was something else that he was doing for.

For Marvel?

John: Yeah. No. Well, guardians Ofq three is his last Marvel thing.

Kenric: Maybe that’s what I’m just thinking of. And then but is the oh God, the one that he just produced with his brother, I don’t know, with a kid is Evil and he’s got Superman, like Powers was the name of that? I don’t remember.

Oh my God. Birthright, no, that’s a comic book. No, I think it’s, it’s birth. So, Yeah, I think you’re right. But I can’t, it’s gonna drive me nuts. James Gun, anti Superman movie

Bright Burn. Bright

John: Burn. I

Kenric: had, I had part of it, right? Yeah. You had a bee. I had a Bee Bright Burn. I loved that movie. Which is funny cause I couldn’t remember, couldn’t remember the name of it. But I did love that movie. I watched it quite a few times. Yeah. And it was like, , dude. [00:24:00] So we just, you opened up this whole thing and then they did that whole thing at the end with a montage of all these different type of villains that had coming out, and it, and it felt like it was all anti, like Bright Burn was the anti Superman, and then they had like anti, like Wonder Woman Chick, and then they had these, all these different like, you know, opposites.

Yeah. Of all these DC Charact. And I don’t know if it was DC just opposites of superheroes I should say. Yeah. And it’s funny, the name of, he gets hired to do DC . Yeah. And he gets hired to do DC and I’m just, you know, does that mean that we’re not gonna get any of those other ones that were kind of teased?

John: Oh, I don’t think, I don’t think anything, anything was gonna come out of Bright Burn

Kenric: after that. No. I thought they had a whole plan for Bright Burn. Like they had no idea I had, like, those were all characters that they’re introducing cuz their movies are coming out about.

John: Oh, I don’t know. I, I actually, I’ve never seen it and I don’t You’ve never seen

Kenric: Breitburn?

No. Oh, you

John: should watch it. And I, I don’t think it did very well in

Kenric: the box office either. No, but it did really well once it released onto streaming. Oh, did it? Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. [00:25:00] Yeah. I’ll watch it. And it got really good reviews. I’m sure there’s some that didn’t like it because it’s, there’s some over the top gore, you know?

But it’s good, dude. It’s real. I think it’s really good. I mean, it was because it feels, you know what? It felt more real. . Yeah. You know what I mean?

John: Like Yeah. That’s fun. I I, I don’t always want realistic in my superhero

Kenric: movies, though. It’s not a superhero movie.

John: Oh. Or a Supers villain movie, or a superhero or

Kenric: a movie.

Dude, this is an alien that comes down to earth that is an apod, just like Superman. And then these kids, and then this family, this, this couple raises him. But you know, when his powers start to come in set, he starts to realize, dude, everybody else is just kind of ants. Yeah. You know what I. , and I think Superman’s a special person that can be like, I’m gonna do good and I’m gonna be this person.

But I think there’s a lot of people, I’m just gonna say people that would be the exact opposite. That was, yeah. Realize you’re [00:26:00] unbeatable and nothing can happen and you know what I mean, but you’re also

John: putting human morals and ideas on an alien life form that’s not gonna ha might

Kenric: not have those.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s just, it’s interesting and it, and if you, if you think about it from that perspective when you’re watching it, Oh, I can totally see it going this way. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so, you know, because like a 13 year old, how impetulant are you? I know at 13 I was a piece of shit.

I was argumentative, I was super stubborn. You know, I mean like beyond like ridiculous. Yeah. You know, and it, and it just got worse until I was probably 20, 21. Then it started calming down, you know? I

John: mean, you’re still argumentative, you still, you still try to make points and make me mad all.

Kenric: Yeah. Well I like to push

John: these

Yeah, you do.

Kenric: Well shoot man. It’s a

John: quick one today. Quick one today. Can you do more of these? You know, little afternoon. Little afternoon delight. . . [00:27:00]

Kenric: Are you gonna put this out

John: today? Are you gonna today or tomorrow? Yeah, I’ll try

Kenric: recording. Yeah, I think today is better cuz tomorrow’s a weekend. Oh yeah. I wanna wait till Monday.

Yeah, it’ll be out. I’m trying to do it today just because of the the Christmas Carol talk. Sounds good. All right guys. Thanks for joining us for this. Thank you. Edited, not edited, shortened IED podcast today. Come in and say hello. Miss you guys. You know, all the fun stuff. If you’re listening to us, and I don’t know, do people just find podcasts?

I don’t know anymore. I don’t know. I don’t how that works anymore.

John: Isn’t that weird? Tell your friends. We’re the best podcasts out there. Yeah,

Kenric: we’re the super podcast. Yeah. And then if you’re, if you’re on YouTube and you’re watching us, please subscribe, notify. All that fun stuff. Yeah. Good.

John: Do that shit.


Kenric: Click those links. Yo, . We’ll see you guys [00:28:00] soon. All right. Later you. Cool, man.

John: All right. This is gonna end in two minutes, so .

Kenric: Perfect. All right, bro. I’ll talk to you later. Later.

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