5 Year Anniversary!

Today we celebrate 5 years years doing this show! July 2nd, 2017 we launched this crazy thing. What will happen in the next 5 years? We talk about a log of stuff, from reminiscing about our show, to Kevin Smith, Mariners, Superman, Spider-Man, Conan, Frank Frazetta and a lot more.

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Steve the drunk robot does the best he can on these transcripts, somethings are not right. Bear with him as he learns.

5 Year Anniversary


Kenric: All right. Hey, welcome back to spoil the country. That’d be Johnny right over there this way. What for you? I don’t know. I know this. I, if I go towards that wall,

John: I got this way.

It’s you? It’s a high five.

Kenric: Like, oh,

there its the wisest thing you could do. Yeah. Hey, welcome back though. I’m Kenneth Regan. Of course, that is Mr. Horsley. Today is super special. It’s kind of weird, but we made it five. Years. Yeah.

John: It’s been five years today. We released going in, try,

Kenric: going in, try

John: a test episode that I Arian on. Yeah.

A test episode that I confidently gave bad information on.

live it down. [00:01:00] Did you think

Kenric: we’d make it five years? No. No. Would you, how I had, you know, for me, I had no clue. I had no idea.

John: I, I had no expectations. I figured we would do this until we got bored, you know? Yeah. And it’s been five years now and it’s five years, eight hundred and sixty eight hundred sixty.

This, this is episode eight 60. Oh, wow. Fairly I’ll check real quick while I talk it, but yeah. You it’s been, it’s been a wild, wild

Kenric: ride. I know we started off. You know, what’s so funny. We’ve told the story so many times, but it bears repeating. Yeah. This is

John: episode 860. That’s crazy.

Kenric: We put out that first episode and I think it was the second episode that Casey was like reached out on, on

John: Instagram.

Yeah. It’s second or third. Yeah. Yeah. He was like, oh, you guys are

Kenric: cool. Duh, duh, duh, duh. And then, and it was so funny because, and then he just kind of like stayed . Yeah,

John: he was our [00:02:00] first fan. And then he was also our first person to come join us.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s kind of crazy to think that Casey’s been here from the beginning.

The first

John: thing Casey did was he went through some episodes. He was, he did like timestamps on a couple episodes.

Kenric: Oh yeah. Of them. You’re kind of behind Casey

John: yeah. Yeah. I think he’s done like four total. So

Kenric: you, well, him in editing and doing anything like that is not, Casey is

John: a great at interviewing doing interviews, but anything pass that it’s like wash my hands to that.

Johnny Kenrick can do that. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. God forbid he does the, does the heavy lifting

sometimes though doing the interviews can feel like heavy lifting because

John: I mean, I don’t wanna do ’em so I like him. Yeah. I don’t wanna do ’em though. It’s not, not my forte. I’ll edit I’ll post. That’s what I. And, and these, and these conversations where I show off, I try, I try to wear a different, a different hat almost every time.

Kenric: Yeah. So, yeah, that’s a cool one. Is that for pride month?

John: Yeah, so I, I took the kids to pride night on Wednesday. [00:03:00] Yeah. Sorry on Thursday. And they gave out these hats and I, it’s kind of cool. It’s like a trucker hat. The colors on it.

Kenric: The lat day of the month is their, is pride night. yeah. Yeah. How are the Marins doing this year?

I haven’t been keeping up with them at all.

John: They won eight to six when I went so nice, but they’re on like, they’re on like second to last. Oh really? Yeah. They have a really young team this year. Like, so this, this, year’s not gonna do me a theme, but like, I think the highest bat average on their team is like two 40 something, two 60 something.

Not very. Yeah. So they’re, they’re a young team, but they did, they did really good. Like it was kind of cool. Their catcher hit headed inside the park home run. Nice. When I was there. Yeah. A three run inside the park home run. Yeah. The dude line to triple down the first base line into the corner, right?

Yeah. And the throw from into third base bounced up bounced and went over so that he slid into third, got up. RI went, slid home. Nice.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s exciting. It was,

John: it was, it was pretty awesome. When you see the picture on Twitter of him, like sluting into home, he was like slide on, on his, but he’s like, [00:04:00] like, oh my God, what does happen?

he’s a catcher

Kenric: hitting that, hitting that double in Griffy coming home. And he’s, he’s got that. Griffy has that giant smile on his face. He’s coming into home. well, like

John: for the most part catchers don’t catchers. Aren’t good. Hit catchers. Aren’t like known for their bats, right? Like Johnny band, she got Mike Piats and a couple other catchers who are really good at, at that, but mostly catchers aren’t known for their bats.

But known for being good in the field. So it’s cool. I don’t know. It, it was

Kenric: a fun game. It was a good game. Yeah. That is cool. I’m glad you were able to take the kids that you had home. Yeah. I took three kids with me

John: or four kids. Yeah. Three kids, three kids. I had to, I have recount in my head cuz there’s so many of ’em but

Kenric: yeah.

Three kids. How, how many kids does Cody’s not at home anymore. No, Cody’s not home. And then one gone four to

John: go. Yep. Yep. We’ll see how many move out soon. Quickly.

Kenric: oh man. So we been at this for five years now. Still know Kevin Smith still [00:05:00] know Kevin Smith, even though you promised us well past 100 episodes. Yeah, but that’s okay. I mean he had a heart attack. He’s doing fine now, but I mean, I’m just saying during that time he had a heart attack. Like literally we saw him and like three weeks later he had a heart attack.


John: But he made promise

Kenric: I have it in writing. I have it in writing you, you have it in writing. Sorry. You have it in writing. Yeah, actually it’s right there.

John: should be on the wall behind you at all times.

Kenric: it got crinkly though. I dunno what happened?

John: I found, I actually found my, my signed picture from him from that, from that meeting.

Yeah. Did the day going through, so my office’s like, oh, you

Kenric: brought a bunch of stuff though. You’re like a bunch of DVDs and everything. Yeah. I had ’em by items

John: sign my dogma, DVD chasing Amy and clerks and Mara. And then I had him sign a couple issues of the

Kenric: green Hornet comics that I had.

Nice. You know, dogma is not streaming anywhere. Yeah. I know. Which is weird. There’s a bunch of rights to it. Yeah. With a, like a fight over rights or that happens, which is [00:06:00] stupid, but whatever, I think it’s still available in DVD though. I mean,

John: if you

Kenric: can find it , you should be able to find it on Amazon.


John: Probably if it’s not like, I don’t know if things are weird, you know?

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know, man. It it’s. I’m surpris. I’m not surprised that we made it. I’m surprised with the amount of people because you know, we’re lucky we have Renee, we have Melissa, we have Casey and we had Jeff for a long time and we just, you know, all these Evan Roberts Lavinsky and Dave

John: pan hollow and Jay rose.

Kenric: Yeah. De and Colton pain. And, and it just, it just keeps going. And it’s kind of crazy if I forgot anybody, I apologize, but it’s

John: nuts. And we had Sarah for a while when she was doing some great stuff that I, that I

Kenric: loved. Yeah. I wish she would come back. Yeah. Yeah. And Jay, I wish Jay would come back and do some more writing, you know?

But it was insane. It was just insane. How much

John: help? I gotta aside for a second. When you have your [00:07:00] hand up, your face is in full shadow. Nice. Like you’re like the mysterious man in shadow.

Kenric: how’s that better? So, yeah, man, I, I, every time I think about where we’re at, where we came from and just the amount of help that we’ve gotten.

And I think about how many other podcasts have started and have are gone. Yeah. In the same amount of time, people that we knew that we helped and we, and we chatted with and you know what I mean? And they’re just gone. Yeah.

John: Yeah. I mean, you think about it like this, all this all stemmed from us talking at family events and then going and seeing Kevin Smith live.

Yeah. Like this all started from that. Yeah. And then us finally sitting down. I think it was like June 30th, 2017. We sat down and recorded that episode. Yeah. And then, oh no, no, it was July 1st because we recorded and released. We released the next day or we release the same day. I don’t remember.

Kenric: I don’t remember.

It was been, it’s been too long. yeah, it

John: was either we recorded the night before or we just, I kind of think we just recorded that night that I [00:08:00] was like,

Kenric: fuck, let’s put it up. I was closer to 40 than I was 50 at that time. I am 40 now. Yeah. now I’m almost 50. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s crazy, man.

John: It’s just like, we started a podcast in July, 2017.

Went to San Diego. ComicCon that same month.

Kenric: Yeah. With sponsor sponsor tickets, shout out to mill geek comics for, yeah. Hooking us up

John: on that. We went to ComicCon a couple years in a row from that. And then We’ve been to a lot of, I’ve been to a lot of conventions. We’ve got, we’ve given a lot of passes to conventions for the show.

We’ve been given a lot of books for the show to handout and we’ve handed a lot of stuff and we’ve talked to a lot of amazing people in five years. We’ve

Kenric: yep. Done 860 episodes. And I wish, I wish we still had an instant, instant instance of our original website. Oh yeah. Just so we can show the differences of things that we’ve done.

I don’t remember what it looked like. [00:09:00] I don’t either. Oh, it was like, I don’t remember. It was like, it was like white background and it was just like article, article, article, article, picture, you know what I mean? It was very, very basic. Yeah. Really basic. And we have, we did have, we do have a new. Thing to do at some point,

John: but the one we have, I still like it and it works and it’s functional.


Kenric: but that one that you, that you, the other, the new one that you’re thinking about is better, is better looking. I just

John: gotta, but actually, I, I mean, I might have time to do it here pretty soon cuz I’m not working. So

Kenric: yeah. If you need a, a, a subpar tech guy. Yeah.

John: Okay. Right there. Subpar. Yeah. If he need somebody who has

Kenric: a, if you need an overpaid white guy, right.


John: overpaid middle-aged white guy right here,

Kenric: right here. That’s terrible.

What is going on on our website now?

John: I don’t even freaking know we got, I mean, we have so many people who have [00:10:00] access to post the website. Yeah. Because we have writers all over the place and you know, various podcasts, but like we’ve got de just posting stuff on his His new podcast. We’ve got Linsky posted tons of stuff all over the place still.

Yeah. We’ve got, we actually have articles and stuff coming out still pretty much daily on the website, which is pretty awesome.

Kenric: Yeah. Look at it. Gonna show it. I mean, this is kind of crazy. Yeah. Here we got I don’t who this dork is. That’s oh, that’s Boby that’s Boby

John: that’s Boby yeah. I call him poverty.

That’s Boby that? That’s Robert Vinky talking about miss Marvel. Although I dunno, is he fan of the show show? Well, I’m just, I don’t know, but Robert, if you’re listening, he didn’t put the miss Marvel graphic in your graphic. Cause nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about. You just said episode, episode three of what?

Yeah. graphic design 1 0 1. Make sure people know what the hell

Kenric: you’re talking about. so three of what? Look at this guy. And then he is got the is it worth [00:11:00] it? Yeah. Is it worth it? Is what worth it? Oh, this I don’t know. Is it. Think I like bridging the geek them here. Look at that. Here’s spoiler country. OB one Kenobi.

Yep. That’s a fun episode. Yep. And then Melissa talking with Lisa Edmonds. Yep. Yep. Here’s drew Zucker. Yeah. And Phils leave that Phil is a, an amazing writer and then some good stuff here. Funny book forensics, you know, there’s a lot of stuff on this website and it’s, it’s crazy to think five years ago, this was nothing.

It was just us. You and

audio1687028318.output: me?

Kenric: We could now there’s there there’s, there’s a ton of podcasts to check out podcast at the top. Yeah. There’s all those shows. Oh, getting caught an ad stupid ad which we don’t you making any money from?

John: We get like, a

Kenric: couple bucks here and there. Yeah. But we don’t do anything with it.

It goes back to pay

John: for the site

Kenric: every now and then. So look at this [00:12:00] spoiler country. Hard agree. Bridging the geeks, funny book forensics, haphazard adventures, misery point radio narrative, gun slingers nerds from the Crip polygon warriors shooting the SIS a star wars podcast, which he should be doing more of.

I agree, Roberts, more of that Roberts more said BA nerd tacos, which is now defunct. Right. I think

John: talk is over. And it’s a, it’s a new show which I don’t have on that dropdown, which I should. Yeah. And I apologize, cuz it’s been going for a while now and it’s pretty good. And I just haven’t

Kenric: done it yet.

And what’s, what’s the new show called? I’m finding the name of it real quick. and then a cup of cheer, which was, is that, oh, what came up? What came up? That’s a great name. Yeah. Which

John: is a good. And it’s a really, and de does a really good job on that show too. It it’s a fantastic show. Nice cup cheer is a holiday

Kenric: show.

Yeah, it’s a holiday show, but he didn’t, he did it last year, but not this year, right? Yeah. I think he got,

John: he had overwhelmed with other stuff and didn’t happen this year, but I think it’s gonna happen later this later in

Kenric: 2022 though. Nice. So we [00:13:00] got commentary tracks. We got, which we

John: haven’t done it. We haven’t done a commentary track in a while.

We should do one,

Kenric: no commentary tracks. So if you’re a fan of DVD, commentaries of director commentaries which they’re out there we have commentary track with, can for Canto with David Boer and drew Zucker Canto is a great book. If you’re a fan of like the wizard of Oz or maybe Allison Wonderland or anything like that, it’s very much in that vein.


John: it’s, it’s good stuff. It’s good stuff. The counter tracks, we sit down with the creators and kind of, and talk to them about the go page

Kenric: by page, through their book. Yep. It’s great. Kevin, Joseph, always a fan of the show, always a, a friend of the show. I did that

John: one with him and it’s the only commentary check I’ve done by myself with, with our friend, Kevin, Joseph.

And we ended up doing another episode right after that, talking about game of Thrones. That’s awesome. Which, which I haven’t watched. So it was kind of a fun game of Thrones episode with him. Who’s a huge fan of it. And me who has not seen more than like four episodes. [00:14:00]

Kenric: I did Canto just with David and drew.

That was fun. I also did the amazing Stephan Frank on silver and he picked the book he wanted. That’s his favorite? One of his, of his silver series. It’s this one. And we had to

John: cut. We had to cut it in two episodes. Cause you guys talked like three hours.

Kenric: Yeah. but it was so good. And he gave so many secrets and talked about the book in such depth and detail.

If you don’t know step and Frank is probably one of our favorite favorite people. Mm-hmm he was the animation supervisor on the iron giant. Yep. And he also did the, what if for Disney plus and up and just a ton of stuff, man. He’s just

John: ton of stuff. He’s a fantastic

Kenric: storyteller. Yeah. Yeah. He’s a fantastic storyteller.

His art is, is just crazy. Good. And is yeah, he on that silver book, he does everything. Yeah. The writing, the illustrating, the covers, all of it. It’s all him. Yeah. It’s amazing. We, and then [00:15:00] we, no, there was one and two. We have some other ones, but we didn’t put ’em out. Right. Well you put ’em

John: out and then we took ’em down for, for, for reasons that I don’t

Kenric: the reasons.

Yeah. They’re they’re, they’re different music and, you know, and we have, and on this website, there’s reviews for books and comic books and apparently music and video games. And there’s a couple of those. Yeah.

John: Huh? What, there’s a couple of music, computer game reviews on there.

Kenric: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what I’m saying because we just, you know, the good, the bad, the not so pad.

Can it get better? that’s got Colton all over it.

John: That’s I, I think that’s actually Robert talking about the halo TV

Kenric: show. Oh, is it really? Yeah. Why is it under video games?

John: Cause Halo’s Halo’s video game, is it, do we actually have a store? I forget. Does our store league still work? I always forget. Let’s check it out.

That was out to our T public site.

Kenric: Yeah. Yep. So here you can get some awesome merch. Yep. For not only [00:16:00] our, our flagship shows spoiler country but also KF K FMP midpoint radio ran by our fantastic. Cohort Michael, Mr. Michael peacock. Yeah. Yeah, he, he talks to some, he he’s, Michael’s really into hardcore music.

He’s really into metal. Yeah. Yeah. Like serious metal. We’re not talking black Sabbath metal. We’re talking like,

John: talking me from like, nor like from Norway or from Finland. Yeah. But

Kenric: he has a ton of people on that he goes, and he talks to not just from there, but you know, from here too. And just,

John: he talks to like, you know, folks, singers and country singers, and walks singers.

He talks to a lot. It’s not just singers, but musicians, you know, all over the place here. You

Kenric: can really show your support if you’re, if you’re so inclined though. Polygon warriors. Huh? Everything’s everything’s on SI right now. Yeah. Everything’s on sale right now. Polygon warriors some shooting the SIS bridging those geeks.

Yep. [00:17:00]

John: And spoilers.

Kenric: And of course, spoiler, you know, show some love for the whole network. Yeah. I feel like we need a, like another logo up here for us. Yeah. We’d

John: update we these time update

Kenric: about a year, so yeah. But it’s kind of cool. It’s just a tea public site. So it’s not like we’re making a ton of money on these.

No, all

John: the money goes back and just paying for the website and stuff. .

Kenric: Yeah, but I mean, we’re not even when people buy though, it’s like a cup, it’s like a buck, right? Yeah. I think

John: one, the, a t-shirt we get like a dollar 50 or $2 from,

Kenric: so yeah. It’s not, so it’s not like we’re breaking the bank doing this.

It’s just, it’s just from D public. Yeah. But they got some cool stuff. T-shirts tank tops, hoodies, crew, neck, long sleeves, you know, the only thing they’re missing on here, which drives me nuts is hats. Why don’t they have hats? Right. I want a hat. I want a hat. I don’t want any of this stuff. I don’t care about.

I don’t hold on a second with what Jacob, I

John: need help. And Jack, they won’t get out. Deal with it. Jake I’m busy[00:18:00]

Kenric: siblings, man. Siblings, siblings. Do you Jack? Won’t come outta my room. I’m sorry. he’s eight. Yeah, you can figure it out. Yeah. Yeah. We got a lot of cool stuff on here, man. The, the, the website is actually really cool. If you like some cool reviews. Look at Mariah McCort. Yeah. Ashon action

John: Thrones. A really good book too.

Kenric: Yeah. I mean, here’s me and Chris con with that Texas blood, which was an amazing book. Have you read that? No, I have not. I have not read that. Oh, you can, you can check it out so I hadn’t read it yet. And he was coming on and I checked it out from the king county library. Nice. Yeah. And I told him that and he was so excited because he was like, my book’s in the library and he didn’t send it to him.

They ordered it themselves. That’s awesome. That’s a good feeling. Yeah. Julie Murphy Scott, Byron Wilson. I mean, look at some of these people, man. If you’re a comic book fan and look at those cool clean [00:19:00] graphics, man. and you wanna learn? It’s like a Alana Smith, one of the Marvel editors, Renee talked with her there’s a ton on here, man.

Yeah. A ton. And it just, you know, we keep improving it. We keep putting new content out on it. You know, maybe make it a homepage or maybe make it a, a, a bookmark that you like to go to from time to time. I think you guys would probably enjoy it. Yeah, yeah. Might as well. Yeah, man. So here’s that scene Glendale?

Yeah, that’s a good book. It expensive book. This is so expensive, but it looks so cool. Yeah. That’s a cool cover too. Yeah, it is. All right. So what you gonna say? I

John: was gonna, you know, I was gonna Ask you a question. What do you, what do you see us doing in the next five years? Like, do you see us still being

Kenric: here for more video?

Yeah, I see more video. Yeah. I see. Better video production, right? Yeah. I see small skits of production. Yeah. Or small [00:20:00] skits. Not nothing. Not like siren live or anything. I mean, we’ll, we’ll probably think it’s funny. Yeah. You know, I see for us yeah. We have commercials that we’re gonna do that we’re gonna put out specifically for this podcast.

Yeah. So I see that I see more comic books getting made and produced through us that we, you know, we have one that’s out. You know, we just gotta get better distribution. This is true. And then we have another one that’s being worked on, which is in the other, the, the other room. So it’s, I, I see that that’s, that’s what I see.

And, and hopefully we can build out more of the YouTube presence and I have a hard time with the social media presence of like Instagram and Twitter, because I just, I do too. I just, I, yeah, I just don’t wanna

John: do it. Like I don’t want, yeah, I don’t. I just wanna fun. Yeah. I just wanna focus on making the content mm-hmm making it look cool and [00:21:00] putting it out there and I don’t wanna have to deal with like, making posts on social media about it, Twitter and Instagram.

I don’t wanna deal that. I know what’s important. I

Kenric: know it’s important. Right. I think what it is is I never understand that. yeah. It’s like, it’s like, I don’t wanna see cuz I’m old. It’s not about my age because I have always been in steeped in technology. Yeah. Using new systems, you know what I mean? I was excited for social media when it came out, you know what I mean?

I was excited. I was, I get excited for that stuff. I just find it boring. Yeah,

John: I find, I find it boring in a promotional aspect, right? Yeah. I don’t wanna do

Kenric: I understand product the, the worth of it. Yeah, me too. But I just, I don’t know. I just, I keep looking at you on screen. Yeah. Probably looks weird. well, I

John: wish I, I, I wish we had somebody who would just do it for us to be honest.


Kenric: Well, but that cost, the thing is, is I think, I think to grow it organically people like the, I think people [00:22:00] like it when it’s coming from the people, you know? Yeah. Person that’s actually doing it. I think it makes a difference. But at the same time, it’s like, just, just don’t have time. Just this isn’t me.

And then I, you it’s one of the reasons that we stopped, well, we haven’t stopped doing interviews. It’s one of the reasons that we’re slowing down on some of the interviews, because there’s no reciprocation of what you’re doing. Yeah. And it

John: takes it’s a lot of time and effort wrap a wrap

Kenric: up. I can’t say the word right now.

No. Give back. no give back.

John: Or very little, at least some, some creators are great about it. And, but most ity, no, most, most people don’t

Kenric: re reciprocity. I don’t know

John: reciprocation.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s reciprocation, but there’s, I, I have to, now I have to,

John: you’re usually so good with words. You get that $5 tongue, our tongue.

Kenric: I think it’s just for, I can’t talk all of a sudden I’m like reciprocity, reciprocity, reciprocity. There you go. [00:23:00] Reciprocity. That’s what I was trying to say. We’re not getting the reciprocity that we that we should. Yeah. Right. And I get it, cuz sometimes we’ve talking to some people that are pretty, pretty well known and they just, I, I think they just don’t think about it.

Yeah. But those, but most of those people have handlers that should be thinking of it. Yeah, exactly. You know, it’s like, man, I just put my time and effort out. Not only talking to you and sometimes, I mean, let’s be honest. You can’t like everything from everybody that comes on. No. You know,

John: and, and put really it’s an hour long interview actually takes at least eight to 10 hours to, to finalize.

Yeah. Yeah. You’ve got prep time. You’ve got the interview time. You’ve got editing. You’ve got everything else. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. I mean you can, you gotta research. Yeah. You know, hopefully you’re not just coming on and doing whatever. And when that,

John: I

Kenric: mean, I’ve done that a few times, but yeah, when that reciprocity [00:24:00] isn’t happening, it’s.


John: hard. It’s hard to put, put aside an entire, an entire Workday of work. Yeah. And it’s not just like one person doing all. Like if it’s like you do interview, it’s like you, you handle the research and the actual interview, which is a couple hours. Yeah. And then I’ll, I, then I do all like the editing and the posting and stuff, which is a couple of hours.

Yep. But it’s like a full Workday of work done with no that we’re not getting paid. There’s

Kenric: no pay here for that. which is fine. Well then yeah, we don’t do it for the pay, but the point is, but my, but you understand the, the point of what I’m saying is, you know, we go to work every day. We have a job on top of that kids and a family and yeah.

Kids, family, everything on top of that. And then when, when some people don’t even take the time to say, Hey, I just did this amazing interview with these guys at spoiler country. You guys should check it out. And they have 2 million, 3 million followers. That really sucks. Yeah.

John: Even if they have 10,000 followers or two thou or two followers, whatever.

Yeah. I don’t care. Yeah. Like. [00:25:00] We, we put the effort to make a good episode with you put a little bit effort into like to tell your fans did. I mean, it’s

Kenric: nothing you’re talking tweet. Yeah. Instagram post

that’s. Okay. And I, I, I just wanna do some different things and, and have, and I, I can see us doing some different types of shows. A lot more screen shares, I guess, is the way to put it because we had a lot of fun going over eBay going over.

John: Well, those haven’t come out yet. So don’t know about those

Kenric: yet.

Yeah. But they’ll, they’ll be out, you know? Yeah. And it, it’s just a lot of fun. Yeah. You know, and, and yeah. So I can see that in five years. What about you? What do you think you’re gonna see in five years? That was a long ass answer.

John: well, I mean, it’s you talking? So what do I see happening in five years?

Yeah. Oh, kind of a lot of what you said. I see us getting into more video. I see us getting into more more short form and long form content. Yeah, I see us producing more. I see us actually producing some fictional content, like some [00:26:00] storytelling content too. Cuz me being a creative person, a writer and artist, and you also being a creative person.

I can see it’s a natural flow for how things is gonna go. I see our interviews going down, but not away. I see interviews going to be who we wanna talk to versus talking to everybody. Yeah, when I say we, I mean that includes Melissa and Renee and Casey, them talking who they wanna talk to. Yeah. And those coming out and, and I see most of our interviews being done by those three, which is great.

And then I honestly don’t see you and me doing a lot of interviews to be Frank. I don’t see me doing hardly any interviews in the next five years to be, I like doing

Kenric: the interviews. I

John: don’t mind them. I just don’t like the expectation that I know and love their work. And when you meet somebody.

When there’s, when there’s an interview to somebody, there is an expectation that you know who they are, you know, everything about them. Yeah. You know, the project they’re working on and you love everything they’ve done. And I just don’t like the fakeness of that. Yeah. And, and it’s not always fake. It’s really not.

And when I’ve been in an interview and when I say something goes to someone, but on [00:27:00] interview, I, I do mean what I say all the time. If I don’t really like someone’s work, I won’t say it to ’em, I’ll find another way to talk to ’em. Right. But I don’t like the expectation that I should know about them, because my approach to has always been, and it works sometimes most of the time.

And sometimes the backfire is, is let’s learn about you on this podcast, which works with small creators. It does not work with a big creator or a big, a big person. Right. If I, if we brought on, say, I don’t know if we were on grant Gustin right. And talked to him, and our approach was, let’s learn about you.

And we, we don’t, we don’t know anything about him. That’s not gonna work. He’s not, it’s not gonna work for someone of his level. Right. It may, but more likely it’s not what, it’s somebody who’s like, you

Kenric: know what you’re talking about, learning about. Yeah.

John: Like. Honestly, if I’m doing interview, I don’t really give a shit about if I was, I don’t really care about how the flash is on set.

Right. I wanna know more about him and like his inspirations and all this stuff that he doesn’t talk about. Right. That’s and, and that, that doesn’t always work interview. And also, I also don’t wanna put the effort into that. I wanna put the effort into having conversations about [00:28:00] stuff I wanna talk about, you know?

Kenric: Right, right. Not that we had

John: one person talk to grant Gustin. I would love to talk to grant Gustin, but I’m just saying

Kenric: if we had one person’s way, I’d be the only one doing the interviews.

John: yeah. Your way, huh? Yeah. I said, yeah. Your way

Kenric: no, not, not. Well, I liked doing the interviews. I don’t have the time to talk to amount of people that we were talking to.

Yeah, no, it

John: was too much. It was the, it was too much in that timeframe. We, I mean, we made a lot of headway. We had a lot of talk, talked to a lot of great people. Yeah, I wouldn’t change it really if I could. But it was just, it was too much work like. I don’t think people realize that I was working a full-time job with all my other family duties.

And I was,

Kenric: you were working a full, you were working, it became a full-time job. I was a problem. It was a job, six hours a day, opposed to something that you did as a hobby to have fun

John: with. Yeah. Full country was me. It was, was anywhere from two to six hours a day of work for me at that time. Yeah. That’s lame including weekends.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s not good. So

John: it was too much. I mean, cause we were dropping an episode a day, which was fun to say we did an episode a day, but it’s like, this is too much work. [00:29:00] Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, and I was at the time, because at the time you were too busy to edit. So I was doing mm-hmm all the video editing, all the audio, editing all the posting on the website, all the uploading, everything.

And it was a lot of work and I’m not gonna say named, but it’s not you. But some people, it felt like some people just didn’t understand or appreciate the amount of work and effort went into that. Mm-hmm and. I got burnt out. Like you said, I would, and you were right. And I knew you were right when you said it I was hop, but I was hoping it would like, it wouldn’t stay at the, like, it wouldn’t stay up here the entire time.

It would, you know, come back down to a management level. Right. And just never did until we made big changes. No,

Kenric: it had to make big changes. Cuz it was at a point where if you didn’t just let something fail. Yeah. It was, you know what I mean? It’s it’s like a, it’s like a project at work and you keep telling the higher man, the upper management, you know, we need another 40 days.

Yeah. And they’re like, well you have 11, you have to get it done. [00:30:00] You have to get it done. 11 and you scrape and you, and you cry and you figure out a way and you bend over back and you break your back and you get it done in 11 days. And then their, their reaction is, oh great. So now you can do that in 11 days all the time.

Yeah. Cause you don’t wanna fail.

John: It’s not a good job. It’s oh, we, now we now know we can force you to do more work

Kenric: in less time. Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s it’s bad. That’s why I was, I was screaming it. I was like, you can’t keep this up. You have to stop and you’re think, well, if I don’t do it, no, no what to do it.

Well then I, nobody does it. Yeah. And it doesn’t go out. That’s just, just the nature of the beast. Yeah.

John: Which is what happened, which is why we found an interview with Tom king from last year. We haven’t released,

Kenric: I can’t believe we have an interview with Tom king. One of the head writers at DC. Yeah. I mean, who’s a bigger writer at DC.

You said Tom, Michael bend,

John: Scott, Scott Snyder, Mike bend.

Kenric: But they’re all three of those guys are on the same level. Yeah. Yeah. When it comes to the impact [00:31:00] and, and, and what they do at DC. Yeah. And here we are interview with Tom king and I had a wonderful time with them. It was a great interview. so we’re gonna put it out.

With apologies to Mr. King, it’s

John: gonna come out. What we should do is we should cut an intro for that one and be like, Hey guys, this happened last year. We’re sorry. yeah, yeah. But yeah, if I, I actually found three or three or four interviews that have been done that were done in the last 12 months that haven’t been released.

Wow. That are, that are at least eight months old.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s just because we had so much content coming in. Yeah. And it’s not,

John: we’re not disorganized. No, we’re super organized. Yeah. It’s it’s it’s

Kenric: I mean, but when you only have one or two people, cause it’s either me or you and you are doing the bulk of them editing, and then I would try to come in and, and do do ’em as well.

Nowhere near what you were doing. But man, when it’s just two people that even begin to look at it. [00:32:00] Yeah. Things get slipped through. Yep. But.

John: I mean, it’s all good where I, I like where we’re at now. I like where we’re doing. I mean, this last, this last week we’ve recorded a bunch of fun stuff. Yeah. Coming out soon.

Yeah. We had fun. The first episode of what I think the, is it the first one of what we’ve done is coming out on Monday.

Kenric: Let’s see. Is that the eBay one?

John: I, so no, we did Roe V. Wade, which we released right away. Yeah. Which was when we did last week. Which, and

Kenric: then, okay, interesting enough. So Melissa called me the other night.

Yeah. And we stayed on the phone talking for two hours. Cause we haven’t actually talked to each other in a while to record. We just bullshitted for two hours, but she called me because she saw the Roe V Wade episode. She listened to it. She liked our takes on it. She, you know what I mean? Yeah. But she was mad because she was.

You guys had a conversation about Roe V Wade, and you didn’t invite any of the women of spoiler country. She’s like, what the fuck were you thinking? I’m like, well, that’s not about that. We weren’t, we just, we [00:33:00] just got on and started talking. And then I asked the question about, Hey, what’d you think about Roe V Wade?

And it just kind of snowballed from there. We’re gonna do go ahead, go ahead. We’re gonna do another episode and it’s gonna be the real spoiler country episode of Roe V. Wade. And it’s gonna be just all the girls. So she wants Kaylee to be on. She wants tine to be on. She wants Renee and, and herself, of course.

And then she’s gonna invite Tuckie. So we’ll see. We don’t know if Tucky will, will come. If people who don’t know you go back Williams. Yeah. Tucky she’s she’s she’s she’s an awesome person. She’s so cool. Yeah. And she’s directed a a couple movies.

John: TV show too. A TV show. Yeah. And started and directed

Kenric: and wrote.

Yeah, one of ’em on Amazon. They canceled it basically. And then she was able to force ’em to put it back on, which was awesome. Canceled for

John: stupid reasons. It’s it’s nothing wrong with it. I watched it nothing wrong with it.

Kenric: Yeah. So hopefully we’ll ask her if she’ll come on. Who knows? We don’t can’t promise that one.

Yeah. But we can ask the word [00:34:00] she can say is no. That would be good. You know? So in a couple weeks, we’ll try to get everybody together and they’ll do a panel discussion and just have like, you know, maybe no one will get a word in edgewise who knows what these girls. Right.

John: You know, what’s exactly, what’s funny is as soon as we, I finished that one editing and got it posted, I put up the chat room and I was like, we totally should have asked for name Melissa to join this.

I text I text. I was like, if you guys wanna do one too, I’ll push it out right away. Just, just let me know.

Kenric: Yeah. I’m sorry. Well, it was her idea to do the panel and I’m like, I think that’s brilliant. Yeah. I think it’s, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. And Johnny and I will, you know, the sausage will stay away.

John: Yeah. We can sit out. Oh, we can, I can, well sit by silently and just make sure things sound right and shit. But

Kenric: wow. Whatever minutes on zoom, they’re fine. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of fun. That would be fun. Yeah. Yeah.

John: But beyond that, our first watch, you know, we are, we dropped our OB one interview too, or one review as well yesterday.

Kenric: Oh, the no OB one. Yeah, yeah,

John: yeah. But there, our, our let’s talk comics one which was supposed to be our OB one [00:35:00] inter or

Kenric: interview. No, I thought it was supposed to be Dr. Strange. Oh, Dr. One

John: of ’em. One of the ones CI yeah. One of the reviews doctor comes out on on Monday. And then I have some interviews I have to drop that were done that need time crunch, which will come out next week.

And then our doctor strange review will come out on the 11th. Nice. And this will come out today on July 2nd or July 2nd. So

audio1687028318.output: I’ll

Kenric: just, I’ll just stop July 2nd. Okay. I keep think it’s the first

John: or maybe. Maybe the morning of July 3rd, depending upon when we stopped talking. cause it’s already 11:00 PM. Oh wow.

Kenric: it is 11. It got late. Quick. Yeah. Yeah. I always have to check the animals all day because they got, they had procedure, got their stuff

John: taken

Kenric: care of. Yeah. So, you know, and they’re high energy. So it’s like, oh God, stop blue was like, literally what do they call it? Splunking yeah. When they, when they lay flat on their stomach mm-hmm and he’s in, I just cut the, I did all the lawn today, which takes me a few [00:36:00] hours to, to do.

Cause I, I had to fix my lawn

John: mower cuz he used, he used scissors and a and a ruler.

Kenric: Right? I do. I do. Yeah. I do Disney

John: style fun story. My my, my brother-in-law’s mom cut her lawn that way for years.

Kenric: What.

John: Cut her, she got her front lawn with a ruler and a para scissors. Why? Because she wanted to all be one and a half inches, one and a half or two inches long that an

audio1687028318.output: exact

Kenric: number.

But how long did it take her?

John: It was a small, like, you know, you know, Bremerton old bull Bremerton, like those little front lawns. No.

Kenric: Have no idea what you’re talking about.

John: Yes, you do like off hu she off a Hewit right? Yeah. It was one of those small little front lawns. And so it was like, you know what, 10 feet by 10 feet maybe at the most.

Yeah. So she would cut it with a ruler.

Kenric: So there’s oh my God. That’s insane. But I had it’s still insane. I had to fix the lawn today and it was just, you know, so it was like three hours. I was dead [00:37:00] tired, but when it got done and the front lawn was nice and cut and everything. Yeah. He went out there and he just laid flat.

He just had surgery. And then he takes just his front pause and he drags himself through. I’m like, what are you doing? You’re gonna bust dude. Your Sack’s gonna bust open stop. And I’m like having to pick him up. And like

John: when when Reggie had his that’s chopped off. Yeah. We bought, we bought the like little suit for him.

Mm-hmm to put on him that, like, it looks a little, little Superman suit cause it’s blue and it’s blue and red and he put, say, Kay. And I were gone on, I think our, I think it lined up, we were on our anniversary. Yeah. So we were gone for two, two or three days up and it Woodby island and Sadie took care of him and she put it on him and he literally just gets in his and stands there and just freezes and.

It was frozen for like 30 minutes. Once you put it on, he just wouldn’t move. And

Kenric: [00:38:00] then that’s funny.

John: Yeah, it was, it was crazy. He see a picture he’s like, he’s not moving, he’s not moving and he just started sniffing it. And then finally he was okay. It was, he didn’t care anymore, but like 30 minutes he just was frozen.

Kenric: Oh yeah. I just worry about him having to go to the bathroom and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. And he just needs to calm down. Yeah. You know, and they both get super excited when I put muffin in a in a collar and I put the leash on her. Yeah. It was the first time she’s really been on a leash that I, that I’m aware of.

Yeah. And as I’m walking her to the grass, so she can go to the bathroom before she goes in for surgery. She’s like literally flipping in the air. She’s like jumping in the air and flipping on the way down and trying to get out of this thing. I was like, what are you? It was. Oh, come on.

John: stop it. Dogs are

Kenric: ridiculous.

Oh my God. Dogs are nuts, dude. Yeah. Nuts. And I got three of ’em right now. They

John: got three of ’em too. Yeah, that’s too much. I blame you driving dogs by the way. Why? Because if y’all wouldn’t have gotten blue y’all if y’all [00:39:00] you went to feed, wouldn’t have gotten blue and those walks with us and then Kayla wouldn’t have been drinking wine, went to feed, talking about dogs.

I wouldn’t have a bunch of dogs.

Kenric: Yeah. I just don’t believe that

John: it’s the truth. It’s all your house. You can pay for my carpet remodel.

Kenric: That’s the thing, man. I gotta, I gotta redo the carpet in my hallway and on my stairs actually on the stairs. I think we’re gonna do wood.

John: Yeah, we’re gonna, we’re doing wood. We, we, we ripped out all the carpet on our stairs and in our hallway, in

Kenric: our bedroom.

Yeah. I gotta do that. I might do that tomorrow. They’re

John: all covered in Fri. P for 30 years of animals from the previous owners. Yeah. So we used it all lot. Cause it’s stank. Yeah. Yeah. You, we sort to buy the wood we’re we’re gonna hardwood ourselves.

Kenric: So where do you hope in the next five years that like spoiler country would be at?

John: I hope we get to a position where I wanna do live shows. Like I want to get to the spot where we can, like,

Kenric: when you say live shows, [00:40:00] are you talking about like, like in

John: live shows? Yeah. Like going to like the show box, doing a live show in person or something, you know, like I would love to do live recordings.

Yeah. I think that would be fun to hell in front of an audience to get to a spot where we could actually CEL tickets to an audience and do it, or like do live events at like will city ComicCon and in different ComicCons like we go and we book time and we do a live podcast at the, at the venue, you know?

Yeah. Like. That kind of stuff would be, I mean, it terrifies me because I, I get terrified of talking in front of people, but I also excite cause I actually, when I do it, I love doing it, you know? Yeah. And I want, I wanna get to spot where we can actually go do a podcast at a show and it be something people want to go see you, not something that we want to do.

Right. I wanna see us publish our book. We’ve were talking about for two, three years now. Writers. Yep. And I wanna writer of the west. Yeah. And I, I used state this now and I always hate this publicly forever. I don’t care if we make a profit on this show ever. Right. Like I just wanna have fun doing it.

I want it to continue being fun. And I want them, I want the [00:41:00] momentum to go up, but I has to do bigger and better things if we make a profit from it. Great. That money’s probably, probably all gonna go back into making the show better and sending money out to the other people who work on the show with us.

Right. Like I don’t care if I make money off the show. I, I do it cause I love it. right. So that’s what I hope for, for us in the next five, 10 years, I don’t see us stopping. Because the one of

audio1687028318.output: us

Kenric: dead

John: pretty much. I mean, one of us will be on our deathbed. All right. Last episode, this is my final sign off guys.

Kenric: Last episode. This is

John: then next episode. All ICAST

Kenric: Kendrick. The, why am I the first one to die? Because they’re older.

yeah. Eight years on me. Better. who would, who would you get if you had to recast me? Who would it? Who, who do you think you could be? Who do you think

John: it could be? No. Nobody can replace you, man. I don’t even know. It’d be, it’d be a different direction.

Kenric: it would be a [00:42:00] different, what do you think you would do though?

If we, if it stopped, what do you think you would do

John: if it, if, if we stopped doing the show?

Kenric: Yeah, fix died in a car crash. Okay. If you died. Yeah. I, how would you change it? I

John: probab I don’t know if I, I, I don’t know if I’d keep it going, honestly. Yeah. It’d be hard because the show’s so rooted in you

Kenric: and me.

John: Yeah. It’d be weird to keep going with a new host. Like if I, if I continued to do podcasting, which I probably would, it would be under a whole new thing. Right. I would, I would essentially do like a, a Memorial episode for you. And that would be, that would be the last, that would be the last thing. And then if I felt like to win more, it would be like, you know, new something new.

Right. Cause I don’t think I could continue this show without you. Cuz it’s so rooted in our conversations, our banter. Sure. You know, it wouldn’t be the same. Like if I replaced you with Casey, it wouldn’t be the same show. Right. It’d be totally different. So it’s, it’s like, I don’t feel like either one of us could be replaced in the show, continue on it.

It would be a new show. you know?

Kenric: Yeah. I, [00:43:00] I, I would, but don’t put Don going. I would just change the name to the John Horseley Memorial podcast.

John: Yeah. In Memor. In memorandum. Yeah.

Kenric: and P J H M P D on my shirt right here.

John: No, I’ll get a tattoo of it.

Kenric: No, I don’t put, I don’t, I don’t put bumper stickers on sports cars did.

John: Yeah. But you’re a hope I minivan. So it’s fun.

you’re on talk. I mean

Kenric: well, I used to say that all the time where, you know, I don’t put bumper stickers on sports cars. Yeah. But then I thought, yeah, but you do do custom paint jobs.

John: exactly you do. Yeah. Yeah. Did, did, did you hear Melissa talk about the guys from the Quibb show. Want to come on and talk about Superman?

Kenric: No,

John: they wanna come on and talk about why Superman’s an overrated

Kenric: character. Oh, [00:44:00] so you gonna do that. Well, they want us

John: to do it with them. You me? Oh yeah. I, that was interesting. And I was like, oh, that would be a fun one. They wanna come on and talk about why my favorite character is bad. Cool.

Kenric: Is she did they reach out to her a lot?

John: She was, they did the reward show again and she won an award this year. So she was

Kenric: on it. what, what was their award for? I don’t

John: re so I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure, like, I’m pretty sure the way they do that show is anybody who was on their show gets an award in their award show to get them to come back on the show.

Right. Because I mean, we won an award and is

Kenric: like, it was didn’t they have like somebody from pink Floyd on, they did that’s crazy.

John: They had a bunch, they actually have, they actually had a bunch of musicians on the show that were, I was like, oh my God. I wonder how screenshot of it when I was on there.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s kind of cool. Yeah, it was

John: cool. They’re cool. They’re funny guys. So yeah, I mean, we’ll probably get it scheduled out and do it. Why

Kenric: not? but Hey, these guys,

John: I guess if you wanna come on, if you wanna come on the show, come on, talk to you about my char my favorite character. So one of my

Kenric: characters, [00:45:00]

John: why up next trash talk and

Kenric: Spiderman.

What do you think they would say is why he’s overrated? What’s the most common thing you hear? They’re

John: probably gonna say all the cliches. He’s too powerful. He can he’s he’s too much of a boy. Scout’s too much of this too much.

Kenric: You know, he is too all the cliches look at, you’re already downgrading what anybody says, , I’m down

John: weighing their cliches.

If you want, if you want to come on and talk about why your band’s overrated give you,

Kenric: but the cliches are cliches because P people feel that way. And if it’s being felt over and over and over again,

John: there’s something to it. I disagree. People don’t for the way. I think people, I fucking hate I’m

Kenric: saying okay.

For you to keep

John: going, which no, but when you go, okay. You know what I

Kenric: mean? You mean? Okay. That’s good. Okay.

John: no, the cliche is okay. Some people feel that way. Yes. Some people have read the material and they feel that way. Yes. Most people who say that have not read any of the material and are saying it because people they talk to about comic say that, [00:46:00] that’s what I’m saying.

The problem is most people who say Supermans cliche, Superman, the boy scout, don’t actually read Superman or know anything about him besides what other people in their little thought bubble say

Kenric: about him. Right. How do you, how do you know that for how do you know? That’s true. Talk to ‘

John: em for 30 seconds.

You’ll figure it out. Right? Like tell, have them tell you anything about

Kenric: supervisor. So the most people you’ve talked to just don’t know Superman,

John: I would say 95% of the people who say Superman is cliche that I’ve talked to in person. Yeah. Don’t know the first thing about Superman. And’ve never read more than one comic with him in it.

Yeah. Yeah. And it was probably a justice league comic and they, or they’ve just seen him on like in

Kenric: the movies. Right. Maybe. Right. And they maybe watched justice. I love through man movies. and what

John: they’ll all say is they’ll all say, oh, Superman on the justice league was great.

Kenric: Okay. What is that about?

John: I mean, well, cuz cuz the one that they’ve watched and the one that they’ve actually consumed, they enjoyed it.

Yeah. But they don’t like anything else because they’ve actually never watched it or read it, you know? Right. Like I’m not gonna go talk a bunch of shit about a character. [00:47:00] I don’t know about, you know, I mean I made tertiary make fun of it for fun, but I’m not gonna actually sit there and say like, I can’t talk about any of the new, like Spider-Man venom characters.

Like all the sys they have. Right. I think it’s dumb. They’re doing all the sys, but I also haven’t read needles. I don’t, I don’t really know,

Kenric: you know? Right. It could be amazing. It, it could be awesome. I,

John: I don’t know. Right. But a lot of people who talk shit about Superman have not read Superman and then that’s, that’s just, it’s just.

Is what it is, right. It bugs you. Huh? It does. It should bug you like, it should bug you that people talk shit about something in our fandom. Yeah. But don’t take the time to learn about it. That should bug anybody. Who’s actually a true fan of anything. Right. Like, because they’re just trolls, they’re just trolling it, which is, I guess control

Kenric: lots hundred percent true.

There’s a lot of trolls. Yeah. I

John: mean, I, you and I show each other all the time for fun, but ultimately, ultimately we realized it and say, yeah, we’re being funny. Yeah. But I

Kenric: mean, I gave you shit for Superman a long time ago, but I, no, I like Superman. I mean, I grew up with Superman. Yeah. I like watching. I like, I like the movies.[00:48:00]

I think more like I remember I read what’s the one, all star Superman.

John: That’s pretty good. I, I may read that one. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. But I didn’t like the ending, like all of a sudden that the sun, what was what was the character? The big, bad ended up being a, I don’t remember. It’s been years that sun character.

Yeah. And it was just like, wait, what? It just kinda came outta nowhere. And I’m like, can you G least. Build up to that character, that being the person and they didn’t do that. Yeah. So that was the only part, but I liked it overall. Overall. It was good. Really liked. When he’s the, the Russian Superman red son, red son, that was a great book.

The book’s way better than the movie. Yeah, the movie’s the movie’s all right. I mean, it it’s for dude, it’s a short movie. Yeah. It’s they can only put so much in and they just kind of made changes to, to fit. You know, I don’t think it’s as bad as Batman when they did hush. I even, I listened that one. Oh God, they completely changed.

You, you need to watch it. I’ll watch it. You need to watch it because you, you read the, you read hush. Oh yeah. Yeah. You [00:49:00] need to watch it. I watch it. Yeah. Yeah. Just be prepared to be like, why did he do that? Like what the fuck? Yeah. I that’s how I felt about it. I was like, why did you make that change?

It’s always Batman ninja. You. Oh, I, well, there was parts of that. That was fun. But it was

John: like, see, I, he didn’t mind it like

Kenric: overall dude, it was so bat, Dennis was so funny in how much he hated it, that episode. So great. Hate. Want to hate it with him, dude. We have the

John: episode we did with him on Batman ninja is so great.

Yeah. But looking back at it and I’ve watched it again and said, I’m like, yeah, it’s corny. It’s stupid.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s

John: just super corny, but it’s a lot of fun. Do you

Kenric: not whole, the whole robot thing at the end with the, the houses. It’s just too much. It’s like, oh man, I love it’s so dumb. Yeah. It’s weird. So dumb.

Yeah. And like, why can you guys just do Batman and fuel Japan? That’d be cool and just keep it that, and even, even use a different character.

John: Well, you know what I mean? It can’t be Bruce Wayne name. It was a field of [00:50:00] Japan. It should be, it should be somebody from, from Japan.

Kenric: Well, he went, like, I thought they went like back in time or some shit.

I there’s some time. Yeah. Time C. Yeah. It was like, they could do that whole time thing, but have it be in funeral? Yeah, but I mean, but I’d much rather have a Batman character. That’s not Bruce Wayne in fuel Japan. That would actually be a really cool thing. Like do a Batman in pre Roman pre British Ireland when it’s Celtic tribes, you know, that’d be cool.

Or in Rome, like, oh, that would be cool at the height of Rome’s power in Rome and Batman shows up and do a Batman there. You know. Cool. That would be cool. Yeah.

John: Cool. I’m all for I’m all for alternate timelines towards anyways. I like things that alternate alternate agency right now. No good idea. oh shit.

They answered .

Kenric: I mean, I’m just saying there’s some cool things they could do. Yeah. What [00:51:00] if you had to flush away all characters, right. And I’m gonna say you can’t choose, you cannot choose Superman. Okay. Okay. And you had one character that you could replace. What character would you replace?

Superman, a Superman wasn’t wasn’t available for your whole memory of looking back with your dad, with what your, the movies, the comics you’ve read, the collecting the, the infatuation that you’ve had with Superman. Now, if you had a, if, if, if that was gone and, and, and something said, Hey, we can replace. All those memories with a different character.

What character would you choose?

So I have two answers. Wait, give one second. Okay.

John: It’s gonna be fun. Ask this question. The question.

Kenric: Okay. All right.

John: So does it have to logically make sense with the timeline of my dad?

Kenric: Nice. [00:52:00]

John: Does it have to logically make sense for the timeline of my dad had to have known who it was since he was a kid, versus it being created later on.

Kenric: I don’t know. I don’t think it needs, I don’t think it has to be that way. Well, if

John: your place to all remember’s my dad, then it would make, it would have to logically

Kenric: say, are you saying, does it have to be a golden age character?

John: Yes. Because if it wouldn’t make sense

Kenric: for my dad, cause it couldn’t be Wolverine.

Cuz your dad was already a grown ass man. Exactly. By the time when Wolverine came out. Exactly. Let’s say that doesn’t matter

John: if that doesn’t matter. Spider-Man

Kenric: really Spiderman. Yes. Oh interesting. If that, if that does matter. Green lantern.

John: Yeah. It, it will, it would a hundred percent be green Lanter yeah.

Kenric: I, they know

John: cause I’ve talked about my dad’s between lantern with green lantern before, and I, yeah,

Kenric: it would 100% not be green lantern for me. I’ve never really, I’ve never really JD. I like watching him on TV. I love John Stewart. Yeah. That version of green lantern. And I always have I’ve I’ve talked to you about John [00:53:00] Stewart.

Yeah. Since we started doing this, that that’s my, if, if it’s gonna be one green lantern, I’m gonna watch a John Stewart movie. I’m gonna read a John Stewart book before I read anybody. Else’s. But just, I don’t know what the constructs are. Just so hokey to me. I just, I don’t want to see it’s it’s like plastic man making shit out of his hand.

I just. It just turns me off. Right. It’s too. I’m already in suspending my belief for a comic book. Right. I’ve already done this and now you’ve just, it’s it’s loony tunes, but when they start doing that kinda stuff to me and I can’t. Yeah. I guess for me, man, who would it be? Who

John: you, who you’re removing, are you moving

Kenric: Superman?

I’d have to remove Spiderman or magic. Yeah. So if I just I’ll just say remove those two, the part of me wants to say Wolverine, but I Wolverines just nostalgic, but who would it be? [00:54:00] Man? I can’t

John: captain planet.

Kenric: Yeah. Captain’s hero

John: he’s

if you get your

Kenric: wall. Yeah. I’m just trying to think. Maybe there’s something on the wall. I guess it’d be Conan. That’s

John: a good one. That would be koan would be the top would be a top fiber replacer for me, cuz there’s a lot of, and that’s mostly cuz there’s a lot of history in my family with koan. Yeah.

Cause I don’t know if you know this, but right back there. Right. right there in this row of books right about here. I think it is. Is all of the Frank Vitta Ko uncover first printings. Oh

Kenric: what, how did you get those? You wanna see them? Does a bear shit in the woods?

John: No they use toilets.

Kenric: No they don’t.

Dude. You[00:55:00]

go bald like me can hear you get .

John: Oh.

Kenric: I said you’re going bald. Like me.

John: I am

Kenric: shut up. Hey dude. I’m I’m worse than you. Are you just, you’re just starting to catch up

John: but yeah. So like these old koan books.

Kenric: Oh yeah. That’s cool. A lot of those are Savage sort of koan aren’t they? No, these, these are the novels.

Yeah, I know. But I think they reprinted those on like the Savage sort of Conan didn’t they? Oh, maybe.

John: I don’t know.

Kenric: Yeah, those cool. Were those your dads?

John: Yeah. My dad bought these new off the shelfs when they came

Kenric: out. Oh man, I don’t want those. No, no, I don’t need yours. how can we know? You can’t have mine.

I’m gonna get better copies. [00:56:00]

John: these are perfectly fine for me. These ones, these other ones. My dad read. So I’m good. Yeah.

Kenric: That’s cool. How did, did he

John: love those books? Oh dude, he loved, he was TTA was, was one of his favorite artists. So he bought any book that had a TTA cover on it. Yeah. And he loved koan, but that was a huge koan fan.

I love

Kenric: koan. Yeah. Robert Howard was a crazy guy though. Most writers are. Yeah. But he actually, I think he committed suicide. I don’t know. Yeah. I think so. As we go to the tape, go to the tape, I told you that that movie, did you ever watch that movie? I told you about with Vincent in aro playing Robert D.

Howard. I don’t think I did.

John: I. Let’s see Robert at 1936. Let’s

Kenric: see. Yeah, he was, he was only like 30 years old when he died. That’s crazy.

Yeah. He had had mental health. Yeah. He shot himself. Yeah. [00:57:00] That’s sad. It is. It’s always sad. You know, he was, he was 30.

John: He was 30 years old. Yeah.

Kenric: He was young. Damn. Yeah. He was really young and he came up with some, some amazing stuff that has stuck with us and will be retold well after we’re gone

John: Conan Solomon Kane.

I mean, Solomon Kane was cool.

Kenric: Did you ever see that movie? No, he did a Solomon cane movie. That was actually pretty good. It was low budget, but it was really good. I mean, that’s, that’s wrong with low budget? No, not but no, this, the storytelling was good. I mean it had Pete pasta weight in it. Oh, nice.

Nice. Yeah. And this is like right before he died. Nice. Well, not unless he died, but nice. He said yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, anything with Pete post away is gonna be, it’s gonna be, you gotta give it a chance. Yeah. Cause it’s probably gonna be pretty decent. Yeah. Yeah. And it was, it was fun, but yeah, Robert, Howard’s great.

I would love to get those, those, those I mean, Doans, they’re some just to try to find some of [00:58:00] those original Conan books. Yeah. Or actually they’re I think they’re in weird tales. Yeah. They’re

John: in weird tale. The old weird tales

Kenric: books. Yeah. Yeah. Just to get some of those old, weird tales. Cause they had him and tars, Amazon too.

Yeah. HP Lovecraft was Amazon too. Yeah. UL. Yeah. I mean, that’d just be, could you imagine those are the books? Like if you go back in time, it, a lot of people like I’d get action comics, number one, I’d get, well, they always say Superman number one, but they mean action comics, number one and gets Spiderman.

You know what I mean? When they talk about comic books, I’m going for those. Yeah. I’m going for those weird tales because they’re rare. They’re rare. You know what I mean? I’m going, I’m gonna go to like an old bookstore and I’m gonna find like, you know, Alison Wonderland, like first printings from, you know, I’m gonna go back and get a first printing of Frankenstein.

Yeah. You know, that’s what you gonna do? Those are those, those are wealth building books.

John: dude, when I was, when I, so we had a the same, I told you on one episode, it’s it’ll come out in the future. Yeah. The ComicCon [00:59:00] oh four. We went to my buddy yeah, yeah. Pop away, whatever. And we paid him back and we paid, we sold the umbrella books.

Right. On that same trip we had found at Goodwill for a dollar, a first printing of the yearling,

Kenric: what signed w like really signed. Yes.

John: And we took it with us and we sold it to a rare book dealer down there for a got off amount of money. Yeah. And we were talking to them about. There other, you know, other books they had signed and they pulled out a first edition Frankenstein

Kenric: signed by Mary Shelley.

Yes. Wow.

John: And those who don’t know signed books that in that day were rare. It happened. Yeah. But mostly what was happen, mostly. What would happen? Signed books? That era is the, there would be like writing a check and they would just sign their name in the front of the book real quick to make sure their pen worked.

Kenric: Yeah. Or they were sending that book to a friend of theirs. Yeah. And they would write a small note to that person. Yep.

John: Yep. And it was [01:00:00] crazy. And this person had like a bunch of really rare books pretty. So they had that. They had I mean, I can’t remember. It

Kenric: was long time ago. Book feeling is crazy and it’s hard.

It’s so easy for people to fake it. Yeah. And then you gotta know the right people. And I would love to know more about book collecting, like rare old books. Like, you know what I mean? What books are the right ones to get all that kind of stuff I have.

John: So render Kipling’s vampire book. I vampire poem book.

I’m sorry. Yeah. From, I have somewhere in here. I think it’s, I don’t know. It made up here. I have I found it Goodwill one time. It’s like this big, this thick, you know, like north said book size, but it’s in a little, it’s in a little like box. Yeah. And it’s a first printing of his vampire poems. Oh, crazy.

And I bought it and I CA catheter and it’s actually you actually good. I read it. It’s it’s really good. But it’s a rendered Kipling. VA it’s vampire. It’s something like that. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s really cool. I used to go to [01:01:00] Goodwill all the time and find like old books that looked interesting.

Yeah. And then buy them and try and read them

Kenric: yeah, yeah. Yeah. Goodwill. That’s the thing with books. More people don’t know what they have. Mm-hmm , you know, than that know. So, but you can’t go like half price books, but half price, every good dude. I’ve gone to half price books looking at some of their comic books.

And it’s kind of crazy because they will try to charge for like a $5 book and they’ll try to charge like 70 bucks. Oh, I know. 80 bucks and they’ll have it behind the glass, but then I pulled out that NX, is it NYX? N Y X I pulled out number two, number three. Yeah. You know, I bought ’em for a 25 cents a piece.


John: They just don’t know what they have.

Kenric: And it’s like a, I mean, they’re not like expensive, you know what I mean? But they’re not cheap either. They’re like 10, $15 books.

John: Wait, are you talking about the first, the first X 23? Yeah. The first X 23 is a thousand dollars book. Oh,

Kenric: no, not the first, not, not her first appearance.

Is that number two? That’s number [01:02:00] three. Oh, okay. So it was like, I, I, it was, it was an old, it was it wasn’t around there.

John: One is yeah. One and two are about about that much about worth that much or so, but yeah, it wasn’t

Kenric: that it wasn’t those ones. Wasn’t her first. Yeah.

John: X number three is the first appearance one and two are worth about like a little bit, maybe it was number

Kenric: five and number six, something like that.

They’re like 10, $15 books. Yeah. I looked it up. Yeah. And I got ’em for 25

John: cents. I was gonna say, if you got number three 25 cents, holy crap.

Kenric: Yeah. No, no, but it was just weird. And then they had like this old, like, like team, it was like the thing and something else, Marvel team up a Marvel team up. Yeah. But it was like a $3 book, a

John: $4 book.

70 bucks. Yeah. That’s they?

Kenric: What? 70 bucks. And just behind the glass and everything. That’s

John: not, that’s not half price guys.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s just weird, you know? And then they had some old books and I’m like, they had some books that were like from the 1890s, you know? Yeah. And they wanted like $200 and they’re up on the shelf.

This is the one in Redmond. Yeah. And then when I was looking at [01:03:00] it and I was just like, and you know, and I always look it up and see what it is on eBay. And then I go to, I filter by sold. Yep. Saying, you know, and they’re like, they were like these mass produced books that are all over the place. It’s like, I just don’t get it.

I don’t get it. I don’t get how they, they, they figure out what to, to

John: do some people just see old and put a high price on it. Hoping somebody will take

Kenric: it. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t know. Your dad was a big koan fan. Oh yeah. He loved koan.

John: That’s cool. Loved it. He loved the movies too. So the movies are

Kenric: great. That first one is so good.

John: Yeah. I like, I like, I like him too. They’re

Kenric: great. I even liked the what’s his name? Mamoa. I never saw that one. Oh, it’s terrible. But I love it. I mean, it’s a Conan movie. Yeah. But I’m supposed, it is a Conan movie. That’s the thing. I think people, I don’t want people were thinking. I mean, it’s a fucking Conan

John: movie.

I still remember being at your house, hanging out with you. That one, that like for two or three times, we were just, we were just playing Conan on the Xbox.

Kenric: I love that game. That was a fun game. Now they have some new cone end game.

John: I actually bought that game because of you [01:04:00] because they’re sitting there watching you play it.

I went, oh really? I went and bought it. Yeah. I never beat it,

Kenric: but it was fun. Yeah. I dunno if I ever beat it either. I don’t know. It was a Coolen though. Do you know Robert Patrick’s nickname? Mm-hmm Ray. And then the other one was two gun Bob. That’s kind of random. Bob. It’s gotta be a story

John: behind that.

It’s kind of random. How’d you get? How’d you get to Robert Patrick.

Kenric: Not Robert Patrick, Robert E. Howard. Okay. Cause

John: I’m looking at his Wikipedia page too. That makes more sense of our, of it being not or Patrick, like how I know we’re talking about coan and coan had Arnold Schwarze and they were, and they were both him and Robert, Patrick were both in T2.

That’s kind of a leap for your mind to grow from coan, Robert, Patrick. But I guess it can follow that.

Kenric: Oh man. Oh man. I should have started the today’s episode of saying happy birthday.

John: Happy birthday.

Kenric: Happy birthday. do you, do you still watch the frost? The snowman?

John: No, I [01:05:00] hate that movie even with your kids. Yeah. It’s so dumb. It’s so slow.

Kenric: It’s slow. It is kind of slow. I used to love it when I was in, I mean,

John: my kids don’t.

I mean, we watch, I been watch it sometimes, but we put it on and like the kids get bored. It’s not great. I don’t,

Kenric: I, I think the kids to nowadays are much more sophisticated in what. They’re going to pay attention to, but I

John: didn’t see, I didn’t like those movies as a kid either. Like, I didn’t like frosty or Rudolph or, or you didn’t like Rudolph

Kenric: the red nose reindeer when you were a kid.

John: No, I thought it was, it looked hokey and it was it’s slowkey

Kenric: that is Ralph BHE. Stop animation. I mean, that was, that is amazing. The amount of work that went into that

John: thing. No, I joke. I totally crazy craft you’re yeah, yeah. Whatever credit to the craft. I just didn’t care for it. Not my thing. Yeah. I’m allowed to not something five, six years old. Well, I don’t remember when I was five, six years old.


Kenric: nothing from

John: five, six years old. I don’t, no, I [01:06:00] don’t remember nothing. I don’t remember watching that movie. I don’t remember actually seeing that movie. I actually don’t remember ever, actually watching as a kid. I just remember knowing what it was.

Kenric: Oh, see. That’s that? See, that’s the thing. See, for me, channel seven CBS, every year I could not wait.

And when I saw. The commercials. I’m like, that’s not me. I knew when it was gonna be on, I was like six, seven years old and boom, man, I had to watch it. That was not me. And I remember watching all of them, all the ones that like, you know what I mean? I have the boss DVDs. Yeah. But I think if you saw it, when you, if I would’ve saw those, when I was a teenager, I’d be in your camp.

Right. I’d be like, this is dumb. But the fact that I saw it and you know, it’s like, oh, I, I just remember waiting and waiting and waiting to watch those. And then, and staying with frosty and Charlie brown and all of that. I just couldn’t wait for him to come on every year. And that’s the, one of the things too is like, now it’s just like push button.

You’re watching it. Yeah. You know, there’s no, no waiting. Yeah. There’s no [01:07:00] anticipation. Yeah. You know?

John: Oh, did you watch, did you watch Tinder things?

Kenric: I haven’t watched the one that just came out. I’m waiting for the girls to come home.

John: Okay. Have you watched umbrella

Kenric: academy? I like, no. You asked me this before.

Okay. And I watched the first season. I, I liked it. Should I watch the second scene? I liked it, but for some reason I stopped. I don’t even know why I just stopped watching it, like halfway through. Yeah. And I think it just didn’t hold my attention, you know, but I know the third season’s out. It’s pretty good too.

Is it good? I should check it out. I should go back and re-watch it. And, and then go check it out. Yeah. I’m watching, I, I, I watched star Trek, strange new worlds. Have you watched that?

John: It is on my list to watch.

Kenric: I have not watched yet. They did such a great job on it. Oh, I’m sure they really did. And now I’m watching, I watched discovery.

I like discovery. I watched the first, the first season and I think half of the second season, [01:08:00] and now I’m going back. Cause it’s been long enough now that I don’t remember. So I’m going back and rewatching

John: season one is good. Yeah. Yeah. I like season two is good as well. I haven’t and I’m, I haven’t started season three yet of

Kenric: discovery.

What movie are you excited for this year? Is there anyone coming out that you’re like, I don’t

John: even don’t even know what’s coming out. I have paid no attention to movies that are coming out at all anymore. Yeah. I don’t even know. Yeah. I have no idea.

Kenric: I mean, I kind of like that I’m the same way right now.

I kinda like it. Like, I kinda like it too. I have

John: no anxiety of waiting for something I’m not anticipating anything. I just like, I

Kenric: go, if I happen to catch a trailer, then I’m like, okay, cool. But I try to thing is, you know what, turn me off. It’s all the fake trailers. Oh, I hate the fake trailers. It’s turned me off.

I don’t want to, I don’t. I’m like, I don’t know if this is real. I don’t, I don’t wanna watch this anymore. Yeah.

John: I guess Thor, I’m looking forward to.

Kenric: Thor. This is his last

John: role. Thor, Thor, female Thor, Chris Hemsworth. [01:09:00] His last, well, I mean, he’s Jane Foster’s taking over, so

Kenric: yeah, but she only had it for a little while and then it’s already back to, it’s already backed to normal Thor.

John: Well, she had it for a couple years in the comics, but we’ll see.

Kenric: Yeah. But a couple years in the comics

John: is like, when you say, like you say, like she had in the comic for like three issues and went back to Thor. No, that’s what

Kenric: it feels like to, it’s not very long. Cause it’s like, that’s only like 30 episodes or 30 issues.

You know what I mean? And just, I don’t know. That’s the one thing, dude. That’s my one pet peeve with comic writing is there are sometimes there are leaps in the story where you’re like, what just happened. Yeah. How did you get from here to here? There’s no explanation. You know what I mean? Or there’s no, it, it can, it kills me sometimes when, when like, well, no plot, like plot development to me, I’d rather have a story drag out.[01:10:00]

I mean, especially when it, especially it’s written form. Yeah. You have time. Yeah. You have time and it’s like, oh, it drives me nuts. And then when it’s like, they make, you know, and you can always tell when they’re rushing, you know, which sucks because that’s the thing. That’s the cool, that’s the cool thing about independent books right now.

And like, things like image is because the writer and the illustrator can take their time into telling their story. Whereas Marvel in DC, it’s a fucking rush job. And that drives me nuts.

John: Sometimes it’s an IP mill. Yeah. I think guardians three is his last Thor, cuz he’s supposed to be in guardians three as well.

Kenric: Oh, is guardian. Oh yeah. So guardians three is after. Yeah. If he’s done with th three, is it after though in the timeline? That’s the only thing sometimes I don’t know,

John: work as a timeline, but I just know that Thor comes out this month, then guardians three. Oh, the guardians three. Sorry. The guardians Christmas special comes out this year and then guardians three comes

Kenric: out next year.

Right? Well they had to like restart or. Pause wasn’t there, there was a lot of [01:11:00] production stall, right? Yeah. Yeah. For guardians three. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. I, I am excited for the guard. I, I guess I am excited for guardians three when it finally comes out, that’s the, the Christmas special one is on.

I’m actually really

John: excited for, so on Disney plus only though. So yeah. Well that’s okay. I

Kenric: have Disney plus. Yeah, I have that too. So yeah. Well, if you have at and T you have Disney plus for free. Oh no. You have HBO for free HBO master free. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it depends on what level Disney

John: plus is free. I think with, with Verizon or something like that, is

Kenric: that what it is?


John: Well, well, dude, I think that wraps up for happy, happy man. Happy, happy birthday to us. Happy birthday. Where’s my fucking cake.

Oh, thank you. Here’s your cake? It’s a rock star. Oh, not sponsored. Push it forward. [01:12:00]

Kenric: Here you go. Okay. Oh. Oh, see you messed it up.

John: that was seamless. That was perfect. Perfect. It did it morphed, whatever the hell that is. all right, man.

Kenric: All right guys, if you made it this far, yeah, we, a lot of babbling on this episode and a lot of things that were probably that always is yeah.

Close and means more to, to him and I than everybody out there, but who knows, you know, maybe you loved it. Thanks for sticking around.

John: We appreciated it. We really did. Here’s the five here’s the five more years. See you 10

Kenric: here’s five more years. Yeah. That means we’re 140 episodes away from 1000.

Yeah, dude. And that one will be we’ll. We’ll try to do something super special for that one. Yeah. Well we’ll

John: Kevin Smith. I

Kenric: don’t know. Don’t forget. Subscribe, hit the little bell or is it that way? I don’t know one of the directions either that way or that way, wherever the bell is hit that sucker and we’ll chat to you soon.

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