Zoe Kravitz To Star As The Purrrfect Catwoman

Warner Brothers has confirmed Zoe Kravitz to be the newest talent to star as Selina Kyle in the latest big screen offering from the Batman franchise. The film, simply titled The Batman, is slated to be released June 25th, 2021 and will star Robert Pattinson in the titular role. The upcoming release will be the first time the 30 year old actress has played the character in a live action film, but the second time she’s portrayed her on the silver screen as sharp eared fans will tell you she voiced the character in the 2017 Lego Batman Movie. Zoe becomes the third woman of color to portray Catwoman after Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry.

Spoiler Country will keep you updated on this story as new info becomes available.

Casey Allen

Casey Allen is a writer and editor living in Alabama.

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