X-Men First Class: De-constructing The Cuban Missile Crisis

Another review from awhile back I did on my old blog site. This one is from October of 2011. Simpler times back then. My youngest daughter wasn’t even a year old yet and my youngest son wasn’t born. Anyway, as always I’ll make some new commentary in (italics). 


So last night my cousin Joel (he produces movies and is pretty awesome, check out ‘Soul‘ the movie) and his wife invited me and Kaylie out for some drinks and to go see a movie. We spent the first couple of hours enjoying some drinks and playing pool, to which I might ad I played exceedingly well and made a lot of pro status shots. (That’s probably a lie, I suck at pool)

We caught the 9:40pm showing and the theater was pretty much ours with the exception of a few smatterings of other people. I love it when I go to movies like this. Makes me happy. Well, makes me happy that it’s a quiet theater, but I want these movies to make more money so they make more so I can watch more. (completely true. If I could afford to buy out a theater to watch a movie I would) 

I will be honest, I was EXTREMELY leery of this movie going in. When I first heard about it I was upset.

“why in the F*CK are they making a prequal to the X-Men series called FIRST CLASS and NOT making it the ACTUAL First Class of the X-Men?” Granted doing that would be IMPOSSIBLE within continuity since various characters from the O.G. team have shown up in the trilogy. I fought this movie, vocally, to everyone. Claiming it was pointless and a waste of time. (yeah, I most certainly did that. Just ask my wife, she was annoyed with me over it)

Fast forward to actually seeing some of the trailers. Ok, it looks interesting. I see how they are handling this. I still don’t understand some of their plot points at this time of viewing the trailers, but I’ll be ok with it and I will still see it in theaters. (you have to give it a chance ya know? Always make your own opinion)

Move on to the night I went to see it. I was excited by this point and I wasn’t sure why. The trailers look good, but I HATED this idea for a movie so much early on that by the night I went to see it I was actually rooting for it to be good. (probably because I was hanging out with Joel)

Well, I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed it, for what it was. I thought the actors did great, the story was good and Emma Frost is hot. (duh, though not important to the plot.)

I think they no-lube humped some continuity parts of the X-Men film franchise. I shall touch on them now.

  • Scott Summers – Cyclops. He was in the first three based in modern times. We can guess his age to be mid twenties.
  • Alex Summers – Havok. He is in this movie with an age around late teenager.
    • Last time I checked Havok was Cyclops LITTLE BROTHER…So unless Cyclops just looks REALLY good for his age (Which would have been in his 60’s or 70’s in the trilogy) this is a HUGE retcon. Maybe Alex is Scotts daddy now. (I don’t think they ever explained this?)
  • Sebastian Shaw was different from the comics. I can accept this because Kevin Bacon is the man.
  • So if Beast had a cameo in human form in X2, then full beast in X3 but then as a teenager/young adult in human and then in beast form in First Class…wait..what?
  • Emma Frost was in Wolverine as a younger girl along side Cyclops yet a mid twenties hotty in first class.

There are a ton more, but so I don’t seem to fan-boyish and really show my geek, (doesn’t this show by doing the podcast?) I will stop here and let you make your own conclusions beyond what I have said here.

It is important to let you know that I did enjoy this movie, a lot. I would recommend it. I do not think it was better than Green Lantern, or Thor, (I’m not sure I stand behind this anymore) but I think is was a great movie worth watching. Way better than I ever could of imagined when I first heard about it. So much better I hope they make a sequel. (and a sequel they did make)

I still agree with most of this review, though I think it was a better movie than the first Thor and Green Lantern. At least on re-watch. I really do enjoy this “class” of the X-Men team. I do wish they would just reboot everything to get out of the time line hell they have worked themselves into.

The title of this review is kind of a spoiler for the movie and yet I never talked about it in the review. Never noticed this.

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