Would Lucasfilm Actually ERASE the Sequel Trilogy?

There is an absolutely crazy rumor making the rounds on the internet stating Lucasfilm is setting things in motion to erase the Sequel trilogy from continuity. In turn this would allow them to start fresh or possibly use the original outlines supplied by George Lucas when Disney acquired the company in 2012. While there are many who are excited about this rumor, you would have to assume that it is all poppycock…..right?

The Rumor

The story seems to have originated from a YouTuber named Doomcock, No…. I am not joking. This person has not only stated the most recent trilogy would be erased but they would do this by using The Veil of the Force which was introduced in a final season episode of Rebels called ‘A World Between Worlds.’

He has gone on to state that he has been in contact with two sources who have confirmed Lucasfilm intends to “save” Star Wars by using this concept. This would essentially erase The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker from the main continuity and thus creating an alternate timeline.

The final piece here is that for the UMPTEENTH time it is being said that Kathy Kennedy will be leaving Lucasfilm because of her inability to run the Star Wars franchise properly.

The Absurdity

When Dicktor Van Doomcock…. *sigh* ….is the one informing us about Star Wars. Well, you can’t do anything but listen.

Honestly though, despite all the flaws and inconsistencies within the sequel trilogy a simple “resetting” of the timeline is not going to work in the grand scheme of things. Yes, there is a world where Lucasfilm can move forward with the Skywalker saga of films and bring clarity and most importantly joy back to the franchise. Love them or hate them episodes VII, VIII and IX are what they are. Unfortunately, a Lucasfilm without George Lucas had to learn the hard way on what not to do within the beloved franchise. That doesn’t make it impossible to save. If you even believe it needs saving.

Realistically the absurdity comes not from the idea but the execution and who is revealing this information. It is very possible that Lucasfilm and or Disney are looking for ways to change things up within the Star Wars universe. We have the High Republic stories beginning to release later this year and there are a handful of other projects lined up for the next 5-10 years. It’s just hard to believe that they would go out of their way to erase 6 years of story-telling so haphazardly.

We have also heard time and again that Kathy Kennedy was on her way out. Only to be signed to a new contract shortly there after. It’s no shock that things haven’t gone exactly as planned with Star Wars since 2012. That isn’t to say they aren’t able to right the ship and make it the cash cow it should be. With or without Kathy in the driver’s seat.

The Possibility

I won’t sit here and say it is completely impossible that Lucasfilm won’t attempt to re-write history within the saga to help push a new narrative or fresh story. I would say the possibility is slim though.

I don’t hate the sequels. However, I am not blind to their many flaws. Would it have been nice to see them go a different direction with these films? Absolutely! But Lucasfilm has taken their swing. To attempt a re-write of sorts would divide the fandom even more. Carrie Fisher is gone (Rest in Peace), Harrison Ford has wiped his hands clean of the franchise and Mark Hamill, well who knows with him. He was not a fan of what they did in The Last Jedi but he has always loved the franchise as a whole.

Recasting or forgetting the legacy characters is a re-write occurred would be a slap in the face to those who love them as well as those who enjoy the new cast.

It will be interesting to see what plays out over the next few years. Covid-19 hasn’t helped Hollywood in any way and we could see big budget franchises take a step back if their most recent outings cast any uncertainty in their future success.

What do you all think, will we see the sequel trilogy “erased”?

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