WizKids Release New Dragon Miniatures for D&D

WizKids is set to launch a new wave of figures based on the Dungeons & Dragons dragons. “Ancient Dragon Premium Figures” is the name of the new line. It was announced at the GAMA Trade Show to be released as part of its D&D Icons of the Realms series.

The figures appear to be new sculptures for chromatic and metallic dragons, along with a new Sapphire Dragon figure. This is the first time that Sapphire Dragon has obtained its own miniature mass-produced D&D.

While WizKids has released huge dragons for its Pathfinder lines, Dungeons & Dragons’ chromatic dragons look unique. Out of a handful of unique dragons like Tiamat or Niv-Mezzet, WizKids hasn’t released a D&D Ancient Dragon figure since 2014.

D&D gigantic dragons are currently sold for Hundreds of dollars on eBay. As a result figure fans should be excited to finally get a more affordable option! WizKids also announced that they were producing an Owlbear Trophy Plate that players can hang on their wall! As well as a life-size Pathfinder Leprechaun that is over three feet tall! WizKids is also releasing several new buildings, including a massive wizard tower and a version of Waterdeep’s Yawning Portal Inn.

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