Starting October 4th through the 12th, Magic the Gathering players will be able to pre-order The Walking Dead Secret Lair drop which will feature brand-new The Walking Dead cards for the game.

One of the cards being added is everyone’s favorite bat wielding, leather-jacket wearing bad ass. Negan. Check out the card below.

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Adding TWD characters into the game makes a ton of sense since zombies have played a role in MTG for years.

“When we at Wizards first started thinking about teaming up with an outside partner, we made a big list of worlds and characters that we thought would be natural and exciting fits,”

“The Walking Dead is a force of nature when it comes to modern horror storytelling, so that immediately jumped out to us as an amazing opportunity. I knew the team over at AMC would be great partners, so we gave them a call and everything just clicked into place.”

Mark Heggen

Negan, the Cold-Blooded is a 4/3 Legendary Creature – Human Rogue. When his card is put onto the field, you and a target player each pick a creature that player controls, and then that creature or creatures is sacrificed, and you get a treasure token. That treasure toke will then give you one colorless mana when you tap and sacrifice it.

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