Why is Everything so Twisty?!?!? AHS 1984 Episode 3 Review

This episode embodied what is wrong with the horror genre as a whole, too many twists. And there were so many unnecessary ones at that. In total, I think this episode had at least 3 twists that happened, two of which made absolutely no sense. With that being said, lets get into the review.

The Review

The episode picks up right where episode two left off. We first see Rita’s (Angelica Ross) group fortifying the infirmary as they are attacked. After barracking the doors and windows, the Nightstalker eventually breaks through the door and begins attacking them. He attacks Ray (DeRon Horton) repeatedly before Chet (Gus Kenworthy) tackles the Nightstalker off of him. While trying to flee the group splits up. With Brooke (Emma Roberts) and Rita going to the parking lot, where their meeting place was. Chet and Ray fall into a trap set up by Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch.) The trap, basically a hole with wooden spikes, think Vietnam War gorilla warfare, impales Chet in the shoulder.

The First Twist

This is where we get the first twist. While trapped in the hole and thinking Chet is passed out, Ray confesses to a murder he committed. While in college, he was part of a hazing initiation for a college fraternity. A young man gets too drunk and Ray pulls him aside and tells him to get himself together. No sooner does he say that, the student falls down the stairs, and when Ray gets down to check his pulse says he’s dead. Freaking out and not knowing what to do, Ray drives the kids car to a cliff and puts him in the driver seat. Putting the car in neutral, he begins to push the car off the cliff. Gaining momentum the kid wakes up and unable to stop the car, he freaks out grabbing Rays arm and ripping his watch off.

Back to Modern Day

Ray then confesses that the police found the car and that he’s trying to flee the state. Chet coming to from the pain, states that he messed up. Ray being visibly upset climbs out of the hole and leaves Chet to die. Trevor’s (Matthew Morrison) group is revealed to be harassed by teenagers dressed as Mr. Jingles. Little do they know behind them, the real Mr. Jingles comes up and murders both of the teenagers, while the groups flees.

At the parking lot Brooke decides that shes going to go to the road to call the police for help. As Brook gets into the car, Rita drugs her leading us to………..

The Second Twist

We then cut to Rita? going to the Asylum that holds Mr. Jingles. We found out that she isn’t the real nurse Rita, but Donna Chambers, a psychology student that intrigued by serial killers. She works her way to sit down with Mr. Jingles and sets up a plan for him to escape and go back to the camp to study him kill. Donna then follows the real nurse Rita to the camp. As she goes to the rest room, Donna sneaks into the back of her car where she drugs her.

Back to modern day, as Brooke becomes unconscious, Donna drags her away. Fleeing from Mr. Jingles, Trevor’s group hides in a boats house where they find the real nurse Rita. After being freed, Rita then freaks out and is murdered by Mr. Jingles. Once he leaves the group then begins to make their way back to the parking lot. They run into Ray, which he says that Chet is dead. Montana (Billie Lourd) and Ray then decide to split from the group and go to the parking lot. Stumbling across Chet in the hole, Xavier (Cody Fern) climbs down in the hole and frees Chet. Thinking that Mr. Jingles is near Trevor, Xavier, and Chet hide, and Trevor pushes him in the pit. When going to confirm the death, they discover that it was another teenage prankster.

The Third Twist

When getting back to the parking lot, the Nightstalker arrives and begins to threaten both Ray and Montana. Ray decides to take Trevor’s bike keys and flee leaving Montana behind. As he is fleeing Mr. Jingles decapitates him. Discovering that no one is around, the Nightstalker and Montana begin to make out and she asks if he found Brooke yet.

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