‘Why Him?’ – Why not him? Did you see those abs?

To start out this review, watch this trailer below. Be warned, it’s the Red Band trailer, so there will be naughty bits in it.

“But John, what does this movie have to do with comic books?”

Absolutely nothing. We never said everything would be about comics! I just want to review things I like and want to share! So shut up and read! (is telling you to shut up a good way to keep you reading? Let’s find out!)

I’m a big fan of James Franco’s work. He’s a great actor, has great comedic timing, and seems to pick roles that he wants to do. Brian Cranston is pretty much great in whatever he does (even Power Rangers). This is the kind of movie that my wife and I would go see for a date night, but somehow we didn’t. Well, not somehow, I know exactly how. We were way to busy with other things that we never got down to the theater to see it.

If you don’t know, the plot of the movie is simple. Girl likes boy, boy likes girl. Girls doesn’t tell parents about boy. Parents find out. Father dislikes boy. Boy wants to win father over. Chaos ensues. Boy wins father over. You’ve seen it a million times in a million movies.

That’s fine, movies with a formula are fine. It’s what you do with it that matters. How you set it a part and how you make the funny. There are several scenes in this movie where my wife and I were laughing hysterically. There is a LOT of dirty humor in this movie, and I like it. I’m a BIG fan of dick and fart jokes, I mean have you read my web-comics? There some obvious jokes you see coming a mile away, but even though you know they are coming the payoff is still worth it. The easiest one is in Laird’s (James Franco) house he has a muse suspended in a vat of is own urine. You know that by the end of the movie that vat of urine is breaking open and going everywhere. Even though I predicted that happening when they introduced it, the payoff on HOW it happens and WHAT happens right after is still great.

Ultimately if you like R rated comedies with a lot of incredibly stupid inappropriate jokes in them, then  you will love this movie. If you don’t like jokes about bukkake then you should steer clear of this one and go watch one of those Madea movies.

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