Why Did They Have to do that to Jingles!? -AHS 1984 Episode 6 Review

This episode of American Horror Story was very lack luster. It very much felt like filler and only set up for the final few episodes of the series. With that being said, lets dive into the review.

The Review

This episode begins with Ramirez and Jingles in what seems like a Mexican city a year after we last see them in episode five. Jingles does not seem all that entertained with Ramirez’s murdering. One night in an apartment building, Ramirez is listening to Billy Idol way too loud and one of the neighbors knock on their door. Ramirez answers and grabs the lady by the throat. Before he can kill her, Jingles stops him.

The next day the two are in public and Ramirez walks into a grocery store. Following behind him, Jingles notices Ramirez’s face on a newspaper. He pulls a newspaper out of the holder and hands it to a lady, motioning that he is in the store. Ramirez comes out of the store and notices that there’s a crowd waiting for him. He begins to run through the streets fleeing the crowd and attempts to steal a car. Ramirez is trampled by the crowd after an unsuccessful car heist.

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous in 1989

We fast forward to the year 1989 with a person taking pictures of bird in Camp Redwood. He captures Montana sitting on the edge of a pier. Montana tries to convince him to have sex with her but he declines. Montana stabs him in the chest. Ray and the 1970 counselors watch from a distance. Xavier appears and he and Montana kiss and enjoy the chaos they are causing.

Montana and Xavier begins to rummage through the dead man’s campsite. Ray confronts her and Xavier. Ray tells Montana that he’s tired of cleaning up after her. As he is freaking out, the mans girlfriend appears. Xavier murders the girl.

The shows then turns to Margaret on an episode of the Rich and the Famous. She has begun a property empire based on places of tragedy. She has also married Trevor as a result of him surviving his wounds from the night at the camp. When he awakes from his coma, he remembers everything Margaret did. The only reason she marries him is to keep him quiet about the events of that night. Margaret’s assistant walks in to interrupt the two before they can have sex.

Her assistant tells her that Brooke has failed her last appeal and will be killed soon on death row. Seeing the opportunity, Margaret buys Redwood and hosts a music festival there. Brooke sees Ramirez as she is walking to her cell. He tries to convince her to worship Satan and she declines. She tells him that she gutted Montana and that shes licking Satan’s balls. Ramirez is visited by his girlfriend who tells him that there is a music festival at Camp Redwood. He begins a ritual to have Satan break him out of jail.

Jingles Redemption

Jingles now resides in Alaska where he finds his wife. His wife has a troubled past like him, being a prostitute. The two try to move on and start a family. Jingles kisses his kid and goes to work. Jingles comes home and sees that his wife is murdered, his child is fine but has a pamphlet for the festival. Knowing that he’ll never escape his past he leaves his son with their neighbor.

Brooke’s Execution

When asked if she has any last words, Brooke tells off Margaret and spits on the window. Brooke is given the lethal injection and dies. Margaret bored by the killing, leaves. Brooke is hauled away into a room and revived by Donna.

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