New heroes rise and more in exciting one-shots coming in HEROES REBORN this May

via Marvel.com

The Marvel Universe has been reborn! From mastermind creators Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness comes HEROES REBORN #1, a bold new vision of the world you knew. Spinning out of their epic work on Avengers, HEROES REBORN will answer the question of what the Marvel Universe would look like if the Avengers never assembled. The exciting —and unsettling — ripple effect the Avengers’ absence has on the rest of the Marvel Universe will be explored in a series of one-shots starting in May. Announced this past week, these essential tie-ins will reveal the history behind the new reality of your favorite heroes AND lay the groundwork for its unpredictable future.

Upcoming Titles Include
Hyperion & The Imperial Guard
Peter Parker, The Amazing Shutterbug
Magneto and the Mutant Force
Young Squadron
Siege Society

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