Weird Inventions Part I

They say that everything that could possibly be invented has already been invented. After all, we’ve got flat-screen TVs that hang on the wall. cars that run on electricity, phones that hold our entire music collections, and, most impressively, Hot Pockets. But it’s not true-there’s always more labor to be saved or human problems to solve which will inspire some en- terprising amateur Edison out there to slave over a pile of wires and molded plastic in the basement to make a gadget that forever changes the way we live. And then there’s this stuff. Welcome to WEIRD Inventions. The honest-to-goodness real, and really weird, gizmos in this study are all things you never knew needed to exist…because they probably don’t. In Weird Inventions, you’ll read about:

• Machines to wash your dog, and translate its barks

• Spray-on WiFi and skin-in-a-can

• The device that makes artificial egg yolks, then per- fectly slices them.

And lots more goofy gadgets, silly science, and crazy contraptions. It’s patently absurd!

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