Warship Protoss Carrier Replica Coming to Stores by Dark Horse

Dark Horse Direct and Blizzard Entertainment are releasing their second collaboration of StarCraft Replica. The high-end replica is coming in the shape of StarCraft II’s Protoss Carrier. The ship comes in at roughly 18″ and weighs about 35 pounds, so make sure you have a ton of room and a shelf strong enough to hold it. Gentle Giant Studios has also sculped the battleship from polyresin and the company is also responsible for its incredible paint job.

The ship isn’t the only thing thats going to be coming when you order this replica. Dark Horse Direct will also have a metal display stand, to give the appearance that the ship is flying. The base of the stand is also decorated with the Protess logo, which glows when put under a UV light. Just like other high-end replicas, a Certificate of Authenticity will also be included in with the ship.

The StarCraft: Protoss Carrier Replica will run you $299.99. Its projected to ship Fall of 2020 and will only have a stock of 500, so hurry and preorder it while it in stock!

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