Walker Stalker SCAM?

Trouble in convention land folks. Multiple sites are reporting that the owners of Walker Stalkers LLC have suspended all ticket sales for events. Walker Stalkers is a fan based convention for the walking dead, after several show cancellations and more and more people coming forward that their money was not being refunded as promised the actors of the walking dead pulled out of all the events.

Khary Payton Tweeted this:

Given the amount of negative press that occurred yesterday because of this tweet, Mr. DeVault has suspended ticket sales at this time

Robyn Householder to WSMV News 4, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau.

The company’s CEO, James Frazier, also stepped down. In addition, the company announced it will temporarily suspend all ticket sales for future events. The Better Business Bureau said it has now had 95 complaints about the company.

We’re really excited to see that some of the lead actors of the program have tweeted out that they’re no longer going to be apart of this event, because they’re quite frankly really tired of seeing their fans being taken advantage of

Robyn Householder

The new interim CEO is Michael DeVault. He posted a statement on Walker Stalker’s Facebook page saying they are suspending ticket sales for future Walker Stalker Con and Fan Fest events, adding “We have a path forward” and that their “future is bright one.”

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